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Waggin Train Chicken Jerky Tenders 40oz
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Product Description

Waggin Train Chicken Jerky Tenders are a leader in the pet treat industry. Fresh Chicken Breast strips that are 97% fat free and beneficial for your dog. These are so good that your dog will want to eat it all in one bite! We suggest breaking them into bite size pieces for your pet to fully enjoy.

  • 97% fat free. High in protein.
  • 2.5 lbs. natural chicken fillet.
  • Made from 10 lbs. of fresh chicken... dogs love
  • For dogs of all shapes & sizes. Treats for dogs.
  • Stay fresh pouch. Premium Grade A chicken fillet. Made for your special dog.

Customer Reviews:

  • Happy dog
    My dog real like the waggin chicken jerky and I like it because it is low in fat and high in protein which is good for him I now buy all waggin train product.thank you...more info
  • Best treats available
    I have a five year old Lhasa Apso and this is the only treat that she will eat. I used to purchase them at Wal-Mart, but they quit handling them. They cost a lot more at Wal-Mart. Thank you Amazon for handling them....more info
  • The Dangers of Shopping Without your Glasses!!!

    Ok - I went shopping some time ago at my local Sam's Club store, buying breakfast cereals, canned chicken breast and solid white tuna.

    I buy it there because I get it for significantly less per unit, and, since I eat a MESS of it, I generally save some serious fundage!

    On the way out of the store, I see an abandoned package: "<> Chicken Jerky Tenders!"

    "Wowee wow wow," I say to myself, "I LOVE jerky, but I'm not supposed to eat too much red meat, and I can NEVER find that good TURKEY jerky!"

    "MAYBE," I says, "MAYBE this is a good alternative!!"

    I mean - even if it's BAD jerky, it's STILL JERKY, right???

    So I buy it. On the way home, I've got a thin strip sticking out of my mouth, and MAN, is it CHEWEY!!! It is about the most POULTRY-EY tasting thing I've had in a LONG TIME, too! Jerky is SUPPOSED to be tough and chewey, and it's SUPPOSED to taste like the product you started with, concentrated down because all the moisture has been pulled out of it.

    Another selling point: IT'S NOT TOO SALTY!! Oh, MY is it tasty, though, even without the heavy salting - kind of like the jerky I used to make for myself, back before I knew the "partially freeze the meat" trick to get really THIN slices.

    ...Only this is CHICKENEY!

    REALLY chickeney!!

    I'm SO happy! It's tasty and chewey and not salty!

    Happy happy happy JERKY!!

    Happy happy happy AL!!!

    So: I get home and set the big package by the computer where I spend so much of my time. "I'll be seeing you in a bit," I say to it.

    My computer is jealous, and shows it by flashing the log-on screen. I'm busy, though, so I pat it on the main monitor and caress the keyboard in parting.

    Out to the kitchen. Into the pantry with the cans of chicken and tuna. Onto the top of the shelves with the boxes of breakfast cereal.

    Back into my bedroom and to the computer!!

    I log on and grab the pack of chicken jerky. As I pop the end of one of the thin, chewy strips of meat into my mouth, I put on my glasses.

    The FIRST thing I see...


    On the bag of jerky: "Made from over 6 1/2 LBS. of fresh chicken... Dogs LOVE!"

    (emphasis mine!)

    I have bought, eaten from and ENJOYED a 28 oz. bag...
    of DOG TREATS!!!!

    Okokok - it's "Waggin' Train brand Chicken Jerky Tenders, for dogs of ALL shapes and sizes!" It's really delicious, has a great aroma and is WONDERFULLY chewy. It's pretty economical, too. I suggest it to any of you that own dogs.

    As for me, all I have to say for myself is, "woof, woof!!"...more info
  • change your meds
    the ingredients are chicken fillets and natural flavoring...they are 70% protein...the highest and healthiest dog treat on the market today....most treats are in the 10-12% protein range...i would not feed my animals any other brand or product...irradiation my rear end...somebody needs to stop listening to the voices in their head...more info
  • Counter to discussion of irradiateed food
    The discussion on irradiated foods is inaccurate and harmful. It is based on good internet research but not on good scientific research. Much of what is available on food irradiation is based on misquoting old articles from scientific journals. These journal articles had negative and positive findings and most often ended up reporting that more research was required or identified new testing techniques to uncover more data. If one takes the time to actually go to the WHO web site one would find several reports published in the 1990's or later which clearly state that the evidence is in and that there is no adverse affects to the irradiation of food for human consumption. While I too have also told my wife to not buy this product in the future it has more to do with its origin than it being irradiated.

    Dan Burnfield
    Certified Health Physicist
    Licensed Professional Engineer.
    ...more info
  • My dog loves them!
    My dog goes completely insane for these treats. They are pricey, though. I found them before at Walgreen's in Chicago for only $10 for the whole bag. I regret I didn't get more than one bag. ...more info
  • My dog loves them
    My dog loves these treats. I also use them for training when I don't have time to boil fresh chicken for her. I do limit her consumption, as the bag recommends, to less than 5% of her daily intake. There are some concerns about illnesses associated with chicken treats, but my dog has not had a problem and there doesn't seem to be any scientific evidence to prove that dogs got sick from these treats (mostly, just case reports - someone saying their dog got sick after eating these treats when it could have been any number of things making the dog sick). You may be able to find them cheaper elsewhere, though - membership store....more info
  • Good product
    For those of you that complain about the quality of this product, let me guess ... you're still feeding your dog the likes of Science Diet, Iams or Purina, thinking they're high quality foods, not knowing any better. [...]

    My westie is a rather sensitive one when it comes to food. Yet she hasn't had one single issue with these treats. Absolutely no vomiting, no diarrhea, nothing. If you look past at some of the reviews, I'd say the company had a bad batch sometime in 2007. Happens to everyine....more info
  • Doggie cocaine
    My german shepards love these. Fast shipping and great customer service from the vendor with a small problem on the previous order.

    I would prefer if these were from elsewhere than China. But it's a great product otherwise. The irradation doesn't bother me. These are dogs, they live 12 years. Adverse long term effects from irradiation (if any indeed exist) may kill them about 20 years after they are already dead. I know, atoms and radiation and things that go bump in the night scare some folks.
    Bugga bugga.

    Price is ok. I don't go to Costco or the box stores but compared to Petco, etc. these are a bargan.

    ...more info
  • Sure, they're good, but....
    My beagle absolutely loves these, but we think they may have gotten him sick. He started having diarrhea, which stopped when he went on an exclusive chicken and rice diet. Once he was better, we stayed with the same diet, but gave him a tiny bit of the chicken treat (because we thought it was healthy -- it's just chicken, right?). The diarrhea was back almost immediately. After the Walmart recall this week of a different brand of chicken strips, I'm scared to give these to him anymore. I don't care it's irradiated or not, something's not right with this food. Chicken is a hard meat to process -- lots of bacteria. I'd rather be safe with food from a responsible, high-end, organic pet food company than risk my dog's health with this product....more info
  • Delicious!!!!
    Irradiated or not, my dog loves these, as do I. They smelled so wonderful when I opened the bag I had to try them for myself and now I am hooked. And as an added bonus, they are fortified with Glucosamine and chondroitin. That means no more expensive trips to the pharmacy for me. And they are much cheaper than regular Jerky. ...more info
  • Great item, but shipping is way out of line
    My dogs adore this product and the sellers are attentive, sell a high quality product and are very fast shippers. My only problem with the item is the extraordinarily high shipping fee. A product really shouldn't cost a full 50% of the product cost to ship. I would rather a slower cheaper shipping option, because I buy a lot of this from them and just never need it through priority shipping. It's just too much. Otherwise, woofalicious!...more info
  • Great Bargain
    This is a great product (no artificial junk and no bad chemicals in it). My dogs love it and the price was right....more info
  • This product could be dangerous
    I've been feeding my dogs this product for 2 years. However, recently many animals have become sickened after eating it. Google the product name and you will be dismayed to read the stories. Please do your own research before buying this product. ...more info
  • Irradiated, Why doesn't Amazon's description inform us of that? Other products include the preservatives used. Hmmmmm
    I've seen these at Walmart and they do indeed have the Radura symbol for irradiation on them. I agree with Mr. Brashear. This chicken has been irradiated and emanates from bird-flu ridden China. If that's not enough for someone to step back and take pause, then I don't know what is. ...more info
  • Irresistable
    I have never seen a treat that my dog will always eat. Before this my Saint Bernard was very picky and would eat one thing one day but not the next day. These treats are irresistible to her and also to my two little dogs. ...more info
  • Dogs love them
    My dog loves these and so do the dogs that visit us. When my family comes to visit they bring their dogs along too and none of them have turned down these treats.

    ...more info