D-Link WBR-1310 Wireless G Router
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Package Contents: Wireless G Router, detachable antenna, CAT5 Ethernet cable, power adapter, mounting kit, vertical stand, CD-ROM with Installation Wizard, Product Documentation The IOGear WBR-1310 Wireless G Router lets you create a wireless network for your home. It minimizes the threats of hackers and prevents unwanted intruders from entering your network. Check E-mail, Surf the Web, and Chat with Friends and Family Online. The Wireless G Router is based on the 802.11g standard and is backward compatible with 802.11b, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of wireless devices. It also includes four Ethernet ports so you can connect Ethernet-enabled PCs and devices. The Wireless G Router also supports WEP and WPA encryption. Advanced firewall features - Network Address Translation (NAT), Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI), MAC Filtering, Website Filtering Security - 64/128-bit WEP, Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) Device management through Internet Explorer v6 or other Java-enabled Browsers System Requirements - Cable or DSL modem, PC or Mac with either Windows XP SP2/Windows 2000 SP4, or Mac OS X 10.4/10.3, CD-ROM drive, Internet Explorer 6, network interface card Item Dimensions(WxDxH) - 4.3 x 5.6 x 1.2 Weight - 0.6 lbs

  • Easily create a network to share your Internet connection
  • Works with other 802.11g and 802.11b wireless networking devices
  • Check e-mail, surf the web, and chat with friends and family online

Customer Reviews:

  • Not easy to change settings
    Installation went well. But when I change my wireless network settings, need to reset router and after that it works well. No issues so far.
    Friends are having negative feedback about this model, so far this is not applicable to me. let's see how long it will run...more info
  • Worked, then didn't.
    I thought I got a great deal on this from a big name electronics store (won't say who). I needed something to connect my G5 iMac and my PS2. I bought it, brought it home and set it up on my lunch break and STILL made it back on time (1 hour total). I was very impressed with myself. I set up all the encryption and security features, and changed all the default names/pw's. It worked great, so I left to go back to work. When I got home 5 hours later it was still going strong. BUT then it started needing to be reset (the router) every couple hours because it just "lost" connection with my iMac. No big deal, I'll just have to reset it a couple times a day. It only takes 20 seconds to reset. BUT NOW, only 2 days later, the wireless function barely works, and the biggest problem is that no matter what I set the settings too, they change on their own almost instantly to some network name I have never entered, with all the security features turned off. This all seemed to happen after I upgraded the firmware (which I never should have done since it was working fine in the first place, but everyone always tells ya to get the latest firmware so you won't have problems). Anyhow, it is a piece of shat, I am currently NOT using the wireless feature and am planning to return it ASAP (if they let me). DO NOT BUY THIS. EVER. Unless you just need a router (not a wireless router). Gonna go try a Linksys......more info
  • Pretty much worthless
    To be short and to the point:

    This router shuts off and resets itself at random times, without warning. This is especially annoying when you are trying to get something accomplished online.

    For the longest time, I wasn't able to change even the most basic settings, like making the router secured by a password or even changing the name of the connection.

    Please do not buy this router, go with a Linksys instead. ...more info
  • Irritating Junk
    This router drops wireless connections at random intervals. Sometimes it's a few hours between dropped connections. Sometimes it happens every few minutes. Worse, the dropped connection lasts until you manually re-establish connection. So, you can't leave any kind of download by itself for any period of time, because the connection will simply be lost....more info
  • Utter Garbage!
    This router has been a problem from the moment I took it out of the box. I was always warned to buy equipment by weight, and this thing weighs less than the package it came in. It's cheap, cheap, cheap. I have been plagued with download stalls since installing this. Thank God I didn't toss our old Netgear router in the trash, because it's been very handy to have it standing by when the DLink's wireless isn't absolutely necessary. Looking at the two side by side, the DLink is pathetic -almost comical. Its status lights blink pointlessly denoting practically nothing other than the fact that it's sucking power. The Netgear router on the other hand, is sturdy metal, solidly built, and has never failed. I'm off to buy one of *their* wireless routers. It's too late for me to get my money back on this piece of garbage, but it's not too late for you. RUN!...more info
  • Don't Get Suckered by This "Budget:" Router
    The problems with this product are well documented (firmware bugs, spotty connection problems, etc). As a result, very little else needs to be said. Having picked this up as an alternate router - one which I ended up having to promote to primary - I can honestly say that every bad thing that has been said about this router is true.

    Those who have given this router a good score have either gotten lucky thus far, or are so used to nightly connection problems that they don't even think twice about them anymore. Unacceptable, spend a bit more money and do some research. You'll be MUCH happier in the long run....more info
  • Hit or miss, depending on your internet connection
    This particular router, with the latest firmware (v1.02 beta as of right now), is running fine for me. However, a friend of mine has the same one, and it cannot even run one night without crashing. Said friend isn't as computer-literate as I am and doesn't know too much about fixing router unreliability, so I'm the one who ends up doing it most of the time. And let me tell you, I would not recommend this router to anyone. Although mine's been reliable, something "disagrees" with his internet setup (could be the difference in broadband connection - I'm running Comcast cable with a Motorola modem, whereas he's got SBC DSL with a Siemens modem) and it can't go four or so hours without crashing, necessitating a reboot. The lack of reliability on the part of this piece of junk is appalling. Even after installing an 80mm fan on the router to cure any potential overheating problems (voiding the warranty in the process), the crashing still persists. So I've pretty much determined that whatever makes it crash isn't heat-related (although I don't want to sell this thing short - it still gets waaay too hot) and must lie in either poorly engineered firmware or hardware, not environmental conditions. Consumer-grade wireless routers are truly one area where the phrase "you get what you pay for" truly applies, and this product is solid proof....more info
  • Bad Product
    I brought this when I began my grad school last year. From the very first week, the device would simply stop broadcsting a signal, or not allow laptops to connect. When I called tech service, they asked me to remove the power and boot it back up. It worked, but that's not how I want mine to work. This happens once or twice every week and me or my roommates keep rebooting it. FInally, about four months ago, it gave up. Since it was in the warranty period, they exchanged it (shipping cost us $20). The new one is no better. It broadcasts the signal when it wants to and doesn't do as well when reboted as the earlier one, and because we are college students, we just need it for 5-6 hours when we are home.
    Based on the experience, and countless hours spent with tech service, DON'T BUY THIS ITEM!!!. But a Motorola Wireless cable modem. I did and it works fine from day one, and it looks more robust mechanically than the D-link which feels like an empty plastic box (with a stick on it)....more info
  • Bad product and even worse company!
    This product worked fine for about 10 months of it's 1 year warranty. (Note that most routers should work about 3 years) I tried to contact D-Link to replace and they keep giving me the 'run-around' and are incredibly difficult to get in touch with.


    You should Buy Linksys, get your money's worth!...more info
  • Glutton for Punishment
    You would do the world a favor--if you EVER decided on purchasing this product--if you smashed the box to bits in the parking lot, turned around, walked BACK into the store, and bought a better 'effing router. Essentially then you spent the money on a broken box and still had to buy a new router, but that is the price for making a **stupid** purchase.

    I think i shall take my advice and do what i shoulda done a long time ago. It's what i get for making a stupid purchase....more info
  • Should've looked this up, not worth it
    So I should have looked this product up first and saved myself the hassle. I received this router as part of a deal online with my internet service which I thought would be great as I have laptop. Set it up quick and easy, was able to be connect wirelessly for oh 20 minutes then the fruststrations came. It refuses to connect the network I set up and as was mentoned a random network keeps appearing not the one I had set up. Next paycheck I'm picking up a linksys like my dad said I should have and throwing this piece of junk away. ...more info
  • Waste of time
    Bought this for a friend, spent two hours unsuccessfully trying to get it to connect to the Internet through their DSL modem. Tried a number of different things, went as far as downloading and upgrading the firmware -- no use. Brought it home, plugged it in place of my Linksys router (connected to the cable modem) -- same story. I can display the router's web configuration utility, but it just would not connect to the Internet. Should have spent $10 more on a Linksys product....more info
  • Did not recieve item
    I did not recieve the item I purchased so I don't have any nice things to say. I wish that Amazon or the seller would have communicated with each other so that this would not have happened. My money was taken and I did not recieve the product. Now I have to wait 2 weeks to get my money back after waiting 2 1/2 weeks to file the claim. The whole experience was unimaginable....more info
  • Works great
    We received teh product on time and it works great. Very easy to install....more info
  • One of the best wireless..
    I have been using it for over 1.5 years and it's been a great product always and no issues. Installation, connection, modification are very easy.
    Kiran...more info
  • easy to set up
    arrived on time and it good condition. this was very easy to set up. we use it to connect a vista desk top, a vista laptop, a xp desktop and a xp laptop. it comes with net magic software which i found to be useless, you have all you need with vista and xp. great lil router for the money....more info
  • Piece of junk
    I bought this at a TigerDirect outlet store. It worked fine for the first few weeks. However, now it loses wireless connectivity after being on for about 24-30 hours, and it has to be reset by unplugging it. I could find no tech support on the D-Link website about this bug. I don't know why I keep buying D-Link stuff, I guess because I get it so cheap, but I've always had problems with their products....more info
  • Don't try to save $10-20 like I did
    I had a Netgear router before this and I just replaced this one with Linksys. Both have been more reliable as far as speed and connectivity.
    ...more info
  • Same old router from 2 years ago in a new plastic box!!!
    This is basically the same old router from D-Link. The DI-514...remember that piece of garbage?

    This does have the basics and some minor content filtering/parental controls but good parental control software would be a better and smarter choice if you need it.

    There is already a firmware update to fix WPA and Network settings issues. That is pathetic but common with D-Link equipment. I see it regularly. They release a new piece of junk, make the consumer suffer then release a firmware update to fix things. They seem to do this with almost every single router and firewall.

    This box runs hot too! The WiFi range is pathetic. I set it up outside with no obstacles and could barely get a decent signal at 50 feet. Any $30 Linksys WiFi Router will give you atleast 75 feet!

    THe worst thing of all about this router is that you cannot dedicate specific IP Addresses to specific computers. If you need to do remote access, use DynDNS, use P2P applications, etc you will regret not having this feature!

    Do not bother. Pass this piece of junk over. If you need a good budget WiFi router with excellent performance...get the Linksys WRT54G. You can find it in sale for $30-$45!!...more info
  • Poor product, worse support
    In April, I bought a WBR 1310 router. It began to have issues failing; it would need to be reset. I worked with their support to try to resolve the issue. They kept suggesting steps that I knew were basically a waste of time. After hours on the phone and months testing, they agreed to do a RMA. I specifically asked for and was told I would receive a NEW unit and not a refurbished unit they give to ALL users. When I received the replacement, I could tell it was not new. Sure enough, my download speed dropped from 6MB to 300 kbps within a week. When I called for an RMA replacement, I was told I was no longer under warranty and could not get a replacement. I am betting most of these units will work, however, the policy they have in place is one that assures they will delay the replacement of defective units, and if you get a second bad unit like I did, that you are out of luck. I have bought a great number of routers over the years and never have I had this many problems and had such poor support. I used to like D-Link but will never buy it again and will recommend that my clients and friends do not use it. It is junk and their service is worse....more info
    Customer service, customer support, online support and setup are all lousy. This product is not worth the cardboard that it came in. All I wanted to do was change my SSID and after the 34th try it STILL wouldn't save my settings. My advice? Buy something else!...more info
  • Don't waste your money on this router!
    I purchased this product in early December 2007, the initial setup was easy enough but I was unable to create my own password leaving my network open for other's to use. My brother who is a computer whiz, solved that problem for me two weeks later(after a few hours and with the help of D-Link's website.) However it only worked for a few days afterwards, up to today no amounts of resets have worked.
    Steer clear of this product unless you want plenty of hassles....more info
  • Great Wireless Router for the non-technical people
    This is a great product for a 1st time non-techical user. It is very easy to setup and configure. I am sure that all of the bad reviews are from people that expected more bells and whistles but for most people this Wireless Router will work just fine. ...more info
  • Trash in a box!
    One of the biggest wastes of money and time. Bought one new, worked for one day then nothing...after many attempts to get it working I returned it....more info
  • Oh my god! How bad can it get?
    After I bought this and got it home I was quite happy at first being able to work anywhere in the house. But after 2 months the signal would drop straight out... Not weaken - just drop straight dead for up to a minute at a time. Hitting the reset didn't help, and their "friendly (?) support staff" was no help at all. They actually crashed my internet connection altogether, somehow. I wouldn't get this router nor by anything from this company ever again....more info