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Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Warlords Expansion Pack
List Price: $29.99

Our Price: $8.88

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Product Description

Civilization IV: Warlords expands the Civilization games to include the world's most successful conquerors. You'll get a chance to play as legends like Alexander The Great and Genghis Khan. March your armies across the world, as you attempt to destroy your rivals and expand your Civilization through millitary conquest. Secure your place in history by becoming the greatest conqueror thsi world has ever seen!

  • Bring new leaders into pre-existing Civilizations to help them advance
  • Strive for world domination in this expansion pack to the award-winning game
  • Play as legends like Alexander The Great and Genghis Khan
  • 6 new civilizations and associated unique units; 3 new wonders
  • 6 unique and interesting scenarios; 10 new leaders; 2 new leader traits

Customer Reviews:

  • Hey, You got education in my game! You got Game in my Education!
    I love this game. I have always been a big CIV dork but this pack really takes the cake. The new options and civs are wonderful. The melting of world history and a video game has been done masterfuly...more info
  • Obsolete Piece of Software
    DO NOT BUY THIS IF YOU ALREADY OWN BEYOND THE SWORD! All the core game changes, including wonders and civilizations, are included in Beyond the Sword. Only get this game if you want to have the scenarios that were included in Warlords....more info
  • Fun to Play
    When I want to escape from reading, writing, and work in general I play Civ IV. This expansion pack is a great way to waste an afternoon....more info
  • An average expansion that's essentially been phased out
    This was a decent expansion to the highly addictive Civ4 release but as of the release of Sid Meiers Civilization IV Beyond the Sword the Warlords Expansion pack is really moot. Now, if price is a factor, you do pay less for the Warlords expansion but the Beyond the Sword expansion not only retains the Warlords features, it adds tons and tons of new material. Yes, 2K games should have just skipped Warlords but they didn't and to those of us who bought both Warlords and Beyond the Sword, most of us may be a bit peeved. Alas, that is the nature of the computer gaming industry....more info
  • Decent expansion
    This is your typical expansion: added more content in regards to civlizations, leaders, scenarios, units, wonders and the such. I think there is alot of small little things that got added in that don't stick out like some of the more noticable items (ie leaders) Over all a good addition to the game. Not what I would call a supberb expansion but by no means do I think it was a bad on. More like average. Still it adds to the game and increases our enjoyability of the game - which really what expansion should do....more info
  • Great expansion pack for a great game
    Makes the Civ IV just that much better. ...more info
  • Great Addition to the Core Game
    I have been a fan of the Civilization series since Civ II came out and, after the great additions to the game that Civ IV brought (especially unit promotions and religion), I'm a little disappointed with this expansion pack. The warlord unit is a much needed addition, taking a place similar to Armies from Civ's of the past. The improved AI makes the game much more exciting, and challenging, but those are the only useful changes in my opinion.

    New leaders are a time-tested way to make a Civ expansion pack interesting, but themselves don't really improve the game that much. The new leader traits provide a similar benefit, and the Charismatic and Imperialistic traits are much more powerful than any traits from the base game, but like the new leaders themselves you really have to be using them for that change to matter. Finally, custom buildings should go the way of the Dodo, none of the them are very powerful and some are downright useless (sort-of like the Spirituality leader trait).

    Turning to the scenarios, they are poorly done overall and none are impressive. I have not yet played them all, but none have yet provided any of the unique game aspects and complexity that made scenarios in past versions such an exciting alternative to the main game. Specifically, I was hoping the Chinese Unification and Vikings scenarios would present similar aspects that the Sengoku Japan and Age of Discovery scenarios from Conquests did, but was sorely disappointed.

    Civ III: Conquests was easily the best expansion pack ever, and Civ IV: Warlords, despite the similar name and theme, doesn't come close. Overall, the Warlord unit and the Imperialistic and Charismatic traits combine with the new AI to make combat in the main game much more exciting, but only if that's your favorite aspect of the game should you let this expansion pack separate you from your gold....more info
  • Not Great. Mostly good for the scenarios and updates.
    Unlike the very well received second update to Civilization IV, 'Beyond the Sword', this add-on adds very little to the basic game design. It's primary value is in the added scenarios, especially my favorite from Civilization III, the rise of the Roman Empire. Most apprecieated is the correction of the egregious lapse in the functionality of the cities list. In the original game, one could not drill down to cities from the list. Tsk, Tsk. The primary functional addition is the Warlord unit, which can convert into either an acadamy, super specialist, or, uniquely, an in the field commander. Unfortunately, this functionality is simply not as useful as the leaders in Civilization III, where a leader could be used to build an army, which, in ancient scenarios, became virtually unstoppable in battle, since their units never become obsolete. Of course, if you are a Civilization fanatic like me, the simple addition of the new civilizations, scenaries, and bug fixes is more than enough to make this worth while, even if you get the next new thing!...more info
  • Meeker Review
    A little better than civ4 because its the expansion but still a turn based game. Some people will have fun with it though. ...more info
  • Gouge me some more....I like it
    First, let's establish one thing here. There is nothing in this expansion pack that shouldn't have been included in the original game. The only reason why I bought it, is because I am drawn to real-time and turn based strategy games like a fly to a bug zapper.

    In my previous review of Civilization IV I mentioned that there was a problem with the AI not being aggressive and that certainly does not change here. The problem is that war is primarily driven based on the characteristics of each individual leader (Montezuma is still the best- I think he is a manic schizophrenic with bi-polar disorder), while this is a unique challenge to face off against people who have individual strengths and weaknesses it is not very authentic towards the real human civilization, which goes to war over some of the stupidest reasons. (If you don't believe me turn on the news sometime.)
    Personally I think it would be fascinating to have the Civilizations go through different phases, expansionist, reactionary, pacifist etc and have their military policy follow accordingly. Rather than have the same thing over through out the span of history.

    The prospects of winning by conquest of domination is extremely difficult, because the larger your empire gets the more it tends to bog you down and your production and science suffer. Usually during any given military campaign you can pick off a city or two and be all right, but long term conquest is out of the question. During a campaign in which my mighty Russians were devouring the Greeks and Spanish, I rarely could afford to keep my science production above 60%. As such after awhile I no longer had technology I could trade with the other CIVs. By the time the Twentieth century rolled around I was so far behind that I was still fighting with calvary and grenadiers, while CIV's like the Egyptians, (Who had not fought a war) possessed Tanks, Infantry and artillery units, thus making any further expansion impossible.

    There is really nothing in this expansion pack worth paying $25.99 - $29.99 for. The Warlord Unit was a great addition but it's not phenomenal. The Vassal state feature is supremely useless as enemy civs will never willingly capitulate themselves to you, even if you are by far superior to them. In fact you don't even get the option to propose it as it is always unselectable in red font. Although it should be noted they will willingly capitulate to another AI CIV.

    Upon reflection this is major another gripe I have about CIV IV. Diplomacy ain't what it used to be. Unless a fellow civ is in love with you, you are rarely ever allowed to table trades as they are almost universally redded out. In CIV III, even though a civ did not like you, you could still trade with them providing the deal was right. Now you can't even table or propose trades such as to stop trading with someone or to trade a resource or technology. The AI will almost universally bug you about stuff, in a recent game I don't know how many time the stupid Mongols demanded that I stopped trading with Rome-even though Rome was my closest ally and I had told them no three times already.

    Personally, I still prefer CIV III and its expansions to CIV IV. CIV IV while it is a good game has many flaws from making it a great game. That is to say I won't play CIV IV again, I can see myself playing it occasionally in between games of CIV III - up until I get zapped again and pay $49.99 for CIV V, maybe even $79.99 for the collector's edition.
    ...more info
  • Great Expansion !
    Really enjoy the Warlords Expansion Pack for
    CIV IV. Been a fan of Sid Meier and CIV since the first game !
    Very addictive. ...more info
  • Allows builders and micromanagers to become warriors.
    The Warlords Expansion Pack is just what I needed to add some spice to Civ IV.

    I have always enjoyed the building and cultural aspects of Civilization. Preferring to create a Wonder of the World over an army, my late games became kind of stale. You can only go for the space race win so many times.

    With the addition of Great Generals you now have some interesting options. Should you have them join your city, thus giving new units extra experience? Should you have them create a military academy, thereby increasing your military production rate? In addition, you can have them join a standing army with the benefit of splitting 20 experience to the stack.

    While I agree with others that it would have been nice to have this dimension at initial release, it may have overshadowed the power of religion and culture for some.

    Overall, I give this expansion 5 stars for bringing life to one of my favorite games....more info
  • Good expansion
    I have been playing this a few times since I picked it and Beyond the Sword up. I installed both on my vanilla civ4 install and haven't yet tried corporations or some of the very interesting looking custom content. Some of the changes to the base game like Great Generals and the changes to the Spying in the game I have had plenty of fun with in game as well as messing around with unrestricted leaders and the unique units and buildings. There is a lot of new content almost making this an entirely new game....more info
  • Too few good additions
    While the base game was great, the first expansion pack left most people wanting more than we got with Warlords. Don't get me wrong, there are some good elements that were added with Warlords, just too few for some people.

    Vassal states were really the big thing that was added with Warlords. There are the other things, like new leaders, AI personalities, new civs to play, and scenarios, but that's pretty much it.

    With the second expansion due out in July of 2007, many people are suggesting that people wait for the full feature list to see if the big features from Warlords are added or not. I can understand that thinking, but there isn't anything BAD about Warlords, and some mods require it.

    So, buy it if you want, because it does add a bit to the game, but don't feel like it's a HUGE upgrade. Vassal states really do add a bit to the game that make me happy I bought it. Beyond the Sword(expansion 2) will have so much more included, you may want to wait....more info
  • It's an expansion of Civilization 4
    If you liked Civilization 4, you will like Warlords. It doesn't add anything truly groundbreaking to the game, but it does give you a few new scenarios and tweaks....more info
  • Another Sid Meiers Civ game pack for the completely and totally addicted
    Once again, the Civ IV products are not a disappointment to the totally addicted CIVILIZATION individual. Though we waited a full year to purchase this particular expansion pack, as it did not have a great deal of new items, it was a decidedly good addition to the CIV gaming collection. For the strategy turn/based game enthusiast, the Sid Meiers Civilization games are addicting and interesting. This one fuels the addiction even further....more info
  • Civ games are always fun
    I have enjoyed Sid's games for years. This expansion has had mixed reviews as the beyond the sword expansion is rated higher. Over all i picked up this title to round out the Civ 4 series. It adds wrinkles to the game that if you don't pick up beyond the sword, will add bosses and other features that will improve the basic game....more info