Swann NightHawk 2 Wireless Color Cameras and Receiver (SW-P-WOC2)
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Wireless / 12 Infrared LED enhance low-light images / Connects to VCR, TV, DVR, PC Capture Card / Includes Battery and AC adapter

The Swann NightHawk Wireless dual Color Cameras and Auto Switching Receiver set lets you create your own home security solution. 2.4GHz wireless technology provides extended range and clarity while allowing camera placement anywhere within reception range. This flexibility allows you to monitor a wide variety of locations both inside and outside the home, including the mailbox, garage, pool, yard, entrances, nursery, basement and more. The NightHawk kit can be added to a VCR, TV, DVR, PC capture card, or quad processor with no cabling required.


  • Each camera has 11 infrared LEDs for night vision
  • 2.4GHz for extended range and clarity
  • Cameras are switchable between 4 frequencies
  • Included receiver can be easily connected to AV-TV, VCR or PC (with capture card)

  • Each camera has 11 infrared LEDs for night vision
  • 2.4GHz for extended range and clarity
  • Cameras are switchable between 4 frequencies
  • Included receiver connects to AV-TV VCR or PC (with Capture card)
  • Place the cameras anywhere within reception range
Customer Reviews:
  • good solution to watching my kid
    I connected this to a 13-inch TV I have in my office. I put the camera outside to watch when my 9-year old plays in the pool area. The camera is about 40-feet away and the signal has to go through 5 walls. The picture jumps a little once in a while but it works well enough that I can see my son clearly. The other camera is watching the front door and it works fine, especially at night. We used it to watch the trick or treaters when they came up the walk. For the money this was a good solution for me to keep an eye on my family. I recommend it to anyone looking for an extra way to keep watch on their kids....more info
  • Great Value
    I purchased this product some time ago and just recently set it up. The cameras are solid quality....for the price, and the image provides me with all the clarity I was hoping for. The receiver works with an acceptable range and I'm pleased with the mobility of the product.
    Good Buy, great value...more info
  • Big drawback- interrupts wireless home network
    The recording quality is adequate for what it's for. I don't plan to make movies with it. I like being able to see the front and back of my house. However, the user manual is worthless. The biggest drawback is that the wireless cameras totally knock out my wireless home network. Laptops put next to the access point can't find a signal. It uses the same 2.4 GHz band as home routers. Swann said there is no solution, buy a wired system. Defeats the convenience feature, doesn't it? It could possibly interrupt your neighbor's as well. This must go for any other wireless system.

    I gave this product a low score because of the wireless network problem....more info
  • Unhappy
    There is no way to record both cameras unless you want to scan thru 2 unused channels because this item you can not lock out the 2 unused channels! So you can waste 10 seconds of blank recordings each pass thru the channels!...more info
  • Swann NightHawk 2
    I did not receive the Item in picture. The model number was the same but it looks totally different and there was no remote control.

    ...more info
  • Swann NightHawk wireless cameras
    We have had this camera for a month or so now, and it does what it says, it is a really good camera to have for inside survalance, or on your porch. The day vision is really good and clear and you can see pretty far away, however the night vision is limited. Although it works but a very short distance. I recommend this for just around the house....more info
  • Not bad for the money spent
    While they're not the best camera on the market, they do work well in good light. The integral video-switcher is handy, allowing you to stop (and stay) on just one camera -or- allow it to sequence through all 4 channels, assuming you have four cameras. As I said, for the dollar spent I feel the quality is more than acceptable and they're a breeze to setup and get running. If you're looking for fast-n-easy, this will do the trick. Note: The cameras come with their own AC wall-wart, but can be powered by an individual 9volt DC battery as well since those adapters are included as well with each camera....more info
  • Bad low light
    Daytime the cameras work ok, not great but acceptable. Terrible low light capability, late evening on all you see is black. Do not buy if you want it for low light situations....more info
  • NightHawk
    I was replacing a broken receiver when I ordered this package. I also ordered the Twin camera package and a Bulldog. What I don't know or did not get is a splitter or some way to conbine all the cameras together. They all seem compatible but I need some way to use all equipment purchased. I need to video tape gates to Storage Units and watch all activity on others. Thank You for any advise you can give....more info
  • Piece of junk!!
    if you or your neighbors a have cordless phone or wireless internet this camera is not for you. who doesn't these days? ...more info
  • short distance only
    The 0lux works great & the picture quality is pretty good, even on a 120" projection screen. The only issues that I am having is with range. Inside of the house I am getting about 75 feet only going through 1 wall. Good for the money but don't expect big range. I'd love to see the 300', even line of sight I can't get close to that....more info