Kensington 64343 MicroSaver DS Notebook Computer Lock with Keys (PC/Mac)
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Product Description

Protect your computer with incomparable security, the disc lock. The most advanced disc locking technology is featured with carbon tempered steel core cable, external braided steel sheath, and patented T-bar locking mechanism that attaches to the standard Kensington security slot found in 99% of notebook and computer devices. Sleek styling and design won't block notebook ports or lift a notebook off the desk 6 feet, 4.5mm thick cable Dimensions - Length 6 x Width 7.5 x Height 1.25 inch Weight - 0.5 pounds

The Kensington 64343 Micro Saver DS Notebook Lock is one of the most secure ways available to protect your laptop computer from theft, with a patented cable-and-lock system. The Kensington 64343 is constructed of a six-foot cable with three layers of strength, a carbon-tempered steel core, aircraft-grade steel cable, and an external steel-braided sheath. This system also employs a patented, T-bar lock that provides superior lock strength, and advanced, nearly impenetrable disc-lock technology for the ultimate in theft protection. Easy to install and use in the office or when traveling, this system locks into the standard Kensington security slot found in 99-percent of notebooks, as well as many flat-panel monitors, CPUs, projectors, printers, docking stations, tablet PCs, and other devices. This unit features a sleek styling and design that won't block notebook ports or lift a notebook off the desk, and exceeds industry security-lock standards. The Kensington 64343 includes two keys and a rubber tie for cable-cord management, with replacement keys available through the manufacturer, and is backed by a manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty.

  • Ultra-strength carbon tempered steel cable core on 6-ft, 4.5 mm thick cable with external steel braided sheath
  • Innovative disc-lock engineering for triple maximum security
  • Patented T-bar locking mechanism provides superior lock strength and theft protection
  • Easy to install and use to protect high security computer devices
  • Fits in the standard Kensington security slot found in 99% of notebooks, CPUs, flat panel monitors, projectors, printers, docking stations and others

Customer Reviews:

  • good deterrent
    hooked to a 17" MacBook Pro, stays in there just fine and does not scratch the notebook- there's a rubber bit on the end to buffer it. It is difficult to get it to seat in there just right, you really have to find the right angle and leverage to get the key to turn- but once in, it's snug. A good deterrent but certainly not a total theft prevention device....more info
  • Does not fit slot
    This lock does not fit unibody Macbooks, nor is it possible to make it fit without removing the rubber scratch protector from the lock. How expensive can it possibly be to produce a slightly thinner rubber ring? I would even buy it separately, if Kensington would just offer it for sale. Very disappointing....more info
  • Great Lock!
    Highly recommend this lock! It's 6 feet long, so you can stretch it pretty far. You can wrap it around anything you want as well. There's an optional locking device you can buy that will stick to the back of a desk, for example.

    The only reason this didn't get 5 stars: It seems like a flimsy system. I'm not willing to stress it to end up ruining my computer, but I worry that if someone really wanted, they'd be able to just break my computer and run off with the laptop.

    That being said, the lock does give you a sense of security. I'm in an office where there's a ton of foot traffic, and yet many people do not lock their computers. I can feel confident that if someone wanted to steal a computer, it wouldn't be mine, or if it was mine, they would have to make a scene to break the lock.

    Anyway, you'll feel a lot more secure with this lock....more info
  • Security
    Makes me feel very secure in my dorm room. Would hate having to buy two laptos and only own one. Very secure and sturdy contraption....more info
  • Good lock but also scratched my Macbook Pro
    This is rated to be the most secure notebook lock in Kensington's catalogue so I bought it. I ignore the previous reviewer's comment that it scratched his Macbook Pro and I also ended up dinging it a bit as well.

    Now I decided to avoid further damage my Macbook Pro by placing a small piece of transparent tape on the area where the lock connects with the laptop and poking a hole to accommodate the male lock connector.

    I know it is a cheap solution but it does work and no one's the wiser....more info
  • Doesn't Work, No Help From Company, Will Never Buy From Them Again
    The description says that this product has a "patented T-bar locking mechanism that attaches to the standard Kensington security slot found in 99% of notebook and computer devices", yet it did not fit my Dell Latitude. Checking the online manual I finally found the list of products it is supposed to fit (VERY difficult to find on the Kensington web site, which kept forwarding me to the company's UK site). My Dell model was listed there. The Customer Service rep I spoke with told me that it would fit my model BUT I had to buy an adapter piece. The product description clearly states that it fits my laptop - no mention of an adaptor. After going round and round with the rep, who was clearly reading from a canned script and did not seem to comprehend the difference between the written description and what he was telling me, I gave up and said I would buy the adapter but that I needed it right away. No dice. He said they could not expedite it (even at my expense) and it would take 7-10 business days. I was leaving for Europe in two days. The product is unusable and the customer "service" was useless. I was able to pick up a similar product at the airport before departing; it worked fine and cost half as much. I will NEVER buy a Kensington product again....more info
  • Best buy for your peace of mind
    While there are other brands (many of them much more expensive) I have tried many and found this to be a very cost effective means of giving me peace of mind.

    You could buy a very expensive service that MAY get your laptop back if stolen, you could buy an expensive laptop security system that requires you to GLUE pieces ONTO your laptop (very ugly and VERY messy), or you could buy a cable like this one.

    For me, I have seen many laptops disappear on various campuses in various locations, including work, research labs, and dorm rooms, and have yet to hear of a successful recovery due to tracking and tracing services and software. On the other side, there are a lot of locking systems of this similar design that are very flimsily, easily broken (without trying), or have many small pieces that are easily lost.

    Not this one! This product is quick to attach and detach, very portable, and VERY secure. A sufficiently motivated thief can steal anything, but most laptop thefts are from opportunist who see an easy target.

    The goal is to minimize how convenient it is to steal YOUR laptop versus someone else's.

    With it's easy install and portability, you can quickly secure your laptop anywhere you happen to be, whether it's your office, the library, or the coffee shop. You just have to have something big to wrap the cord around, lock it in the slot, and your done!

    That being said, there are a plethora of similar products on the market (some cheaper, some more expensive) That have small pieces that are easily lost. Not this one! Some similar products have very thin cables that can be cut through with very small (hid able) lock cutters, or can be removed with a quick yank of the cable. Not this one!

    Not only is it one piece, have a very long, very THICK cable, but when it locks to your computer, it is MUCH more secure than similar products. It fits snugly inside the lock slot (which this company patented BTW) but secures it from being rotated back out and locks tightly against your computer frame.

    I have friends that have similar products that are clearly loose and easily broken with a screwdriver, but that isn't a problem with this guy.

    Also, many of the others use the round utility keys, and these can be easily forced to work with similar keys, or even a ball point pen. This uses a deep, narrow, tamper evident lock that is very difficult to pick or to force open with a similar key.

    Although there are cheaper similar locks, for a few more dollars you get a vastly superior cable lock that you can feel much safer about, without spending absurd amounts of money on tracking services or modifying your nice laptop with a clunky piece that must be glued on!

    When I first saw these things, I thought that they were a good idea, but didn't think my computer had a lock slot. Upon inspection, not only does my new laptop have one, but my seven year old laptop does as well! It's so tiny it's easy to miss, and yet does the job well!

    I conclusion, I want to say I have seen many of these, and tried several, and this is by far the best of them. Worth the extra expense, and can be used with almost every laptop. A great buy on Amazon!...more info
  • Works the way it's supposed to
    Secures a notebook to any immovable object in a hotel room, or in an office, provided, of course, that there is such an object available. I wouldn't have minded if the cable were a foot longer, which would allow locking to bigger objects (desks, etc.). Otherwise, well made and easy to use, and you can register the key code with Kensington, so if you loose your keys, you can get another one. ...more info
  • It serves its purpose
    I purchased this lock for my new (Oct. 2008) MacBook with the understanding that it's the best lock available. I'm not disappointed. It has a rubber gasket to protect the computer from scratches, which was an issue with previous designs. The keys work well and reliably, and the cable is very thick. My only (mild) concern is that I have to be very careful about the angle I use to insert the male piece of the lock into the computer--it's very small and delicate, and it can scratch the computer if not inserted properly. However, if one inserts the lock correctly, there are no problems....more info
  • Decent security for MacBook Pro
    Using this laptop security cable with a 17" MacBook Pro (older style, not unibody construction) and am pretty happy with it. Installs and uninstalls pretty quickly. Getting the key to work in the lock seems a bit fiddly (e.g., press and turn, etc.) but it works and seems very secure.

    I especially like the little plastic clip that is attached to the cable that holds the coiled cable for storage. It helps keep the cable neat and tidy in your bag. Small, inexpensive feature, but very useful....more info
  • Secure but Tricky
    It took a lot to get this to work. I read the instructions for how to get it to lock, and it still wasn't working. I had someone else try, and it still wasn't working. In the end, I brought it to the store and they made it look easy. Its easier to get it to work laying flat then holding the security port up. I should have figured...

    The actual mechanism seems to work by putting the T shaped bar into the standard security port on the laptop, and then the key rotates the little pins so the bar cannot turn. The other end gets looped around something else. It's easier to lock without the rubber around the end, but then it will chafe the metal around the port. My laptop (Gateway P-6860FX) has some wear around the port from all my amateur attempts to get it working.

    Now that I have it working, it locks securely, provided I can find something equally secure to lock it to. ...more info
  • DOA.
    I recently received this product and it was broken out of the box. The locking mechanism had faulty bearings which made it impossible to open/close. Aside from that the cable was heavy duty and well crafted. A little bit heavier than what I want to add to my already overloaded backpack....more info
  • Works with new MacBook Pro Aluminum
    The lock works just like any other laptop security cable. The keyhole seems more difficult to pick but one reviewer said someone was able to unlock it. I have used this to secure an HP laptop, the 15" MacBook Pro Aluminum and an Xbox 360. The rubber gasket does it's job in preventing unnecessary scratches from the lock....more info
  • My Microsaver DS got unlocked...
    Well, I had used this Microsaver DS since I purchased it from Amazon in Sep., 2007.
    A week ago, while my laptop was locked to a chair in LeXXXX library, somebody unlocked it and left with my laptop. When this theft incident happened, I was in the bathroom (for 2 or 3 mins). I depended very much on this product, but it happened. I lost everything...
    I contacted Kensington, but I can't get much help from them even though its 1-yr warranty (theft coverage) was already expired.
    I'd like to remind you that somebody can unlock it if he/she has to. ...more info
  • Easy to use and feels sturdy
    The lock works exactly as described, hence the 5 stars. Not a lot of competition for high quality notebook locks, so I feel like I was paying more than I wanted to due to lack of options. I selected the DS version because I wanted the flat keys, however, the keys are still a little large to keep on your regular keychain. The lock appears to accommodate various mounting slot depths, but this seems to add a little slack (filled in by an integrated soft rubber mount). I wonder if this slack might allow for additional stress on the security slot for thinner skinned notebooks. I use mine to secure 20" LCD panels to their desks. In spite of the minor issues mentioned, I'd purchase again....more info
  • Appears to be Very Solid
    I got this lock to secure my laptop while I was working at a trade show. I felt it was a good strong anchor to the table leg cross supports I had it looped around. It has what I think is a strong cable and it appears to me to have a solid lock.

    I imagine that someone with some heavy duty cable or bolt cutters could cut the cable but having the device made me feel safe that the laptop was secure against someone picking it up and walking away with it while my back was turned. It appeard to me that if someone tried to yank hard on the cable that the laptop would break long before this device would fail leaving the theif with a broken laptop.

    The only mild negative was that it took a bit of attention to get the lock into the back of the computer and get the key turned to lock it. It was no big deal, but it did take a bit of concentration to get everything lined up right and then get the key turned to engage the lock.

    I imagine that there might be some creative theifs out there who might have a way to beat this lock and cable to steal a laptop. I felt reasonably secure about it protecting my laptop while I was in the vicinity. I would not want to leave the setup for a long period of time where someone could have a chance at spending some time trying to cut the cable or tampering with it, but I would say the same thing about any locking system.

    Use it at your own risk, but the bottom line for me is that I would purchase this again. ...more info
  • does what it's suppose to
    I looped this bad boy around a post that runs across the back of my desk and let it do it's thing. It works great and isn't too hard to get that mangy key in the hole! (sarcasm)...more info
  • NOT compatible with Inspiron 1520
    This lock does not fit in an Inspiron 1520. We also have an Inspiron 1505, however, and it works perfectly well with that notebook. Product gets 4 stars for quality (I would like a better-designed key)....more info
  • Solid lock
    I ordered this to keep my Del Latitude safe while we traveled in Italy for 2 weeks. The lock is easy to use and very solid, although it added a bit more weight to my luggage than I would have liked. Cable is very thick...good item to keep people honest....more info
  • The lock works!
    My daughter uses this lock at college. She has found that it is very easy to lock and unlock her laptop, and is very secure and sturdy. I highly recommend this lock to anyone who wants to keep their laptop secure. ...more info