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Hawking HWREG1 Wireless G Range Extender
List Price: $99.00

Our Price: $49.10

You Save: $49.90 (50%)


Product Description

Double the wireless distance of your WiFi network with Hawking Wireless Range Extenders!

  • Extend the operating distance of your wireless network
  • takes the signal from your wireless access point and retransmits it at a higher rate, doubling the operating distance
  • Simply place the Range Extender halfway between your Wireless Access Point and wireless trouble spot
  • Features a Hassle Free installation. All you have to do is enter in the ID of your wireless network and youre ready to go
  • The ONLY wireless repeater on the market that supports most wireless 802.11b/g networks so you never have to worry whether the wireless network you have at your home or office will work with the Range Extender

Customer Reviews:

    I bought this extender to try because I had already tried a dlink that didn't work. In the small print, you'll see that Amazon notes "this item cannot be returned." The only reason I buy from Amazon is because of their vaunted return policy. Don't believe them!

    The extender didn't work, tech support is in India, and I'm very unhappy. Won't be buying ANYTHING from Amazon or Hawking in the future....more info
  • Very nice to have
    I was looking for a way to extent my wireless network to my neighbor's house and this unit did the trick. Setup was a snap. Simply plug-in the unit and insert the included setup CD. Answer a few configuration questions and place the unit in the desired location and you're ready to go. My neighbor's computer went from having no signal to a strong four bar signal.

    Additionally, all the dead spots in my house are now gone, allowing us to move computers anywhere we want. The unit also extended our wireless signal to my detached garage, allowing me to stream music to my laptop, whereas previously I kept losing the signal. The kids like it because now they can sit outside and play PSP and Nintendo DS games online....more info
  • Works fine but requires some configuration knowledge.
    This worked exactly as advertised to fill up a coverage hole in our house (so that my son could put his Wii online!). Setup was quick and easy using my Mac laptop. HOWEVER, note that setup requires that you do some network maneuvering -- you need to change the IP address of your setup computer to be in the subnet of the (fixed) initial address of the Extender so you can talk to it over your browser, configure it with the target SSID and a new (fixed) IP address in the subnet of the desired Access Point, and then restore your DHCP or original computer IP address. If that's all gibberish to you, you might be in for problems. If you follow the instructions VERY carefully you will still succeed, but if anything goes wrong you could get stuck. ...more info
  • Easy setup works well
    The product was purchased as a gift for someone with a router downstairs. The product worked as advertised without problems....more info
  • Installation was a breeze
    I received the Wireless G Range Extender yesterday and installed it right away. The installation process was a breeze. The "installation wizard" did its job without a glitch and the written instructions were easy to follow.

    I added a high gain antenna (also from Hawking) to the extender to give it more oomph.

    I setup my laptop (Gentoo Linux OS) to pick up the extender's SSID over 64-bit WEP using the same key as for the access point it extends (something not made entirely clear in the documentation but implicitly obvious).

    Unpacking to connecting took me about 20 leisurely minutes.

    It just works, even though it requires that one reads and applies the easy-to-follow documentation (RTFM as they say). It's not quite "plug and play" but the process is probably as simple as possible given that it can not be fully automated for security reasons....more info
  • Can't get it to work
    Tried everything, can't get it to work. I can connect to it, but I get no internet connection. Nobody has been able to help....more info
  • Great way to extend your wireless connection
    The Hawking Range extender works great. I have tried the Linksys, and it was always flaky. The thing that sold me on the Hawking was that they also sell antennaes (sp) to make the range extender even more powerful. I was even able to extend my wireless network to my father-in-law's house a block a way! With this extender you can place the antennae outside on a window sill (wiindow panes block wi-fi waves like crazy), and keep the range extender inside away from the weather. That is what I did, and it did the trick. I was trying to get the signal from my house to propagate throughout his house. The Linksys could not get a strong enough signal inside the house, but the hawking had a strong signal, and brought that signal into the house. With another hawking extender placed on the first floor, out wi-fi network was complete. two houses sharing a strong wi-fi signal with no weak zones. A nice place to be... You have to follow the installation directions to a T though. I am an IT guru, so it was a breeze for me to setup, but these devices are all still a bit tricky. The less technically inclined should have someone else take a crack at it. ...more info
  • Wireless range is a huge disadvantage
    1. Easy installation; works according to guide
    2. Power adapter is light weight

    1. Extender range is too little. My Dlink router is way more powerful (18dB). I was getting similar signal from my router and the extender at point 3 (1 -2- 3 with 2 being the extender and 1 is my router)
    2. No option to adjust antenna power (dB)
    3. Unstable connection when wireless security is deployed
    4. Cost is NOT justified. A simple directional antenna is more effective alternative and costs a fraction...more info
  • Hawking HWREG1
    Spent a few hours setting this up, including time spent with their tech support folks. I returned it as I saw that it made no difference at all in wireless reception in my home....more info
  • I found out why these don't always work
    I purchased two of these, and wasted two days trying to figure out why they worked sometimes and wouldn't work the rest of the time. I finally figured out that the very small switching power supply doesn't work properly with the extender. If you plug the power supply into the extender BEFORE you plug the power into a wall outlet it will NOT work. If you plug the power supply into the wall outlet first, and then into the extender it will work fine. Even though it will work that way, anytime you lose power it will not work again until you disconnect and reconnect the power cord at the extender. I picked up two 12 VDC power supplies at a thrift shop for $2 each, and now I'm back in business. It does work well as a repeater.

    After spending hours on the phone with people in India, I called Hawking sales, and got them to transfer me to someone in Engineering. Hopefully they'll soon package the extender with a power supply that works....more info
  • It does not work and seller makes you pay shipping to exchange it!
    It was faulty according to manufacturer on the phone and this PC Universe made US pay to ship it back to exchange for a proper one! We still await it. No item and no communication yet????? PC Universe is not to be considered a trustworthy seller. I gave it 2 stars ONLY because Amazon reimbursed the return shipping for us since PC Universe would not!...more info
  • Told not compatible with 2Wire 2700HG by Hawking
    This is my second attempt at purchasing an extender to work with my 2Wire 2700HG router. I was encouraged by an earlier posting that this extender would work with a 2Wire 2700HG router. After spending two hours with Hawking tech support and then told to call back the next day, I was informed by Hawking that this extender was not compatible with my 2Wire 2700HG router. Back to the drawing board for me!...more info