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OnGuard Bulldog MINI DT 5015TC Bicycle U-Lock and Extra Security Cable
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Product Description

OnGuard Security Onguard bulldog dt 13mm u-lock w/4`cbl #5015tc Photo`s are for reference only. Please read item title carefully.

  • T100235
  • Covers & Security

Customer Reviews:

  • good lock short cable
    The lock works great! Easy to lock and unlock, but the cable that comes with is a little short. I ride to work, and the rack they have is not fully visible to the public. So I was hoping this would be the one sollution for locking my bike. I managed to get the cable all around the bike and use the U-lock at the back tire to connect it all, but I have no extra to connect to the rack. Maybe if I had gotten a bigger U-lock I could connect there? Any ways we purchased a cheap cable lock to connect to the rack also....more info
  • Good lock for the price
    I bought this as a second lock. My first lock was a cable. I wanted a good U-lock and settled on this one. Well built, seems to be strong, good mounting system. The addition of a second cable (which I didn't need) was a plus. With this lock and my other lock I feel better about locking up my expensive bike. I gave it 4 stars because the cable could be a little longer, maybe 6' instead of 4'. But its long enough to secure both wheels....more info
  • Cable only looks secure
    11/28/08 - Buyer Beware: I had two bicycles stolen (over $1400 value) from my garage when a thief cut through a related product OnGuard Akita 5080 Bicycle Security Cable (Lock Not Included) in one slice. Looks like they used a chain cutter. Unless you're using this as a theft deterrent or for low value items, don't fool yourself that you're buying security....more info
  • Goog lock, handy cable
    Don't toss the cable.
    It's not short indeed. The cable does not have to go "two ways" like those with embedded locks. Just tie the cable around the front rim by pulling one end loop through another (the tip is on the product photo) and hook the "free" end to the U-Lock.
    In most cases you can pull the cable through the rear rim as well. I'm using Sheldon Brown's locking method, the cable length could be even shorter for it.
    ...more info
  • Very secure, extra cable is useful, key gets a little stuck.
    I would give it 4.5/5 if it was possible. The lock works great - even better if you pull off the useless yellow plastic caps on the end. The extra cable is useful for the front wheel. The key sticks a bit and is sometimes difficult to turn, but I have not broken it yet (and when I do, I have 4 more to go through, which is good to know)....more info
  • Bulldog Mini
    Strong, Lightweight (for U-Locks), nice mounting bracket

    Short (can't lock downtube and front wheel in the U-lock)....more info
  • Seems quite secure
    The lock seems pretty secure, but it can sometimes be a little hard to turn the key when locking it. It seems like the U portion of it doesn't quite go in all the way. I also found that OnGuard's anti-theft protection isn't automatic or free (you have to download a form from their website and send it it with payment to get the anti-theft protection) Plus, they don't tell you this on the packaging. The anti-theft protection also doesn't cover anything if it is broken with the aid of a drill or other electric device....more info
  • The plastic mounting bracket broke on installation...
    The lock itself seems like it is good quality. However, I never had a chance to use the lock since, the plastic lock bracket, which mounts the lock to the bike broke on installation. As a result, I cannot take the lock with me when I go biking.

    The bracket installation guide does not effectively show how to mount the bracket properly to the bike. Even after carefully following the installation instructions, the bracket kept sliding & eventually one of the plastic pieces broke.

    Unfortunately, I purchased the lock in May 2008 on Amazaon and I didn't get around to installing the lock until July 2008, which is beyond the 30 day return policy, so I cannot return the lock.

    ...more info
  • great
    great lock...the best part is that the lock is small enough that you don't even need to use the brace; you can just lock it around the bike frame and it wont hit your bike wheel...more info
  • Nice lock, but it's not the one in the picture
    The image shown with this product is actually OnGuard's "Pitbull Mini," which is a step up from the "Bulldog Mini" on offer here. The true "Bulldog Mini," which is what you'll get if you order this product, is black and yellow rather than black and chrome -- look for it in the "other products you might like" sections of this page....more info
  • Well Built Lock. Mounting Bracket is a Joke.
    The U-Lock itself is very well built. One minor nitpick is that the keys could be smoother to operate. They provide you with a ridiculous number of replacement keys, which I suppose is nice. It even comes with 1 LED flashlight key.

    The yellow ends on the U-lock are removable. Underneath them are what appear to be plastic parts recessed in the main barrel of the lock. I have some concerns about being able to smash those plastic parts with a screw driver and hammer, but hopefully that wouldn't compromise the locking mechanism.

    The plastic frame mount broke after two weeks of riding. It's cheap plastic and in no way is actually engineered to hold a lock of this weight during city riding. So stick it in your belt or bungee it to a pannier rack.

    Because of those concerns my next lock will be a Kryptonite Mini, it's more expensive. However it's still a lot less than a new bike...

    The included security cable is a "Why bother?" feature. It's meant to lock your front wheel in place when your U-lock is holding the frame to a bike rack. It's in no way meant to secure your bicycle. However a much smaller lighter combination rope or necklace style lock will serve the same purpose and be much easier to cary. If you're going to be leaving your bike out in a dangerous area, the best bet is to just use multiple U-locks.

    Overall, it's a great lock for the money....more info
  • Recommended by a lot of bike stores
    Good heavy mini lock. The key is nothing like the typical pickable locks. it seems to be pickable. It seems the only way to break the lock would be to cut t The added cable is great and they give you 5 keys for the lock in case you lose 4 of them. My bike hasn't been stolen yet!...more info