Tri-View Color Back Up Camera System
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Product Description

Our Tri-View Collision Avoidance Color Cameras System is our latest product to better serve the needs of safety conscious drivers on the road. Each camera is made of industrial, die cast aluminum and designed to be shock and vibrations resistant. Attached with a universal, surface metal mount, you will have no problems installing it anyplace on your vehicle. Includes a sun visor during periods of excessive ambient light as well as 18 infrared LEDs each for true night vision in zero visibility situations. You can safely use our camera system day or night in all weather conditions. This along with its auto heating feature will insure that the cameras will stay functional when you need it. The accompanying Rear View Color LCD is a large 7.0 inch TFT display that can double as a DVD monitor. Made in stylish black with easy to use buttons, it can support either single or double cameras. There is also an optional mirror viewing mode so you can choose exactly how you like the transmitted camera image displayed. All combined with low energy consumption, a thin flat panel (1.0in) with a high screen resolution and a sturdy design results in a monitor that we are proud of designing and you can be proud of owning. Comes with all necessary wiring for hookup to vehicle battery along with superior 65ft S-cables. And an optional mounting bracket for the LCD screen with sticky surface for easy surface mounting.

  • 3 Auto IR Surface Mount Color Cameras
  • Eliminates Rear and Side Blind Spots for Safer Driving for Large Vehicles
  • Die Cast Aluminum, Autoheating
  • Large 7.0" easy viewing, high resolution / flat panel Color LCD
  • Shock and Vibration Resistant