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Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War Dark Crusade Expansion Pack DVD-Rom
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Product Description

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Dark Crusade features two new playable races, the Tau Empire and the Necrons, bringing the number of totally unique races to an unprecedented seven. In addition to the two new playable races, Dark Crusade will feature an all-new single player campaign centering on the conquest of a "meta-map," with each territory captured giving tangible rewards to the occupying force. A greatly expanded multiplayer component and a completely unique economy model for the Necrons will present gamers with the most compelling Dawn of War game to-date. Customize and manage a persistent army as you sweep across the planet Customize the appearance and abilities of your commander unit as he grows in power and influence Discover the dark secrets of a planet shrouded in mystery

  • Two new playable races, each with individual features - Tau and Necron
  • Brand new Single Player Campaign experience
  • Playable by all seven races
  • Non-linear game-play - conquer an entire planet in the way you choose
  • Watch a unique, non-linear story unfold from your race's perspective

Customer Reviews:

  • A game that's hard to fault!
    Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War is hugely popular, and for good reason. Strong art development, streamlined and no-nonsense resource management with a uniquely tactical twist, well-balanced races with enough individualities in playing style, and a highly efficient, visually impressive game engine gave this game the boost it needed right out of the gate. Dark Crusade adds a lot more to the game, and is to be commended for its stand-alone style, meaning that you can fully experience the campaign and skirmish mode without owning or installing the original Dawn of War.

    One thing which makes DoW such a rich experience is the depth of background to the Warhammer 40K universe. These races weren't just designed, conceptually or artistically, from scratch for the purposes of the game. They're the product of many years of dedicated efforts by fans of the tabletop game, and the heavy attention focused on the miniature art translates very well to game graphic art. Also, the game sounds very good, with each race given appropriate voices and script. While much of it is dramatic, it's not over-the-top, due mostly to good vocal talent. And there's a very convincing ring of sincerity to a Space Marine's loathing utterance of the word "heretic" when confronted with a Chaos Marine (long-ago split from the loyal Space Marines to follow the black arts). The game's rendition of the Warhammer 40K universe is just top-notch.

    Gameplay is another strong point in this series. With only two resources, players may focus a lot more on combat - in fact, they have to, as one of the resources, requisition, is gained by controlling important points on the map. This requires that one fight to gain and maintain enough resource to function, and very little of the battling that goes on is unimportant. The effect of this is very powerful on gameplay as a whole.

    Another very popular game, Company of Heroes, is built upon a version of the same game engine, and this tells you how good this rather-aged engine really is. Given the moderate system requirements called for, this game produces beautiful graphics, and functions very well even at minimum specs. Company of Heroes also uses the same resource and tactics system, and I would venture to say that these two aspects, game engine and gameplay style, are the cornerstone of CoH's success. It's sure not the tired WWII setting that sells that game.

    All in all, DoW does a terrific job of catapulting the player into a grim, bloody Warhammer 40K atmosphere, and providing adrenaline-infused, tactical gameplay. One of the few strategy games to be rated M, the gore level is very high, but it goes well with the style portrayed. If you've not yet experienced Dawn of War, this is a great place to begin. If you have DoW, this game will provide you some great new content - as well as (ding! Take note) support for widescreen monitors, important to those of us who enjoy our widescreen aspect ratios, and dislike vertical black bars....more info
  • Amazing Amazing and yes Amazing
    This game lived up to its previous Dawn of war games. with 2 new races, new units, new maps, and a nice campaign with about 20 different possible endings this game keeps me entertained all the time. to people who have trouble with the game its really not that hard, most tier one units can hold their own till you tech up, even in later games basic infantry like Guardsman in numbers can still rock. space marines can be equipped with heavy bolters (machine guns) or rocket launchers. making them very combat ready. the game is not your standard RTS. however those who look for a good one, for 20.00 you cant go wrong, you build a base capture points for resources and attack your enemy. the best part of this game is the war crys and when a unit kills another in hand to hand combat they perform a finishing move like a beserker will grab an enemy who is swaying and stab him continuously untill he headbuts the guy who than falls over in a pool of blood. BUY THE Game. YOU DONT EVEN NEED THE PREVIOUS VERSIONS, AND THE GAME PLAYS WITHOUT THE DISC. ...more info
  • Solid fun
    I bought this game stand alone, without purchasing the original game, and for what it is, this game is more than I had hoped for.

    Without purchasing the original game I get access to all seven races in a Risk-themed conquer all campaign, as well as numerous skirmish battle maps with the usual adjustable play settings.

    You don't get access to all the races for online multi play against other live players, but you are able to play as either necron or tau. Which is fine by me....more info
  • Great Expansion for a Superb game (4.75 stars)
    This is by far one of the best expansions I've played for any game. It might actually be the best. It not only adds two races to the existing five, but also offers new gameplay modes. And get this: it's a stand alone expansion! If you don't own the original game, don't worry. You can buy this one, and it's like getting Dawn of War and Winter Assault free (though you can only play the Necrons and Tau online). I almost gave this game five stars, but couldn't quite get over some very minor flaws (which will probably be fixed with a patch). However, the Dawn of War series remains my favorite RTS game of all time.

    Gameplay: It's stlll the visceral, animated combat, great voice acting, wonderful streamlined resource system, and gritty W40K universe that was introduced in Dawn of War. However, the game now has what it lacked previously, and that is a lengthy single-player campaign with lots of replay value. Now there is a strategic metamap of the planet of Kronus that you can conquer with any of the 7 races. The map has about 25 territories, and each race starts with a headquarters that must not be conquered, or else that race loses. It's a good story, and the gameplay also works out well. You can fight battles in real-time over each territory or let the computer auto-resolve it (I suggest fighting in real time to be safe). The difficulty of the battles depends upon how large the armies (or Honor Guards) of the attacker and defender are, as well as any objectives that you must complete during the battle. On the standard and hard difficulty settings, some battles are very easy and others are darn near impossible (I couldn't beat the "Hard" Orks at Hyperion Peaks for nothing).

    The gameplay has been tweaked in a number of ways. The AI is decent and now will do things that it did not do previously (like cloak Eldar bases and make Sentinels for the IG--although it will not make Basilisks for the IG in skirmish or Fire Prisms for Eldar, which I hope will be fixed with a patch). Also, there is now a stealth element to the game that adds a new tactical layer to battles. Elite units such as Terminators, Obliterators, and super vehicles are now capped so that you can't have more than one or two of each. This is actually a good thing, since it makes other units more useful in the late game and limits the spamming of elite units, which should be rare units in the first place. The two new races, Necron and Tau, are great and have distinctive styles. The Tau are a ranged race which outshoots all others, but is weak in close combat and melee. The Necron are an "undead" race bent upon destroying all life. They are slow and methodical and are somewhat vulnerable in the early game. However, if they last long enough to get some of their powerful units out, they are a force to be reckoned with. Their late game is strong, especially if they get their Monolith fully operational. You can think of the Tau as specializing in riddling opponents with holes from afar, while the Necrons are content with slowly strangling their enemies to death. All together, these new races make Dawn of War an even better game.

    Graphics: The game still looks great, even though the base engine is two years old. No RTS game sports better animations, and the new units look nice. It's just a good-looking game.

    Sounds: The game has loads of personality, due to the excellent voice acting. The new races don't add much to this though, since the Tau have rather bland quotes and the Necrons have none at all. But the other races have great lines performed by good voice actors. Also, the music is quite good, and each race gets its own theme song, so to speak. All of the special-effects sounds are appropriate.

    Replay value/technical issues: Because you can play the campaign as any of seven races, the game has the kind of replay value that the series has previously lacked. Also, the single-player skirmishes never get old to me, especially since there are seven races now. Furthermore, there are some talented mappers and modders out there who have greatly enhanced the gameplay over the past two years, and I suspect this will continue. On a technical note, the game, as always, has been very stable on my computer. I wish that the manual had included descriptions of all seven races, since some people will not have manuals for Dawn of War and Winter Assault. Also, there are a few minor bugs such as the Basilisk and Fire Prism ones mentioned above and an instance in which I saw a deployed heavy weapons team oddly gliding over the terrain. However, Relic has been good about patching the game, and I believe they will fix these minor issues.

    Final Word: If you are an RTS fan or a fan of the W40K universe, you probably already have the original game. If not, there is absolutely no reason not to pick up Dark Crusade. It's one of the true bargains out there, since you get the equivalent of the original game and two expansions for $30 (as of Oct. 2006). I really look forward to seeing what Relic comes up with next for the Dawn of War license.

    Rating: 4.75 stars (out of 5)...more info
  • WH40K Dark Crusade!
    Being an ardent Warhammer 40K player,I found Dark Crusade a total "delight" as an addition to an already excellent game!...more info
  • Great game, good add-on
    This is a great add-on to the game, which my son and I have played for many hours. It is easy to play, fun and provides many hours of either solo or online play, especially if you play the campaigns. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Best Expansion Yet
    Warhammer is already an absolutely fantastic RTS game, and this expansion is the best yet, mainly due to the races. I miss the central storyline of the previous games/expansions, but the new Risk-style campaign mode is pretty sweet. A must-have game....more info
  • Horrible followup to a great original
    This game is one word, abysmal. Where to begin... First the game is FILLED with bugs. It randomly crashes during missions or on the campaign map making saving every 5 seconds mandatory. It has all kinds of random bugs like if say for example you are playing imperial guard and youre in the middle of a mission and you have 2 leman russ tanks built. If you save the game and quit and load it later, one of your two tanks will become unrepairable forcing you to wait for it to die before you can do anything with it. And of course with the new 2 tank cap for imperial guard you cant prebuild a backup you have to wait for it to die then build a new one afterwards.

    The AI is also pathetic. On easy the AI is so pathetic it is not even in the slightest way fun. You could beat the entire game on easy with 2 squads of imperial guard infantry. On normal though it starts to get interesting. I always wondered why if you knockout the computers power supply and listening posts how it still manages to build a bloodthirster, a couple defilers and 4 squads of infantry.... over and over and over again. It never ceases to amaze me how the computer simply builds with no need for resources. On top of the fact that the computer cheats to compete, what makes it more interesting is that because the AI programmers were so inept in creating a fair competetive AI they simply make all the missions 2 to 1 at LEAST against you. The computer on some missions has as many as 3 bases. On one particular mission that I am on the computer has 3 bases and continually rushes me with 8 wraithlords and more infantry squads than i can pick out on the screen. It is so far beyond annoying that I have been unable after 12 hours to beat the mission at all.

    The new races are decent. The necrons are so easy to win with its boring. The Tau on the otherhand are weaker than they should be. They get annihilated in ranged combat by the necrons and even the orcs can go toe to toe with the Tau at range. Overall this game is a pathetic followup to a great original. If the devs had spent a little more time bug testing and balancing it would be great but as it is, the missions are a chore more than they are any fun....more info
  • sweet game
    this game is awesome, the campaign is super fun but sorta lacks replay action because its kinda the same every time...more info
  • Great Game
    The Dark Crusade Expansion is a step up from the other Dawn of War games in that you can play the campaign from each race. Each home base has specific goals that have to be obtained and each battle is more unique. The tutorial is a big help to learn each race and how to build their specific building trees to max out the race you are playing. All in all a great game with many different ways to play it. ...more info
  • Awesome addon
    Great addon to an amazing fun game. New units, new maps, new races it's all here for the taking. Bring on the necrons!...more info
  • Not worth buying
    If you already own the other two Dawn of War games, it is not worth buying this one. I purchase expansion packs because I want to expand on the story, not to play a generic risk type game. I expected to find a story based campign and was very disappointed. What a waste of $30. After playing the same battlefield 3 times I was bored!

    I have never played DOW online, but I guess if two more races are important to you, then it might be worth buying.

    ...more info