Carrysafe - Travel Camera Strap
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Product Description

User-friendly disconnects allow the strap to be quickly clipped to camera case without removing webbing from camera. Neoprene sleeves cover joining clips for maximum security and camera protection.

  • Adjustable, slash proof wire reinforced strap
  • Snatch proof mechanism allows strap to be clipped around secure fixture
  • Soft cushioned, breathable neck pad
  • Max length: 60" Width: .75"
  • 3.6 oz
Customer Reviews:
  • Not for heavy cameras
    This strap almost destroyed my SLR and 70-200mm lens. The stitching on the cloth loop holding the quick release buckle unraveled and my camera fell to the ground. Fortunately, I was able to lift it up with the other strap before it crashed to the floor. On closer inspection of the other side, I saw that the loop is held on by a single row of stitching which I think is a disaster waiting to happen. I have only owned the product for two months or so. The strap sounds like a good idea but I would not recommend it if you have a heavy camera....more info
  • Not for the G9
    This strap doesn't work very well with the Canon G9 as the metal rings which attach to the bottom of the straps are a little too big for the camera. They were difficult to put on, and didn't move freely once attached, which also means that I can't use the Canon case for this camera as it doesn't stay closed with those rings attached to the camera. I suppose this isn't entirely the fault of the maker of the strap, however, it wouldn't be difficult to make the entire bottom pieces of the strap smaller for more compatibility. Not sure I can return it since I didn't purchase it through amazon, if not, maybe I will try to find some smaller rings....more info
  • Carrysafe 100 camera strap
    I have used this strap for two years now. The fabric loop covers have come unstitched somewhat, but otherwise it shows few signs of wear. It is the only strap I have seen that is actually long enough to hang the camera so that it rests on my hip while the strap goes across my chest. There is plenty of flexibility so that the camera can be held in almost any position.

    I am not impressed with the security features. Although they work as advertised, the fact is it would be safer to simply give up your camera to a mugger rather than resist him. If his knife cannot cut your strap, maybe he will start in on you!...more info
  • Great Camera Strap
    This is a great, lightweight camera strap. I bought the strap to use on a trip to Europe, and thought the added safety feature of the "slash proof" straps was a great.

    The single draw back was that the the small detachable fabric loop strap that ties to the camera body is NOT slash proof. Instead of the fabric loop I used the alternative metal ring attachements which made me feel a bit safer. I am using this as my primary camera strap now and am very happy with it. I also like that the strap doesn't advertise the brand of camera I'm using. I felt ligh my old "Canon" branded strap was a big "steal me!" sign. ...more info
  • A strap that won't tie you down!
    I am a big guy and wanted a longer strap that would place my new Kodak performance digital camera down around the lower half of my torso. When it arrivied I was able to quickly see that this was the one I wanted. I am totally happy with my purchase. The strap is light but yet feels secure and with a built in wire for safety I was at ease carrying my $$ camera around Germany, Czech Republic, and Austria this summer. Buy it - you'll like it. I even bought a second one and gave it to my aunt who is a great photographer and she loved it too. She said that it didn't hurt her neck like her old one....more info
  • Carrysafe Travel Camera Strap
    This is a great product. Long enough for a tall person and flexible enough to be comfortable. The wire inside the strap is not only good for theft protection but it gives me an added sense of security just from a fall and breakage perspective. It is very obviously high quality and adds to the cameras feeling of value. It certainly seems like reasonable cost for the value....more info
  • Great strap
    If you are looking for a safe, secure & comfortable strap for your camera this just might be the one for you. The nice features on the strap include a curved neck pad feels fine around the back of your neck unlike standard straps that seem to cut into the neck. There are also sleeves on both sides of the strap that cover the attachment parts of the strap. My favorite feature is the quick release clasps which make it great for putting your camera on a tripod....more info