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WeeRide Kangaroo Child Bike Seat
List Price: $89.99

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Product Description

The WeeRide Kangaroo child seat offers an innovative riding position so the child is visible at all times and can be heard and attended to more easily. The child is provided with a more interesting view, and the weight distribution actually works to enhance the bicycle's stability. All in all, it offers enhanced safety and a more comfortable, enjoyable ride for the child.

The WeeRide Kangaroo center-mounted bike seat offers an award-winning design that makes biking with your child much safer and much more fun. It's installed onto virtually any bicycle via a patent pending, independent steel support bar that attaches between the front handle bar tube and the seat post. It provides a much more enjoyable and interactive experience for the child and rider. Your child's needs can be heard, seen and attended to more easily, and he or she has a more interesting view--no more staring at someone's back. Other advantages include no dangling arms or legs to reach wheels and the rear of the bike is free to carry your gear.

The seat is made from an injection-molded plastic form, and it features a comfortable padded foam seat, height adjustable foot cups, and a fully adjustable three-point security harness. The Padded pedestal armrest sitting atop the handlebars gives children somewhere comfortable to put their hands, and can serve as a headrest for the napping toddler.

The steel support bar is an independent support system that does not interfere with brake cables or other attached bicycle gear. It includes different sizes of plastic spacers for the front yoke attachment and rear seat post to protect the posts and ensure it fits on almost any recreational bicycle available. It's easily removable for when you want to ride on your own.

It can be used with mountain/city bikes with upright handlebars (with drop-handled racing handlebars, the rider leans forward too much for the child to sit comfortably). Children should be at least 1 year old, and it has a maximum weight capacity of 40 pounds. This bike seat is designed for casual riding on smooth, flat, paved and dry surfaces free of sand, gravel or dirt.

  • Center-mounted child bike seat with safe, comfortable front-row view
  • Sturdy steel/plastic housing installs on almost any adult bike
  • Seat harness, padded front bumper, and height-adjustable foot cups
  • Steel support bar doesn't interfere with brake cables or bike gear
  • For kids ages 1 year and up; maximum capacity of 40 pounds

Customer Reviews:

  • Does the job
    Because I had a mountain bike with a sports suspension, I had difficulty finding a seat that would mount to my bike. This fit easily and was easy to install. The only downside is that the seat itself is small. My daughter is 1 1/2 years old and I can't image that she will be able to fit in it much past the age of 3. ...more info
  • My son loves it!
    I purchased this product because I wanted to keep an eye on my son and take him on a local bike path from time to time. This product was easily installed, but I could see where it might be a bit tough for some bicycles.

    My son is a big 14 month old, 32" tall and 27 pounds. It's a bit tough to strap him in, because of the strapping method, but I am confident he's in safely once we're on our way. I especially like that I have full view of him using the convex and flexible rear-view miror and can talk to him as we ride! In my opinion this beats having the child behind the seat or in a pull-behind.

    Since he is in front of me, my wife was concerned about bugs and stuff flying in his eyes, so I purchased a suitable helmet and then mounted some adult safety goggles with tie straps to the helmet, which fits very nicely in front of his eyes and face.

    My son and I love it!

    I look forward to the next time I get the chance (and the weather) to get him out agai

    ...more info
  • Wanted it to work SO bad! :)
    This seat was just plain awkward for me. We have two little ones, my son is 2 1/2 and my daughter is 3 1/2.
    My hubby and I each purchased one for our bikes and he LOVES it, he couldn't be happier, I on the other hand was pretty dissapointed.
    My knees just kept hitting the seat, and like some other reviewers had written, due to the seats position on my bike, I had to peddle with my legs spread waaay out, and lets face it, I just felt very odd doing that, not to mention uncomfortable,....and I looked pretty goofy doing it as well. :) I enjoy riding my bike, and putting this seat on it made me not enjoy it so much.
    I SO wanted to love this product, especially since my husband makes his ride look so effortless when he rides with our son or daughter. There is no leg spreadin' going on for him. :) I was very attracted to the idea of our children being seated in front - just the idea of something different I suppose. :)
    This seats harness was just basic, nothing spectacular. The time it took to put it on both bikes was not long at all, less than a half hour. Very easy to do. The seat itself was very sturdy.
    I will be purchasing a rear seat as I think that will be the better fit for me, but I must add that while this product may have not worked for me I still think it is a very nice quality seat for the price. My children are very comfortable and happy in it and they enjoy riding in it so much! They'll just have to take turns with who will ride in front with Dad and who will ride in back with Mom. :) ...more info
  • Works great for the price
    I just got back from dropping my 28 month old off at preschool - we rode the bike and he LOVES it. I feel much safer than if he was in the back. I am very tall, and have no problem with my knees hitting the seat, but like other reviewers I do have to splay my legs a wee bit to ride with the seat on it. I am in decent shape so hills aren't that bad - but I did get a workout! We have tons of bike trails around our house and a trailer would almost be too wide for them since they are about 1/2 the normal width. Once my older son gets his Trek 2 wheeler we're going to hit the trails. It works great though even when he's on his Trikester and we tool around the neighborhood. We are very close to a major commuter bike trail so we are all going to try it out on the next nice weekend!...more info
  • Best thing I got for my bike
    I love to ride my bike but, after I had my baby, I could not really enjoy rides because I'd wonder how my baby was doing at home. One day I saw someone on a bike carrying his baby in a seat situated on the rear of the bike. I wanted to get one of these seats so I could ride with my baby. I found this center-mounted child seat on Amazon instead. My baby and I went on many rides with this and now I think my baby enjoys bike rides more than I do.

    It is easy to strap the baby in the seat and easier to take him out. I can do it comfortably with one hand around my baby and one on my bike.

    The baby is 23 lbs. and 29 inches tall and he fits perfectly. I'm afraid he might outgrow this seat soon. However, the seat may only look small because it's supposed to accommodate babies up to 40 lbs.

    Some people say they have a problem with having to pedal with their knees slightly outward with this seat on the center of their bikes. It is no big deal to me. I think some just expected every aspect of cycling to be left unchanged but as with any alterations you make to your bicycle, you must anticipate having to make some adjustments to riding. The advantage of a center-mounted seat as opposed to a rear-mounted seat is that the rider retains better balance. My baby moving from side to side during a ride is enough for me. I can only imagine how troublesome this would be if he did that on the rear of my bike.

    Installation of the mounting bar was difficult on my first bike but after I figured it out, I installed the second bar on my husband's bike in about five minutes. With my bike, I tried tightening one side of the mounting bar to one bike post at a time, and I had to keep loosening and tightening everything all while trying to hold the mounting bar up. The trick is: first, take out the spacers because 90% of bike posts aren't that skinny, then loosely attach the whole mounting bar to both bike posts, and tighten everything last.

    The seat feels very secure and I love having my baby right in front of me. I wouldn't want my baby in the back where I can't see him and I don't think he would enjoy it very much either. Anyway going on bike rides with my baby is so fun. This is the best thing I bought for him. However I don't like it when he falls asleep because then I have to hold his head up. But I think that says something about how comfortable he is in this seat....more info
  • Great but....
    This is a wonderful way to talk to your child and have more interaction while riding. By far better than the trailers and rear mounted seats I have tried. However there are some things you need to consider:
    - Turning radius of the bike is restricted
    - Does not handle child up to 40 pounds as stated. My son is two and is 50 percentile height and weight and is just about too big for it.
    - You have to ride slightly bow legged for you not to hit the seat with your knees. Its not good for long rides, can be very tiring. ...more info
  • Not for tall people
    This product in design is a good idea, putting the child up in front of the parent so they can interact and the child can see where they are going, but talk about poor design for the parent.
    I am 6'2" and my knees are now bruised thanks to this seat. Dont get me wrong, it is possible to ride with this on your bike, if you are willing to ride bow legged. If you hit an uphill stretch and want to really pump on the pedals, be prepared for some pain because its tough to get some torque on the pedals if your knees are splayed out to the side.
    I am going to return this one and buy my next option, the green front mounted seat. The reviews on that one seem to solve my problem. I will keep you posted on how that turns out.
    Add in the poor strapping system, and somewhat shaky mount, and this is only a 2 star product. It better be 4 stars or better, after all, this is the safety of my son I'm talking about....more info
  • A real head turner!
    This is a genius invention.. its heard to believe that it took so long to come up with! My 2 1/2 year old Allyson absolutely LOVES going for bike rides in this seat, in fact when the ride is over and mommy and daddy want to go back in the house.. she wants more! Also you will feel like you're driving a fancy car down the street when you see the people turn their heads as you ride down the street! Great job WeeRider!!...more info
  • wonderful and fun ride
    My son is 20 months old, and is very tall for his age. I was concerned if this seat would be able to fit him (and still accommodate my lanky self on my bike). I admittedly was skeptical after seeing some negative reviews on this product (surprisingly, no one mentions the age of their kids - important for a product such as this).

    Having used this for a week now, I am a total convert and will enthusiastically recommend this to anyone. Not only does it fit my son, but it also allows me to ride my bike without any problems (no wide-angling of my legs). I have a standard $80 road-bike bought from Walmart, nothing fancy here. I have been able to ride for an hour on my bike with my kid without any discomfort at all. I love the fact that it is front-mounted, and the hand/head-rest is very convenient for my son to hold on to. His feet rest correctly in the bottom section of the seat, and the seat-belt is easy to put on and take off.

    I now wake up to the calls off 'biking' from my son early in the morning. :-)...more info
  • weeride kangaroo seat
    I was not impressed with this product, it was very hard to pedal my bike cause the seat puts the baby right in the way. Hills are impossible cause you can no longer stand up. The only thing I liked was I could see what my baby was doing unfortunately she didn't look very comfortable!!!...more info
  • wee ride child's bicycle seat
    The beauty of having a child with you on the bicycle is the ability to share the sights and sounds and experiences that are present around you. With this front-mounted seat you get to see what the child sees, and to have a running dialogue with him. Excellent...more info
  • Love it!!!!!
    I bought this for my little girl, and her daddy, they love it!!! Great value for the money! It's a comfortable ride for my little 'un, easy to fit to the bike, and remove when she's not riding. Would definitely recommend!...more info
  • bike seat
    DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!! this was the biggest was of money it was such a pain to put on having to take you bike apart to do it it says for up to 30 or 40 pounds you'll be lucky if one of you childs stuff dolls will fit i would not recomend this to anyone ...more info
  • Works as advertised
    Works great, tried the Ibert first and it didn't fit so we ordered this one. Shipping was fast, ordered wednesday got friday. Could see how it might be uncomfortable on a mountain bike or a bike where you have to lean forward, but it was installed on my wifes beach cruiser which has a more upright seating position. I conducted the first test ride and barely knew it was there, my wife is 5'2" and she loved it, was no problems for her. My son who is 18 months old, he loved it also, was all smiles.

    Installation was easy, took about 15 minutes. If you're the type of person who has to strictly follow the instructions don't forget to remove the bolt from the bottom of the pedestal part and mount it throught the seat, don't remember the instructions saying to do that and the bolt comes already installed and tightened onto the pedestal for some reason. Suppose you could also just not install the pedestal, only reason I see it being there is for them to rest their head if they fall asleep. Depends on the child but I don't ever see mine falling asleep on it. ...more info
  • wee ride
    my child loves this bike carrier! wasnt too happy about wearing a helmet. it was easy to install, the bike it is attached should have longer tubing under the seat so as not to attach to the actual adjustable tubing of the seat. otherwise you have to remove or loosen, each time the seat needs adjustment.
    very simple to get child in & out. the straps however are as short as possible right now, and are not as snug as i would prefer. if your child is small the belt straps are adjustable, but cannot go to be small enough for a child of ~20 lbs or so....more info
  • great product
    This is so much better than riding with your child behind you. Improved balance, better view for him and better communication as well.

    Fits well my 3 yrs daughter. I would recommand this to anybody interested in buying a child seat. Just don't do the same mistake than me, the seat come with the mouting bar, you don't have to buy it separatly....more info
  • Excellent product!
    Many bystanders ask me about this product. It's simply a joy ride for your kids....more info
  • desperate mom
    After searching for a bicycle seat for my 20 month old daughter, this seat has it all! I didn't feel comfortable with the seats that sit on the back of your bicycle, the weight distribution was awful! After getting the wee-ride, it took my husband about a half hour to put on, my daughter LOVES it!!! The first time out, she fell asleep on the head rest and my arms kept her straight, the foot holders are great. When people in my neighborhood saw us riding around they did a double take! I cannot rave enough about this fabulous seat! My daughter is safe, comfortable and loves going for a family bike ride now!...more info
  • good product but needs improved safety harness
    good solid product that was easy to assemble. needs an improved safety harness with a strap across the chest like a car seat instead of relying only on the hip level straps. The back could also have been lengthened to provide additional support....more info
  • Wee Ride Together!
    Very simple and easy to install. My husband had it on and ready to go without a lot of complaining. It's sturdy and well built and we love that the child rides in the front.

    Our son is about 2-1/2, so he's not going to be using this that much longer--he's not that heavy, but he's getting a little too tall for it already (the space for the feet are only so big). Wish we got it months ago. He has so much fun on it and gets all excited when Daddy says "Let's go for a bike ride!" I would highly recommend getting this for a younger child to really get some use out of it....more info
  • Great seat, but for how long...
    Our scenario: Our 191/2 m/o b/g twins were 28lbs/32"H and 24lbs/311/2"H respectively at their last ped. visit. We have Trek 4300 mountain bikes which the seats fit on fine (husband added a little tape to prevent paint scratching). I am 5'2" and I do have to bow my legs out some to pedal. When you add their helmets to the overall bundle, hills are a little challenging and I do bump them. Perhaps I can adjust my seat up some to counter that or just get in better shape. They fit in them perfect right now but I am not sure about next year.

    With that said, the biking experience is wonderful and the twins love interacting on the ride. Even if they move around alot, I feel very balanced. The seats blend in with our bikes well and look like a very slick package. A great value I think.

    Footnote: Helmets are the Airius V6 Toddler Bicycle Helmets - they fit nice and shipped fast with two sizing insert options....more info
  • Disappointed
    I thought this would be a perfect alternative to the caboose type carrier, but I was very disappointed. The straps are way too long for my child (and probably for most kids--my daughter is 22 lbs and 30 in. tall). The seat is almost exactly straight up so she was leaning forward making it uncomfortable. I returned it. ...more info
  • Neat Idea, Just Doesn't Fit
    I gave it 2 stars because it's a great idea. I couldn't give it any more than that because it wouldn't fit my bike (Gary Fisher) or my husbands (Specialized). The seat went on my bike after I removed my seat but the platform would not fit because I couldn't remove the handlebars! I had to attach it to the spacers on my bike instead of the tube and my husband's bike didn't have a tube or spacers to attach it to. I don't know how this seat fits any bike. I really wanted it to work and was so disappointed when it didn't. I got this seat for $56 at Wal-Mart and I'm glad I did so I don't have to pay the shipping fee to return it. I ordered the iBert seat from Amazon since I couldn't find it locally. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it fits! ...more info
  • works wonderful!
    I got this product home at 7:30p in the evening and by 8 we had it assembled and my daughter and I were riding down the road...she loves it! I wish they had one for children over 40lbs! I have taken it camping and can't find a single thing I dont like yet.!...more info
  • WEE Ride review
    Our 19 month old has loved this. It is a great product, easy to install. Only problem is the harness gets tangled and is hard to adjust to stay tight. But overall we wouldn't trade it for anything. Now our family can go safely for a bike ride without pulling a bike trailer and he loves being up high enough to see. ...more info
  • Unique Ride
    Bought this for our 6-1/2mo girl who took to it right away.
    Cons: Possible issue with rider's knees clearing the seat while peddling. The harness settings are made for slightly bigger kids; as we have to 'bungie' them tight for our little one for now. The small seat concerns me how fast she'll outgrow.

    Pros: The up-front interaction for parent and viewing enjoyment for kiddo is so much better than other traditional options, and the looks from passers'by trying to figure out what baby is riding in is priceless!
    Would certainly recommend it. Easy assembly; front pad/handle and bucket foot rests work great. ...more info
  • Great Seat
    Our 19 month old daughter loves the seat shes about 27 pounds and fits well. I mounted it on my cruiser and pedaling is easy. On her first ride she was a little skittish, but on our second ride with mom taking the lead in her bike she was laughing and had a whole lot of fun. She now grabs her bike helmet and wants to go outside to ride every day. I would give it five stars, but could suggest that the strap system by modified a little to make it easier to take the child on and off with only one parent. ...more info
  • had doubts from reviews, glad i got it anyhow... SUPER-FUN!!!!!
    WeeRide Kangaroo Child Bike Seat

    i did a lot of research on this seat, i went to 2 bike stores and they both told me it sounded like a poor design. My son is 2 3/4 yr. old and weighs mabe 33-34 pounds and is on the taller side for his age. i'm 5'2" and put this seat on a womens 26" mt. bike. I suppose u have to have your knees splayed slightly to accomadate for the seat positioning, however i really don't notice at all. not uncomfortable. slightly more difficult to go up hill, i wouldn't try biking up a mt. with this seat but little hills are ok. my son can sit up straight, but prefers to lean forward and hold on to the front thing. once he fell asleep on it. that i guesse was an issue. very uncomfortable for me, his head was rested on the front, but kept sliding to one side so i had to kind of support his head on the front part while trying to ride and that stunk! but really, i just don't let him go to sleep on it anymore, but the communication is excellent, he looooves it. i loooove it. i get a lot of compliments. i'm so happy i didn't get the one that goes in back. the seat belt is a little chinsey, but i made it work with some safety pins and peices of fabric i found :). not a huge deal.hmm... over all experience, totally awesome. oh yeah, and my balance is vertually perfect, can ride with one hand easy. ...more info
  • Great way to share a bike ride!
    Our daughter (14 mos) loves going for bike rides thanks to the WeeRide. She has a great view and we can talk while riding. I like that the location of the seat doesn't alter the balance / center of gravity and that the seat easily moves from one bike to another (we bought a second mounting bar). The only drawback is that you can't stand while pedaling, but otherwise it doesn't interfere with regular pedaling....more info
  • Great product, but may be on the smallish side.
    I ordered this item after seeing it advertised for children 1-3 years old on another site. My grandaughter loves riding with me and gets out her helmet whenever she comes over. I am 6 ft.3 and have none of the arm or leg issues some other reviewers seem to have. The only problem I see is that at 18 mos. and far less than 40 lbs. she will easily outgrow the seat before she is 3. Also, I had to remove the rear deflector under my seat of my Trek hybrid in order to mount the bracket....more info
    The best child seat out there.It is so easy to balance and ride the little ones with this seat. We bought it for our 2 year old grandson and we love it. It's good for up to 40 lbs. and he will be out of it next year but well worth the price. ...more info
  • Great little child bike seat
    Our daughter loves the weeride kangaroo bike seat. I have it installed on my mtn bike and the only drawbacks I see are that I have to bow my knees out a little bit and I had to drop my seat to a height where I can touch the ground while sitting as the seat covers the crossbar....more info