High Sierra OverSteer Wheeled Pack
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Product Description

A wheeled backpack perfect for work, school, or travel. Computer sleeve holds up to a 17 notebook computerStylish looks and large capacity makes this wheeled marvel perfect for many uses.

  • Large front-load main compartment with padded computer sleeve, holds a 17" notebook computer.
  • Zippered front compartment with organizer and key fob.
  • Large, corner-mounted wheels and deluxe, single-tube telescoping handle.
  • Large front compartment with an interior CD/MP3 player pocket and headphone port.
  • Contoured Vapel&#8482 mesh padded backpack straps stored behind deluxe zippered, padded back panel.

Customer Reviews:

  • Good bag cheap handle.
    I bought this bag about a couple of months ago and it works good for my stuff. I am currently taking 25 credits in college and it holds almost all of my stuff accept one class. I looked for the biggest rolling book bag and I think this is it. I stuff it pretty full and it holds together well. Only complaint is the handle is a little flimmsy. But it still holding together. ...more info
  • broken handle
    Within a couple of weeks of my son using his new (expensive) backpack the handle broke. I'm hoping that they will honor their lifetime guarentee. I will be contacting the company and hope to get a replacement. Not what I expected to happen with a backpack that cost so much!...more info
  • It's survived me for more than two years now
    I have had this backpack for 5 semesters now and it's still in good enough shape to make it through this semester. This is great considering that I'm used to wearing through most of my backpacks within a year (max). It's almost the biggest pack I have seen at school (without being actual luggage) and is roomy enough for all of my yellow pages size books. I will admit that the bottom of my rolling bag is now getting shredded -- whether my fault (possibly) or the manufacturer's fault, I don't know. The bottom of the bag is pretty well supported by a very stiff backing, but the wheels (they're average for a roller bag) don't allow enough clearance for the bag's bottom to clear small bumps in concrete or pebbles in a pathway. As for the handle that most people seem to be having problems with -- mine is still in good working order. It's not as solid as some of the other backpack handles I've looked at so I can see how someone might have an issue with breakage. ...more info
  • Just what I needed and cute too!
    I just started nursing school and was having a hard time getting used to the idea of the dreaded rolling bag!! (We have sooooo many huge books and gear its truly inevitable) So when I finally hopped on the internet and found this one I was so excited! I got it two days later and it's GREAT! It has plenty of room for what I need (I have 19 books and counting, three binders etc--not that I take all everyday!)and it's way cute so I don't feel as akward rollin around with my geek-bag! (its bad enough they have us wearing all white uniforms, at least my bag can be cute). I love it and I recommend it to anyone! If you're in nursing school, dont put it off it'll save your back and neck for sure!...more info
  • Broken Handle
    Wouldnt recommend this item... For the cost the quality of the product is lacking. I travel for a living and have used many different types of bags so was interested when I saw the design. The handle broke off a month after I bought it, the problem is it broke off and left a metal wire sticking out. Try explaining that to the Airport Security when trying to get back after a business trip....more info
  • Great Bag! Holds every but the kitchen sink, LOL!
    Needed a bag for my paramedic class that would carry my 10 books to class! This did the trick, plus more compartments for notebooks, folders, pens, datebook, mp3 player and headphones, laptop compartment, EVERYTHING!!!...more info
  • Handle broke off on second day of use
    I loved the way this bag looked, and it was actually big enough to fit all my stuff in. But not strong enough. I was just walking down the street pulling it along when the handle snapped off on the plastic part (the black part is plastic). I didn't have any trouble returning it, but I decided not to order another....more info
  • DO NOT BUY!!!
    I bought this bag and I loved the room and the spacing. The very first day, I went to get the telescope handle, and w/o any weight at all, it snapped off. The metal split and the plastic broke. I have returned it and I am looking for another bag from another company, but I really am disappointed b/c the bag part was cute and roomy....more info
  • strong, and good looking too....
    My son is in Junior High. He loves his rolling backpack and the other kids like to kick it. This one holds us, though, through all sorts of kicking, dragging, bouncing up and down stairs and curbs. Lots of great pockets and sections too....more info
  • Works for me!
    I purchased this backpack to use in my second and third trimester of pregnancy at the college I attend. The doctor advised (and my husband insisted) that I no longer lug around the 40+ pounds of "stuff" I need for a day on campus. So far this backpack has been working out well. The pockets are big enough to hold the books/folders/lab manuals/notebooks I need for my three classes plus my laptop and various other random things I've decided can't be left behind (antacids, anyone?). A couple times I've been positive the cloth handle was going to tear off as I lifted it into my car, but it's held firm without a hint of fraying or ripping. The only reason I didn't give this product a full 5-stars is that the pull handle used for wheeling along is a little wobbly. It's doing fine so far, but I'm only in my 2nd week of hardcore use and I can just tell it's going to be a problem eventually. I made sure to keep the little tag telling me where to send it in for warranty repair should my instincts be correct....more info
  • Great for travel and convention
    I bought this to take to conventions with me. Knowing I usually end up with a lot of books, handouts and going back and forth between presenters I needed someplace to stow all my heavy items and move around without hurting my back. The outside water bottle packets are convenient and all the internal dividers and pockets allowed me to organize all my things and access them with ease. The only drawback is the handle, the T shape is inconvenient and the backpack often rolled on its side as I was pulling, then I had to stop and flip it back to its normal position. A regular upside down U handle would be much better to grab and more stable to pull. It's big enough that it can be used for overnight travel as well. Otherwise I really like it and plan on using it often. P.S. because of its hard bottom I could not stow under the airplane seat. I would offer a smaller version of this one just for airplane travel that could be stowed under the airline seat.

    ...more info
  • bad handle quality, dont' buy
    I bought this bag for my 5th grader after he went through a couple of rolling backpacks earlier, thinking that this is the one. After only 2 weeks, the handle came off when he was getting ready for school.
    Although the backpack looks pretty solid bag wise, the handle part does look very shaky. I remember thinking about that when I first received it. Guess my instinct was right....more info
  • Bookbag Review
    I am very pleased with the High Sierra backpack, especially when it came to the price. We paid about half of what it would have cost at a department store....more info
  • Great backpack
    My wife wanted a rolling back pack for her long treks across U of M campus. She loves the fact that she is no longer hauling all her books from the parking ramp all across campus. Just the right size for her stuff, but not too big. Also still usable when you need to put it on your back.

    I like it because the handle actually telescopes out far enough that I can walk with it without hunching over....more info
  • High Sierra OverSteer Wheeled Backpack/Book Bag
    We purchased a High Sierra Oversteer Wheeled Backpack for our son at the end of January 2008 and we have not yet reached the end of February, yet the top section of the telescoping single pole T-shaped handle has detached from the bottom, loosing any fasteners.

    His prior backpack lasted a year and the double pole telescoping handle only started to fail at the same time the backpack itself showed the strain of too many books packed within. This is why we ordered a larger capacity one. However, perhaps it is possible that this single pole handle is inadequate on a larger capacity, fully loaded bag. I am not sure but I believe his prior backpack may have been a Jansport. ...more info
  • Loved it !!!
    This book bag is great. It has more than enough room and it is very sturdy. This purchase has made my school life much easier....more info
    This bag has more pockets than I can fill. It is easy to maneuver and holds lots. It has been so nice to have a pack that rolls easily and does not tip over like some I have previously owned. HIGHLY recommend....more info
  • rolling backpack
    the article was delivered promptly and was exactly as described.
    thank you
    J.C.Branum...more info
  • Excellent Choice
    I bought this pack for my MANY books. It is an excellent backpack. The nice big wheels are much better than the inline skate wheels, the only drawback is I wish it had a little more room. But I have a huge amount of very big text books to carry. All in all I highly recommend it!...more info
  • Excellent quality, very functional wheeled backpack
    I purchased this for my 11 year old daughter to help her carry the tons of books to the school. The classic school backpack was way too heavy and she started having back pain from the effort.
    The High Sierra backpack has lots of pockets to store various things, the material is top quality and is very functional. Plus the blossom-satin sheet colour is lovely for a girl.
    Nothing to complain (maybe a little too heavy at about 6lbs), hope it will resist to the day by day usage....more info