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Franklin DBE-1490 Merriam-Webster Spanish-English Dictionary
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Product Description

Invest in yourself and advance your career with this essential business tool! Stop stumbling in "Spanglish" - a Spanish-English Dictionary is the key to success!

The need to speak and understand Spanish is essential in business and everyday life. Communicate effectively with access to 5,000,000 total translations to and from Spanish at your fingertips, coupled with 4,000 examples of word usage. Also contains an updated Merriam-Webster Dictionary with over 274,000 definitions for quick English language reference. Phonetic spell correction function lets you enter words as they sound; also includes Grammar Guides and Quizzes, Verb Conjugations and Word Lists so you can speak and write with confidence. Large 8-line screen offers added visibility; includes protective lid.

The Franklin DBE-1490 Merriam-Webster Spanish-English Dictionary is the perfect companion for the business person working often with Spanish-speaking clients, or for the student learning the basics. The DBE-1490 puts 5,000,000 translations at your fingertips, including conversational phrases and along with 4,000 examples of word usage. A large eight-line screen displays all the information clearly, reducing strain on the eyes, and a protective lid is included to prevent scratches.

The Franklin DBE-1490 also contains the Merriam-Webster Dictionary with more than 274,000 English word definitions. A phonetic spelling correction feature lets you enter words phonetically. Also included are grammar guides and quizzes, verb conjugations, and word lists for help with correct usage. Games and learning exercises help you keep your language skills sharp; a crossword puzzle solver helps you when you get stuck in a crossword puzzle. The Franklin DBE-1490 Spanish-English dictionary runs on two CR-2032 batteries (included).

  • English-Spanish dictionary with 5,000,000 translations in your pocket
  • Includes translations of conversation phrases and examples of word usage
  • Large 8-line display for enhanced visibility
  • Includes monolingual Merriam-Webster English Dictionary
  • Measures 5.14 x 0.53 x 3.92 inches (WxHxD)

Customer Reviews:

  • translator
    Lots of potential but takes time to learn to use all of the capabilities. I would buy it again....more info
  • Good for beginners.
    Overall I think that this product is very helpful in translating basic verbs and nouns, but I wouldn't recommend this to advanced speakers because sometimes it's unable to retrieve specific words. For beginning and intermediate users, I do recommend it; it's small, cheap, and relatively useful....more info
  • Excellent for Mexican Spanish
    I have to admit, I was very hesitant to order this product after reading some of the reviews. I was seriously considering finding the older 1440 model, because one of it's reviews was so positive. But I called Franklin and talked to one of their techs, who convinced me to buy this. I'm so glad he did. My husband and I are serious Spanish students (study several hours per day),and are planning to move to Mexico. We also have several Mexican employees. The 1450 is ideal for us. It is really meant for Mexico, and South America, not Spain. It tells you when a word is appropriate for a certain country. What I love about it is that nearly all the words I have ever looked up for translation have been available, with very good definitions. Also it corrects spelling errors. More importantly, with many words that have variable meanings, it gives examples of sentences to show how variable the meaning can be. This has been invaluable for us, since the tendency in learning a language is to try to translate quite literally, which is often inappropriate.

    (Example: Caer;
    1:to fall, to drop
    2:to collapse
    3:to hang down
    4:caer bien - to be pleasant, to be likable
    5:caer mal or caer gordo: to be unpleasant, to be unlikable
    6:caerse:to fall down)

    In the past, I would have been tempted to use 'me gusta' to say I liked someone; however, this would have implied I had amorous feeling for them (oops!) Who would have guessed?
    This info can also be found in the book, 'Breaking out of Beginner's Spanish', which is also highly recommended, but the electronic translator keeps it right at your finger tips.

    My husband was a dedicated hard copy dictionary user, who thought I was wasting my money, until he realized how fast, easy, and on-the-mark the Franklin is. He "borrowed" my 1450 so often that I finally ordered another one for him, and another one for my 13-y.o.
    Verb conjugations do take a little time,(not long enough to irritate me,still a useful function), but this is not primarily what I use it for. There are so many other good products on the market for that, such as the Warren Hardy flashcards (, the Real Spanish Path (, etc. I hardly ever use any of the other functions, just the translator. It's very quick to switch from English to Spanish (how do you say?) to Spanish to English (what's that word mean?) If you forget and type in an English word in the Spanish function, one button will automatically switch you over, so you don't have to re-type it. By the way, don't forget to follow the arrows on your display pad. There is always much more info than what you can originally see, so you need to keep scrolling down to read it. Also, be clear about this, the translator does not translate phrases, only single words. Bien viaje!...more info

  • This is the one to buy for beginner or advanced speaker
    English is my first language and Spanish my second. I learned Spanish by living in Chile and Mexico and became fluent. I wanted a Spanish-English translator to refine my Spanish communication and find that it has the sort of nuanced definitions and ease of use I was looking for. I endorse it highly!...more info
  • Useful, but not very well designed
    I am currently a 3rd year Spanish student and bought this item to help me in my more advanced studies. I think the main reason I bought it was because of its ease of use and ability to look up verb conjugations. However I was disappointed because it was slow and it takes many, many slow page flips to find the correct form of a verb in the correct tense. The easiest way to to it is to guess what you think the word is spelled and let the spell checker correct you.

    *Good for looking up words fairly quickly
    *Large number of words and definitions
    *Gives example sentences in the definitions
    *Has calculator, measurement conversions, games, and money converter
    *Many other features
    *Ability to add expansion cards
    *Small size
    *Good as a spell checker
    *Games can be fun/educational

    *Verb conjugation features takes too long to use
    *Not very durable, its easy to break
    *Keypad keys are too small
    *Fairly slow response...more info

  • Simplemente EXCELENTE
    No se puede decir mas nada que BUENISIMO. Soy estudiante del idioma ingles y me resulta muyyyy util.
    LO RECOMIENDO 100%...more info
  • great little item
    Though there are some small flaws, this is a great electronic spanish-english dictionary. it makes it MUCH easier to read a foreign newspaper, or any other instance when you'd need to look up words a lot faster than the awkward, slow process of using a book dictionary.

    Others reviewing this product have said that more advanced speakers should "stick to the book dictionary..." I don't know about that. Only if they're so advanced that they need big, full, dictionary entries explaining every last subtlety! in that case I don't think they would be looking for a pocket dictionary. Basically: if your spanish ability is such that you still find yourself needing to find the word for something, or finding out what a spanish word means -- go for this one. it's good.

    -- handles the task well -- the interface makes it quick to type in a word and get its meaning, no wasted time dealing with bad menus or anything
    -- physical design is good -- they were really smart and made the top cover of the thing have a double hinge so it can fold around the back, very convenient.
    -- has some nice built-in games and grammar guides and data/calculator/clock/audio-book functions, none of which I've used much (the games aren't that good. I really wish they had created a built-in flashcard function, so it would just quiz you on definitions that you had pre-selected... they have a "spelling" game which maybe could be used for that function... i don't know.)
    -- puts itself to sleep to save batteries-- cool.
    -- good size/weight/general convenience. i've used it much.

    --keyboard is OK but could be better... buttons are a bit spongy and don't click in any nice way.
    -- would be nice if it was SUPER rapid in its response... but need to wait maybe half a second sometimes for response.
    -- games / "quiz me" functions could be better....more info

  • A great dictionary and will be even better with lighting on the screen!
    It is very easy to use if you have worked before with electronic dictionaries it is very simple. I wish someone would think of putting lighting on the screen, that would make it perfect. I am very happy with mine and the price was right.

    Thanks...more info
  • Excellent! A must have for the serious learner!
    I wore out the 1440 as my primary Spanish learning tool. Replaced it with this one, and LOVE it just as much.

    It often has words which our favorite paperbacks miss. (The specifications indicate that it has a much larger vocabulary than the 1440.)

    It is light enough, and small enough to carry. Those paperbacks are bigger than you realize, until you try and keep one with you at all times!

    It will find the infinitive (root) word when given the conjugated form! Great for eliminating confusion with new learners!

    If you leave the 'time out' settings at the factory default, you won't notice any problem with battery life.

    This is my FAVORITE of ALL my Spanish/English dictionaries.

    (Second favorite: Oxford Spanish Dict. 3rd ed. Also use it on CD-ROM, which will put the huge bi-lingual dictionary at your fingertips when using the computer! Nicely done.

    Family's favorite: Harper Collins Concise (paperback) It's Collins now.)
    ...more info
  • Vocabulary could be larger
    This functions pretty much the same as my old Frankln 1440a. The on/off key was sticking so I opted to buy a new one hoping that the million words description might mean it had a larger vocabulary. As a somewhat advanced user, I find a lot of word just aren't in the machine and I have to resort to real dictionaries or online dictionaries. So that was disappointing. Otherwise, other that it being notably larger, it works the same. The larger size and keys actually took some getting used to. The trade off being that by having bigger keys, you have to reach more for them. It does fit in a man's shirt pocket but is a bit big for my hand so I worried about dropping it at first. But I've adapted quickly and love having it handy. I use the word list heavily to save and review new words....more info
  • Okay -- But Several Obvious Improvements
    I've been using this item only a couple of weeks, but several things have immediately diminished my satisfaction:
    1) The lid can be difficult to open -- it could use a raised ridge or something to make it easier to grab;
    2) Backlighting would greatly improve readability;
    3) Some entries are long. It would help if it would remember where you were when it turns off -- especially when it turns off automatically, if you let it sit too long (2 minutes default)without hitting a key!
    4) Paging down a screen at a time takes either two hands or two different key presses -- very inconvenient.
    5) It would help to have a non-slip pull-out stand on the bottom (or if the lid were designed to wrap around as a stand), so that it would sit on a table at an angle. You can't read it when it's flat without being right on top of it.
    6) It seems to be made to demand two-hand use, like a keyboard, rather than one-hand use, which would be much more preferable -- because most of the use is not typing, it's navigating the displays that result from your word entry. You should be able to do this with one hand, but one-handed use is burdensome....more info
  • Great tool for practicing Spanish!
    I bought this product after seeing my Spanish teacher use it for several months. It's worth the price and I like that it fits in my purse. I enjoy playing the games and I like the examples of useage that it gives when looking up a vocabulary word. I know it has helped me improve my Spanish. A major disappointment is that due to the dark screen, its almost impossible to use it in dim lighting such as while lying in bed or in a dimly lit restaurant. ...more info
  • Good improvement over the last edition
    I made good use of the previous edition, but this is much improved in button placement and comfort. It's been a useful tool when reading chilren's books in Spanish. (Right now: Las Cronicas Spiderwick: El Libro Fantastico) High "bang-for-the-buck" ratio...more info
  • Nice upgrade
    I first purchased an earlier version to take with me to Costa Rica in 1993 for a Spanish immersion program. I found the earlier version very helpful and continued to use it over the years including a recent trip back to Costa Rica to teach ESL to the birdwatching guides and staff of Rancho Naturalista near Tuis, CR. I gave the earlier version to my best student and bought its replacement when I returned to the US. The replacement is simply marvelous because of added functionality. I recommend it for its small size, more ample screen, and ease of use....more info
  • Love it!
    I had one of these that I dropped too many times too hard and broke the screen and I just had to replace it right away. I love it. It's like a dictionary and conjugator in one and it has phrases for the verbs. So much lighter than carrying around those books. Easy to use and indispensible for class or travel....more info
  • **Don't buy this if you are a serious Espa?ol Student**
    I am majoring in Spanish in college. I needed something to help me with my homework. This is a good dictionary, but the verb conjugation is designed very badly. You have to hit a function key and an arrow key to move between tenses-then there is a little "page turning" symbol for 4 seconds.That means if I want to get to the subjective tense, it will take 40 seconds of watching that stupid little symbol turning "pages" and pressing buttons over and over. If I wanted to turn pages, I'd use the book. The long and the short is, I can conjugate verbs quicker with my 501 verbs book than this thing. When you enter a conjugated verb in, it does not translate it for you, it goes to the dictionary and gives you the infinitive. If you want to replace your dictionary, this will do ok, and buying the flash card makes it almost a PDA, but the card did not work right either. I'm not interested in buying any other Franklin products after this....more info
  • Translator
    I bought this for my Dad who recently moved to Canada to live with my brother. He is over 70 years old and doesn't speak English at all, and he started taking some English classes. He said he just started using it and that is good. I know it's not a very good review to read, but I have no more to say, Sorry...more info
  • The binding and size
    This paperback dictionary is so great we've bought it three different times. We have to keep buying it because it's just a little too fat (about 4" x 7" x 2") and keeps breaking apart after 4 or 5 months of heavy use; pages start loosening from the middle. Taping works for a while, but then it just gets to be too floppy. But we keep buying it because it has more comprehensive entries than other dictionaries; it's just more helpful for learning Spanish....more info
  • Very helpful
    I bought this dictionary for spanish class. There is alot of information on it and although I would have liked it to be able to translate whole sentences, I think it is great as a dictionary. There are games and lessons on it that are helpful in learning a new language and phrases that one would need. The only thing is it turns off randomly. I can live with that and recommend it....more info
  • Easy to Use
    The only thing that would make this Spanish/English Dictionary better would be for the user to type in idioms that include more than one word to get the translations. Otherwise, the Dictionary is very user friendly and gives more than one definition for one word and occasionally includes the idiom that I am looking for in the explanation of the definition. It is so much easier than toting a heavy book around and it saves trees!...more info
  • Great product
    This is the second electronic Spanish dictionary I have purchased. My first one had 150,000 word translations, this one has double that amount. It seldom fails to find a satisfactory translation. I find the added features very useful, especially the calculator, practice word lists, converter (temperature, weights, lengths) currency converter.

    I am completely satisfied with this dictionary, and would recommend it to anyone....more info
  • A fairly decent product for Franklin standards
    I felt a bit tentative when I decided to purchase this as I had a terrible experience with my English-only Franklin dictionary, but this Spanish-English version is much better. Simple folding design (the cover doesn't cheaply break off, as it did on my previous Franklin), easy to use buttons and in-depth grammar guides. Perfect to have while you're doing your Spanish homework, reading Spanish articles etc....more info