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OnGuard PitBull MINI DT 5008 Bicycle U-Lock and Extra Security Cable
List Price: $54.99

Our Price: $30.90

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Product Description

OnGuard Bulldog 13mm U-Lock with Cable Massive 13mm 12 hardened ultra steel shackle provides maximum cut resistance
Vinyl coated and weatherproof
Includes 5 laser cut keys and 1 light key
3.5 x 5.5 4 x 38 cable 10mm
Four Star security level rating makes these locks a high theft resistance for high crime

  • Massive 13mm 12 hardened ultra steel shackle provides maximum cut resistance
  • Vinyl coated and weatherproof
  • Includes 5 laser cut keys and 1 light key
  • 3.5 x 5.5 4 x 38 cable 10mm
  • Four Star security level rating makes these locks a high theft resistance for high crime

Customer Reviews:

  • Pit Bull Mini DT lock and cable
    Product seems to work fine. Have had it for 3 weeks and no problems. Haven't left the bike outside at night though-just during the day....more info
  • Solid Lock
    This lock will definitely keep your bike safe. Don't be fooled by the name "Mini DT" because this thing is solid. To give you an idea, I weighed components:

    U-lock - 2 lbs 5 oz.
    Cable - 11 oz.
    Combined - 3 lbs.

    Dimensions of the U-lock:
    Width - 6 in.
    Height - 7.8 in.
    Diameter of thickest part - 1.75 in.

    Length of cable - 46 in.

    The frame mount is pretty good (easy to install, you'll need a hex wrench though) and it comes with 5 keys (seems like overkill, but whatever.)

    For the price and the free shipping, its a no brainer.

    Get it and be done with it....more info
  • i have superpowers too!!!
    so i've used this lock a total of 2.5 times successfully. on the third try i was trying to lock it and it was putting up a fight. then it locked and i tried to pull the key out. the key wouldn't come out! so i unlocked it and it still wouldn't come out. i started struggling with it (gently though because i've read the other reviews) and then it happened... my key broke. i guess i'll try to contact the company but for now i'm just going to use the cable and cross my fingers that my bike won't get jacked. yeah right....more info
  • Simple and Sturdy
    well its simple and sturdy product. comes with the lock and cable. Only thing that needs improvement is the lock mounting device. But aslong as the lock goes it quiet sturdy and does the job very well....more info
  • Compact And Sufficient Cycling Lock
    This lock is strong enough, but also light in weight and compact in size to carry on your bike or even in your rear pack, when the rider decides to stop and walk and look around town. I chose this lock because of its' compact size, yet still having the security as a small U-lock should. I would recommend this product to all riders who like to stop and look around for a while. It also came with a thick cable which also can be stored in a person's messenger bag or on the bike.OnGuard PitBull MINI DT 5008 Bicycle U-Lock and Extra Security Cable...more info
  • Top quality, small, excellent lock
    For the money I don't think you can get a better compact lock. If you are looking for something smaller than the standard size, this is what I would recommend. I park my bike on a college campus everyday with this, and haven't had any problems (I did just get a On Guard Brute to supplement this lock, which I also recommend). It is on the small side, but I can generally fit my frame, rear wheel, and bike rack in it. It is tight though, and sometimes it doesn't fit. I am always able to get at least my frame to the rack though, it just depends on the size of the rack. My only complaint is the mounting bracket partially broke within a month of owning it. It still functions and holds the lock fine, some of the plastic holding the lock just chipped off, so it might not be functional soon....more info
  • Best Value
    I have owned this for almost 1 month and I am very pleased with the purchase. The size is great and it feels very durable. I do find that on occassion it may be more difficult to get it locked around a pole and my frame because it is smaller than other u-locks but a little shimmy and you can usually get it secure. The added cable is a must...more info
  • Small but tough
    I got my MINI PitBull over a month ago, after shopping around and reading numerous reviews on different websites. I was looking for a reliable, well made lock that would not be too heavy or too bulky or cost a fortune even though I do have a nicer bike... And that's exactly what this lock turned out to be. It's fairly easy to mount and use, the mechanism is smooth and the cable provides lots of options for locking. Feels pretty solid overall, a good buy for the money...more info
  • Good, not great
    I've had this lock for several months now, and while I'm pleased with the value, I wish it were a little better made. One day it fell to the ground and several parts came unattached (a far cry from the unibody design of my Kryptonite lock). Since then, the security of the lock has come into question. As far as I can tell, any damage that has been sustained shouldn't effect the locking mechanism (the black pieces of plastic on the sides of the lock came undone). In my opinion, a device that is supposed to secure your bicycle should be able to withstand some pretty heavy duty force...much more than a 2 foot fall to the ground creates...

    I'm going to finally contact customer service and see what they will do about the situation.

    To be continued...

    The inclusion of the security cable definitely made me interested in the lock. The size is ALMOST perfect, in that I can lock my bike to most structures (except lamp posts) and feel safe about my bike still being there when I return......more info
  • Good except for mounting bracket
    Good size and solid feel. The bracket that attached to frame is not though. Feels like itnis going to break at anytime. Figure I'll just carry it in my bag when that happens. ...more info
  • Pitbull
    It's a great lock. Unfortunately I broke the bracket to mount it on my bike so I have to always put it in my back bag and it is about 4 or 5 pounds. Otherwise, the lock works perfect when I find the right place to lock it up against...more info
  • Good lock, small size can be a problem
    I purchased this OnGuard Pitbull MINI DT 5008 lock after extensive research on the best locks and locking techniques available. I decided to use the Sheldon Brown method, which requires you to lock your back wheel to a rack or parking meter, making sure you pass through the rear triangle of the frame. A mini u-lock is recommended as it is harder for thieves to work with. However, the lock is so small that, depending where I can find to lock up, I can't get it to close using the Sheldon Brown technique and have to lock up somewhat more insecurely. The cable, while not capable of doing battle with a bolt cutter, is great for locking down my seat post - especially comforting given the rash of bike seat thefts in my area. The 5 included keys are handy so I can leave one at work, home, carry one, etc. Overall, a good value and exactly as described. I just wish I had bought a slightly larger lock given the dimensions of my bike/wheel and what I have to lock to....more info
  • Cable only looks secure
    11/28/08 - Buyer Beware: I had two bicycles stolen (over $1400 value) from my garage when a thief cut through a related product OnGuard Akita 5080 Bicycle Security Cable (Lock Not Included) in one slice. Looks like they used a chain cutter. Unless you're using this as a theft deterrent or for low value items, don't fool yourself that you're buying security....more info
  • Excellent value and awesome security!
    I have no complaints at all. More secure than the Kryptonite Evo Series and less expensive. Solid, easy to use, attractive, easy to carry.

    100% satisfied!!! ...more info
  • solid lock
    -comes with extra security cable
    -includes 1 year free theft coverage on your bike when secured using the lock (altho if you read the fine print, it's redeemable only if the u-lock is actually broken apart and you can show that)
    -nice set of keys, including one with a light
    -nice finish on the lock
    -the keyhole is weather-protected (the shinier middle part rotates to cover it)
    -snug secure fit (tho make sure it's big enough for your locking situations)

    I'd recommend this lock for anything up to medium-high level of security....more info
  • The lock is solid, but a bit shorter than needed
    The lock is solid and pretty heavy. The attachment to the bike is easy. However, I found it to be a bit short for some parking places. The wire that comes with the package is pretty handy for locking the wheels....more info
  • great lock, fast shipping
    This lock is awesome, its lighter than some of the other on-guard locks, or other high quality locks, but at the same time its stronger than most of them. Highly recommend....more info
  • Great lock, but ...
    I really do like this lock, but b/c of its size, it does not fit on the frame of my (women's) bike, so I have to carry it in my backpack. It's also a bit on the heavy side. ...more info
  • Great lock!
    Big, tough, heavy looks indestructible and comes with insurance.
    I think it was a bargain....more info
  • Better than Kr*ptonite!
    I would suggest before buying an OnGuard lock, visit the manufacturers website for security ratings. This specific u-lock is rated 4+ out of 5+. It has what OnGuard calls 4x power quattro locking system which provides greater pull apart resistance than their 2x system. The cable is there to allow you to secure additional items such as your seat/wheels. Before doing some research I was simply going to buy a large u-lock, but after reading, it seems the mini u-locks are more secure in the sense that they leave less room for a pry bar or jack attack. They also have the additional benefit of being lighter!...more info
  • Tight Fit
    This is a solid lock, only bad thing (if you consider it a bad thing) is that it's just a tad too short. My bike has 2.25" tires, and the racks at school have very thick bars. The way I lock my bike is using the Sheldon Brown technique (google it), and it takes me a good five minutes to try to get it to lock because of the tight fit. This tight fit is actually very good, because it doesn't allow thieves to have enough room to stick in a bar to use a leverage to pry the bar open; however, given the amount of time I am fiddling with the lock to try to lock my bike, I probably look like a thief myself! People have successfully taken off the plastic cover off of the cross bar, which should give you more room, but then nobody will know you're using an Onguard lock. Sure you'll remove about a pound of weight off the lock if you took the cover off, but the thieves won't know that you're using an Onguard, so they'll attempt to break it, thinking that it's a cheap lock. Anyway, this is an awesome, sturdy, but heavy lock. ...more info