10/100MBPS Ip Web Camera
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LevelOne's FCS-1020 is an IP Web Camera especially for remote monitoring applications. This device provides high-quality video transfer via IP network, and also offers cost-effective solution for home and SOHO users. The FCS-1020 delivers complete, high-quality pictures in standard JPEG format. The advanced video compression produces a high-frame rate, VGA, CIF video stream, which can be viewed using any standard browser and may reduce network bandwidth requirements to amazingly low levels.With the advanced remote monitoring utility, users are able to view up to 4 videos on one computer screen. Moreover, this utility supports recording images to a hard drive, snapshot, and image monitoring. DDNS is also supported to allow this camera to use an easier naming format to remember rather than an IP address.The camera is easy to install in network environment. No need to worry about complex network set-up procedures, the install wizard can provide easy set-up procedure to use camera.