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Simple Solution Pup'sters Washable Male Wrap, Small
List Price: $15.99

Our Price: $12.96

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Product Description

Male diaper garment wrap. Eliminates messes from excitable urination, incontinence, make marking, and puppies who are not yet housetrained. Fits up to 15lbs. Waist measurement 9 to 13 in. Has adjustable closures. Blue denium cloth.

  • No-leak
  • Soft flannel lining
  • Specially designed for males
  • Machine washable

Customer Reviews:

  • Simple Solution Pup'sters Washable Male Wrap, Small
    I love this product! My pomeranian has no problem wearing this wrap. Both my dog and myself are more at ease. The only suggestion that I have is to make sure that the wrap isn't too small for your pet. I bought size small, (for up to 14 pounds as I recall), and it fits tight. My dog is only 6 pounds. I shaved his hair a bit for a better fit. Next time I will get medium. None the this product! Your dog and you will be able to relax!!!...more info
  • If you could here me shout for joy I would!
    After reading the reviews I was a little skeptical but decided to go ahead and give the male wrap a try. After all, I've tried everything else and my 17 month old yorkie male still hikes on everything from my walls to my garbage can and even my dishwasher. He is very protective and very territorial. I absolutely love this product and would give it 10 stars if I could. My male yorkie still trys to hike but the wrap, paired with a women's overnight maxi, catches it all. When you're done just throw the maxi in the trash and toss the wrap in the wash. Simple as that. I only wish I had known about these sooner. They would have saved me alot of trouble, clean-up, and frustration! Needless to say, my dog and I are both much happier!...more info
  • If only I swore.....
    I would give this product -1 star if I could. But since I can't, suffice it to say, I have had nothing but problems with this product since the first use. I purchased two for two small male dogs that haven't been neutered..YET. These fellas have a habit of marking behind each other, and these were supposed to help with that. Well, they don't. They bunch up over the back and underneath where they are supposed to cover up their privates. I am constantly following the dogs around and monitoring them to make certain they are covered up. They usally aren't, so I have to re-adjust them. It is very frustrating and such a waste of time. I will have to find another solution, spend even more money. At least until, and IF their being nuetered helps.

    You could probably do better with a babies diaper (the tab closing type) with a hole cut out for the tail....more info
  • Get one without elastic
    My puppy hates the elastic part. He twitches and contorts himself as the elastic part is irritating to him. I'm getting one that's flat instead and doesn't have elastic at top and bottom - only velcro to attach. He doesn't go when he's wearing it though....more info
  • Not worth the money.
    I have a little dog who likes to mark in the house, so I bought this small male dog diaper and some liners from Simple Solutions. The elastic on this garment left a red welt and chafing on my dog's belly. I know the diaper's not too tight,since it's supposed to fit up to 13" and my little guy is 11" where he's getting sore. The liners are so small that you'd need x-ray vision to get them lined up right when your dog wears the diaper. I don't, so the fabric got wet, and totally defeated the purpose of having liners. I ended up using two at a time just to use them up. Ugh. My advice? Go on eBay and see how many people are out there making and selling male dog belly wraps that don't need liners. You can get several for the price of one Simple Solution male dog diaper and they're custom made!...more info