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OnGuard Akita 5041 Bicycle Combination Cable Lock
List Price: $23.99

Our Price: $12.60

You Save: $11.39 (47%)


Product Description

Ideal for using on campus or around town to keep your bike secure, this cable lock from OnGuard features a 6-foot, vinyl covered flex cable and an integrated , resettable combo lock.

  • Features a six foot vinyl-covered flex cable
  • Integrated resettable combo lock

Customer Reviews:

  • A good medium security bike lock
    Altogether, this is a well-put together lock. I like the fact that it has a changeable combination and requires no tools to do so, just a little lever on the inside mating face. Considering the thickness of the cable, the thickness of the lock=pin seems a little on the wimpy side. still, I twisted and yanked as hard as I could on the thing and nothing happened to it. The lock has an intimidating look to it as well. I'd say that if you're in anywhere but a notorious high-theft area, this lock will work well for you. It's pretty light weight. Just don't count on it not being cut by a large pair of bolt cutters if you ride in really bad areas....more info
  • My bike was stolen in 16 seconds with this lock
    I have a so-so bike. With rips and scratches in many places. I locked my bike with this cable. It worked for 5 months. Then last Monday 11/10/08, it happened. The thief came over to my bike, bent down and within 16 seconds, rode off my bike. I saw this on the surveillance tape. it would have taken me longer to unlock my own bike knowing the combination. So, in essence, yes, the thief wanted my bike. He was a professional and he has my bike....more info
  • Excellent
    Does the job well and slightly easier to use (visibility of numbers) than the more expensive No. 1 brand I also bought. Price unbelievable right now. ...more info
  • Lock cut : Bike stolen
    while I was at work my bike was stolen while it was LOCKED using this bike lock. No, the criminal didn't figure out my combination, nor did I forget to lock it; the thief took a tool and straight up cut it. It was clean cut; doesn't look like much effort was taken in wrangling the lock in two. Just a clean swipe and my bike was gone. I recommend something else. Anything else. ...more info
  • This is an easy lock to cut
    I used this lock to lock my wheels to bike racks, and I used a u-lock on the frame. After about a month at college the cable was cut. Nothing was stolen thanks to the $10 U-lock I had used to attach the frame to the rack. The cable was long enough for me to lock both wheels to just about anything. ...more info
  • Robust and easy to use
    Robust and easy to use wire lock. I use it to lock down my bikes on my bike rack and it does the job....more info