Protective Skin for Pentax Optio W-10
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Product Description

Pentax has been a leader in the photographic field for many years. Many Pentax innovations have become standards in the industry. Pentax's enthusiasm and devotion towards the development of high-quality products have thrived over the years and continues to be stronger than ever.

  • Protective skin for the Optio-W10
Customer Reviews:
  • Works fine
    I was looking for something that might protect the lense better, but it works fine. It provides a little cushion for impact when I have dropped and protects it when it is dangling from my climbing harness 1000 ft up on some face. ...more info
  • Camera Condom
    This protects the camera from dings and dirt. It also makes it easier to grip. I always remove it after the dive/hike to make sure it has not trapped any water against the camera. It is inexpensive and IMHO worth using. I would buy it again if I lost my camera....more info
  • Good protection
    The first thing I saw it's that it fits perfectly on the cam, but later I realize that the material is so elastic that I though that it could be a little smaller (let's say 96% of the original size).
    Anyway it's a good protection agaist dust and scratches. I would like that it could cover more surface on the camera making holes only where it is strictly necessary...more info
  • Great Fit-Buttons work through rubber
    Protective Skin fits my Pentax W10 Waterproof camera well, still easy to operate all the buttons through the silicone rubber-just a little cumbersome when changing memory cards/batteries. Easier to hold the camera when wet. I would have given it five stars if it also had some sort of clear protection for the viewing screen on the back-but it may trap water bubbles when used underwater. Shipment was Fast and Packed well. Would buy from again....more info
  • Protective Skin
    This Protective Skin was sold at a lot less than the current model by Pentax for the Optio W20.The front does not lay flat due to a larger finger rest on the front of the camera which causes a slight gap at the strap end of the camera. I expect this model of skin was for the Optio W10 originally.

    I have no problem using this product and would buy it again.
    ...more info
  • I agree - great for w10
    I agree with everything the previous reviewer said. It fits like a glove and all buttons are perfectly lined up. Also, as the reviewer said, the buttons are easier to push! As a male, w/average size hands, I had a hard time w/the on/off. Really had to put a fingernail on it just right. The skin is definately easier! ...more info
  • Fits Perfectly
    This new silicone skin is a perfect fit for the W10. Those of you who tried the other skin for the Optio waterproof cameras and were frustrated because it didn't fit the W10 properly, pick this one up. The controls line up perfectly with the impressions in the skin. In fact, when not looking at the camera, I found it easier to find and manipulate the buttons with the skin on rather than the skin off. The skin is a little slicker to the touch than I expected, but still easy to grip and hang on to. I highly recommend it to W10 owners....more info