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4 in 1 Mini USB 2.0 Memory Card Reader Writer SD MINISD MMC MOBILE RSMMC
List Price: $9.99

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Product Description

With this handy compact USB device you can easily read and write to SD/MMC digital memory cards! Not only can you quickly and easily access data on your SD/MMC memory cards, but you can turn your SD/MMC card into a mobile flash storage device!

  • Pick up this premium quality SD/SDHC/MMC card reader today!
  • Reads and writes to flash cards
  • LED status indicator light
  • Plug and play into your computer
  • It's compact design allows it to have the ability to be used as a mobile USB flash drive with your memory card

Customer Reviews:

  • not bad
    Received the card reader and tested it. seems to read the an sd card slower than expected. does not allow me to copy a large size file to sdcard, anything over 20 mb's will be denied but the card reader is a good buy for the cost....more info
  • Good for the price
    I bought this to transfer pictures from the memory card in my phone, onto my computer. It didn't work at first but after taking the memory card out and putting it back in a few times, it worked just fine. Haven't had any problems since. For the price I can't complain....more info
  • SD to USB Reader (JumpDrive)
    Hello. I got this product so that my SD cards could be used as JumpDrives. The advantage of this is because SD cards have a write protect on them and most regular USB JumpDrives don't. When using such drives, they can be vulnerable to picking up viruses from system to system without write protections (read only). This version of the SD reader the memory cards are very easy to insert and remove. I've seen others that have flimsy little doors that can break and are kinda hard to get to. This one has a open slot and protective cap that makes it just plain easy to swap out. This is my second one and the price was right too....more info
  • Horrible
    i bought this item thought it would be nice for a temporary card reader and it only worked once. when i tried to use it again the computer would not recognize it and when i pulled it out the reader fell apart. bought it brand new i would not recomend this to anyone....more info
  • Only worked twice
    Piece of junk. No domumentation, SD card fits sloppy. USB connector is sloppy. The third time I tried to use it my computer calls it an unknown device with no driver....more info
  • Not a 4-in-1 reader, will only read SD cards
    This product only reads SD cards and is not a 4-in-1 as advertised. I bought this to read my mini-SD card and it is useless to me. If you want a decent and low cost SD card reader then it's fine. But if you want something to read a mini-SD (as advertised by the seller and Amazon) this product won't work.

    This is not the first time I have had trouble with Amazon mis-representing products and services on their website as of late. As such, I will no longer patronize this venue....more info
  • Excellent cost, does what it's supposed to
    Went with this one because it is one of the most inexpensive ones available. Don't regret it for a bit. Have used it for about a month so far, and haven't run into any problems. Can't go wrong for the price!...more info
  • Only worked once
    I bought this because the port on my digital camera wasn't working with its USB cable so I needed an SD card reader to get pictures off my camera. This thing is cute and portable, but it only worked once for me and now won't hold a connection when plugged into my USB hub. Good price but I got less than I paid for....more info
  • good price. no problems
    i was very pleased to find this product and it's nice that i can use it for my micro and regular sd cards....more info
    It's insteresting when you buy a product and says it's plug and play and yet when you plug it in it doesn't play. Also said it came with an instruction manual hopefully a driver since it isn't plug and play like it is so indicated on the pakage, and yet it came with neither. I can't complain too much when you pay a dollar for something you get a dollars worth of work out of it. Thanks for the product though guys I now have a blue plastic paper weight or maybe a christmas tree ornament. ...more info
  • Great Product
    Windows picked it up very quickly, works great, I use it often. I would but another, if need be....more info
  • Awsome
    Item is fantastic. Easy to use, works great with SD Cards, as it should. Got it to do Micro SD data and the connector worked with it with no problems....more info