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OnGuard Bulldog DT 5012 Bicycle U-Lock and Extra Security Cable
List Price: $42.99

Our Price: $24.69

You Save: $18.30 (43%)


Product Description

Massive, 13mm hardened ultra steel shackle provides maximum cut resistance. Dual Steel Bar locking mechanism delivers up to 10 tons of pull strength while the M-Cylinder technology puts drillers and lock pickers out of business. Rough and tumble Ballistic plastic withstands mistreatment while protecting your bike"s finish. Includes All Tube, multi-position, QR mounting bracket, 4 laser cut keys with 1 light key for use at night and cable. Vinyl covered and weatherproof. Dimensions: 3.5" x 5.5".

  • Keyed locks include 5 laser cut keys, (1 lighted), all tube quick-release mounting bracket
  • 4.6 Tons pull strength with anti-drill and pick resistance
  • 13mm hardened ultra steel shackle with reinforced sleeve over crossbar and cylinder for added security
  • Bulldog includes free 1-year $1,251 anti-theft guarantee

Customer Reviews:

  • it is so so heavy
    I bought this for my son to have for his bike. I see no way he will be able to ride with this around his bike. It is so heavy. Must be good for when he is home....more info
  • Great U-Lock that will secure your bike!
    I shopped around for a good u-lock and finally decided on the OnGuard Bulldog DT 5012. I was originally going to go for the Onguard Brute but as soon as I picked it up, I knew right a way that this lock wasn't right for me. I can't take a lock that weighs way more than my bike. It was very heavy at over 4 lbs but I am sure that is why it is so strong. The OnGuard Bulldog is a nice size where it isn't too big or too small. I can't go for the Bulldog mini because the mini won't fit many posts that I use. This Bulldog is just the right size.... One poster said that he left his bike overnight in the Brooklyn projects. This is a heavy crime area and especially leaving overnight is a recipe for disaster that I think the more expensive and better secure lock would have to do. If someone is in a heavy crime area, SPEND THE EXTRA MONEY FOR THE KRYPTONITE FAHGETTABOUT U-Lock or the On-Guard Brute U-Lock.

    1. 13 mm hardened steel
    2. It's not too big or too small. Its a tad bit large but it fits nicely on my Gary Fisher Marlin. Large U-Lock but that is what is needed for the posts that I attach it to. The mini bulldog would never work for me.
    3. Reasonable price! Gives solid protection for the price. If you are in the heavy crime areas, you should lug around a gigantic and heavy lock like krytonite 8 lb lock, krytonite u-lock or the onguard brute.
    4. I think the Onguard Bulldog looks great. Best looking lock around!
    5. The cable is nice to have to protect BOTH your tires. Yes, I am able to put the u-lock on my front tire, frame and post. Then I slip on the cable through the back tire to the U-lock.

    1. The cable is nice but it is still a little bit short when you have a larger bulkier post. When you have that kind of large post, I don't see the cable being long enough. Luckily, I have a longer Krytonite Cable Combination Lock that coils nicely around this U-Lock. I would definitely invest in a little bit longer cable just to be safe if you don't always use a regular bike post. For example, there were no bike posts around so I had to use a concrete pillar as a post. I wasn't able to protect both my tires and bike with the regular 4 foot cable but I was able to protect everything with the longer 6 foot Kryptonite cable that I had.
    ...more info
  • 1st Bike Lock
    This is my first bike lock for my Diamond Back Response Sport 08. The reason I got it is because I usually ride my bike to the lake and like to jog also so I have to leave it locked some how. So I saw the nice price and got it. The U lock is heavy, the piece you attach to the hold the lock to your bike in place is really poor its basically a strap that you tighten to your frame and and a clip that holds the u lock in place while riding. The strap/clip item failed. It doesnt lock in place and the u lock falls out BUT thankfully I found a better way to attach it to the bike just by locking it to the frame and using the cable from one end of the bike to the other. This is my first lock, so as far as the holder it all really depends on your frame of bike so larger the frame the easier it is to fit/attach the strap to it, but the clip part is weak is made out of plastic....more info
  • Excellent and won't get the bike stolen.
    Ok, so the bike it guards is almost 15 years old, and this is a bit of overkill, but it's my bike!!! This is about as much protection as you could possibly need unless you live in downtown DC or the Bronx. ...more info
  • Awesome!
    This is a great lock for an excellent price, considering the extra cable comes along with it. I highly recommend it!...more info
  • bicycle locks
    OnGuard PitBull MINI DT 5008 Bicycle U-Lock and Extra Security Cable Best and easiest lock to use....more info
  • OnGuard Bulldog DT 5012 Bicycle U-Lock and Extra Security Cable
    One couldn't ask for a more versetile bike lock. The extra security cable makes all of the difference in the world. When locking one's bike to something other than a standard bike rack; the extra security cable is most convenient....more info
  • Great Product, Without Any Flaws
    First of all, I don't agree with the ones telling that the keys are inappropriate. I have no problem with the keys. You should try some 'special' tricks for breaking the key!

    Everything is perfect with this u-lock. It's long enough to provide you enough space for locking your bike's frame and tire to a bike rack at the same time. This provides much more security.

    It's short enough to prevent thiefs to comfortably work on.

    It's thick enough to prevent thiefs to break or cut.

    The locking system is reliable and durable enough to use for many years.

    It also has a protection coverage to prevent dust, humid and stain inside the locking system.

    Last but not the least: This product offers you an extra security cable with an incredible price of $30!!!

    Do not hesitate buying this great u-lock. You will never regret....more info
  • I thought the cable would be longer.
    I'm sure this lock works wonderfully, but as it turns out, I haven't used it yet. I didn't pay close enough attention to the length specifications, and I envisioned being able to loop it through both tires and possibly the seat, while having the ULock to lock the bike itself securely to something else. SO bottom line is that I don't feel comfortable leaving my very expensive bike just locked up somewhere, but I suppose I'll use the lock at some point and stop being so paranoid! :)...more info
    After moving to Los Angeles, I needed to buy a second U-LOCK as bike's are a hot item to be stolen. One u-lock to lock my front wheel to the frame, and the second to lock the frame, back wheel, to a post, etc. I bought this U-LOCK not knowing the company, but it was sturdy and good feel and at a good price.

    I had a HORRIBLE experience with this lock. My second time using this, the key broke off like butter while I was opening it. I have owned many U-LOCKS in the past and know how to not force the key, so I wasn't using much force at all. The key broke off inside the lock, leaving me stranded. I'll avoid my heroic details of finding my way home to then return with the 2nd key and plyers to remove the stuck key.

    The key (you get two) that is made for this lock is EXTRA thin. All U-LOCK keys are thin and should never be forced, but this is a terrible design and major flaw. It's a good lock, but comes with a terrible key, so I would not suggest buying this....more info
  • Lock - OK. Lock bracket - JUNK!
    During the first ride I had with this new lock attached, it flew off after I hit a bump. I had it mounted horizontally on my top bar. It was dragging underneath my bike, and thankfully there were no cars coming. Most of the rubber got scraped off a section the u-bar and sections of the cable, and the lock rattles now. I have since moved it to my seat post, which allows it to be mounted vertically. In other words, the bracket is total junk. As far as the lock goes ...we'll see. I still have my bike, so far....more info
  • Nice lock, with a good price, tumblers needed graphite....
    Nice U bolt lock and short cable for the money.

    Added lock graphite powder to the lock because the pin tumblers seemed dry.
    The key is keyed so it will only slide in one way, i.e it is not symmetrical. Used
    fingernail polish to mark one side of the key and marked the side of the
    lock near keyhole so I could tell how to insert it. ...more info
  • Lock might be strong, but everything else is cheaply made
    This lock is being returned to Amazon. I'm surprised by the cheap quality of the accessories that go with this lock.

    Problem 1: The keys are made of plastic and painted silver to look like metal. Plastic breaks, which is why some people are having problems with the keys breaking off in the locks.

    Problem 2: The key light lit for 3 seconds then went off permanently.

    Problem 3: The attachment to hold the lock to the bike is large, ugly, and poorly made. There is no ring of metal or plastic with a rubber inside that is used to attach most accessories. Instead, this is a large piece of plastic and a thin nylon strap that you tighten to the bike. Unfortunately, it flops around while riding. Also the attachment to the lock itself is cheap plastic that can easily come undone going over bumps.

    Overall, I'm taken back by the cheap, inferior quality of the keys and bike attachment. The lock would definitely need to be carried inside a bike bag, and a person would need to be careful not to break the keys, especially as the plastic stresses over time. The lock itself might be secure, but the overall quality of the package I received was surprisingly bad.

    Edit: After looking at other inexpensive locks from companies such as Kryptonite, I've noticed that these sorts of problems are actually pretty common. The solution I used was to get a much more expensive Kryptonite lock....more info
  • Great Lock
    Good Lock, Took a bit to come but is a strong dependable lock so far....more info
  • good lock bad mount
    It won't fit on a MTB frame and even if it would when the spline-lock bracket sustains any vibration the heavy lock ultimately falls off and knocks your frame or bruises your leg or causes an accident; it's unsafe. It's heavy-duty yes, but only transport it in a backpack otherwise you'll be very sorry. ...more info
  • Great for the Price!
    Great product! Key light is a nice touch. Only complaint is bracket seems a bit cheap and it's kind of large to mount....more info
  • Unreliable if left for long period of time.
    I had my mongoose bike locked with this U-lock and left it overnight (in Brooklyn projects area) only to find out the next morning that the lock was busted up in pieces and the bike was gone, they probably used a hammer or something. I'm giving this review 2 stars instead of 1 because i don't know exactly how much time it took for them to brake it. One things for sure i wouldn't trust this lock a specially if left on for long period of time. (Note: i used lock alone without the chain)....more info