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Nikon Digital & Film SLR System Case Gadget Bag for D3, D3x, D700, D300, D200, D90, D80, D60, D5000, D40x & D40 Cameras
List Price: $99.95

Our Price: $29.95

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Product Description

Protect your valuable camera investment with this Nikon brand camera carrying case. Made from durable Cordura Nylon, and outfitted with a reinforced handle, this compartment case will easily hold your camera, lenses, flash, and accessories. Travel is made even easier and safer with the slip-resistant shoulder strap. The many zippered pockets hold all your supplies. A small pocket on the outside of the top flap allows easy access to film, memory cards or batteries. Large sewn pockets inside the front flap safely protect filters, pens, cleaning supplies, and lens caps. A mesh pocket inside the top flap provides for easy access to additional storage. The best feature however is its large padded storage and compartment space. Removable velcro dividers provide individual customization to your equipment. Whether you use this case for your Digital or your 35mm SLR, the Nikon Compartment Case will hold all of your most essential accessories.

  • Interior Dimensions: 10.5"L x 6"W x 6.5"H Exterior Dimensions: 11.5"L x 7.5"W x 7.5"H
  • Holds & Protects Your 35mm or Digital SLR Camera With Zoom Lens Attached, Plus 2 to 3 Extra Lenses & Flash
  • Adjustable Padded Dividers For Easy Customization plus Multiple Pockets With Easy Access
  • Constructed of Durable Wear-Resistant Nylon
  • Nikon 5 Year USA Warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • beginner's bag.. but hazardous!
    I got this camera bag as part of a nikon kit with an N75 camera a couple years ago. As a beginner-amateur, this bag served my purposes quite well till recently -- i carry my nikon n75 with its lens attached in the main compartment, a 70-300mm G lens positioned face down in one of the velcro divisions, my Coolpix 4100 in another of those divisions, plus either a few filters or the charger for my Coolpix's batteries in another division. The netting under the cover carries 8-9 rolls of film for me. The front zipper is useful to carry spare batteries, lens cleaning cloth, etc.

    Quite spacious, in other words, as long as you only have 2-3 lenses, and none of them are very long.


    i recently broke my 70-300mm zoom, and i partly blame the bag. You see, unless you're seeing the bag from the front, you can't easily make out whether the bag is locked or not. And this time, I just happened to pick up the bag quickly, without realising it wasn't locked, with the result that the camera in it fell face down on the stone steps below, thus killing my zoom lens. The bag needs to be designed better to prevent this.. the center of gravity should be located so as to prevent the bag from tipping over easily and/or maybe straps or something should be provided on the inside to hold the camera and lenses more snugly and prevent them falling out.

    i think i'm going to buy myself a backpack-style bag now. which would also be better from the security viewpoint -- you don't always want to advertise you're carrying around multi-thousand dollar equipment on your shoulders. ...more info
    Este maletin es de buen tama?o y resistecia para la camara, un par de lentes y el flash, me gust¨®....more info
  • Excelente producto
    Excelente material y confeccion. El tama?o adecuado para mi Nikon D90, lentes y otros articulos.
    ...more info
  • Nikon Camera Bag
    Not a bad case, it holds my camera, 2 lenses and cables to charge and download to my PC. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because the main clasps hold the case shut but you have to use 2 on the side to fully secure the bag...just a minor inconvenience....more info
  • Nikon Gadget Bag
    A great little bag for the bucks. Main compartment holds a D40 with the 18-200 attached, with room for 2 more lenses and several filters. Interior can be reconfigured using the supplied velcro walls. I like mine just as it came. Sides and top are padded to protect from bumps. Zipper pouch on front holds charger and cords and has pockets for pens, lens cloth, etc. Net pouch in lid has just enough room for manual(D40). Only thing that would make this bag better is if the shoulder strap had quick disconnect snaps. ...more info
  • D80 Owner
    I received the gadget bag as a birthday present. I use the bag to carry my D80 with an 18-200 VR lens, a Sigma 10-20 lens, spare battery, camera remote, spare 2GB SD card and cleaning accessories. They all fit into the bag but it is a tight fit. I wish it were a little larger.

    The quality is good and it seems to be water-resistant....more info
  • camera bag
    This is one great camera bag, Holds my camera and lens and a few extras....more info
  • big bag
    its bigger than it looks in pictures and therefore better.

    i like it cause i bought it...more info
  • doesn't last
    Two people in my office bought this bag. After only a few months one has a handle that is wearing out the other has the lining coming loose....more info
  • Functional
    It works great for my needs. All I have is an extra lens and a point & shoot camera; all fits perfect. For the price, it works great!...more info
  • Nikon camera bag
    The item came across country (to WA) in a week of ordering it, as described. It is a decent bag for the money, just don't plan on carrying much in it. I can easily put a D-80 w/ 18-135 mounted, a 70-300vr, and a 105 micro AIS in it. It can use a shoulder strap pad. It seems to be more securely closed using the side buckles as opposed to the front only. It is a little smaller than the original "Dohmke" bag....more info
  • Exeeded expectations
    Roomy, and very appropiate. Camera + accesories are well protected. It has room for many things including more than 1 lens....more info
    Price was right. Make sure it is big enough for your gear. I can fit camera w/zoom lens attached, a second lens, flash, filters and accessories with no problem. If you want to take 3 or 4 lenses along it is probably to small....more info
  • You'll never know until you see it!
    I bought this at $35 from another seller from amazon. If you have a budget for an SLR bag at this price range then it might be worth it to consider this product BUT don't expect much with its looks and style. Here are some decriptions:
    1.Size-(12x8x8)bulky but spacious for beginner's kit.
    2.Style-looks like a regular bag (nothing special about it)
    -Nylon fabric looks durable
    -"NIKON" leather emblem looks like a knock off from Chinatown (this is the downside that makes the whole bag looks cheap)
    -Shoulder strap "looks" flimsy ....more info
  • This is a "Small" Camera Bag.
    I don't know what some of these reviewers are talking about when they say that this camera bag has "plenty of space". It would "most assuredly" be classified as a "small camera bag". If you've only got 1 camera, one extra lens, an external flash and the normal amount of "support" items for this gear, then it will work, but still small. But it is priced right for its size.

    My biggest complaint is that there is no "quick" zipper under the flap to quickly secure the lid. Instead you have to buckle "4" buckles down to secure the lid. And the shoulder strap has "NO" padding. I removed it and put another one on that had padding. I was lucky that I had an extra "black" strap with padding laying around.

    I guess it's fine for the price, but definitely smaller than I had imagined. ...more info
  • too small for the D300
    I got this bag because of the perceived good deal. I bought it at the same time as I bought my D300 with high hopes that the camera, 2 lenses (one of them a 18-200 zoom), and a flash would fit comfortably in the bag. Bzzzzzzzzztt, not the correct assumption... I can get the camera and attached zoom and my 60mm micro in, but no way is a flash going in there as well, OK, maybe but certainly not in an easy in easy out scenario. I gave the bag 4 stars as it's pretty well made (though there is a metal Nikon logo pin instead of the patch that I believe I see in the Amazon photo)?? Anyone wanna buy a bag? It'll do until I find something a little bigger....more info
  • You get what you pay for
    Okay, first off, the bag is less than thirty bucks so you can't expect much. It was included in an online purchase that I made. (I wouldn't buy it as a stand-alone product.) Don't even think about flying with this bag, especially if your hardware is on the heavy side. And walking around for any length of time exceeding ten minutes, or any distance exceeding that between your car and your home or office, is asking for trouble. I usually carry a D200 with two nikkor VR lenses and two Nikkor prime lenses. This is a pretty heavy load, and the bag shows it. The shoulder strap is just rediculous and the snaps are cheap. The nylon strap fastens to plastic D-rings that are ill-fitted, causing the nylon material to bunch up at the narrower ends. I also wonder about the strength of the D-rings, the snaps, etc. One sudden move, or jolt, and those babies could break, spilling your expensive gear onto the concrete, or into the sand, or worse, into a river or lake. The top cover does not fit snugly, even with side snaps secure, allowing dust to get in through the sides -- if you are traveling in a city like Cairo, that's a BIG problem. It also allows people to see into (or perhaps even reach into) the bag. The strap also does not come with a shoulder pad. While I consider comfort a minor priority, it's a pretty big deal to a lot of people.

    The bag is good for temporarily storing gear at home in a reasonably dust-resistant environment, or maybe in the back of your car, but because of its size is not really meant for storing all of your gear. I use another dust-proof container for storage of photo gear anyway. But to use it for travel or transporting your gear? There are much better options. I would purchase a low- to mid-range bag that is sturdier, with a better design, like Kata, Lowepro, The Clumper, or whatever fits your needs. Many of these bags are also more scalable, expandable, or part of a system. Do a search on B&H or Samy's for all your options, then buy on Amazon if stocked. (Amazon's search function results are too random.) If you need an adveture bag, look at REI,, etc. These bags are maybe twice or three times the cost of the Nikon gadget bag, but worth the money. They are usually well-designed and constructed, and they don't scream "Expensive camera!" to the world around you. You can go cheap, or you can really protect your gear and get great functionality to boot. But you get what you pay for!...more info
  • Nikon digital slr case
    Received a Nikon D60 with two lenses for Christmas. I ordered this bag hoping it would be big enough to carry both the camera and the lenses. It exceeded my expectations! Nice and Roomy with detachable inserts to customize your own space. Would buy this product again. Just what I needed....more info
  • Should've been free with the BIG$$ Camera & lens purchase!
    I purchased this bag in addition to the D300, a couple lenses, an extra battery pack, memory card, etc., etc. Bottom line: It should have been free. I've had this bag exactly ONE MONTH and the lining has already ripped away at the top seam in two places! I've handled this bag like it has a bomb for the lining to pull away at the top screams poor quality! Wish I had gotten a nice bag that would not only protect my camera but LAST, too! Not to mention how unprofessional it looks when I open my camera bag and you see white foam exposed around the top!...more info
  • Nice Basic Bag
    This bag is plenty big for me; I have a D-200 with an 18-200 lens attached most of the time and it fits vertically into the bag just fine. There is also room for another couple of lenses, flash, batteries and other accessories. I wouldn't want to carry around any more.

    The only problem I have with this bag is the shoulder strap that I wish was wider, or had a padded piece over the shoulder. If you fill this bag, it can get to be a pretty heavy load.

    All in all though, it's a well-constructed, functional bag at a reasonable price....more info
  • Nikon Digital SLR Gadget Bag
    Great product; wonderful price. It carries all that is essential without being too bulky. Would recommend it!...more info
  • Just Right
    I find this Nikon Gadget Camera Bag perfect for my use. I wanted a bag that could hold what I would need while in the field, something that was not too big, nor so small that I had to leave something behind. The Nikon Gadget Camera Bag has Velcro adjustable compartments for storing your extras, a flash unit or extra lens' a zipper compartment on the inside lid of the bag as well as the front for filters or pen and paper. When closed you can feel secure by the four quick release clasps, two on the front two on the side. The only time I secure the ones on the side is when I feel the need for extra security. The bag is well made, I could not ask for more, at least that is my opinion. ...more info
  • Excellent camera bag
    Fits Nikon D40 and two lenses and accessories very nicely. The size is just right (not too large or too small). The quality of workmanship is very good. We expect it to meet the needs for a long time....more info
  • Nifty Gadget Bag
    I recently purchased a Nikon D60 camera and was seeking a gadget bag. I found this one at Amazon and purchased it. The design and construction of the bag was simple yet functional and the quality was very good. I am very pleased with the value received on this purchase....more info
  • Awesome Product - Awesome Price!
    Extremely well-crafted bag at a reasonable price! Comfortable shoulder strap and lots of compartments for storage of accessories!...more info
  • As good as it gets for the size and money
    I originally bought this bag about 10 years ago as part of a $50 promo deal (including some other items) at a local camera shop. Its size and features appealed to me and it's since been through heck and back, still in good shape and in use by my wife for location shoots (she's a family and child photographer).

    For years I managed to find room for 2 SLR film bodies, 3 lenses, an assortment of filters, trigger cords and other assorted tools and accessories. It uses velcro partitions for customizability, has a large outer zipped pocket with a couple of smaller pockets within, a mesh pocket on the ceiling of the lid, and a long, narrow pocket outside the top flap for film rolls etc. The clip-type buckles make for quick access and have held up fine to years of heavy use. It's been camping, on rough off-road motorcycle trips, technical wilderness hikes and climbs, dragged by rope up cliffs, etc, and always did a great job of protecting my gear. I've loooong since got my money's worth out of this simple-yet-functional bag, and even often find myself wishing I could take it back from my wife for those shoots where my Naneu backpack is just too much...
    ...more info
  • its not bad but i expected more

    I bought this bag for my Nikon D80 from Cameta Camera, i read the reviews and decided to bought it despite some bad coments. The bag is slightly different from the one in the picture, its more square. Like some other costumers have said, it comes with 4 buckles and personally i would prefer if it came with a zipper instead and maybe only 2 of the four buckles.

    Its a good bag for the price, it looks genuine (i read somewhere that the Nikon tag seemed fake, not mine) it has plenty of room. Im still not sure if its good enough to carry everywhere with me..

    If you want a better bag you will have to pay more than 28$ ...more info
  • great buy for the money
    Purchased for my husband for Christmas. Perfect for carrying his camera and all his lenses. Great buy and great service from this company, delivered on date as promised....more info
  • Excellent Bag
    Being new to the photography world, I wanted a bag that would hold all my new equipment. This nylon bag is perfect for meeting my needs. It has well protected, adjustable inner compartments, which support my Nikon D80 camera; my 18x135 lens; tons of small gadgets with room to spare. A zippered pocket under the inside top and a smaller pocket on the outside help keep little things within reach. It has a very comfortable shoulder strap. If you choose to wear it using the shoulder strap and push the bag towards your careful when in crowds of people or around small conjested areas... I admit, I was like a bull in a china shop until I got used to carrying it. I searched camera shops and this is by far the best bag for workmanship, durability and value!
    ...more info
  • Awesome bag
    Quality. That sums up this wonderful little gizmo of a bag. Plenty of pockets and spots for speedlights, camera bodies, lenses, pens, discs, cables, cords and more. I bought this for my D80. I have my camera with lens attached, SB600 speedlight, extra lens, cloths, discs, pens, cables, batteries, camera batteries, and more and still have room in it. ...more info
  • Big bag, Well constructed
    The bag is large and can hold multiple lens. My Nikon D40 body with the default lens attached can fit easily inside the bag. Made up of sturdy material....more info