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The Rundown [HD DVD]
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Product Description

Professional wrestling star the Rock, who was such a lump of flesh in The Scorpion King, proves surprisingly light on his feet in The Rundown, demonstrating charm and humor as well as the requisite toughness. Beck (the Rock), a repo-man for deadbeats, is sent to South America to find a treasure hunter (Seann William Scott) who's seeking a priceless golden idol--which the local head honcho (Christopher Walken) would like to get his hands on as well. Add in the lovely but dangerous barmaid with a secret (Rosario Dawson), and Beck has some obstacles to overcome. The plot of The Rundown isn't anything special, but the script is enjoyably clever and reasonably coherent; the capable cast keeps things lively; and the movie's relaxed but sinewy pace sets it apart from the frantic floundering of recent action flicks--kudos to director Peter Berg (Very Bad Things). A surprisingly fun flick. --Bret Fetzer

Customer Reviews:

    ***1/2 2003. Directed by Peter Berg. The Rock must bring back the son of a L.A. mobster who's searching for a golden statue in the Amazonian jungle. Great stunts and an always terrific Christopher Walken as the villain. The screenplay was co-written by James Vanderbilt who already wrote the scripts of two other above average action movies: John McTiernan's Basic and David Fincher's Zodiac (Widescreen Edition). At last, note Arnold Schwarzenegger cameo at the beginning of the movie. Recommended....more info
  • Great movie, Action, comedy, and Christopher Walken, 90 minutes of fun
    The rock in what would be his first major release movie, the rundown is a story of Beck (the Rock) who is a "collection agent" for a gambling ring. Beck just wants out of the business after so many years of fighting to open a restaurant. But, his boss wants him to do one last job, retrieve his son Travis (shawn william scott) from Brazil's jungles and bring him back home to pay for some outstanding debts. So off to brazil, to El dorado, a small town controlled by a ruthless miner, played by Christopher Walken. Beck is a man of honor, and he will bring back Travis, but along the way, things get complicated when a priceless artifiact Travis has located comes into play. I could go on, but just get this movie. Its funny, and it got some good action and fight scenes. 90 minutes of fun, check it out. ...more info
    The extras on this DVD are A++, more than enough. The extras include:

    *Deleted Scenes-The Rocks Exclusive footage
    *"Rumble in the Jumgle" featurette- choreographed scnes
    *"Appetite for Destruction" Featurette- Visual Effects
    *"The Amazon" Hawain Style Featurette- The set on Hawaii
    *The Rundown Uncensored- Featurette with Camilla the Baboon!

    Great for any fan of the Rocks movies.
    * ...more info
  • Action-packed, with some good humor along the way
    This is one of those action films in which I can sit back and enjoy as I watch every second of it. It's good to see some spectacular action and visual hilarity without the exploration of logical positivism, Aristotelian symbolisms, etc. Philosophy and Ethics are for drama films, not action films (although Terminator: 2 did a fabulous job with questions of human nature). Like I said, the action and humor are superb. I had a heck of a good time watching The Rundown. Honorable mentions go to the actors (especially Walken) for giving this film a higher entertainment value....more info
  • The Rock is Awesome
    This is such a good movie. You will laugh you butt off. Seann William Scott is great in this movie. You will see a side of the Rock you never knew existed and will love it. A must see!!...more info
  • "the Rock" - give me a break
    Before trying to watch this, I had never heard of "the Rock." Probably not an encouraging sign. "The Rock", as a learned, is an oaf who cannot act joined with an ensemble cast of other oafs who cannot act, struggling with a script by writers who cannot write. After 10 minutes I could take no more and shut it off. This piece of trash is an insult to the cinematic art form. On the other hand, if you know who "the Rock" is and are a fan, you might actually enjoy this. I found it unendurable....more info
  • good movie......but the HD isnt all that
    I enjoy "The Rock" in just about any movie that he does and so when i saw the chance to get "The Rundown" in HD DVD for only $9, i jumped on it. I already have this movie in reg dvd format so i was hoping to get a better picture with the HD version. Sadly, this movie doesnt really live up to other HD movies. The picture is clear, but not as clear and i found the sound to be just like the reg dvd version.....nothing special. Dont pay more then $15 for this one guys....otherwise you might want your money back...more info
  • Big Fight movie
    Who needs Steven Segal when you have The Rock. The movie tries to be funny with Scott, but it's not. Not even Walken's one liners are funny. The action is good, but you'd expect that from The Rock. It's one big wrestling match set in the jungle....more info
  • Wack
    I love dude from American Pie (although B2K should've won the dance award) and the Roc is a major favorite (ever since that one episode of Punk'd), this movie was terrible. I fell asleep on it four times. The only good part was the beginning with the extremely gorgeous baseball player dealing with the ring. That's it. The rest of the movie was a little too cliche--eew, find a treasure. Great in bedtime stories, not good for two grown men who seem completely out of place in a jungle. I liked the short guy who talked about Ali "Float like a budda-fly" though. The humor wasn't even amusing because the movie was just too slow and far out for me....more info
  • Amusing In Spots
    Whereas The Rundown did not live up to my expectations, it did have some good moments. The Rock(Dwayne Johnson) does add some charisma to the screen with his glib style. Sean William Scott and Christopher Walken are fine in supporting roles.

    However the story line is really nothing special. It certainly lacks depth and basically was written as a vehicle for The Rock to show if his wrestling moves and stunt man abilities. There are other action thrillers that succede on both levels(story and action). Just check out anything by Denzel Washington or even Arnold Schwartzenegger.

    The Rundown does feature some comedic moments and some good action scenes. However, the story is middle of the road at best....more info

  • Fun action movie but lacking trully hd picture...
    Watching this movie hasn't really changed since the DVD days. The story is exciting and the action is constantly flowing. That is why this movie gets four stars from me.

    What keeps this movie from getting five stars is the grainy picture. I have a 1080p and watching other hd movies looked good. This movie appeared as they did very little to enhance the quality of picture. The picture was grainy and really didn't appear any better than my dvd version. You may want to invest in some other movie with a better quality picture unless you haven't viewed it before....more info
  • THE Best Rock Action Movie Ever!
    There aren't many movies I can actually re-watch but I have to say this is one of them. In my mind this is the best movie The Rock has acted in. The Location is beautiful, the fight scenes and action are great, not to mention the simple fact you get to watch The Rock for 90 Minutes! If they were smart they would make a sequel! And if you have an HD DVD player you can't beat the prices of most of the movies compared to Blu Ray....more info
  • An enjoyable disposable action flick
    The Rundown (aka Welcome to the Jungle) is more fun than it looks without ever making it to the top grade of disposable action schlock. Aside from one energetic fight with diminutive rebels swinging from ropes, director Peter Berg isn't so hot at action scenes, the script doesn't bother with much in the way of explanations and a little of Ewan Bremner's Pogues act goes a long, long way. But The Rock is a likeable lead, Seann William Scott is less annoying than usual, Christopher Walken works his usual value for money mojo as the villain of the piece (typecasting, you say?) and Rosario Dawson is hot, so all shortcomings are forgivable. As one action hero says to the other in a nice cameo, "Heff fun." Fairly good DVD extras too....more info
  • How 'Bout THE RUBDOWN
    This flick offers up three MALE HUNKS deserving of such treatment- The Rock, Seann Scott & best of all- ERNIE REYES JR.of Surf Ninja fame. And we don't just get a GREAT MOVIE. The extras include featurettes that also do justice to their pumped physiques with countless shots of their bare torsos. Filmed in South America The Rock is sent there to bring back stud Scott but a local boss decides to step in to make things difficult. That would be Christopher Walken. He never takes his shirt off-thank God. Anyway, Mr. Reyes is onboard to play Manito the magnificent- so dubbed by me 'cause he's never looked better 'shirtless' & this time around his acting actually shines. He plays the part of a tribe leader beautifully. Here he's captured our heroes & wants answers & fast. Trust me- this MARTIAL ARTS DUDE has never been more 'deliciously displayed.' Never willing to take a backseat to anyone when it comes to flashing some SERIOUS FLESH, he decides to fight The Rock with all his muscles BULGIN' TO BEAT THE BAND- which is fine with me. Either he only takes roles now where he's allowed to mezmorize his audience with his superbly chiseled bod or writers & directors have simply typecast him 'physical persence personified.' His pipes are huge, his pecs are pointy perfect, his abs are ripped, his shoulders are layered, his- well you get the point. Rosario Dawson eventually comes to THE GUYS rescue but doesn't treat us to any cleavage in a role that begged for it- or at least I did. I've always enjoyed The Rock. He's got a ways to go with his acting but overall made the plot believable. Seann Scott merely serves as icing on the cake. These MACHO flicks are MY CUP OF TEA. I eat them up & here we have plenty of dessert to go around & then some. ...more info
  • good fun all around
    Bounty hunter Beck [the Rock] ventures deep into the Amazon in pursuit of his boss' AWOL, troublesome son [Scott], who is pursuing an ancient gold icon hidden somewhere in the jungle. Pretty soon, the two of them are both being pursued by the mercenaries of mining baron Hatcher [Walken]. A tight, good-humoured, and surprisingly well-made film, with some eye-popping effects and well-constructed fight scenes alongside the typical buddy-flic humor. The Rock more than holds his own as a comic lead, Scott's wannabe Indy Jones is a refreshing departure from his American Pie days, and Walken is a nuts as ever....more info
  • The lovely Rosario Dawson is the only highlight
    Rosario Dawson, who was the hot chick in Men in Black 2, is a co-star in The Rundown. She is the only reason why you should see this movie. Everybody else sucked.

    The action scenes are very watered-down. And Rock's fight scenes looked as fake as wrestling.

    This is a nice rental since it's better than the Scorpion King, but it is not worth buying to own....more info
  • fantastic
    The Rundown [Blu-ray]
    I thought the rundown good watching & I reccomend it[especialy bluray]...more info
  • Fun Movie
    Movie is fun, nothing too special, Amazon service was super and the product was as described. Nothing more here... move on....more info
  • The first 10 minutes rock!
    This is one of my all-time fav's but you have the credits wrong. Arnold S. is NOT in this movie. And the Rock is not even mentioned....more info
  • utterly implausible, but fun at times

    In the opening scene of "The Rundown," the current governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, stops by for a brief moment to pass the torch off to Dwayne Douglas Johnson - a.k.a. The Rock - officially anointing him as the action hero star for the new millennium.

    In this film, The Rock plays a wannabe restaurateur who finds himself in hock to a vicious mob boss. To work off his debt, the rock-solid behemoth becomes a retrieval expert, strong arming other people into paying what THEY owe to the gangster. For his final assignment, the Rock is sent off to the jungles of South America to find and bring back the boss's recalcitrant son, who is busy searching for some buried Indian treasure and making a general pest of himself. While there, The Rock becomes involved in a small war between a gold miner who has virtually enslaved the native population (who else but Christopher Walken?) and the band of rebels out to defeat him and regain freedom for their people.

    "The Rundown" is a fairly standard action adventure film in which the ever-resilient hero is able to pulverize a whole army of armed-to-the-teeth bad guys with little more than his own bare hands and without suffering a single scratch in the process. No matter how many times he gets punched, kicked, stomped on, thrown into the air or tossed over a cliff, The Rock always manages to pick himself up, dust himself off and fight again. Writer R.J. Stewart and director Peter Berg make it a point to emphasize The Rock's humanity by having him rarely use a gun when fighting (and then only as a last resort) and by giving him a homey domestic dimension in the form of his culinary talents. There's something downright incongruous about having a human side of beef beating everyone he meets into a bloody pulp, all the while declaring that he is really opposed to violence on principle. The film is also filled with all the verbal bantering, wisecracks and quips one has come to expect from these big budget action pictures. Some of the humor works and some of it doesn't.

    Although The Rock has yet to develop his chops as an actor, he has a certain laidback charm that works well on screen. He is effectively paired with Seann William Scott (Stifler from the "American Pie" movies), who has a ball playing the hyper kinetic jokester who just happens to be hiding a heart of gold under his mercenary exterior. The two develop a kind of nagging, love/hate relationship that generates a few laughs along the way. Rosario Dawson, with her seamless, pearly white teeth and perfectly coiffed hair, is far from convincing as a woman who is a bartender by day and a jungle-dwelling revolutionary by night. She is so grave and serious in her overall demeanor that she seems to be acting in a whole other movie entirely.

    The Rock has a long way to go before he finds a vehicle even half as good as the best that Arnold has done, but "The Rundown" has its moments....more info
  • Surprisingly good
    I'd seen Rock's other movies: The Scorpion King and Walking Tall. So, being a fan, I had to see The Rundown. Reading the cover, I expected it to be the weakest of the three. Man, was I surprised. It's probably the best of the three! The Rundown has more humor and more action. It's easily the most fun to watch. The Rock is the next big action-adventure star so it's nice to see a brief cameo by Arnold Schwartzenager where he sort of passes the baton to The Rock....more info
  • Great Movie!
    This is a great movie. It gets kind of campy at times, but D. Johnson (The Rock) and SWS really do a great job of making it enjoyable to watch. Plus it has Christopher Walken. What else do you need?...more info