D-Link WBR-2310 RangeBooster G Router
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Product Description

Create a fast and secure wireless network for your home using the D-Link RangeBooster G Wireless Router WBR-2310. Share your High-Speed Internet connection with multiple computers by simply connecting the RangeBooster G Router to your cable or DSL modem. Once connected, you can create a faster and completely secure personal wireless network to share files, music, and photos. Protect your family and personal information with D-Link's Active Firewall technology. Using the latest in SPI technology (Stateful Packet Inspection), this firewall provides double-security while scanning Internet traffic to protect your network from unauthorized access by online intruders. Offering enhanced wireless performance and total network protection, the WBR-2310 Wireless Router is the ideal choice for creating a fast and secure wireless home network. Manufacturer's 1 Year Warranty

  • Create a faster wireless network to share your high-speed broadband Internet connection
  • Protect your family and personal information from intruders with Active Firewall and easy-to-use Wireless Security features
  • High-speed wireless networking for sharing files, music, photos, and printers
  • High-Speed Wireless Networking for Sharing Files, Music, and Photos
  • Easy to install and use

Customer Reviews:

    A piece of junk I will return. Neveer able to get it to work, different error messages every attemtp and the software didnt recognize that it was a dlnk router
    No tangible support from D Link....more info
  • Less Then One Star
    This piece of c**p is by far the worst router I have ever had I bought it because it was cheap and on sale and it worked fine for the first three weeks and then promptly stopped allowing wireless connections no matter what setting or what computer I did the firmware update no change, called tech support was told that it's my problem and that I should buy a different brand if I want to complain about D-Link.... Stay away from this product get a Linksys instead....more info
  • D-Link WBR 2310 Router
    Unit works as plug and play, range works very well. I did not like the software "magic" included, and would not recommend this at all. Go withthe standard format from D-Link (Included) and it is a lot more straightforward. Unit replaced an ailing older D link(8 yrs old) and that is why I chose this brand - it is reliable....more info
  • Do Not Buy
    Received in early May.

    First impression: Easy to setup, started working great from initial setup.

    Reality: It worked for maybe 1 full day before I had to start troubleshooting (Power down, unplug, wait 10+ sec, plug, power up or sometimes reset the whole thing if power/unplug failed). Worked again for a day and mysteriously fail the next day. Over & over for about 2 weeks now.

    Good thing Amazon has 30 day return policy....more info
  • Suitable for a mediocre access point or doorstop, little else
    I am wishing I could give this product "negative" stars.

    I bought 4 of these for an installation I was doing that requires port forwarding. Have read all other reviews with great interest and have used PPoE on the router. These things stop forwarding ports, need to be rebooted frequently, and are hard as heck to work with. Save yourself. Buy something else it will suck your time and eventually you will give up anyway.

    Also as mentioned earlier - D-Link's support is a hideous joke....more info
  • exceptional product
    this product works great and the price is right - great coverage, easy setup, no problems whatsoever

    I've had wireless routers from several manufacturers and for all its worth, both of my D-Links have been the most reliable and easy to use...more info
  • Don't waste your money or time
    Keeps dropping connections. And not just the wireless connections, it even drops wired connections. I would give it zero stars if possible....more info
  • Do not buy this P.O.S. !
    This router works fine, if you don't mind power cycling the thing at least once a day. The dopey tech support people will take you on a wild goose chase having you set up the router to the exact same settings that you had before calling tech support, or change some random setting just to get you off the phone. Since power cycling the router fixes the problem, and any change that is made during your tech support call resets the router as well, they assume the problem is fixed since you get a connection again anyway. When all else fails, the tech support people will try to blame your computer as the source of the problem even if it works fine everywhere else. Don't buy this headache....more info
  • It need power reset every 2 or 3 days....
    very bad product, very bad tech support, useless.

    Never buy D-link again....more info
  • Horrible Tech Support
    I've discovered the D-Link tech support department is clueless about residential gateway terminology. Therefore you must be a network and telecom guru, or you will encounter major difficulties getting this thing to work, ESPECIALLY WITH INDIA INTERNET (aka Earthlink)!!!!!...more info
  • Locks up then dies
    Bought on Nov 2007. It started locking up in Jan 2007, required reset, power recycling several times per day. Stopped working May 2007. No help from tech support. ...more info
  • Works fine for me
    Bought it locally for $40 plus tax to replace my old b series d-link. works fine and easy setup for my tivo and iphone. hope it stays that way. the network magic software 30-trial that was included looks interesting as well....more info
    this is a horrible router! Ever since we bought its been nothing but problems. We had to call DL link customer support and it seemed as if they were making excuses to prevent us from returning our defective one. Finally they sent a new one and a few weeks later the same problems resurfaced! extremely disappointing... save your $$...more info
  • Solid Performance and Security
    I have had this router from D-Link for about a year now and have had a good experience with it. I use it with my desktop, work laptop and have my Tivo wirelessly attached through it. I have never had anydown time that was not caused by me intentionally doing it for some type of maintainance. It is very easy to setup I have my Tivo using a D-link USB link and again no problems. This router even has a very nice Network Magic interface which really makes for a nice mgt toolset. There is no way that anyone with even rudamentry networking skills will have any problems. It has been my experience that using the same brand makes for the best connections, and I do have a mostly D-link system that I have built over the past three years. However my work laptop is not. So how did I do it?
    1. Understand Microsoft Networking....if it doesnt work, restart your computer.....it solves so many problems.
    2. Are you encrypting your connections...if not, you shouldnt be using a wireless anything...protect your data and use some type of encryption and MAC filter...if you dont know what I am talking about? Again....you should not be using a wireless anything. Have a router mgt password that you create not the default one. Name your SSID
    3 move things around sometimes a turn or angle makes all the difference
    4 upgrade the router from the D-link site....it helped mine alot from the sense of a better connection.
    5 If you are a gamer or use a VPN make sure the PPPOE and IPSEC are set correctly....more info
  • Never ending problems
    I've had this router for over a year now and it's always had problems. From dropping the wireless connection (and needing a restart) to poor configuration interface that requires restarting for minor config changes, this proved to be an unfit solution. I will think twice before buying a d-link router next time. :(...more info
  • My PS3 is not a fan!
    I bought this a while ago at a local retailer, and i'm now kicking myself in the butt for not researching on amazon first! I have to give this router 2 stars because it works fine for my laptops. The problem is that, my ps3 loses it's signal, and the worst part is that I can't play COD4 online AT ALL(My Fav Game By the way!!!) My last router had no issues. ...more info
  • Unstable Wireless Connection
    I have been using this router (D-Link WBR-2310, Rev B1, firmware 2.01) for wireless services (Auto Channel Scan ON, all other wireless options OFF; Security Mode set to WPA-2) for about one month (four months for wired network services). I've had no problem with wired services, but all of my wirelessly-connected computers (a MacBook and a Mac Mini, both running Mac OS 10.5.6, and an IBM ThinkPad running Windows XP Pro SP2) have trouble maintaining a wireless connection to the WBR-2310.

    After powering up the router, all three can detect the wireless signal and make a connection. After some time (as short as 2-3 hours but usually not more than about 36 hours), both Macs report being unable to get an IP address ("Airport is using a self-assigned IP address"; even assigning a fixed IP address to the Mac does that I'd previously "reserved" on the router does not reenable the connection), while the ThinkPad completely loses the connection (no signal reported). After resetting the router, all three computers are once again able to detect to the wireless signal and receive IP address assignments. While this is going on, my desktop XP SP3 system has no problem maintaining its wired connection (except while the router is restarting, of course), so it's strictly a wireless networking problem.

    I've tried simplifying the wireless setup via the browser control panel (shutting off all the options, downgrading from WPA-2 to WPA, etc.), but nothing helps the situation. Given that the problem occurs with both Windows XP and Mac systems (both with all OS updates installed), I can only conclude that it's a problem with the D-Link router (possibly with the DHCP server, though that wouldn't explain the ThinkPad's being unable to get a signal). FYI, I've left all of the "Advanced Wireless Settings" (Beacon interval, RTS Threshold, etc.) set to their default values; note that I'm using the actual defaults, not the erroneous values (typos?) that are given in the D-Link user manual.

    I'm a former computer systems manager and have been working with networks and routers for well over a decade, including a previous wireless router in my home. I've had troubleshooting help from a professional Mac systems integrator with whom I've worked for over a decade. After over 12 hours of cumulative troubleshooting between the two of us, we have been unable to find a solution to this problem. Consequently, I can't recommend this router for wireless networking use, unless you're willing to have to reset the router daily (or more often than that at times)....more info
  • Looks good, poor instructions for novice users. 50% fail rate
    Well I found this unit on sale and since I already had a D-Link I figured it was a good deal for a friend w/cable broadband. It seemed to work flawlessly (minus the poor documentation). I then bought one for myself and though it was defective, really brought out how poor this router is.

    Instructions (or lack there of):
    The unit comes with a CD for instructions and thats it. No documents inside the box telling you how to get to the router via a web interface, cabling instructions, or anything. There's also a huge orange sticker covering the WAN port warning not to connect without installing CD first (that was extermely suspicous). Now I guess who needs a paper manual when its on the disk in PDF but still, no documentation is pretty weak. The install software only sets up the router for basic connectivity. No instructions on how to setup the router for security at all.

    PROBLEM #1 = When you start the CD and run thru install it right off wants to check for internet connectivity. If you don't have internet connectivity then the program fails!? Now for a novice user who might not have pulled everything apart yet thats not a big deal, but for those who already have removed the old equipment (or replacing dead equipment) you out of luck. Imagine a user replacing a dead router, they'd have to know how to reconnect their DSL/Cable modem and in the case of DSL reprogram it with PPOE! This is a ridicules setup procedure! There should be an option to continue, but there is not. Your forced to reconnect your old router, or connect straight to your cable DSL router with instruction from the software which at this point assumes you don't know a power wire from an ethernet cable... If you don't have the internet yet (pre install)? Your stuck in wizard "Retry" land.
    Now if you get the ok and continue the instructions walk you thru changing the cabling. Nice little animation. After reconnecting everything the wizard checks more settings, reboots the network, checks the firmware (for the latest?) and "configures the router". Volia! You should be connected to the internet! If not the wizard will walk you through power cycling the modem and router to resync everything if needed.

    PROBLEM #2 software talks to router via its own language.
    If the software cannot reach the router (my defective unit stated no d-link router connected) you have no way of talking to the router. just passed thru to my DSL modem. Apparently the install software talks to the router via the ethernet connection with its own language and at some point has to turn the router into a "router" before first use. If you just connect the router you just get a $60 patch cable. This unit is not a normal ethernet device because of this, hence the orange sticker telling you not to connect the WAN cable prior to running the software.

    PROBLEM #3 If the wizard gets the router connected up to your pc and the internet then your asked for SSID, and your done!! The wizard does not ask/instruct the user on how to change the router password, turn on encryption, or anything even a basic user should do to the router. It doesn't even pop up a web browser for the manual or web interface to the router for further configuration!!??? The wizard software only walks you through changing cables, and reseting your devices. So once you've completed the wizard your network is left wide open, your router is also left without a configuration password! Wide open for config changes by your neighbors or any other person bored and looking for a wireless connection!

    In all fairness for problem #3 the cd does have a network application that is just as automated as their install wizard that can be installed as the next step. However it is only a 30 day trial so I can see if some users don't install it at all. As for it's functionality it will see that your router does not have some security turned on and correct it, however I already had WPA and an admin password so I cannot say whether it would correct that or not. For me it caught that I was broadcasting my SSID and that it turned on MAC filtering.


    Again, the router appears to start out in some kind of jumper / pass thru mode. If you don't run their software in the proper order (remember the orange sticker?) and try to connect to the router via web interface ( you pass right thru it instead. I was unable to get it's interface, and instead kept getting my DSL modem. A quick ipconfig revealed I was assigned an IP from my ISP instead of the router!?
    My defective unit would most of the time respond "no D-Link" router installed when using the install wizard (even after a hard reset of holding the reset button). At this point the router was stuck in pass thru mode and could not be reached. This is where I determined the install software must be talking to the router in a non standard format. I also found it refused to assign my pc an IP. It would sometimes assign an IP then immediatly clear it. Occasionally Windows (Xp) would respond with "IP conflict, IP already on network", which was strange considering nothing was hooked up to it but the 1 pc. Likely caused by the router itself. In the end it appeared the routers DHCP portion was bad or somehow turned off. Since at anytime during this install I could flip all the wires back to the old router and everything would connect up working I packed the unit up for refund.

    ...more info
  • Poor router and customer support - Do not buy!
    I bought router in Oct 2006 and started having problems by March 2007 - similar to other customers my router routinely "froze up" requiring me to unplug router for 2 minutes and re-plugin. Unfortnately, this has become daily routine! Customer service took long time to respond, insisted that new firmware would fix, which it didn't, and was generally not knowledgeable. It's not worth even trying to go through RMA process - I will throw my router in trash. I previously had a Linksys 4 port wireless router from Feb 2000 until Oct 2006 and only was replacing becausing wanted to upgrade from 802.11B to G - it worked flawlessly for several years without ever touching the firmware. I will not make the mistake of buying DLINK again. Can't wait until my new Linksys G router arrives....more info
  • Do Not Buy the D-Link WBR-2310
    The D-Link WBR-2310 offered promise as a solid Wi-Fi router, but falls completely short for the average user. The firmware is faulty and the customer service is horrendous. The faulty firmware causes the router to randomly shutdown the network, randomly terminate wireless connections, randomly shut access to the wireless network and prohibit access by more than 1 wireless device. Customer service is completely lacking. Via email, they do not attempt to understand the issue, and their responses are discourteous. Of course, they will suggest that you contact the live 24/7 support where they charge you for the call. And the live support is comparably unhelpful.

    To make my router work with more than 1 wireless device, I turned-off the advanced network features, turned the speed to 54 from auto and turned-off the VPN. THis came from browsing through other comments on the web. Still, I estimate that my network is only 65% stable.

    I have emailed the company with no results, indicating that I would post both positive and negative experiences. Given the lack of response, I am posting an unequivocal negative review.

    Save time and frustration and buy a different Wi-Fi router. Personally, I will never buy any D-Link branded item again....more info
  • Good so far, but you think they could make it easier
    Pissed off at Linksys so I was determined to try Dlink. After reading all the negative reviews I was convinced to stick to wired and buy the DLink EBR-2310 (wired version). You'll see amazing reviews of this router on Amazon. But, got to the local store (sorry Amazon, but I was down and had to get an internet connection fast) and all they had was the WBR-2310, and on sale. Got home, 1/2 hour later was up and running on wired - no problem. You'd think they could make it easier, but if you follow the instructions carefully and either ignore or think your way through the odd stupid error message you'll be OK.

    Waited until the next day to try the wireless setup - had to get some online work done and didn't want to get into some 20 hour ordeal - been there done that. Next day, got unsecured wireless working instantly! Wewhew! Fast and flawless - so far.

    Aye, but now for the rub maitey. Started trying to get a secure connection (WEP, WAP, anything) - 2 hours later nudda. Guess I'll run unsecured for now, I've got better things to do than play with this crap.

    They should quadruple the H1-B visas so we get some immigrant tech workers in this country who know how to make GOOD products, not just hammer out junk that the marketing guys put a big spin on....more info
  • Beware D-Link Warranty Scam
    After 6 months, I started having problems with this unit dropping the connection and having to reboot. D-Link support did a good job troubleshooting over the phone and declared the unit faulty and said they'd replace it under the warranty. I shipped, at my expense, all the original parts to them except the CD with the installation software, which I couldn't locate, D-Link sent me a replacement unit and held my credit card pending their receipt of my faulty unit. When they got it, they sent me an email saying they're charging me $20 for the missing driver CD. That's 34 percent of the unit's current sales price-- for not returning 7-month-old software that is updated and downloadable from their site. You do the math. D-Link wants to make it as painful as possible for you to exercise your warranty, so that you won't. If you buy D-Link, save your packing peanuts -- they might charge you a dollar a peanut if you return something without the originals....more info
  • Defective router, defective customer support
    I purchased this router in January 2007, and by May 2007 it had stopped working. It began 'freezing up' on me after a couple of months, and frequently had to be reset by disconnecting & reconnecting the power cord. Even the hard-wired ports would not work when it would freeze up. I called the D-Link customer support line, and after an hour on the phone convincing them that the router just didn't work, they agreed it was defective. Their only solution is for me to mail the router back to them AT MY COST and wait for them to test it and analyze it there, determine whether they think it's truly defective, and wait for them to mail me a replacement. If they manage to get it working on their end, they can charge me a 10% restocking fee and send it back to me. I find it appalling that I have to pay to send back to the manufacturer a defective piece of merchandise. I work from home, and without my router, I'm out of the water. I need a replacement and I need it now. D-Link resolutely refuses to refund anyone their money for defective merchandise. I'll never buy anything made by D-Link ever again....more info
  • sooo easy
    This was the best and easiest router to install. I tried with another for a week and couldn't get it to work. I would strongly recommend!...more info
  • Stay Away From This Nightmare
    I can put up with software problems from a manufacturer, but hardware....give me a break. I just don't know what has happened to the quality at Dlink anymore!! I've had about 10 wireless routers in my lifetime. This one was the worst! Caveat Emptor!!...more info
  • good signal
    this item has good quality i hsve 4 items hooked op to it and it still has a good signal i reccomend this product...more info
  • This thing blows!!
    I guess this is what I get for buying a cheap wireless router. The box said it was a 10 minute set-up but 2 days later I could not get the thing to work. I kept getting stuck at the ISP username/password screen. Perhaps it just wasn't capatible with my system or my cable modem. I tried calling customer service but I get annoyed when I'm on hold for too long. I'm sure this is a great product if you know how to get it to work, but this thing was advertised as a kind of plug n' play type device and I'm just not that technically savvy nor do I have the time to trouble shoot this thing....more info
  • Look Elsewhere, Not a good choice
    I have 2 desktops and 1 laptop wireless network running thru last generation DLink equipment using the G band. The old router went out and had to replace. Whenever possible I prefer to stick with the same manufacturer of devices to make interaction as smooth as possible, to avoid communication or hardware conflicts in setups. I know in theory you should be able to use any G ban equipment and it all work, but not for me and not for anybody I talk too either.....maybe on wireless planet Utopia.

    This model WBR-2310 is the replacement to my bad one. The setup had plenty of trouble, had to talk to Tech Support in India ( OH What Fun That Was ) and the range of this router is less than the old one. I don't care what they claim in their ads, the older one worked much better. It drops signals from 30 feet away, loses connection.

    I've had the house cables double checked for signal strength to see if the signal loss is is in the cables for Hi Speed internet...cables are fine....the wireless is losing connection

    Shame on DLink...more info
  • Great product, Dont know why others have trouble
    I have owned this product for over 3 years and never had a single issue. I keep the firmware up to date and have multiple computers/ other wi-fi devices connected to it. I'm sure there are better products on the market but I never had an issue with this one....more info
  • Terrible product/service. Urge you never to buy D-Link
    This was a difficult router to set up. Could not be done w/o extensive tech support. Then, just after warranty expired, gee, what an amazing coincidence, the router died/froze up. Of course, tech support refused to help and sent me to the "help" web page, which was just one more waste of time. Now I have to buy a new one. In fact, that's what tech "support" told me I probably needed to do. Wow, even D-Link technicians are telling me just to buy a new router?!?!? I urge you NEVER to buy a D-Link product....more info
  • Performs well. No problems.
    I have been using a D-Link DI-624 router for several years and it has been a reliable and stable router.

    I bought the D-Link WBR-2310 to replace the 624 because of the 2310's greater network filtering options and previous success with D-Link. I do some low-bandwidth web hosting of beta web applications since I am a software developer and needed a few more application and port mapping rules.

    I have been using this router for a month now and it has performed flawlessly. However let me acknowledge that I know this stuff pretty well and I did not read the manual or use the installation disk. Perhaps poor documentation is the source of confusion here (evident in previous reviews), but I don't know.

    So I configured the 2310 entirely manually. Also, I am not running in Wireless G mode, but plain vanilla 802.11 b with WPA TKIP encryption. I also use NetStumbler (Google it) periodically (running it on a wireless laptop) to identify relatively open channels around my home. There are about 6 other WLANs running in my neighborhood, so I identify a free channel, place the 2310 in 802.11b mode, and configure it to only use that channel, rather than having it auto-select a channel.

    So it's working fine with no drops and solid throughput to a cable modem (also a D-Link), and with the expected 802.11b network speeds between my two laptops and two desktop systems. My son and I also do online gaming and get fine performance over wireless.

    Update Dec 18, 2008...
    I've had this over a year now. Still works great.
    ...more info
  • Avoid this junk
    It doesn't even deserve a rating of 1, but the ratings don't go to zero. It locks up every day, requiring a power cycle. When it is locked up nothing works; I cannot even connect to the router's admin page to diagnos what happened

    I've been using networking equipment for 25 years, and this is the worst piece of garbage I've ever seen. I'm going to throw it in the trash as soon as I get a Linksys to replace it with....more info
  • Don't buy it!
    This router was fairly easy to set up and worked well for about 6 months before it started dropping connections. For all practical purposes after only 2 years it has become a useless piece of junk. It won't keep a connection more than 5 minutes when you can actually get a connection at all. At first unplugging it for a few seconds would get it going again but that rarely works anymore. I replaced it with a Linksys. I will never buy another D-Link product. ...more info
  • Got the Answer Here
    After a few calls, I spoke with a nice woman. The answer to the issues is to upgrade to firmware version 1.4 NOT 1.5, which has issues. You can search around and find the firmware, which is a .bin file. You go into your Dlink 192 page to update the firmware there, browsing for the 1.4 upgrade. Ive been fine since.

    If this is confusing, then you havent spent hours trying to figure it out like i did. if you can follow these vague instructions, you deserve it! keep trying!...more info
  • Work as it supposed to.
    I was hesitant about this product after reading the negative reviews, but I could not resist the price. I got the wireless router yesterday. Installed it following the manual that is in the CD coming with the router. At first, the wireless part was a bit jittery, but later, it seems to be OK. One of my USB wireless network adapter shows that it is connected at 56MB/s as adverstised. When it was connected to my last wireless router (D-Link DI-614+), the connection speed was only 11MB/s and the signal strength was weaker. I can the download speed is faster with the current WBR-2310 than DI-614+....more info