OnGuard Bulldog STD 5010 Bicycle U-Lock
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Product Description

Massive, 13mm hardened ultra steel shackle provides maximum cut resistance. Dual Steel Bar locking mechanism delivers up to 10 tons of pull strength while the M-Cylinder technology puts drillers and lock pickers out of business. Rough and tumble Ballistic plastic withstands mistreatment while protecting your bike"s finish. Includes All Tube, multi-position, QR mounting bracket and 4 laser cut keys with 1 light key for use at night. Vinyl covered and weatherproof. Dimensions: 4.5" x 9".

  • Keyed locks include 5 laser cut keys, (1 lighted), all tube quick-release mounting bracket
  • 4.6 Tons pull strength with anti-drill and pick resistance
  • 13mm hardened ultra steel shackle with reinforced sleeve over crossbar and cylinder for added security
  • Bulldog includes free 1-year $1,251 anti-theft guarantee

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Product
    I bought this lock for my boyfriend's birthday. It was the best price I found, and it arrived quickly. He was very pleased with it, and uses it all the time. ...more info
  • Horrible
    I bought this in conjunction with a bigger chain lock as security for a moped, came to a total of about 115 dollars. BOTH stopped unlocking, and I ended up having to get a friend with a metal cutter to get my bike off of my front porch. I would not recommend these locks to anyone unless you want your bike stuck!...more info
  • Jammed from the very beginning
    I wasn't able to open the lock until I found this page of reviews and found out that I had to bang on the lock with my fist with the key turned. Every time I want to open it I have to do this, so I will probably return the lock for a refund. ...more info
  • Great lock; Bad for Winter Weather
    I purchased this particular lock in May 2008 when I purchased a Schwinn that I preferred not get stolen. I loved the lock and used it often, until one morning when I walked outside and found that the lock had cracked because of cold temperatures. I RECOMMEND THIS LOCK, however, I advise that you use WD-40 every few months to prevent sticking and that you keep the lock warm/inside if you live in a climate that is typically under freezing temperature. The clip that attaches the lock to the bike is also suspect of breaking, as mine broke in the same week as the lock. Don't get me wrong: I think this lock is great and I always felt secure using it. Just be aware of the damage you inflict on it and take good care of it....more info
  • Prone to jamming
    I got this lock because of the price and recommendation in online forums [...]. On first impression, it was a bit heavier than my old kryptonite (circa 1997), though presumably more secure. The mounting hardware is certainly more robust (my kryptonite occasionally 'jumped' out on bumpy roads).

    It has now been three months using the lock in Wash. DC, and yesterday, I could have said I was perfectly happy with it. However, today, it wouldn't unlock. The key turned and everything, but the mechanism would not release the lock! After awkwardly struggling with the locked bike in front of Starbuck's outdoor seating for around 15min. I gave up.

    Later I came upon some advice at Onguard's website:

    Basically, one needs to 'tap' the lock while turning the key to jar the mechanism to release. After 10 minutes of tapping with a hammer, I started 'hitting', and eventually that did the trick. In some experimentation, it appears that turning the key very quickly is also effective.

    I plan to keep the lock for now, but if this happens again, it is going back to the manufacturer....more info
  • Prone to jamming
    I've had this lock for about half a year now. I live in Minnesota and every once and awhile the lock would jam for about 5 minutes while I fumbled with it. I mention MN because it can get extremely cold and fumbling with a bike lock is not the most ideal use of time. Today the lock jammed up much worse and I've spent more than an hour and a half attempting to unlock it to no avail. All I can find in terms of how to fix it is to bang it with a hammer (which I can assure you fixes nothing). So while this product is durable and cheap, use with caution. You may end up with you bike stuck around a sturdy metal pole....more info
  • sturdy lock
    As far as the lock goes, all seems well. Seems sturdy and secure enough, with a safe locking mechanism (nice touch that you can twist the silver ring to cover the keyhole). The mounting bracket is not ideal, though. Depending on the bike frame, it's not easy to place conveniently, and the hold isn't quite as firm as I'd like it to be, even after tightening. And you can't release it again to move it to a different position....more info