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Durable and reliable, Omron's Aneroid Sphygmomanometers offer a lifetime calibration warranty and a long-life nylon cuff to maintain the performance requirements of a busy clinical practice. Infant, Pediatric, Adult, Large Adult, and Thigh size cuffs available for a greater range of patient applications. Latex and Latex FREE versions available. Zippered carrying case included.

Customer Reviews:

  • Good quality for the price
    I am not in the medical field .. bought this for home monitoring. I was impressed with the quality of the unit for the cost. Read many other good reviews of the unit before making my decision.

    MRiddle...more info
  • Accurate Blood Pressures
    It isn't pretty, fancy or available in designer colors. But it was designed to take accurate Bps and it delivers....more info
  • Blood pressure monitor.
    Good blood pressure monitor that works well and easy to use.
    Very happy with it!!
    ...more info
  • Very Good
    I just got this Sphygmomanometer today and it works like a charm. Will definetely use it in my EMT class...more info
  • For the price it's a good deal.
    I work in the medical field as an EMT and I wanted to buy an adult "large" cuff to monitor my dad's blood pressure. I found this Item and I purchased this because it has a "lifetime warranty" on the calibration. So far it works fine but this item does not come assembled, and there are no instructions on how to assemble it....not even on the Omron website. Luckily I already own an adult BP cuff made by "ADC" which came assembled, so I simply assembled the Omron BP cuff by looking at that one. This may be a problem for people who don't know how to assemble it and don't have another cuff to look at. The Omron cuff does have a size measure system just like the "ADC" cuff, and even has a marker for the artery placement although the ADC cuff has an even better artery marker. Overall, I like this product and it works fine, but if i had to choose again, I'd totally go with an "ADC" cuff because they look nicer and feel more well made than the Omron. ...more info
  • Accurate but not user friendly
    I have read the reviews from users with some medical training (e.g. nurse, EMT, etc.) who like this unit. However, for someone like me who has no such training, this is not the easiest unit to use, which led me to return it. Here are my comments.

    1. The cuff has no D-ring to facilitate tightening the cuff on your arm. If someone is going to put the cuff on for you, this doesn't matter. But if you are going to take your blood pressure without assistance, as I expect many consumer users of blood pressure equipment do, then there is some difficulty. Nothing insurmountable, but very annoying if you take your blood pressure daily or more frequently.

    2. You need to buy a stethoscope to use with this unit. I found it somewhat awkward to do so, though I have a friend who has this same unit (and recommended it to me) who does it easily--but that person had some medical training.

    3. After you inflate the cuff, you need to release the air. If you do it too fast or too slow you will not get an accurate reading. There are no markings telling you how much to turn the air release knob to get an accurate blood pressure reading. You just have to learn to do it by trial and error. For my friend who recommended the unit it was no big deal, but I found that more than once I would do the release too fast or too slow. I'm not sure that I ever got the hang of it, because when I went to my doctor's office and brought the unit with me, the readings that I thought I got on my unit were much higher than what my doctor found using his own equipment. I don't blame the unit, which my friend tested and found to be accurate, but rather on my inability to get the hang of using it properly.

    4. The unit comes with no instructions of any kind. I went onto the internet to watch a video about using a unit like this.

    I have found that owning something that works, but which is either annoying or inconvenient to use, usually results in not using it. Therefore I returned this unit...more info
  • Professional
    This BP cuff is just like the ones I have used in the clinical setting. I ordered the regular and large adult and both are working as expected. ...more info
  • Blood pressure cuff
    This cuff has worked well for us. We have used it prior to going to the Dr.'s office and having our pressure checked and it is always pretty close to the value we got with the cuff at home. Easy to use, easy to read. Good value for the money....more info
  • omron sphygmomanometer review
    I am satisfied with the accuracy of this product which gives about the same reading as the doctors office. It is somewhat difficult to manipulate by yourself with a stethascope, but as a retired nurse it is managable. ...more info
  • Works great, costs great
    What a GREAT price on a blood pressure cuff. This product is comporable to what we use in the hospital on patients. Its very substantial, seems well made and so far is accurate. I think this is a wonderful deal!
    ...more info
  • Great qualit y
    Worth the money. I use it daily and have no complaints. Great quality. It also has a lifetime calibration warranty. It also shipped free. ...more info
  • Not what I expected
    I thought that this was a self-contained unit to measure one's own blood pressure. Altho it was not misrepresented, unfortunately I did not realize that it needed a stethoscope (not included). I returned it.

    It is not configured so that you can put it on your own arm very easily. However, for its intended use it appears to be of high quality and very solidly built....more info
  • Omron Blood Pressure Cuff
    A very good product. Quality is first rate. You can't go wrong for the price....more info
  • great product
    I love this product. It is great it's better than the ones we practice with at school....more info
  • Worked well while it lasted...
    I received this blood pressure cuff as a Christmas present in preparation for my nursing school clinicals. I began using the cuff in February - one day a week on no more than 2 patients in a brief time frame. During the last 2 weeks of my 4 months of clinicals I noticed the needle was not calibrated to 0 mmHg. The result is inaccurate blood pressure readings. I was not able to reset the cuff's needle and ultimately used another cuff. I am planning to purchase a new cuff for clinicals beginning in September. I was very satisfied with this cuff... for the brief time it worked properly. ...more info