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Neoflex LCD Stand, Black
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Product Description

Instantly set the height of your LCD for a more comfortable computing experience. With fingertip effort, raise or lower your LCD 5" (130 mm), pan left/right, tilt forward/back, and rotate your screen for portrait/landscape viewing.Upgrade monitors or TVs with improved ergonomic adjustability. Patented CF lift-and-pivot motion technology provides premium adjustment. Neo-Flex is the only weight-adjustable desk stand LCD accessory on the market. Easily position your LCD for maximum comfort and productivity. 5" vertical adjustment enhances ergonomics for multiple users. Sleek, durable, easy-to-clean plastic exterior.

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Customer Reviews:

  • Works great!
    Like a previous reviewer from a couple weeks ago, I also bought this monitor to replace the basic, unconfigurable stand that comes with the Samsung 2443BWX 24" monitor. This stand is great. It allows you to tilt, rotate, and raise/lower your monitor. I like being able to rotate the screen so that it is in portrait mode. The stand also rotates at the base (like a lazy susan). The stand appears & feels very sturdy and well made....more info
  • Couldn't be happier
    I bought this for my Dell E248WFP 24" since the stand it comes with is barely adjustable. The Neoflex took 5 minutes to install, using nice big thumb screws. It's so stable, I can't tip it over even if I try. Without adjusting anything, I can raise or lower the screen with one finger. It even allows portrait mode. And the price is unbeatable for a product of this quality....more info
  • sick stand
    This stand is by far better than most stands that come stock with LCD monitors including apple's cinema displays (they have great style but only tilt) and Samsung's "touch of color" monitor line. It is solid, has acceptable styling, is fully functioning on all axis' and most importantly its INEXPENSIVE! - A good buy overall......more info
  • title
    perfect, except for a few (minor) issues:
    of the 3 sets of screws, not one was the "proper" length, so I had to make do.

    the vertical adjustment is to easy, and if you bump the monitor, it's height will change.

    other than those two minor complaints, it is a great stand...more info
  • Works for Samsung 2443BWX
    I just picked up a Samsung 2443BWX 24" from costco for $[...] & the stand it came with was terrible. I slapped this baby on there and it worked like a charm. The weight was perfect, so I didn't have to adjust the tension at all. Definitely worth the $[...] (Thanks to Free Shipping)....more info
    I bought this stand to replace the one that came with a Samsung 2343BWX monitor which I had purchased from Costco. The Samsung monitor is pretty good for the money however, the original stand that comes with it is crap. The one that same with my monitor cannot adjust for height and it is extremely difficult to tilt back due to what clearly is a design flaw. Anyway, I bought this monitor stand to replace the original and it is awesome. It is easy to install and the height and tilt adjust easily. And what's more, you can rotate the monitor into a vertical portrait orientation. Great monitor stand and worth the money....more info
  • Works great.
    I have had the stand for a few months and have had no issues with it. I have 2 samsung 20" wide screens and one of them is horizontal. I was able to level the bottom of both the monitors. For the money it cant be beat....more info
  • a fortunate accident
    this stand is what i've been looking for. found it by accident while looking at monitor reviews (samsung 226bw). most lcd monitors are too low and do not have height adjustment, so they really need a stand like this. the portrait mode is a plus. works great with the 22" samsung....more info
  • D.O.A.
    I give products one chance. The screw on the bottom that tightens the up & down tension did not work. Turned it fully tight, and then fully loose, and back again, all with no change in resistance. This is a problem because the vertical adjustment is spring loaded, so my monitor would not lower without popping back to the top. Very good design if you get one that works. (refunded)...more info
  • Pretty good, but...
    While substantially better than the vast majority of OEM stands, as others have pointed out, there are a couple of areas that need improvement:

    First, the lower set of monitor attaching screws need better access for secure tighening. It can be done, but not with a normal, straight, Phillips head screwdriver. Frankly, I don't know if this would be possible since it would mean narrowing the stand width, which may have to be at least a certain width to accomodate internal parts and/or monitor weight requirements.

    Secondly, the tension adjustment needs an additonal way to lock and secure the monitor at any height less than the very top so that it can't creep up or down due to too great/little spring tension adjustment. Having the tension adjustment access in some place other than the bottom of the stand would have been nice, too.

    Otherwise, this is about as good as it gets for an aftermarket stand that raises the monitor to a level that could lessen neck/eye strain. One nice feature I haven't seen mentioned is the ability of the circular stand to swivel the monitor like a lazy susan....more info
  • monitor stand-neoflex
    This monitor stand rocks. It is easy to assemble, moves with ease and allows you to move your monitor not only vertically, but horizontally as well....more info
  • Great stand for a reasonable price
    I use dual monitors on my "work" system which is used primarily for working with word documents. I find that having one of my displays in portrait mode and one in landscape mode works well for most of my work but monitors with factory stands that adjust for height, tilt, swivel and rotation are rare and (usually) much more expensive that the standard tilt only adjustment. The best thing about it is if (when) I have to replace a monitor I can shop by price and reuse the stand rather than spending the extra money to buy a display with a fancy factory stand.
    ...more info
  • Works like a charm
    Took me less than 5 minutes to get set up, and works just like you would expect. I don't often find myself having to rotate, though it does so just fine, but it raises and lowers smoothly and without much effort. Stiff enough however to keep from sliding when you don't want it to.

    Highly recommended....more info
  • Excellent
    Excellent stand for my Samsung 22" LCD monitor. You can adjust the height by one finger....more info
  • Very impressed...
    I thought this was going to be a piece of junk based on the pictures but I had a 20 inch monitor mounted on the wall and lost the stand. It's not easy to find a replacement stand for monitors but I was really impressed with this one. It's very well built and heavy duty too!...more info
  • Works well, looks good, robust
    I have used this monitor stand to be able to rotate my wide screen.
    Assemble and attach the screen in minutes.
    Moving the screen up and down and rotating it is very easy.
    Great value for the price....more info
  • Great stand for Westinghouse L2410NM
    The plastic stand that comes with the Westinghouse L2410NM is junk, this stand is adjustable, solid, and easy to adjust....more info
  • Great item for the Price
    I needed a replacement stand for an LCD monitor, and theNeoflex LCD Stand fit the bill exactly. I am using it with a 17-inch View Sonic monitor that had been previously wall-mounted. It fits any standard VESA mount with the provided screws and washers, and it has a small footprint, so it doesn't take up too much room on your desk.

    The stand adjusts vertically and tilts up and down. In addition, you can swivel the monitor either portrait or landscape. You can adjust the tension on all of the vertical adjustment with a provided hex wrench. Finally, the main neck has a hole at the bottom to feed your cabling through. For my purpose, the folks at Neoflex thought of everything. I would recommend this product to anyone who needs a standard LCD stand to avoid buying a new monitor....more info
  • When expectations are exceeded
    The internet age is great because you can find almost anything and with several hours of diligent review reading, can identify an item that appears to meet your need(s). However, the proverbial "rubber hits the road" when the FedEx/UPS/USPS delivery person kindly drops off your package. If you have bombed in your decision, then you face non-trivial return shipping costs, potential restocking fees, and lost time to achieve your desired goal. Typically, I search, contemplate, and search some more prior to pressing the order submit button. Eventually, I hope for the best, but resign to accept "average" if the product will simply work as described and appear to have a life cycle longer than 12 months.

    Thus, although I read the glowing reviews for this item, I did not have high expectations. The reviews here simply assured me that the item was an economic production from China. Imagine my surprise when I lifted the box from my porch to take it into the house. That box had some heft to it, that was a good thing. Once in my office, I opened the box and the smiles appeared. This is a quality product. There is a round circular base that attaches to the vertical portion of the stand via two phillips screws. Total assembly time with my ratchet screwdriver? Two minutes to ensure no cross threading and adequate seating torque. The monitor mount of the stand can accommodate any VESA mount with either 75 mm or 100 mm spacing. You are provided with phillips screws to attach the mount to the mounter, but you are also provided with thumbscrews. I prefer the knurled thumbscrews. The thumbscrews are black so they compliment both the mount and a black monitor.

    I purchased the stand for my 22" monitor. Installing the four thumbscrews in the 100 mm spacing took perhaps 3 minutes. Viola, c'est fini! You can adjust the tensioning of the mount in order to accomodate a larger monitor or have the monitor better respond to your tactile pressures. The monitor stand easily rotates 360 degrees. The monitor height is adjustable in the vertical direction 5". I would estimate that the monitor tilt is 90 degrees from its lowest to maximum tilt. All adjustments are nearly effortless. The caveat here is that "effortless" is determined by my build and your mileage may vary. The stand will also allow your monitor to rotate from landscape to portrait mode.

    Prior to mounting the 22" monitor, I mounted a 19" widescreen DCL LCD monitor that I purchased several years ago. I greatly disliked that monitor and had stopped using it. The picture always seemed small. The DCL monitor stand was an economical one, it provided no height adjustment and limited tilt. I mounted the DCL because I wanted to test the stand's operation before I mounted my more expensive 22" monitor. Four thumbscrews later I powered on the DCL, raised it 4" and thought, "hey, this monitor is not so bad!" That is the difference that the monitor stand made. I then installed the 22" monitor and the stand really performed. I thought that I would have to adjust the tensioning, but it was just fine. In 30 seconds, the monitor was at the perfect height and tilt for me. It has been a week and no adjustments were necessary as a result of the stand slowing lowering the monitor.

    Okay, allow me to put into perspective my experience with LCD monitors and their stands. My primary home office monitor is a Samsung 245BW 24" LCD. I like the Samsung's stand, but think that the Neoflex is better. I also have a 20" widescreen Dell 2007FP monitor. The Dell stand does not swivel (rotate 360 degrees on the desk) and the height adjustment is less than the Neoflex. In my work office, I have two 24" widescreen Dell 2407 monitors. The height adjustment is very poor on these and there is no swivel.

    In summary, this is an awesome monitor stand at a very competitive price. You will be hard pressed to find a better stand at an equal quality and price.

    ...more info
  • Just what I needed
    I recently bought a ViewSonic VX2240W LCD monitor that came with a fixed-height stand. With this stand, the bottom of the monitor frame was about 6" above the desk, making me crane my head up to see the display. While browsing around the LCD monitors section of Amazon, I came across this stand and at $34.99, decided to give it a try. I couldn't be more pleased.

    Mounting the Neo-Flex stand to the back of the monitor couldn't have been easier (once I figured out how to get the old stand mount off). The up/down adjustment is about as easy as you could ask for - no screws, buttons, or release tabs required - just push it up or down. The height adjustment is controlled by a spring-loaded slider that came adjusted just about right for the weight of the 2240 (I backed the pre-load tension off about one turn, but it probably would have been fine as delivered). Once mounted and re-installed, the bottom of the monitor is now about 1.75" from the desk.

    Much more comfortable....more info
  • Works great. Allows you to buy a monitor without caring for their stand
    Recently was on the hunt for a 22" monitor that had a good stand which could pivot, tilt, and raise in height. Guess what? Very few options out there for all features, and the ones that did have it were priced at levels that were too high and seldom on sale. Well I wasn't going to succumb to that so I then realized that ANY monitor sold today has VESA mounts so a separate stand (usually for wall mounting) can be adapted to it. In this case, this product does exactly that.

    I was then free to choose my monitor based on the visual and technical specs that I wanted without regard to the stand. When I finally got the one I wanted, I swapped out the stand for this unit, taking only about 2 minutes (unpacking the box took longer), then enjoyed all the pivot, tilt, and height adjustments that I wanted.

    So if you're in the market for a new monitor, consider this unit so you too can choose the monitor you want without having to focus on the stand they ship the product with. After all, the most important part of a monitor is the visual portion that you look at. Why make compromises when you can have best of both worlds at a good price?
    ...more info
  • Absolutely perfect for my application
    I was looking for a new stand to hold my Acer X233H at work. I wanted something that could be raised and lowered and had a pretty good radius for spinning. As an extra bonus, the Neo Flex mount also rotates the screen for portrait views, though I don't honestly know if I'll ever use it.

    The assembly took 2 minutes and Philips head screwdriver.

    Thumbs up....more info
  • Awesome Monitor Stand
    I purchased two of the Neoflex LCD stands for use in a public building. They are on monitors that have to be used by many different people. Everyone loves them. It is so easy to adjust the height for each person. The swivel mechanism was an additional plus. I may be buying more....more info
  • Neoflex - Flexible, sturdy, easy
    After being shocked with overnight delivery on the product I was surprised at the ease of set-up. Stand is sturdy and easy to adjust. I particularly like the angle ability to put my Samsung 216BW on the same plane with my eye glasses. Editing photos has become much easier. Excellent value....more info
  • Awesome product; very nice design
    I just received this product and was able to install it in about 5 minutes. (I have a samsung 22 inches monitor) while the monitor is great but the stand that it comes with it sucks! This product completely exceeded my expectation. not only it's quality design and very easy to install, but where it shines is how easy it is to operate. I literally only needs to use 1 finger to lift the monitor up or down. Tilt is very easy as well. ...more info
  • Awesome deal!
    You can't go wrong with this adjustable-height stand. We've put fifteen of them in place on previously non-adjustable monitors and couldn't be happier. The thumbscrews were an added bonus and made installation that much simpler. Great product, great price, great shipping time....more info
  • WOW Amazing!
    I install this on my new Acer 24", what a difference it made. The acer stand comes too short, I have to sit lower to see it, luckly I had purchased this stand before I got the monitor. Now the monitor sets in front me facing directly at me. This stand is worth every penny. I likely will buy another one for my father for Christmas.. ...more info