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Actron CP9175 AutoScanner Diagnostic Code Scanner with Freeze Frame Data for OBDII Vehicles
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Product Description

The CP9175 is the Next Generation of Actron Scan Tools- designed by and built with Market Intelligence derived from you-the consumers. The new OBD II AutoScanner has more functions and benefits than other code readers currently available in the aftermarket. The new trilingual code reader from Actron is Internet updateable, displays freeze frame data and users can choose to view screen data in English, Spanish or French. OBD II AutoScanner CP9175 easily retrieves diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and code definitions from your vehicles computer, leading you to the problem area. Use on all 1996 and newer OBD II compliant vehicles: North American, Asian & European.


  • Internet Updateable (with purchase of CP9137)
  • Trilingual Display Screen (English, Spanish and French)
  • Displays freeze frame data (snapshot of the operating conditions at the time of the fault)
  • Review data off-vehicle
  • Battery Powered
  • Reads and erases Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) and turns off check engine light
  • Retrieves all Generic OBD II trouble codes (P0), their definitions and pending codes
  • Enables user to quickly and easily link to their vehicle
  • Large easy-to-read LCD screen provides the Diagnostic Trouble Codes and their descriptions
  • Extremely user friendly menu provides:
    • Monitor Status and I/M Readiness to determine if vehicle is ready for an emissions test. I/M Readiness is an excellent function to use prior to having a vehicle inspected for compliance to a state emissions program
    • All emission testing facilities will fail a vehicle which has the "check engine light" lit at the time of the test
    • Alerts user to any pending Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs), and reads Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) status
    • Menu-driven interface combined with "hot keys" for Read and Erase functions for quick and easy use

  • Includes CD software that contains an additional 3,000+ Diagnostic Tr

    Is your car's check engine light on? If it is, your car is trying to tell you something and the Actron CP9175 AutoScanner Diagnostic Code Scanner speaks its language. Use this scanner to unlock the information stored in your car's computer. Whenever your check engine light is on, the device can chrome://gcstoolbar/skin/feedbackimg2.gif chrome://gcstoolbar/skin/feedbackimg2.gif pinpoint the problem so you can fix it fast and be on your way.

    The Actron CP9175 easily scans and retrieves DTCs. View details.

    Read and erase trouble codes with "hot keys."

    Turn off that distracting "check engine" light.
    Valuable New Features
    Based on the original and best selling CP9135, the next generation CP9175 has important additional features. In addition to allowing users to view data in English, Spanish, or French, the CP9175 is also Internet updateable. Plus, it displays freeze frame data, which provides a "snapshot" of the vehicle's operating conditions at the time of the fault.

    The Data You Need
    With more functions than other code readers available in the automotive aftermarket at comparable cost, the CP9175 easily retrieves diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and code definitions from your vehicle's computer, leading you to the problem area. The scanner is compatible with all OBD II (On-Board Diagnosis II) compliant vehicles manufactured in North America, Asia, and Europe from 1996 to the present.

    The CP9175 is fully updateable, so it is designed to accommodate future vehicles as well. The device features a large, easy-to-read liquid crystal display that shows the Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) and their definitions. And although you still have to fix the problem, the scanner will deactivate the "check engine" light on your dash so you'll no longer be distracted while you drive.

    The CP9175 is simple and easy to use. The attached OBD II 16-pin connector cable provides both data and power connections, while the eight-foot cable and rugged housing are both oil- and grease-resistant for added durability. The scanner is easy to connect to your vehicle, and a user friendly menu provides a variety of information in a snap. And thanks to a built-in rechargeable battery you can review the data you've gathered from the vehicle anywhere you please.

    Use the Monitor Status and I/M readiness (Inspection/Maintenance) function to determine if your vehicle is ready for an emissions test. I/M Readiness is an excellent function to use prior to having a vehicle inspected for compliance with a state emissions program, so you'll have a good idea if your vehicle will pass the standards.

    Another important thing to remember is that all emission testing facilities will fail a vehicle that has the "check engine" light illuminated at the time of the test--even if it is only lit to remind you of a past-due oil change or 60,000-mile tune-up. With this scanner, you can shut off the check engine light and pass the emissions test on your terms.

    The menu also alerts you of any pending DTCs and reads the malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) status. By reading the MIL status the scanner gives insight into what might cause your "check engine" light to turn on in the near future. In this way, the scanner also provides some preventive measures to help you keep a close eye on your vehicle's systems. These functions, combined with simple "hot keys" that are used to read and erase DTCs, make the CP9175 scanner a perfect solution for identifying problems with your vehicle and keeping you safe on the road.

    The scanner comes with CD software that contains more than 3,000 diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and their descriptions.

    What's in the Box
    Actron CP9175 AutoScanner Diagnostic Code Scanner, CD software, and 8-foot cable.

    Manufacturer Warranty
    One-year limited warranty.

    Detachable cable
    Back lit display
    USB cable included for online update
    Soft carrying case
    Blow molded storage case
    Updateable online
    On-screen code definitions
    Battery low indicator
    Review data off vehicle
    Code lookup on tool
    Record and playback live sensor data
    Print data
    Display graphing data
    Urgency Indicators
    1996 and newer GM, Ford and Chrysler enhanced DTCs
    Read codes, pending codes and erase codes
    MIL status (malfunction indicator lamp)
    I/M readiness monitor status (emissions)
    View freeze frame data (engine parameters at time of default
    State OBD check
    Displays vehicle information (VIN # and calibration ID)
    View live engine data parameters (PIDS)
    O2 monitor test
    OBD II drive cycle mode
    Manufacturer specific diagnostic trouble codes
    CAN (all 2008 vehicles are required to use this protocol)
    Keyword 2000, ISO-9142-2, J-1850 (VPW & PWM)
    OBD I cables for `84-'95 GM, Ford & `89-'95 Chrysler vehicles

    indicates a feature available with purchase of optional cable(s).

  • Features:
    • Diagnostic code scanner easily retrieves trouble codes from your vehicle's computer to diagnose problems
    • Compatible with all OBD II-compliant vehicles from 1996 to the present
    • Large easy-to-read LCD screen displays DTCs and their descriptions; Internet updateable
    • Monitor status and I/M readiness determines if your vehicle is ready for an emissions test
    • Scanner includes a one-year limited warranty

    Customer Reviews:

      The Actron CP9175 diagnostic code scanner was delivered as promised. It arrived in perfect condition. ...more info
    • Great product
      The CP9175 worked great. We have a Subaru Baja and the reviews said it might not work on the Suby...WRONG! I was able to analyze the problem, and along with buying a manual for my 2003 Baja was able to locate and fix the problem, at a fraction of what a Dealer would have charged. This CP9175 has already paid for itself. I've also used it on friends vehicles (Ford Crown Vic, Nissan Quest) and it has read them all. GREAT product....more info
    • Husband is very happy
      This was a gift I purchased for my husband. I don't know if he has used it yet but he said that was exactly what he wanted. Product came fast and on time....more info
    • Did what it was supposed to
      Easily retrieved codes. Would have been nice if there was a way to look up the "meaning" of the code. All you get is a generic description of the code from the unit. The only problem is the connector gets stuck on my Nissan Maxima (there is a hole in the connector that latches onto the car connector) and it is very hard to disconnect....more info
    • ODB II Review
      Great product. It's the same one my local auto store loans out. Was very effective helping me diagnose my car's problem when the "Check Engine" light came on....more info
    • Good Scanner
      For years working on ones car was limited to having the right tools and a good knowledge of cars. However as the years have gone, unless one begins to work with the electrial systems, what you are able to do is very limited. But which scanner do I need? A mutlti $$$ snap-on or something down to earth. This one seemed like the best bet. And once I got it I found it to do everying I needed, scan, code read & reset check engine light, in simple english. Liked it so much that i've just brought this second one as a gift....more info
    • Well worth the money
      My daughters engine light came on in her 2002 Camry. She took it to the Toyota dealer and they said the catalytic conver was bad. The repair would cost $1100.
      I purchased the Actron code scanner to verify what the dealer was telling her. The error code indicated her catalytic converter was below the operating threshold. I orderd a catalytic conver from the internet and replaced it in just over an hour. I reset the engine light with the CP9175 and she was back in business.
      Not long ago the engine light came on in my 1998 Camry, I took it to the dealer and was charged $590 to replace the oxygen sensor. If I had known what was wrong I could have ordered the part from the Internet for $120 and and it would have taken all of 15 mins to replace.
      Make sure the code scanner you buy will reset the engine light (this model will). The error code read out by the CP9175 is very basic, but that's all that is needed. It will let you know what sensor/area is causing the engine light....more info
    • Nice device but....
      I purchased this device with high expectations after reading reviews by several persons, only to discover it does not work on several OBD II equipped Japanese vehicles I've connected it to. It attempts a search of the vehicles' computer but the end result is an error message on the scanner's display screen. I just tried it again on my brother-in-law's 2005 Toyota Matrix only to get the same result.

      Even more disappointing is the lack of software updates for CP9175 which has also been noted by other reviewers who've purchased the device.

      ...more info
    • Been said before
      Not to sound like a copycat, but it does what its supposed to do. Read codes, erase codes, run low-level diagnostics. You probably can't run a repair shop with it, but it certainly will add a level to your shadetree shop....more info
    • Perfect Auto Diagnostic Tool
      The Actron CP9175 was the perfect tool for analyzing codes that I was getting on my vehicle. With this information I was able to go onto several automotive forums and learn how to repair my son's truck. When you include the cost of the AutoScanner, and the parts that I purchased I saved over $500 by not being forced to go to the dealership for repairs....more info
    • Actron CP9175, OBDII AutoScanner
      I've used this Actron CP9175 AutoScanner Diagnostic Code Scanner with Freeze Frame Data for OBDII (Post-1996) Vehicles, on a 2001 Lincoln towncar and a 1999 BMW Z3. In both cases, the device performed flawlessly, and I'm very pleased with the ease of use....more info
    • Actron Code Scanner
      This Code Scanner will save money by checking the cause of the engine light comming on yourself. In my area a vist to a dealer or garage is a mininum $50.00 per trip, just to find out what the problem is....more info
    • very good tool. A battery eater, though
      Tool is extremely useful and handy to have. One caveat though.... a brand new 9v battery only lasts several hours on it, even with the unit turned off......more info
    • OBDII code reader
      I have not had it long enough but so far it is working fine. Buying experience was very pleasant and satisfactory. I have had good luck with info
    • Actron CP9175 Scanner
      I've used this scanner only three times on three different vehicles and found the problems quickly.This unit paid for itself quickly,and is very easy to understand and use. ...more info
    • S-t-r-e-t-c-h that Dollar!
      Are you like me and want to save money by fixing things yourself? This baby is awsome! Not only did I get it for under $100, but I have had it for less than a month and it has almost paid for itself. Yes, literally paid for itself. I fixed my car with this tool, then my friend told me he would give me $20 to tell him what was wrong with his car, so I did. Then another friend did the same. Of course I didn't take their money, but that just shows that I could have already made half of my money back. This is an awsome tool and a MUST HAVE!!!...more info
    • It Works
      It works and it's easy to use. Can't say anything bad about but then again I have only used it on one vehicle....more info
    • Excellent scanner, does the job!
      I have owned this scanner for about a year. Recently my girlfriends 1999 Dodge Ram truck check engine light came on. Plugged it in and whamo, 2 fault codes came up. After a simple Google search, found the errors and bought the correct parts online. I called an autoparts store and they wanted $80 for a speed sensor which I bought online for $37. Also saved big on an oxygen sensor as well. Had a local shop install them for under $50. This paid for the scanner in one use. Have used it on multiple cars with no problem. One thing though, don't buy the internet update cable. They have not come out with an update in over TWO years!!...more info
    • Happy with product
      the scanner has and did everything that the the web site said it would do and is at or above my expectations!...more info
    • Actron is always improving
      I have used the older Actron products for years and this one has everything I wanted to troubleshoot our 2006 model....more info
    • Needed Toolbox Item
      I spent half of my life as a Ford Electronic Engine Control Specialist working on computer controlled vehicles and their sensors. I own a new GMC Sierra 1500 New Body Style pickup truck now, and with only a few thousand miles on it, the check engine light came on this morning. Since I have remote start as well on my truck, the computer is now preventing the remote starter from operating sensing that the vehicle has a problem. The truck runs great, but obviously the check engine light needs to be reset. The new GM vehicles will not allow you to use a combination of buttons to reset the trouble lights now, and within 3 minutes of using this code reader tonight, I have now reset my computer and cancelled the check engine light. GM vehicles are famous for having this light come on even when you may have switched brands of gas, or you have not tightened your gas cap enough. What is nice about this code reader is that it has the codes built into it, a library so to speak, and it will put into very easy to read words what systems are showing problems. If anyone had brought this vehicle into me for diagnosis only, it would have cost you around $85.00 for one hour minimum charge. Shops must charge a minimum one hour for things like this, however it may only take them 5 minutes to reset it. Which way do you want to go?...more info
    • Excellent item to have in your tool box.
      Easy to use, full of usefull features, awesome asset to your toolbox. I have used other scanners before and this one is the best for your money....more info
    • Actron OBDII code scanner
      Easy to use. Solid construction. Saves time, money and hassle by determining check engine light significance before making an appointment with the shop. Highly recommended tool....more info
    • Good Luck Getting This
      After ordering this in stock item 10 days ago, I just got an email that says it will probably be another 16 days before it arrives. I have purchased over a hundred items on the internet and it has never taken 26 days to receive an in stock item from anywhere. I have even received items from Hong Kong and China within 7 days. I don't know what kind of problems Amazon is having but this is a little ridiculous....more info
    • Actron CP9175 Code Reader
      I've been quite satisfied with this product It's very user friendly and so far accurate. Time will tell about it's life time of use. It's saved me money from having to go to dealerships to read codes....more info
    • Actron CP9175 AutoScanner Diagnostic Code Scanner
      I am satisfied with this product. It is quick and easy to use. The only complaint I have is that it promises to erase fault codes therefore turning of the "service engine light" I found that even though it does the warning light comes right back the following day for the same reasons. Other than the above, the codes readings are clear and seem accurate.

      ...more info
    • Amazing product and great price.
      Before I bought this product I tryed a diffrent brand scanner from a friend. It could not get past my aftermarket security system on my car. After doing some research I bought the Actron CP9175. This is an amazing scanner for what it can do at a great price. It has no problems with my aftermarket security system, and I like how it displays a brief discription of the problem along with the error code....more info
    • Save diagnostic charges with Actron CP9175
      Very well built. Easy to use without reading a manual. Comes with the codes stored in the handheld device.

      I am just sorry I did not buy one sooner....more info
    • Great product
      This scanner is a must have for the do-it-yourselfer. Very easy to use and gives you a code along with definition for the code so you can get a better idea of what to fix on your vehicle. I keep it in my glove box and it came in handy on the road one sunday when I had a ignition coil go out about 250 miles from home while towing a camper, of course there are not any shops open on Sunday's, just auto parts stores....more info
    • Good scanner; disturbing warning
      This scanner has paid for itself already. I used it to correctly diagnose several problems -- even contradicting a dealer's diagnosis (they later admitted I was right) with a faulty O2 sensor.

      True the codes are obscure--this isn't the scanner's fault, but rather the automotive manufacturers'. For whatever reason (i.e., greed), they choose to create proprietary codes that only their "high tech" scanners can turn into meaningful text. To combat this, the power of teh internets come to the rescue! I've plugged whatever code into my favorite search engine and come up with the answer every time.

      For the one guy who said this scanner was junk because it didn't keep the check engine light off, my advice is to dispense with trying to "fix" your car by yourself and just take it to a mechanic. The SCANNER'S PURPOSE IS NOT TO TURN OFF THE CHECK ENGINE LIGHT. The purpose _IS_ to help you figure out what is wrong with your car. If the problem isn't fixed, the light will keep coming back on again and again.

      ** THE DOWNSIDE: The cable had a warning label that concerned me and would make me think twice about purchasing this over a similar scanner. According to the label, the connecting cable has lead in the coating, and the user is warned to "Wash your hands after handling." Why there is lead in a cable is beyond me. I'm concerned that my kid might come in contact with the scanner and either rub his eye or touch his fingers to his mouth--VERY BAD! Of course, I keep all my dangerous tools locked up, but now this is one more thing....more info
    • Actron CP9175 Scanner - performs as advertized
      The CP9175 is not a substitue for a VAG programming tool, but it will perform all advertised fucntions efortless, and competienty. It scans, displays DTC codes, translates them and erases them as promised. Use it once at it pays for itself. Highly recommended as an adition to any enthusiasts tool box....more info
    • WOW!
      Can not beat the features at this price level. Other stores are selling for much more-thanx AMAZON. Use this scanner one time,do the work yourself,the tool is free!!...more info