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Notebook Cooler .
List Price: $46.92

Our Price: $18.57

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Product Description

This simple notebook cooler can help to keep your laptop running at peak performance! The internal heat generated by laptop components can weaken system performance and cause instability. By keeping the laptop cooler, you can help to ensure that your notebook endures the performance you demand. Designed to work with any laptop computer size, the cooler features four 60mm fans that pull heat away from the base of the laptop, extracting the hot air for better circulation and dissipation within the computer casing. NBCOOLER features variable speed settings that let you adjust the fan speeds to suit the amount of heat coming from the laptop, up to a maximum airflow rating of 40 CFM.

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Customer Reviews:

  • Extremely poor customer service
    Shortly after I received this Notebook Cooler, I accidentally damaged the power supply cable. After checking the local electronics and computer supply stores I discovered this 12" cable is unique to this product, or at least to StarTech. I searched their web site, which offers a wide variety of cables, but this particular cable was not listed. So I contacted the company directly by telephone. They informed me they would not provide a replacement cable. The only solution was for me to purchase a totally new notebook cooler. In other words, their idea of customer service was for me to spend another $28 instead of maybe $4. With service like this, I would never recommend purchasing any product from StarTech....more info
  • Adequate
    This will insulate your legs from the heat of the laptop. However, it is bulky and slippery. It is worth the price if you want just basic isolation from the laptop....more info
  • Too large for my laptop
    Cooler was received in great condition; however, a little too large for my laptop and didn't cool as much as I wanted it to. I'm sure for a larger laptop it would have worked fine. I was able to return without a problem. Two stars....more info
  • Great for the PS3
    My husband ordered this to help keep his PS3 cool since our entertainment center is not very open. It works great! Because it runs from the USB connection on the PS3, it comes on when the PS3 comes on. The fan on the PS3 used to run almost non stop when it was on, now it rarely comes on. Maybe not the use it was intended for, but still works great....more info
  • On a heat scale, if my heat level use to be 100, NOW!, it is at 5... IT'S A DRAMATIC SWITCH and superb product, great quality!
    Ok, first let me start by saying that laptop overheating USED to be a HUGE problem for me, I have had a very fast DELL laptop with top of the line configuration for the past year and a half, and I think that anybody who owns ANY laptop and uses it for long periods of time, KNOWS about overheating.


    3 weeks ago I bought this cooler and PRESTO!, my problems where over, I have a 15 inch laptop and it fits it perfectly (NOTE: bigger laptops may encounter fitting problems), it powers out of my laptops USB port and even thought it is made out of plastic, this cooler is VERY solid... for $24 please.... don't ask for any fancy materials, but that said, this plastic feels solid enough and it has a nice color. Also, anybody with a decent laptop bag can carry it along with your laptop, it is very light and thin.

    IT IS VERY SILENT, even though it has 4 fans!

    Hey, I'm a single guy, so I do a most of my work on my wooden desk or in my bed, and this thing really alleviated my problem, because my sheets are not good heat conductors.

    Bottom line, if you have a laptop and you don't want to ruin it because of overheating, BUY THIS notebook cooler, it will solve your problem with those 4 little fans sucking the hot air out and cooling your notebook in the process.

    - Kelvin...more info
  • Not that great.
    I should have just dropped the extra cash for a Zalman. That's what I ended up doing after a few months. This cooler has fairly high volume fans, but it's a "puller" rather than a "pusher" design. Fans that blow air toward the computer are much more effective. This notebook cooler works decently, but it's a bit flimsy (made of plastic), and it's not as effective as my Zalman NC1000 (which has an aluminum plate on top). However, there is one advantage. While the inlets for the fan are on the top, the outlets are on the sides rather than the bottom. If you use the computer on your lap, it's much easier for the hot air to escape. I appreciated this feature, but learned to work around the disadvantage of having bottom intakes when I bought my newer cooler....more info
  • works well
    This notebook cooler works well for my 17" Dell Inspiron notebook. It used to run pretty hot, but using the cooler, my notebook has stayed noticeably cooler. Good buy for not a lot of money. ...more info