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Rowenta DZ5080 Focus Stainless-Steel 1700-Watt Iron
List Price: $120.00

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Product Description

Breakthrough technology and an advanced design combine to provide unsurpassed ironing performance for home use. Rowenta Focus makes ironing clothes easier and manages to meet the demands of a tight household budget. HIgh Precision Tip with Extended Stainless Steel Guard - Reaches into seams, collars, cuffs and narrow edges with ease Self Clean - Removes loose mineral deposits and flushes out impurities for clean steam performance 3-Way Auto Shut-Off - Turns the iron off in 8 minutes if vertical and 30 seconds if horizontal or tipped over Comfort Handle - Soft-touch grip for superior control Soft-Touch Rear - Provides extra stability when iron is on its heel Covered Filling Inlet - Helps prevent spilling of water and spotting clothes, providing peace of mind and added security Extra Large Water Tank - 12.7 oz capacity allows for fewer refills, uses tap water Weight - 3 lbs. 6 oz. 1700 Watts 110 Volt AC Powered

  • 1700-watt iron with stainless-steel nonstick soleplate
  • Electronic temperature control; LED lights; precision dial
  • High-precision tip; 10-ounce water tank; self-cleaning system
  • Burst, variable, and vertical steam; 3-way auto shutoff for safety
  • Measures 10-1/2 by 3-1/2 by 5 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • No need to think ........
    Like most savvy shoppers, I like to educate myself before making any sort of purchase and I rarely throw in my 2 cents, but I have to say - THIS IRON IS AWESOME!

    I've been using a $30 Black & Decker for years without too much problem, but thought I'd look into a higher priced iron just for the heck of it. Well, after researching countless nights, I said what the heck, let's give it a shot.

    This thing GLIDES LIKE BUTTER compared to the Black & Decker. And the vents shoot out steam evenly - most things get flattened out in one pass. Absolutely amazing.

    Amazon's price with the free shipping sealed the deal. Just buy it, no regrets here!...more info
  • Great iron when it worked
    I loved this iron up until the day it started leaking and would shut off automatically. I'm not an iron expert but for the price I expected better....more info
  • Great Iron
    This is a great iron! It does everything they say it does. Lots of steam, irons with ease, not too heavy. The only problem I have is for some reason my fingers will accidently spin the temperature select dial. It spins quite ealsily. That could stand to be harder to move. No regrets, I would buy this iron again. Amazon had the best price by far....more info
  • Most wonderful iron I've ever owned!!!
    This is a great iron for blocking my knitted items. The amount of steam it produces eliminates the need to touch with the iron whatever I am blocking. It's remarkable for pressing while quilting or dressmaking. It has a recessed area that allows you to press around buttons. It is phenomenal for pressing linen items. I never iron my bedding but this iron made it a snap. My lace edged sheets and pillow cases are gorgeous. Best of all, my youngest daughter loves to iron with this Rowenta. That makes it worth it's weight in gold....more info
  • Outstanding
    This is by far the best iron I have ever owned or used. It comes up to temperature quickly. The flow of steam is steady and generous at all steam temperature settings. There is no leakage or sputtering whatsoever at lower settings. I had not considered Rowenta irons before because of their weight, but this one weighs only a little more than the average Sunbeam. Ergonomically, it is well balanced and fits well in the hand....more info
  • Disappointed - second day of use, it leaks and turns off
    I bought this on October 17th, received it about a week later but didn't take it out of the box and use it until yesterday (December 27th). I wish I had used it sooner so I could return it to - a nice customer service person told me he'd give me a return label, but it's up to customer service whether they take it back. Fingers crossed!

    The iron worked really well for the first 24 hours of heavy use (I do my ironing in huge batches about twice a year!). I had no complaints except that it is not optimal on linen or linen/cotton blends, it doesn't seem to get all the wrinkles out. And even the hottest setting doesn't seem all that hot.

    BUT...the biggest problem came today when I started another marathon ironing session. All of a sudden, the iron is leaking all over the ironing board. It is supposed to stay on for 8 minutes in the upright position. It seems to turn off, and when the water well is full, it leaks. And, while using it, my hand was getting wet as it dripped all over.

    Later, it stopped doing it seems intermittent (maybe it's the auto on/off feature, I'm not sure)...but now it is leaking onto my clothes AS I iron.

    I'm really disappointed. I'll hope to exchange it for another one from but ... I was expecting better after all the 5-star reviews on this site....more info
  • Rowenta Focus = Booya
    As a younger gentleman I have a natural antipathy towards ironing, it represents a great source of consternation in my otherwise insouciant life. So when my oldschool Rowenta Prolix broke, I took the auspicious opportunity to upgrade my piece, as I spend a wholly inordinate amount of time ironing for the workplace these days.

    Also, as a testament of how moved I have been by this purchase, we'll reiterate the fact that I am a younger gentleman, who generally doesn't write reviews for irons. To keep it succinct, the Rowenta Focus with it's 1700 Watts of alternating current power is mindblowing. This piece eats wrinkles like Rosie O'donnell eats cupcakes, with a voracious appetite for ever-smoothing your most wrinkled attire.

    Enjoy the German craftsmanship and buy this piece!!

    fo shizzle...more info
  • Switched from Rowenta Professional Luxe with good results
    My rowenta luxe (old 860 which is now the 890) needed replacement after 4 years. It was leaking due to a couple drops off the ironing board. I took it apart and found that the water tank was cracked. I suspect many users with leaky rowenta irons are actually suffering broken water tank. I try to take care of stuff, but accidents happen (you hit the cord, bump the board, you get the point).

    Anyway, I went down to Macys to buy the rowenta professional 8900 and the focus caught my eye. I was intrigued by the pointy sole and micro holes. My old 860 had 1400 watts. The 5080 has 1700watts. You can really tell the difference. I notice with the microholes (and this may be placebo) but Im doing less back and forth and finishing the job with one slower pass. The pointy sole is great when doing guy shirts near the collar where the collar buttons are located, it really gets into those places well. I used to always end up with 2-3 creases in these areas.

    I was disappointed that my focus did not have LED heat control that they advertise on their website. The heater control is actually like my 860 from 4 years ago. I wonder if I got shafted or rowenta got away from the LED style for a reason. I was going to take it back, but then rationalized that the old school style will be simpler and more robust long term.

    The advantage that the 8900 has over the focus is that its 13 oz water versus 10oz. Rowenta included a cheezy, but yet functional plastic cup that allows you to keep refilling on the go. The focus is a steam machine, better than my "I cant believe that an iron can put out this much steam" rowenta luxe. In fact using the new iron spot steam caught me by surprise a few times. Its great. For some of my really bad cotton shirts that were dried and left in a ball for a week, I was refilling water every 5 shirts, but that is an extreme case and me being really particular.

    One thing that always bugged me about my old luxe (which is similar in style to the professional) was the amount of metal above the sole plate. This metal gives good weight but you could get burned. The focus has just as good weight (it does not feel light) but they are using either a painted polymer or metal piece above the sole. It still gets hot but will not burn like the other one.

    I will always wonder if I should have gone with the pro, but this one is $20 cheaper, still made in germany (I found the lower model rowentas MAY NOT be made in germany), and hopefully will provide years of service. I think new users to Rowenta will be shocked how nice these are while the rowenta vets will find that they havent "backslid" with inferior product. In most cases (I dont have experience with the $150+ irons) that it is a great upgrade if your rowenta iron needs replacement.

    I opted for the microholes versus more traditional plate. The old rowenta would sometimes get starch or something in the hole cavities that was hard to clean. The microhole sole has no recesses to trap burned stuff so Im hoping it will be easier to clean long-term.

    One last thing, buy some hot iron cleaner. Ive used it in the past and its the bomb! really allows you to clean off any melted material or starch on the fly and keep the steel Inox Rowenta bottom performing. Ive always bought the no-name stuff, but I treated myself to rowenta iron cleaner this time. Others have commented that the sole plate steel scratches from zippers etc. That is true but I have not noticed any performance degardation, corrosion or anything that would worry me....more info
  • Rowenta Focus Dz5080
    Love the even heat and steam of the Rowental Focus DZ5080. Do not like the automatic shut off feature which shuts the iron heat off; but, does not turn the iron off. The iron must be unplugged to turn off. This is not convenient. Also, there is a clicking sound when ironing that is very anoying. Overall the iron is very good. ...more info
  • Just bought it and impressed..
    I just bought this one after filtering out many Rowenta & BD irons. Nice one and the narrow tip helps to reach small areas....more info
  • Rowenta Iron
    It is the best iron I've had since the old fashioned Hoover brand of the 50's. It is smooth an weighty and gets into tight corners without fuss. My only complaint is with the cord. It is always in the way when setting the iron upright between items. I'm sure it will wear in time and give me trouble in the future. For the price, this "bug" should have been obvious tot he designers and worked out long ago....more info
  • warning,
    after much research i ordered this focus iron over thanksgiving,and was so looking forward to using it .imagine my surprise when the iron showed up with comletely diffrent features or i should say lack of features. i thought amazon shipped me an old model,so i went to four diffrent stores who sell rowenta irons.turns out this is the new model,and the one in amazons ad is no longer to conclude if you want led lights and electronic fabric control,you are out of luck,this is rowentas way of forcing us to step up to the advancer.i would'nt complain if the focus never had these features, but to set out to make your product less than it was,is just to greedy for me.i'm bying a diffrent brand,i don't like being blackmailed,and that is what this feels like....more info
  • Love it!!
    This is my second Roweta I have purchased, I will never buy another brand
    again. It works wonderful, the heat and steam make it a pleasure to iron. Just one pass through is needed to remove wrinkles, so I save time....more info
  • Disappointed
    I was really looking forward to my new iron. Unfortunately, the indicator lights did not work (yellow for heating up, green for right temp, red for too hot for setting). When I tried using it anyway, it was nice and hot, with lots of steam, but it also leaked all over the place. Oh well.....back to my search....more info
  • It's hard to comprehend why this iron is SO flawed
    I've been using this iron for almost a year and every time it ruins my day. I had Rowenta irons before and thought Rowenta knows all there is to know about irons. Well, with this one they must have outsourced the design team to a country unfamiliar with ironing. How else can one explain the ridiculous, unnecessary design flaws plaguing this model. From the trivial problems like the temperature control wheel under the handle being so light to touch that I reset temperature every time I grab the handle, and by contrast the water filling trap door is so tight it hurts to open it, to the main problem which is the steam. Steam is supposed to be good but this is a perfect example of too much of a good thing. The iron's description boasts a "generous" container for water, well they need it because with its 300000 holes it produces a generous amount of steam. And though the steam control looks like the one on other models, unlike on my previous model it doesn't stay in intermediate positions, it's all or nothing. Since, ironing without steam has pretty much no effect, you have to accept enveloping yourself in clouds of scalding steam. So unless you are into historically accurate impersonations of 19 century laundresses in the South, you might want to put off your ironing till October. With this prodigious amount of steam the iron runs out of water every few shirts. I had to train myself to flip the steam control every time I lift up the iron in order to minimize the uncomfortable heat and to make the water last a little longer.

    Worst of all it ruined a lot of my clothes in a devious way. My ironing board has a metal bar on the wide side which I find handy to hang ironed clothes awaiting a trip to the closet. With the new iron I started getting rusty stains on the shoulders of hung clothes. Not only I had to rewash them, but most of the stains didn't come off. It appeared that the insane amount of steam corroded my ironing board, condensed on the underside and leaked onto the hanging clothes.
    I never had any of these problems with my previous irons which incidentally also cost less....more info
  • All they say it is....
    Recent purchase of the Rowenta Focus proved to be a good choice in that it is all they said it was, i.e. stainless steel sole plate with lots of holes in it, large capacity water reservoir, quite heavy, pointy at the tip (where else?)and pretty good looking...for an object that can cause third degree burns and fend off nasty looking intruders. I intend to further review this magnificent piece of functional sculpture just as soon as I remove it from the box...which will be the next time I have to iron something....which will be sometime in the near future or Friday, which ever comes first.

    Was this review helpful to you?

    Thoroughly sincere,
    John...more info
  • Rowenta Focus 1700 watt iron
    This is the best iron I've ever had, bar none. I waited several months to write this review because I don't iron a lot, and I wanted to be very familiar with using it before I wrote a review on it.

    The main use of an iron, for me, is for sewing and ironing curtains after I have washed them. It is very irritating to use an average iron for those tasks, because it does not get hot enough and the iron and the steam don't usually get the hard wrinkles out even with multiple passes of the iron.

    THIS iron DOES get those wrinkles out! Even the worst ones give it up to a little shot of steam or a spray from the water spray feature.

    It was expensive but so worth it! Give up a couple of weeks of Starbucks drinks if you have to, this will make ironing SO much more pleasant!

    I haven't tried to steam hanging fabrics with the shot of steam yet, but hope that will be as impressive as the rest....more info
  • Love this iron!
    I ordered this Rowenta iron to replace my old (probably 10-15 year-old) Rowenta iron. They have improved with time! It puts out steam wonderfully and is so easy to fill. I also love the pointed end to get the little areas. The weight alone helps in ironing....more info
  • grannyo6
    The Rowenta DZ5080 Focus Stainless-Steel 1700-Watt Iron is fantastic! I only have to press once-over clothes and it presses the wrinkles out...unlike the previous iron I had where I had to iron back and forth several times. Plenty of steam...just wish I did not have to re-fill water so often....more info
  • All that steam creates a problem
    This iron is terrific. Feels heavy and sure in the hand and supplies plenty of steam. Just one problem. After a few uses, I noticed water on the floor underneath the Rowenta ironing board I was using while ironing. First I thought the iron was leaking water onto the floor. Finally, I found out all that wonderful steam was accumulating in the cover of the ironing board and dripping onto the floor. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there any way - or other type of Rowenta ironing board cover - to prevent this annoyance?...more info
  • Love this iron
    Wow, what a great iron. I finally used it for the first time and was really impressed with the auto steam feature. It was by far the best ironing job I have ever done. The bottle nose end is fantastic for getting into tight places on the sleeves and between buttons and snaps. A minor flaw is the stability of the iron when you set it on end. It didn't tip over, but I was worried that it might and really kept an eye on it. ...more info
  • Good iron
    I was on the fence about buying this iron based on some of the reviews posted here; however I went ahead and made the purchase and I'm glad I did. I've only purchased cheap irons in the past and never really had a need to get a more expensive iron. I will echo the positive reviews on this iron. I hope that it will last :)...more info