Kensington Notebook Expansion Dock with Video; USB Connection 33367
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Product Description

The Notebook Expansion Dock with Video uses powerful port replication technology to utilize a single USB port to connect your notebook to USB peripherals, speakers, keyboards and mouse, and even runs desktop monitors at 17" and 19" native display resolution. A unique wedge design lifts the notebook and increasing airflow to aid cooling.PRODUCT FEATURES:24-bit color supports allows notebook-quality video on external monitors;Intelligent Plug-n-Play technology offers automatic selection of best available monitor settings;Drives 17-inch and 19-inch external flat panels at native resolutions of up to 1280x1024 pixels.

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Customer Reviews:

  • Dock didn't work
    I ordered this dock in order to connect a second monitor, photo printer, external drive, etc. to my HP Pavilion dv5000. The first dock was damaged and the second dock did not work. The sellers ([...]) were very quick to respond to my request to exchange and then request to return. No problem at all with the seller, but I wouldn't buy this product from any vendor....more info
  • Works just as promised.
    I am currently using this with the new netbook that I just love (Acer Aspire One). It works just as advertised so I am basically very pleased with this product. The only annoyance is that the clone mode does not work as well because of the differences in the ratio aspect of the screens. It is very annoying when you have to scroll over in the external monitor to see the whole screen. I basically now use the extended desktop mode which actually works very well. It just takes some time getting use to moving the various windows and learning to work with 2 monitors (external and netbook). ...more info
  • Works fine except for the video
    I tried this docking station because my Gateway laptop with Vista does not come with a docking station as an accessory. As many other reviewers have noted, this product, as well as a similar item from Targus I also tried, will not support Vista properly. For one thing it disabled the Aero feature. I downloaded the Vista drivers but no help there. Ended up returning it.

    I think a generic docking station will not support Vista properly. Probably because all the data has to transmit via the USB connection. Buyer beware, before you order any of them, call the manufacturer first and check....more info
  • Kensington 33367 Dock and Gateway MX8734
    I purchased the 33367 Dock for ease of travel from College to home. I have a Gateway 24 in Wide Screen at home, and the 8734 Laptop's 17in screen is 16:9. I striped my Laptop of Vista and I run XP Pro MCE 2005. I loaded the latest XP drivers (dock driver and separate nic driver) from the website. Plugged the single usb into the laptop and everything worked. I had a small issue with resolution compatibility between the two monitors, but settled on 1152x864. My only gripe is that running video through usb dock just won't handle any games. I have loaded ones such as Rollercoaster Tycoon 3, C&C Tiberium Wars and Trainz. None of which work. I guess you can't have everything. Over all ease of use is wonderful for travel!...more info
  • Docking
    Product installed easily and worked very well. Met all expectations. Especially nice as Dell said there wasn't a docking solution for my computer that would do all things (video, audio, etc.)....more info
  • Video plug-in is weak, otherwise OK
    Overall, a nice and compact product.

    My only complaint is this: I have a widescreen monitor and the video input doesn't recognize a monitor. Therefore, I don't have the option to change the graphic settings so that everything isn't really stretched on the monitor screen -- unless I plug the monitor cable directly into my laptop.

    Be warned, fellow widescreen-monitor-owners!...more info
  • Video connection not what I wanted
    The USB connectors on this expansion dock worked just fine. But the video connector only allowed the same resolution and form factor for an external monitor as the laptop screen. If your external monitor has the same resolution and form factor as your laptop screen, it should work fine. My external monitor had a different form factor and so the image on the external monitor didn't fill the whole monitor screen. Be sure to get updated drivers from the Kensington web site....more info
  • Kensington Dock review by Andre
    The dock is pretty good also it has problems with relaying thevideo stream to the external monitor. Especially at boot time it does not show the right screen layout. Sometimes it has some real strange mouse movements shown on the screen. The sound to the external speakers does not work properly as well. This is certainly a driver problem....more info
  • Customer Service Nightmare
    Product came DOA - software wouldn't load. Called technical support who 3 times said they would email the download, but their English wasn't good enough to get my email address correct - even after spelling several times.

    Called Kensington Corporate in California and spoke to Customer Service Manager who said someone would call me shortly. Called Customer Service Manager back 24 hours later and he noted it wasn't his fault no one contacted me, as he passed on the information.

    I'm returning this after investing hours unsuccessfully trying to overcome the Kensington Customer Service Prevention Department.

    ...more info
  • noebook helper
    My wife wanted me to have a notebook as my primary computer for the first time. Being a landlocked previous computer user I wanted a safety valve so I could always connect to other peripheral devices while on my notebook. I just hooked this up today and everything seems to work fine. As a matter of fact, for some reason my ethernet would not connect to the notebook, but when run through the Kensington dock it is running flawlessly....more info
  • Excellent Expansion Station
    I hooked up the unit with a HP Notebook and 17" LCD screen. The unit was able to be configured with the wireless keyboard and mouse pretty quickly. However, the unit took longer to configure with a LCD screen. The display adapter drivers that came with the unit did not recognize the LCD. After having to reboot a couple of times and then re-installing the new drivers from Kensington's web-site, the LCD adapter worked. Then the issue was resolutions that the LCD monitor and the Notebook monitor needed to be compatible. My notebook is 16:9 and my LCD being 4:3. However, I used 1024 X 768 resololution and the LCD display started to work. The LCD quality is pretty good. Overall, I am satisfied with the Kensingon Expansion dock and would highly recommend it. ...more info
  • Great product
    In the limited supply of notebook expansion docks this one is great. This is the second one I have purchased and have found it easy to set up and use. The only thing that I wish it would support would be a higher resolution wide screen monitor. Other than that I am very impressed and happy with what I have in the Kensington Notebook Expansion Dock....more info
  • Does what they say it does
    Pretty cool product plug in your notebook through usb, and get keyboard, mouse, ethernet, video, usb and sound. Bought this one, the targus one, and the addlogix one at the same time. Kensington drivers install without a reboot, addlogix works but needs a reboot, targus one performed terribly. Has better cable management and looks better than addlogix too. Video quality seems good, watched DVD's on it, no slowness although I imagine it wouldn't work for a video game.

    CONS: No drivers available on Kensington website...more info