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Titan Quest
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Product Description

Titan Quest delivers all-new action RPG set in the mystical worlds of ancient Greece and Egypt. In ancient times there were the Titans -- gods who existed before the gods, and parents to the Olypians worshipped by the ancient Greeks. Now the Titans have escaped from their eternal prison to wreak havoc on the world. In this titanic struggle between old and new gods, it is the heroes of humankind who will ultimately determine the fate of the world. Almost unlimited ways to modify skills provide players with tremendous flexibility in developing one's character

  • Epic adventuring in the ancient world
  • Stunning 3D graphics, with an amazing level of detail and realism
  • Addictive, fast-action gameplay
  • Custom, definable character classes and modifiable skills
  • Streaming, seamless world

Customer Reviews:

  • 97% Perfect!
    During the first five minutes of playing Titan Quest, I thought this was going to be a lame game. But then, after reading the manual and playing for five more minutes, I was totally addicted! Titan Quest is simply awesome. The graphics are spectacular, and the gameplay leaves you wanting more. Much more. You won't want this game to end. If you're reading through game reviews looking for your next role playing game to buy, look no further. Titan Quest will completely astound you. I highly recommend this game.

    Here are the Pros:
    Eye candy graphics everywhere you look. Real-life visuals in the water, grass, branches, fire, smoke, dust, wind (and everything else). Enough characters and character class choices to keep you playing again, long after you've completed the game the first time. This game is huge! You won't finish this one in a few days. Plus, everything you've ever wanted in a great game can be found right here. Except... for the few (very minor) things I'm going to complain about below.

    Now the Cons...
    OK, I'm really going to nitpick here, because after playing this game for 70 hours or more, I feel I can tell you about the little things that bug me. And this is why I call the game only 97% perfect.

    1. There is no vault or chest for you to store your stuff in. This means that you must carry everything around with you, and there are a lot of things you'll want to keep in a pretty small inventory. There are charm sets, weapon and armor sets, rings and amulets that you'll want to switch to at the needed time, and (of course) a large choice of weapons that are wonderful to bash monsters with, if only to gawk at the special effects they produce. Note: You are given a little more inventory space later in the game, but you're still carrying around stuff that could be in some chest back in town.

    2. There's no arrow pointing out the direction you need to be going to get to the next point in your quest. There are multiple paths to follow in sometimes large regions. It's often easy to get turned around and find yourself right back in the same town you just left.

    3. There are very few side quests. You are guided along with the main quest very well, but it's pretty rare to come across someone who needs you to find their missing daughter (etc.) I find this to be a terrible shame, because there are so many areas to explore in this large game world. I'd much rather have too many secondary quests than not enough. That way, if you play the game again, you can always tackle the quests you may have missed or not completed the first time. This can only add to the games replay ability.

    4. Lastly, my biggest gripe. When items drop from a freshly killed beastie, or when you come across a chest or other item you should open to find riches and spoils of war, you won't know what they are unless you press the "Alt" key. I'm really not sure why the game designers chose to go this way. You are given options of what sort of treasures to reveal when you press the Alt key, (ranging from everything to only rare items) but you always HAVE to press the darned Alt key to see the names of the items on the ground. The only advantage to this, I guess, is that the games beautiful landscape is not constantly littered with name boxes that say something like; "slightly Cracked Monster Sword of Disability" everywhere you look, and there are TONS if items dropped and MANY containers to open. Constantly having to press the Alt key (thousands of times) just to make sure you're not missing gold or that last important magical set item that you're waiting to find gets to be really annoying, and makes your finger sore too. :)

    Now, all that being said, these truly minor complaints sure haven't kept me from absolutely enjoying the living hell out of Titan Quest, and I now have a much stronger pointer finger too. If you have a decent graphics card, I guarantee you that when you arrive at your first ocean or lake shoreline you'll be running around making figure eights in the water just because it looks so freaking fantastic!!!...more info
  • Fun game, unplayable by most
    Fun game, very close to diablo 1 style and not a bad storyline. however all the bugs make this game all but unplayable. For the OFFICIAL list of everything that can and will happen check out the official tech support list at
    If you manage to get this installed and working, enjoy your 1-2 hours of play before a crash. Also, be sure to constantly back up your save files as any crash will potentially corrupt your saves. I've already returned my copy to the store, hopefully companies wont keep trying to sell products that dont work....more info
  • Better than average
    Titan Quest has all the standard features of its genre. Its two biggest pluses are it has a better than average story and grahically its very nice on the eyes. When I say standard features I am talking about customizing your character etc. Included in the game is a level editor and online multiplayer support. I would have preferred being able to rotate the camera view similar to Dungeon Siege 2, thats just a style of line of sight that I like. Also it would have been nice if the game could use a gamepad, after a hour of play your mouse finger gets pretty tire. All in all a decent game but it is not revolutionary, just evolutionary....more info
  • Titan Quest - Wildly Addictive
    I've only had this for a month and Titan Quest is an awesomely addictive game. If role-playing, first-person games are your venue, I believe you will love this game. I have had a hard time putting it down. One thing I noticed: if you leave the game and start it back up, you have to battle monsters in areas that you already had cleared out. [However, this is a nice way to pick up points so you can reach a fast-approaching level, if you are getting stomped by the local Boss and need a little more MoJo.] If I just minimize the game and do all my other computer-necessary things [such as online bill paying, e-mailing, etc.], I don't have to clear the monsters when I retrace my steps [such as unloading "treasure" and other goodies]. The play tends to be pretty linear. You must go through one area (like you are on a track) before you can get to the next. There are plenty of Side Quests, but you can only go one way to progress through the game. Hack and slash, follow the path to go on to the next area so you can hack and slash again. [But that is one of the main points for this type of game, isn't it - hack and slash?] I know I would be frustrated if there were so many tracks that you get lost too often, so I am of a mixed opinion on this point. This is a minor matter, in my view. Overall, I would give two thumbs up, five stars, A++++, or whatever other top marks you might give a game. If you liked Age of Empires, Warcraft or Warlords Battlecry, you should love this game. Thanks!...more info
  • Titan Quest = Diablo 3
    If you ever want to play a new Diablo... I HIGHLY recommend Titan Quest. The game is a lot of fun if you like Diablo and D2. When I first started playing it, I was thinking to myself ''s aight'. After I stopped paying attention to the story line and just started hacking and slashing, I began to really love the game. If you loved the itemazation of D2, then you'll love it here. Seriously the game is Diablo 3.

    I think the biggest things I like about this game compared to D2 is that everything that aggravated me about D2 was fixed in this game. It's like THQ read the Diablo forums and it's own forums to fix what the customers wanted. The game was made to be FUN and not to aggravating. For instance...when a yellow or higher item dont have to Identify it with a scroll. You can use it right away if your requirements are right. Speaking of scrolls, you dont have to use teleport scrolls. You can teleport ANYTIME you want to. So say hello to more bag space! Also remember when you were building a character in Diablo and you realized you made a horrible mistake while going up the tree...causing you to start ALL OVER? No more! You can pay to fix you stats now. Plus you can have 2 talent trees instead of just one. So you can have a Warrior with Rogue abilities...meaning you'll be an Assassin. Or what about a Warrior that can cast spells...yay now you're a Battlemage.

    Some people have been saying the gfx arent that great, but compared to the only games I've ever played that are like this (D and D2), the gfx are VERY pretty. I like how the grass moves around when you running through a field and how the water leaves ripples behind it when you are running through it. This by the way is with my gfx turned ALL the way down. I can only imagine what this would like like on my home computer.

    That's the downside and only really bad one I've come to notice so far. This game, for some reason, needs a pretty good computer to run it. I'm using my laptop to play this game since I'm in Iraq and thats all I have. My specs are AMD Turion 64 X2 Mobile Technology Tl-52 1.60 Gig1 gig of Ram, Nvidia GeForce Go 6150. So it's not that great of a lap top for games, but it can still run this one even though I have some big slow down issues somtimes especially when it's night in the game. STILL though, I'm having a good time with this game.

    I'm really happy I bought this game. I figured it would be crap since I've not played just a straight hack and slash game since D2. To me other games just never could get the one thing down that I loved about D2. The items. I was a Mephisto, Pindlesking, Bael running FIEND back in the day. I loved to see the what crazy new items I would get and HOPEFULLY it would have the BEST stats of that item. Well the same thing is in Titan Quest. Rares, Epics, Set Items... they are all here. Even with stat variations.

    I'm a happy magic finder! Dang I love this game.

    I've yet to have the game crash on me like other people are complaining about....more info
  • Titan Quest
    A similar style and concept to Diablo. The effects are excellent and the story is fun. Unfortunately, there is so much stuff to pick up and sell and yet so very little to buy. Most of the armor and weapons I used were found rather than bought. I was hungry for more good loot as the game went on. Regardless, if you need a diablo fix, get this one. ...more info
  • Great Fun!
    I bought this game after hearing so much good stuff about it. I played the game through and enjoyed every minute of it. My first character was a ranger type and I found the game a fun challange. After I completed, I decided to go as a mage and it was like playing an entirely new game.

    I'd definitely recommend buying this game. I'm looking forward to playing the sequel....more info
  • Addicting Repetition
    I have pretty mixed feelings about this non-stop action, hack n slash, linear, action rpg which has nice graphics, but tough to really enjoy because it hurts the gameplay. Zooming in shows the nice detail of the game, but doesn't let you function as a range attacker or see your enemies outside of 8 feet around you. The camera basically zooms into the back of your head, giving you a 3rd person angle instead of making it more 1st person, making you more of an observer, not your character. Zooming out shows off the nice landscape, with 3D cliffs, streams, hills and plateaus, but then your character gets lost behind trees, rocks and walls and you feel disconnected from the game again. This is a pretty common problem with a lot of these types of games, but then other games have been able to deal with them just fine. It sort of reminds me of the days when games moved from straight left to right video games, to the ability to move up and down on screen like King of Dragons. An improvement in the gaming world, but still had a long ways to go. I ended up playing through the game zoomed as far out as I could which still wasn't out enough to see enemy range attackers as they peppered me from somehwere offscreen. I added a mod that allowed me to zoom out even further, which has made the game much more fun and fair as a ranged attacker, so good to see they have an upgradeable type platform for the diehard programmer/gamer guys out there to help out. I'm running it at 1280X1024, so maybe a higher resolution will give a better result. Fighting monsters on the top of your screen is much better than left or right and below is an entirely different difficulty level. So enough whining about the gameplay.

    The story is linear, but moves to such differently cool scenery that it keeps you interested. The constant increase in enemy difficulty keeps you looking for better gear which actually makes the replayability pretty fun on the Epic and Immortal levels. This brings me to the genius of these type of games. The shear addicting madness of trying to find new items. Finding big bosses to beat up is fun because of the chance that the treasure they have holds a new more powerful item that will make the next hour or two even more fun to plow through countless beasts, undead and demons. Being able to teleport around the map makes it easy to go back and try to get more powerful items or level up if you are having trouble in a certain area. The only problem I have is after a while, I started feeling like Pavlov's dog. Mentally trained to push the mouse button because I was being rewarded with crazy amounts of loot. Being able to reclaim your skill points with money to redistribute them is good if you find you are outmatched and messed up on your skill selection. There is hardly anything worth spending money on at the merchants, so your stash of money just gets bigger and bigger. In the beginning of the game you barely could afford anything.

    It is a pretty good 5mm (5 minutes more) type of game. Before you know it, an hour and a half have gone by. It is tough to turn it off because you know you'll have to wipe out those 50 dragon beasts that took you 15 minutes to just beat because they respawn when you restart the game. This is fun, though, as there is that possibility of new items as the bosses respawn as well. It'll be great when they can make the gameplay more 1st person and you feel like you are more a part of the story and action, but maybe the overall computer hardware needs to improve before that can happen....more info
  • Nothing new
    It is not the worst game I have played this year, but, far from the best. As we age, we see new movies or books or games that have been done before. Sometimes the new movie or game is acutally better than the original. Usually though, it is an average redo with new technology to "make it the best ever". If you never played some of the older games like Diablo, than this is well worth buying. Otherwise, you may be bored. Sort of like watching another slasher flick; you know when she is going to die....more info
  • Very Addictive
    My old computer wouldnt run this game so im just getting around to playing it. Very addictive and one of the better games ive played in some time. Some will say it freezes and i dont doubt some will have that problem but i will say that your system just cant keep up. I have a pretty beefy gaming rig and even with that i do get an occasional stutter but no freezing. The game is very graphically intense and the sound is also quite good. And its not a shiney short game that is so prevelent today either you can and will log many hours completing this game. One of the best....more info
  • Lots of content
    This game has a ton of content. I haven't completely finished it, but at this point I've already felt that I was at the end twice only to have a whole new chapter of the game open up. That's pretty impressive to me after having played through numerous recent games that had less than 10 hours of content. I really felt like I got my money's worth and then some out of this game.

    Of course as other reviewers have mentioned, this game bears a striking resemblance to Diablo II. If you are into action type RPG's, that's a good thing, though and exactly why I purchased it.
    ...more info
  • Diablo III has arrived!
    While it's not a Blizzard product, Titan Quest fills the long void that has plagued fans of Diablo and Diablo II.

    It is evident that some influence of former Blizzard veterans helped build this game and it plays like Diablo with better graphics. This isn't simply a clone however as there are some really nice new features and enhancements that makes Titan Quest stand on its own.

    First, it features a map editor and even discusses it in brief detail within the manual. It's apparent that they want the Mod community to take this game and run with it. I can't tell you how many times, I had wished Diablo had extra maps.

    Second, they have made it easy for everyone to get to and from town with a built in portal function. No longer are you required to bring a wizard in your party or to spend hours search for the town portal spell or spending hard earned cash on scrolls. It's built in from the start and usable by any class. Bravo!

    Third, perhaps not as important given the nature of this being a game, but my personal favorite is the fact that if a creature is going to drop it, he'll be using it against you. It definitely adds a bit of adrenaline to run into the fray and see one of the bad guys charging at you with armor or a different looking weapon. This makes attacking a group of 20 'goat men' not feel like attacking a group of 20 'goat men'. Instead it's you'll find it more like fighting an actual living world. You might fight a leader and several levels of his henchmen. This to me feels much more entertaining and you'll start to look for villains with new and unique items in hand!

    All in all if you're a fan of the Diablo series, you won't be disappointed and this promises to have a longer life as the map making tools appear to be very good and easy to use.

    I'd highly recommend picking this one up. There is a demo available on as well. It's a 500mb download....more info
  • Almost Titanic
    For those who just want the essence, here it is: this is a fun, well made game. If you can find it cheap, and you can, I'd definitely recommend picking it up.

    The graphics are top notch! The game is really well constructed and user friendly. There's lots of cool monsters, a big game world, plenty of stuff to...kill, mostly...lots of treasure...I know it sounds pretty standard, but Titan Quest is, overall, a pretty standard fantasy game.

    You'll develop your character semi-D&D style, and shape him into an incredible hero. Don't count on fleshing him/her out too much though. Character customization basically means how your character annihilates monsters.

    One major con is the lack of plot and character. Characters you meet in the game are pretty useless and offer tons of boring, heavy-handed dialogue. The dialogue isn't very interactive like you might find in more authentic RPGs, which is good for some and bad for others.

    The plot? Meh. There's monsters, you're the hero, you kill the monsters, you save the day. Everyone lives happily ever after!

    It's VERY reminiscent of the Diablo games, Dungeon Siege and a few others. That's not a bad thing! But this baby doesn't bring much new to the table. It's basically a fun, fast, pretty hack-n-slasher.

    That said, it's not nearly as adult as some other games and would be just fine for a younger audience. If they can stand the dull greek banter. Ugh.

    ...more info
  • Diablo's not-too-distant cousin
    Titan Quest is very much a spiritual sucessor to the great Diablo II. The isometric view, the carpal-tunel enducing clicking, the loads of dropped loot will flood your mind with fond recolections. Titan Quest isn't, however, exactly like Diablo. There are some improvements and some detriments.
    Graphically speaking, Titan Quest looks very good. The animations may seem a bit wonky at times but the overall animation of the water, the grass and the trees present a very compelling sense of atmosphere. The areas change from praries, to deserts, to wintery mountains. The monsters, however, seem to change little. They may look different, but the overall tactics done offer much variety.
    The character progression allows you to pick 2 professions for your hero making for some interesting combinations.
    One of the negatives of the game is the flat item-drop system. The items don't improve as you progress throughout the game. In other words, your chances of finding a powerful unique item are the same during the first 5 minutes of gameplay than they are during the last 5. The quality does increase with the difficulty level but again, it remains flat throughout the game.
    Overall, Titan Quest and it's expansion are very good. If you crave some hack-and-slash action with plenty of loot and you just can't wait for Diablo III to drop, pick up Titan Quest. Oh, and RIP Iron Lore. You did a good job....more info
  • Unfinished and buggy.
    Be advised, this game is extremely crash prone and suffers from some extremely frustrating bugs - like character loss! The company admits to issues, and claims to be trying to fix them, but thus far they've done nothing.

    To top it off, there are big balance issues later in the game that clearly show the game was not fully play tested. Once again the developer claims to be working to address these issues - yet we see no patches to address them.

    The final nail in the coffin for this game is that it is short, expect only 3 hours to finish the main quest on normal, then you have to repeat the SAME GAME 2 more times to unlock all difficulty levels.

    What a stinker of a game....more info
  • Fun, but buggy
    The game has ram problems. The longer you play, the slower it gets until any more than 2 enemies on the screen brings the game to a crawl. I have two gigs of DDR2, which should be plenty on an XP machine for this game (and no my computer isn't bogged down with spyware, viruses, etc.)

    Also, spells linked to the right mouse key won't always cast or won't cast immediately.

    The AI is pretty bad as well. You can often walk up to enemies before they even turn to attack you. That may be linked to the difficulty level however.

    Despite all this, I enjoy the game when I have the chance to play....more info
  • Good
    I think one Needs to take advantage of the ability to go through where you've been. Kinda gets boring (only have a weekend? Yah, gets old). But, you can buf up for the next thing. Very cool magic(tech) tree. Graphics- good. Simple play (ala 'Diablo'). You will appreciate the inventory syst.! All in all a good game. No regrets (except having to buff up)....more info
  • The new Genre, Fantasy Ancient Role playing game forget the knights'n castles
    Although most RPG's are in a Medival setting this one is actually in the "Before Time" spoke of in those other games. The Romans and thier gorious era were touched on in Elder Scrolls but with a mix of other elements. This is truely a Greecian Ancient game of Gods and wisdom of the Ages(long past). this is not based on fact, yet is rendered to look and feel the mood of pre-biblical times. The drawings are perfect and the animations with fighting are subtle and epic at the same time. For instance, your character may swing to the left or right when fighting a monster. It is not robotic as in most games. Comparing it to Diablo does no justice as that game(and it's sequals) were limited in locations and the mood was always gothic more than atmospheric in the genre. If you've watched "Clash of Titans" or played "Rygar" this is much like it(in atmosphere) and of course layered in character developement. You pick from serveral tiers of interest and then hone those skills accoridingly either focus on individual skills or raise an entire class structure and focus on more powerful versions of the same one. Also metamorp abilities at the highest level are optional on some classes(not my style). As collosus giant(defense) or an elemental(Earth, Storm, Death). The dialogue is very limited to "get this goat creature and save my uncle" sort of thing and character interactioni is not there and I suppose this is the diablo part. Why they waist Dwight Schultz's voice talant in this way is beyond me. Thier is no plot dialgoue of pivital importace either as in Kain from Diablo series but it is still much more interesting than diablo in the freedom and exploration. Where as Diablo had the default character of limited scope(barbarian, assasin druid ect.) In this game, you can choose a gender and then decide what path you want to take later with any feild or skills you want and in any combonation. All action RP games and Diablo clones should use this as an example. Oh, and this is NOT a Diablo clone!...more info