Sharp R-426LS Family Size Countertop Microwave
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Product Description

  • 1200-watt microwave with 1-3/5-cubic-foot capacity and 14-1/8-inch turntable
  • Clean, uncluttered design; control panel located behind oven's door
  • 9 sensor settings; popcorn sensor; Instant Action keys; 5-option defrost feature
  • Keep Warm Plus; 7-digit, 2-color lighted display; interior light; easy-to-set clock
  • Measures 21-21/32 by 12-3/8 by 18-7/16 inches
  • Features:
    • 1200-Watt microwave with 1-3/5-inch cubic-foot capacity and 14-1/8-inch turntable
    • Clean, uncluttered design; control panel located behind oven's door
    • Keep Warm Plus; 7-digit, 2-color lighted display; interior light; easy-to-set clock
    • Measures 21-21/32 by 12-3/8 by 18-7/16 inches

    Customer Reviews:

    • don't waste your time or money!
      I bought this microwave less than three years ago. After about 6 months it broke and I had to bring it to a service center to be repaired (just stopped heating). It was under warranty but still a huge inconvenience to bring it in. Now less than two years later the same problem is happening and it's no longer under warranty. I won't waste my time getting it fixed when it will probably cost the same amount of money to buy a new one. I really hate the attitude of "just buy a new one." Things should be made to last, not so cheaply so that you just buy a new one when it breaks. I'll never buy a Sharp microwave again. ...more info
    • Microwave started on fire!
      I bought this item 4-5 years ago and a few days ago, when I was defrosting something in it, it started on fire. The fire burnt a hole in the metal plate on the right side. We immediately removed the unit so that it wouldn't start a fire in our home. I called Sharp to let them know and they said that I would have to take the microwave to an authorized dealer and have them check it out. I was told that sometimes there is a build up of food on the metal plate which might have been the cause of the fire. The nearest dealer is 15 miles away!! They would not replace it and put all the responsiblity on me! This is terrible customer service. I'm buying a different brand this time. Will not do business with Sharp again! ...more info
    • the best microwave
      I love this microwave. It's large size is perfect for my family and how we cook. The color is very stylish and it was a good price too. ...more info
    • Great product - Sleek Appearance
      I have one at home and one at the office - i love the sleek look and it works great...more info
    • Great Large Microwave
      I owned this microwave for one and a half years. In that time I was most impressed with the sleek finish and large size. It does everything you would expect of a microwave (boil water, popcorn, reheat food, etc). The preset, by weight, settings are a little hit or miss, but all in all pretty good. Generally, I like to manually adjust the power level and this microwave does a great job with that. For instance, melting butter on power level one or two melts the butter without boiling or liquefying it.

      My roommate took my first Sharp and I'm about to buy my second. I hope this helps....more info
    • Hated it...
      I no longer own this microwave. We abandoned it when we moved out of state. The microwave is very pretty, but not very functional. It rarely worked correctly for us and we hated it....more info
    • microwave oven
      i already had this oven with the trim kit, so this was a replacement. it was just as cheap to get a new oven as to have the old one repaired. amazon had the best price and free shipping- which was much faster than they said it would be. i'm very happy with this purchase....more info
    • Very nice unit
      Looks nice, works well. Stainless steel is a little on the smudgey side, but not bad....fingerprints do clean off ok. We installed with the stainless steel built in kit that is made for this unit --- the kit cost almost as much as the microwave!!! (but it looks good)...more info
    • sharp-looking sharp
      Love the looks of the microwave and the fact that all the functions are hidden--i do not find it a problem to open the door to press the buttons (as some do)---I have to open the door to put something in anyway. I do find that the oven cooks a little hot and one must be careful not to use too high a speed. That's why it does not get 5 stars from me. ...more info
    • Second time around
      I purchased this same model years ago and finally wore it out from constant use. Of course this "same model" is the new updated model with many more added features. I love this microwave both in looks and features. The box came sealed with no outer damage to the box but, when opened, I found a dent on the rear upper left side. Not wanting to wait for another shipment and needing a microwave to use now..received a fair discount on the price. You can always be sure of the fairness that Amazon gives its customers. Always try to buy direct from Amazon and always check for five star reviews....more info
    • Works great, and looks great, even after 2.5 years of use
      My parents first bought this microwave, and I did a lot of research and ended up with the same one. I must be honest, the main requirement for me was size and looks, so this is not only huge but was the best looking unit (at the time at least, I don't know what is out there now). Anyway... I have loved this thing since the day I got it. I use it at least once a day, and haven't had any problems with it (knock on wood*). It's very powerful, and will boil a mug of water in less than 1:30. I also use the 'sensor reheat' button a lot, and must say it usually heats up any dish perfectly (95% of the time, the other 5% it just didn't heat it enough). That includes differing sized dishes! I also use the quick 1-minute cook-time increment trick of just hitting the start button. You can hit the start button multiple times in a row to go for 1,2,3... minutes. Anyway... I'm really happy with my investment, and so far mine and my parents (they've had there's for about 3 years) are still going strong. Great unit!...more info
    • Sharpe Microwave (R-426LS)
      Looks great, works great. The ergonomics of having the touch pad in a location where you have to have the door open to access takes right much getting used to. Put the food in, punch up the time, power setting, etc, then close the door and press the start button. Sounds easy - well it is but it is something one has to get used to - seems to me a frivolous try to be different and to have a featureless look. And since they have the touch pad hidden - it would have been better to have the touchpad white with black letters - as it is much easier to read than white on black.
      Other than all of this, I have no complaints - now let see how long the touch pad and/or the digital readout lasts....more info
    • Sleek
      This microwave looks like no other I've seen. Overall, it works well - it's quiet and cooks/warms/defrosts well. It's missing a button I used to use all the time (the "quick minuted" button), it has limited "defrost" buttons, which leaves me guessing which option best fits the meat I'm trying to defrost, and sometimes button-pressing patterns are confusing or repeatative (in order to use the timer, you have to push "timer," enter the time, and "timer" again). ...more info
    • Safety with efficiency and great appearance too!
      Recently we purchased the SHARP R-426LS Family Size Countertop Microwave.
      Although we have no small children in our household, the safety feature with the controls and settings not available to be touched on the outside of the microwave is definitely a great feature. It does take a bit of time to get used to opening the door to choose your settings, however. This particular model has many features to choose from to make your cooking more efficient. You need to read the booklet and learn which of the many settings that are available are best for your uses. Again this is more sophisticated that some of the other microwaves we have owned. Some may find it cumbersome to use some of the settings, but if you perservere, it will be worth your time. Last, but not least we find the style of this microwave to be a great improvement. Although we use it on our countertop, at present, should we decide to use it above our stove as many do, it can be installed that way as well because of the special feature of this model. That is not the case with other countertop microwaves. We also find this size works well with larger dishes/bowls/plates, etc. which one uses for all type of microwaving and defrosting. After researching many other makes and models of microwaves, we find this Sharp to be the best, and it was also reasonably priced....more info
    • Powerful microwave
      The Sharp R-426LS microwave is powerful and easy to use. With 1300 watts, it cooks faster than other microwaves I have had. The sensor buttons are a great feature and guarantees popcorn won't burn and frozen dinners are cooked thoroughly. There's no monitoring, it just senses when it's done and stops. I like the easy button on the front panel when selecting the time as it adds a minute each time you push it. The microwave is not as large as I thought and it fits on the same cart as my previous microwave. It has a lot of cooking space and the stainless steel is very atractive in my kitchen. ...more info