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Product Description

Supreme Commander is role-playing and strategy on a massive scale. It's the 37th century and three races have battled for 100 years. This "Infinite War" is leaving the galaxy in ruins. This devastating conflict must end, and you've decided to be the one who ends it. Step into a leadership position and guide your race through incredible struggles - and their aftermath. Under your strategic command, only one faction will reign supreme. Will you be victorious and elevate your race to domination? Or will you lead them into defeat and ultimate extinction? Supreme Commander establishes a breathtaking new standard for sheer scope and scale of gameplay. Massive battles unfold across maps of unparalleled size and scope, as thousands of units fight to the bitter end.

  • Play as one of three unique factions
  • Planetary warfare on a galactic scale
  • A deadly combination of land, sea and air units to command
  • Robust multiplayer gaming with up to 8 players online plus co-op mode
  • Dedicated community support including map and mission editor

Customer Reviews:

  • The Best!
    I've played many games, but this is by far the best! The graphics is great, the scale of the game is awesome. Strategy is very important, you have to plan well what kind of army, navy and air force you want, to win the game. Once you have the right mix, go for it and enjoy watching your units battle it out with the enemy!...more info
  • Great for Quad Core Computers
    I just bought an Intel quad core 6600 chipset with 2 gig ram and the latest NVIDIA graphics processor. I bought this game because (in addition to liking strategy games), this is one of the few out that is quad core enabled. I read bench mark tests about the performance of this game being much faster on quad core than dual core. It is absolutely true.

    I picked the biggest map possible and the game did not bog down at all!

    A word of caution though, for "normal" games, my understanding is that quad core makes no difference as two of the cores sit idle.

    If you like this game and think that the trend is towards quad core enabled games, then a quad core computer will really enhance your enjoyment.
    ...more info
  • Nearly as good as TA
    For some reason, they waste a bunch of computer time giving this game fancy graphics, which basically means in about 2010 most people's computer will be able to cope with it. For the here and now, you need fairly decent video. And you'll barely ever see the graphics as it's best played zoomed out so you can tell the tiny units apart (zoomed out, they acquire symbols to differentiate the AA units from the anti tank stuff, and so on).

    But it plays much like Total Annihilation, which if you're not a Starcraft devotee, is probably the best ever real time strategy game for the PC.

    Basically, a really good game you can get some decent long term usage from....more info
  • Great game, but make sure your computer can handle it first.
    Supreme Commander is not an ordinary RTS, it is war simulation software. All projectiles are checked many times per second to determine when and what they hit. Units can be moved in formations. And Land, sea, and air units can be ordered to perform simultaneous attacks with each other.

    The graphics are decent on low, and gorgeous on high. Warning, modern graphics cards may not be able to handle high settings and dual monitors. This game was designed with the future in mind.

    Single player is fun, although you may get bored with the campaigns after a while. The online multiplayer is great, especially custom team games.

    If you already have a high power computer and are looking for a game that can leverage that power, then Supreme Commander is a great game to have. Slightly older computers can still run it, albeit at reduced graphics and unit levels, but it is still fun with the lower settings.

    Important! Make sure your computer meets or exceeds the minimum requirements before buying this!...more info
    If there was ever an example of an over-hyped game, SUPREME COMMANDER takes the cake (with BIOSHOCK a close second).

    I get suspicious when a game receives so many "raving" reviews from gaming magazines and IT sites, yet people who bought it cannot get rid of it quick enough: look how many misinformed and disillusioned customers are selling their used copies for a pittance.

    SupCom sports huge maps - of...undifferentiated landscape. Low mountains, hills and plains are just colored patches as in no way do they affect the movements of the units! So what is the use of a big map in a "Strategy" game if the landscape plays no role in the gameplay?

    I have a fairly good PC system (3.2MHz P4, 2GB RAM, 256MB 7600GT GX-Card on an ASUS P800 MB) and as long as the number of units were below a couple of hundred I experienced no syncopated sound, stuttering or freezing. As the game progressed though, and the number of units increased, all of the above made their gradual appearance. And the quality of the graphics in NO way can it justify such system drainage!

    Zooming in is an empty treat: sure, one can zoom in almost as much as with C&C3, and they did pay attention in the detailed design of the units and explosions. However, with such huge maps, no actual maneuvering is possible unless one zooms OUT enough to have an overview of the battlefield - and this only happens when, instead of units, the only thing visible are their info-tags. This is what we are left moving around: rectangular, pixelated info-tags...

    Balanced? Are you kidding? Pokemon is more balanced than SupCom! Hell, good old Rock-Paper-Scissors is more balanced than SupCom!

    Frustrating? Try ordering a group of tanks to attack an enemy unit about to destroy a structure of yours: they 'll take their sweet time about it! I guess they are in a union and no one can do anything about it...

    I cannot even begin to imagine what they packaged into the 9GB(!!!) it takes up on the HD. The three campaigns differ in name only. Replayability? Only by someone else. If bored to death. And then, only for less than an hour.

    My advice: Pass.
    Instead, replay LOTR-BATTLE FOR MIDDLE EARTH or even EMPEROR: BATTLE FOR DUNE. They are much better games....more info
  • maybe, it's the best of what available right now
    this game with all its flaws (factions have similar units, bad unit path finding,poor campaigns, no human units except the ACU and the list continues). However, it has super huge maps and very larg number of units on screen. its kinda like the Total War games but with scifi setting. in case if you like playing skermish games; C&C3 and age of empires; they lose their appeal quickly. It runs smoothly on my quad cpu + geforce 8800gtx so I have no issues when it comes to performance....more info
  • Great game - no complaints.
    I've had a blast playing this on a modest system. I can't see why people are saying you need a $10,000 brand new PC with dual monitors to play and enjoy this game - IT SIMPLY ISN'T True!

    Buy it, play it, love it. I did and I haven't regretted it since....more info
  • System Requirements
    Not found in the above description, I keyed this in from the back of the box -

    Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack2, Vista
    1.8Ghz processor
    512 MB RAM
    8 GB available hard drive space
    128 MB video RAM or greater, with DirectX 9 Vertex Shader / Pixel Shader 2.0 support
    Sound card, speakers or headphones
    56.6 kpps Internet connection required.

    3.0 GHz Intel or equivalent AMD processor or better
    1 GB RAM or better
    8 GB available hard drive space
    256 MB video RAM, with DirectX 9 Vertex Shader / Pixel Shader 2.0 support (Nvidia 6800 or better)
    Internet connection with Cable/DSL speeds)
    Note: recommended specifications provide optimal experience for the single player and up to 4 player/medium size map multiplayer...more info
  • Supreme problems
    Admins on servers for Supreme Commander has a huge power trip if you don't agree with what they say about the game and players / admin / mods they will kick and ban you.

    The game has its flaws it is an OK game however there are several other RTS games out there without these flaws and that don't have power tripping admins. In fact GPG has a policy in place to REVOKE CDKEYs of users if they deem you a nuisance (don't agree with them)

    So do yourself a HUGE favor and stay far away from this....more info
  • Tedium
    Utter tedium. Large, boring maps where the primary strategy is to build, build and build... and finally tank-rush your opponent. It's also very inaccessible for the casual gamer, ver much like COH.

    I welcome Command and Conquer 3 with open arms!...more info
  • This game got an award?
    I can't believe this game got an award. First, the graphics at the highest setting look extremely dated. There are games from the 90's that blow this out of the door. I was not impressed by the AI, which seemed to be random patterns with no real thought put to it.

    The worst is the interface. As an Information Architect, you realize how bad an interface can make a game. When you get this game started, you'll realize there are dozens of buttons and icons that have no documentation and you can't use them, but they are all over the screen until you build up to using them.

    I haven't seen a game this bad in a long time, and thought it would be a Total Annihilation upgrade. But if you expect smooth graphics and a 3-d semi-realistic environment you would have expected from some game so heavily plagarizing a best-selling game from the 90's like TA? Look elsewhere....more info
    The title says it all, If you have never played a good RTS game, then maybe you will like this game, but for anyone who has played a game like StarCraft then you know how bad this game sucks. it was fun for like 2 hours or so, but i found it to be not very interesting at all. i only made it through like 4 levels or so before i had to call it quits. can you say boring. play World In Conflict instead. Maybe this is one of those games that is meant to be played multi-player only as it seems that would be quite enjoyable, but as for the single-player experience two thumbs down....more info
  • Promises are cheap
    People who have actually followed this game know that its very different from what it was claimed to be, both by Chris Taylor and the fans. I was expecting a game about grand manoeuvres, strategies, and intense battles, and I was expectant because it was supposed to be the spiritual successor to Total Annihilation, which was a great game, and one of the standouts of the RTS genre.

    And indeed:
    Strategic Zoom is awesome when its not being a gimmick (that is, when I dont have to stay zoomed out all the time and watch little icons battle each other), cool experimentals, a general feeling of combined land/air/sea generalship which most modern RTS lack, and big explosions/pretty graphics. The unit ferry and the abundance of shift-queuable commands are also nice touches.


    1) The game is almost wholely about economic management if you're playing to win. Every little econ thing matters since it gives an exponential reward, and late game devolves into creating huge farms of mass fabricators since they are extremely useful to the point where metal extractors don't matter. This makes map control unimportant, and games very, very boring. Most of the game is babysitting your economy. TA got this right and managed to balance mexs with metal fabs to make a rewarding economy model.

    2) The game's not balanced, 6 months later, and I mean its not even close. UEF sucks, basically none of the top players play UEF. A single new unit introduced by GPG (the Mercy) managed to break the game enough so that few of the top players even play anymore, many are quitting or waiting for the "fix" with the expansion. Tier 2 is far more important than any other tier except on very small maps. A great many of the units in the game are actually useless and most tactics and strategies come down to the same few options.

    3) Terrain matters diddlysquat. It can't even hold a candle to Total Annihilation, its 10 year old predecessor, in that regard. You have passable and impassable terrain. Thats it, literally. Forget about controlling the high ground, flanking, and pincering or enveloping, very little of that matters.

    4) Pathfinding and unit AI mostly blows. Units have a hard time getting around obstacles. The formation function blows, since putting units in a formation if theyre not all next to each other will cause your forward units to all come bumbling back to your base to group up with the one laggard. Unless the path is flat, it takes too long to get from place to place. Fighters, bombers and ships all suffer from AI glitches or frustrating issues (swarms of fighters, for example, will chase just a single unit over half the map while on patrol, and end up in the middle of a forest of AA guns).

    5) The campaign is drab and nearly entirely forgettable.

    Much of what is here is sad simply because it was done better in Total Annihilation 10 years ago. From pathfinding to terrain, to having a working economy model, Total Annihilation is simply the better game. ...more info
  • A Supreme Dissapointment
    I was a big fan of Total Annihilation when it came out a few years ago.It was innovative in RTS arena and very original. So I was first to get this one.

    Let me just say this upfront, it was the biggest let down ever.


    a) I have a 2.8 Intel with 1.5 gig ram and 7800 GF card yet the game was tottally unplayable on any map except the little tiny islands!!

    I had to turn the graphics to low setting to get the game to a decent playable FPS.

    So unless you have a dual processor with latest Video card this is not even worth looking at.

    b) The game itself:

    3 races that are amazingly so similar. Almost same tech tree.
    The game is just your average RTS game. The only thing unique about it is the HUGE battles you can have on MASSIVE maps! That will not happen unless you have power rig PC.

    So unless you have a high end dual or quad processor comp and LOVE massive battles, I'd skip this one.

    A Supreme Disapointment!...more info
  • Supreme Disappointment
    I'm a huge Starcraft, Warcraft, and C&C fan, so you know where I'm coming from...

    Not since the days of Ultima have I seen so much hype for a game; it makes me wonder what the magazines actually previewed.

    This game has a rediculously huge flaw - although the maps are indeed massive, the game is completely unplayable if you are zoomed in to see the detail of the units. Unless you have some sort of liquid-cooled ubersystem, your gameplay will consist of watching green, red and blue dots battle each other. I'm not kidding. I have 2 monitors, which the game thankfully supports. One monitor is dedicated for displaying a world map while the other is where the action takes place.

    If you read the same articles I read, you are probably expecting some amazing AI in the single-person game. Don't bet on it. Like just about every other RTS game on the planet, your enemy does a rush attack within about 10 minutes. If you build up massive defenses right away, you will stave off every attack. Then, simply build the top tier units over the next hour and rush till you win.

    As for the three single-player scenarios, these are woefully disappointing. You see, each of the three races have the same sort of tech-tree, so if you've played one race, you've played all three. The problem is that each of the campaigns treat you as if you've never played the game before. So even if you work your way to the third campaign, your first mission consists of learning how to gather resources and build units. What an insult to the customer. Why not assume the campaigns will be played in order and make them successively harder? For the first half of each of the campaigns, the more powerful units are unavailable. In fact, you don't even get to build the toughest units until the very last mission of each campaign.

    In my opinion, the most ground-breaking game in recent history has been Dawn of War. The races in that game are very different. In some cases, the tech trees are downright unique.

    What a let-down this game was.

    ...more info
  • Game Needed a Better Development Commander :/
    This game had the potential to be great - solid financial backing, noted designers, great graphics, and an impressive story idea. So, what happened? The game we get is buggy, uninspired, repetitive, and contains poor multiplayer. Yes, it looks pretty and has multi-monitor support - but who cares? The gameplay is weak, and that is why people buy RTS (real time strategy) games.

    General and Single Player Complaints:
    - Single Player Campaigns too Short. There are roughly six missions for each of the three factions, and the first few for each faction are training missions.
    - Single Player Factions Repetitive. The missions for each of the three factions are mirror-images of each-other with only slight modification. Ex: The map for Mission 6 of the Cybran campaign is the same as the map for Mission 6 of the UEF campaign. The goals are slightly different, but (for the most part) only slightly.
    - Units are too similar. The units for each of the three factions are almost identicle, though there are slight modifications (the Tech 1 tank for Aeon may hover, while the same Tech-tank for the others does not).
    - Linear Campaigns. There is no altering the "fate" of the game besides the initial choice of faction. If one general wants you to "cleanse" a civilian settlement and another does not, you'll have to do it if the computer says that is your objective - otherwise, the game does not continue.
    - Unit limits include too many structures. At this time, building certain structures (including cement barricades) added to your total # of units - a number that has a ceiling. Which would you rather have, a tank that can kill the enemy or a single, immobile concrete barricade (that you'd need ten of to be useful?). The limits simply do not make sense.
    - The AI is weak. Don't expect impressive techniques and strategies.

    Multiplayer Complaints:
    - Multiplayer games were EXTREMELY buggy at the time of this writing. There were known bugs that crashed 8 player games, build bugs, etc... Supreme Commander was simply not ready for multiplayer on release.
    - GPGnet (Gas Powered Game's multiplayer connection network for Supreme Commander), is poorly designed. Example: It will load the Supreme Commander Game (taking time and comp resources) when entering a mission room - instead of just using the chat client. Considering many missions fail to launch (parameters change constantly since there is no way to NOT post a mission before setting them), this is simply annoying.
    - Lack of Valid Opponents. Most players do not have computers that can support large-scale battles with multiple opponents. Prepare for the game to desync or for people to crash out on a regular basis.
    - "Teching Up" is still not perfected. Rushers tend to beat techers 9 times out of 10 at the time of this writing. Techers have to use a standard "playbook" in order to get anywhere.
    - Experimental unit balance is lacking. The experimental units for certain factions are far superior to others.

    General Praise:
    - The ending and movies for each faction are different, and lends to overall enjoyment.
    - Multi-Monitor support is interesting (if you use two monitors).
    - The graphics are impressive (for a RTS game).

    Final summary: There are better RTS games on the market - save your money....more info
  • Excellent Work
    Personally, i found this game amazing. iv only played through one campaign, and iv played a few 1v1 games against the AI.
    During the campaign i was completely addicted. i couldnt step away from the screen. The game play is excellent. Lots of units with different abilities and strengths. You have to monitor and gather resources constantly. With land, air, and sea units you can be attacked from anywhere at any time.
    the maps are excellent and the views help greately. you can zoom to almost any level and anything in between the full world map and single unit. The guys saying you have to view the world map is an idiot. you can view single armys and maneuver them into different formations and directions easily.
    I dont know what people are thinking with the "mass attacks are all you have to do". thats complete BS. its takes hundreds and hundreds of units to complete such a mass attack and even then it might work. the idea of the game is to balance and stategize. you are much more successful if you do. the AI is constantly finding ways around defences and will hit you hard and fast in weak points. the high tech units (experimental level) are amazing. they have their own specialties and can be very effective if you employ them correctly with back up. everything has a weakness but can be aided by other units.
    Even on the small maps, you can build up to higher units during 1v1 games. The people playing must not know what they are doing. it takes time but thats the idea behind the game. stategy. you can build up low level units over an hour if you want, but its much better to upgrade and build higher tech units with greater strength.
    i recommend this game to anyone who loves RTS. its absolutely amazing....more info
  • Could Be Great, But...
    This game could be great, but when grouping large varied armies and attempting to move them in formation the pace at which they travel is painfully slowwwwwwww. I've seen paint dry faster. All it takes is one slow unit and the whole pack moves at that pace. I know the game designers were trying to make it realistic, but I say...BE A THINKER...making it fun is more important than real. Duh! If you do get this game be sure to group up like units or send in the slowest ones 15 minutes early so that they get there when you send the fast moving ones or just play Warcraft III. Even Starcraft...a 10 year old game is better thought out than this.

    Aside from that one maddening detail it is actually quite fun...especially if you have a 32 inch screen to play it on. You'll need the extra space to view your planes and ground troops. Some of the units fire at such an incredibly long range that you have to pan back so far to see the volley. Once you do pan back the unit firing is so small you can't identify you pan back in. Then you have to pan back out and then in again to get to the units under fire and give them commands. The panning or zooming in and out is endless and annoying.

    This game has such potential and they really blew it....more info
  • Supreme Commander reigns Supreme
    Supreme Commander is quite possibly one of the best RTS games I have ever played. It may not have recieved the fanfare and hype that some of the others have gotten, but it is easily just as good if not better. The graphics are excellent, as is the gameplay. The sheer amount of units capable of being built is great for those who always wanted to have giant battles without the tedium of having to build more farms or houses for them. Up to a 1000 (!!) units can fielded at a time, and the maps are enormous! Forty-one km by forty-one km at its largest is a lot of ground to fight over. Additionally, the nuclear weapons are some of the best I've seen in a game. While some have been lots of fun to watch in other games, like StarCraft and Command and Conquer with the little mushroom cloud, in Supreme Commander, the screeen just goes white. And stays white while your base is annihilated. When it comes back, you're left with half your base and whatever managed to survived. Which isn't much since after all, it is a nuclear weapon and not some 500lbs bomb.

    On the down side, it really does require a hefty system to run it. Not for the meek. And 8 GB of harddrive space is no joke either....more info
  • FAN-TASTIC. Wonderful game!
    I had sworn off PC gaming for quite a while but let a friend talk me into picking this up to play. I had long been an FPS and RTS fan on the PC but since my Xbox360 entered the home the PC had been left alone as far as gaming was concerned. If you're looking for a game to get you back on the PC then this is it. Supreme Commander as well as the Forged Alliance expansion is top notch. I wont go into some massive review since there are pleny of sites out there that do a much better job. I will say however that this game is a 'big' RTS. By that I mean that you will have massive numbers of units in massive battles. I love playing this game and the expansion. I'd suggest it to anyone looking for a great RTS....more info