Nesco FD-75PR 700-Watt Food Dehydrator
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Product Description

The NESCO Professional Food & Jerky Dehydrator has more power than most dehydrators -- 700 watts -- which means faster drying time. You will have results in hours, not days. The top mounted fan with patented Converga-Flow action pressurizes air downward through the outer ring and horizontally across each individual tray, converging at the center, for fast, even drying. No need to rotate trays. The adjustable thermostat allows you to dry different foods at proper temperatures (95-155 F), providing the flexibility to produce the best drying results. As your needs grow, the Professional Food & Jerky Dehydrator can be expanded up to 12 trays.

  • 700-watt 5-tray food dehydrator dries in hours instead of days
  • Top-mounted fan; adjustable thermostat from 95 to 160 degrees F
  • Flavors don't mix; no need to rotate trays; opaque exterior blocks harmful lights
  • Includes recipe book, 2 solid sheets, 2 mesh sheets, and 3 jerky spice packets
  • Measures approximately 13 by 13 by 10 inches

Customer Reviews:

  • Best one I have ever owned
    This product works better than the other three Dehydrators that I have owned in the past. Works with all kinds of food....more info
  • Makes good Jerky
    Very good Jerky maker. Trays are hard to clean but there's no getting around that with any dehydrator. I noticed that the meat closest to the motor dries quicker than the ones at the bottom so you will have to rotate the trays.

    The motor on the top is a better design than the models with the motor on the bottom. That way there will be no liquid dripping into the motor and destroying it.
    Runs very quiet....more info
  • Nesco American Harvest Dehydrator is Fantastic
    Nesco American Harvest FD-75PR 700-Watt Food Dehydrator
    As an herbalist, I do a lot of harvesting and drying. Although most of the herbs I dry are gathering in summer and dried on a series of large screens hung under a drying porch, during autumn damp weather doesn't allow for this method. I resort an indoor method during the cold, wet season. When my previous dehydrator wore out I searched for an affordable, but good replacement. I read the reviews on this product and decided to give it a try, ordering two.

    The temperature adjustment has come in very handy, as I don't like to add too much heat when drying wild harvested medicinal mushrooms. Roots and wild berries, such as serviceberries and hawthorn, take a little more heat to dry, whereas I prefer no heat when drying nettles and other leafy herbs.

    The heat or air is forced from the top downward, which seems to dry things much more quickly that most other dehydrators that I have used over the years.

    This product has proven nearly perfect for my needs. It's only "fault" would be that it is a bit louder than others that I have used in the past ~ but all its other great features more than make up to this tiny "flaw"....more info
  • Healthy food, long term storage - just what I wanted
    I've had my Nesco dehydrator for a couple of months now, and I love it. I've made several batches of jerky, which the whole family enjoys. I've also dehydrated onions, apples, some herbs, tomatoes (de-seeded and squeezed a little to remove some of the liquid), and even cantaloupe. The machine works quickly, and the fan means you don't have to keep shuffling the trays to get everything evenly dried. The temperature settings are nice too, since not everything needs the same amount of heat. The best part of having it is that when your potatoes and onions start to go bad, you can dry them and save them to cook with. And I love knowing that the fruits and jerky I give my family are clean, safe and have no added chemicals.

    If you plan to dehydrate fruit for snack eating, you might want to dip the slices lightly in sugar before drying. The cantaloupe was a little plain afterwards. Also when dehydrating onions, it's best to do it outside or in the garage, as the scent of onions can be overpowering indoors.

    Next I plan to make some fruit roll-ups in the special tray that came with the dehydrator....more info
  • dehydrador
    I love it. Dries apples and other fruit good. Easy to clean.
    Heater and blower on top. Not loud, makes the kitchen smells good....more info
  • Nesco American Harvest FD-75PR 700-Watt Food Dehydrator
    Nesco American Harvest FD-75PR 700-Watt Food Dehydrator THIS IS A GREAT PRODUCT! IT MADE THE BEST JERKY, AND FAST! CAN'T WAIT TO DO MORE!!...more info
    I am very pleased with this product. I use it every two weeks for volume dehydrating for sweet potatoes. TW...more info
  • NESCO Dehydrator
    We have used a smaller, lesser model RONCO food dehydrator for years and thought the 700W NESCO would be a big step up. It had advertised features that suggested it would work faster and more efficiently than the "cheaper" models, including a fan to force heated air more uniformly through the drying trays without constant rotation, and a thermostat to set the temperature settings. Actual experience varied, however, as the unit did not seem to dehydrate the food contents any faster than the 120W RONCO convection dryer. While it was said to dry foods in a fraction of the time that a cheaper unit would require to do it, our experience has not been consistent with this expectation. The NESCO is an atractive unit with seemingly nice features, but our experience with its performance suggests it is about the same as any other similar unit....more info
  • great product
    This dehydrator is very easy to use. I've dried apples, pears and strawberries so far. The strawberries didn't turn out exactly the way I hoped they would, but they were still good. I think if I experiment with the thickness and drying temperature I'll have better results.
    My one criticism is there's no on/off switch. To start the dehydrator you plug it in, to stop it you unplug it. ...more info
  • Great kitchen tool
    I love it - this dehydrator is a great value for the money. Without getting something significantly more expensive I couldn't ask it to work better for what I wanted. I have dried all kinds of fruits and made fruit roll-ups. I have not tried meats yet. The motor is not very loud and I just slice stuff up, lay it in there and let it work its magic!...more info
  • Great for Raw food lovers
    Most everything geared towards people who love raw food is expensive including the excaliber dehydrater which is a few hundred $$$. I chose this because I can dehydrate on low levels of heat to preserve the enzymes and vitamins as much as possible. I have had great success using this at 100-105 with all my fruits and veggies and my most favorite thing is the easiest of all to make (fruit roll ups!!!) . ...more info
    I had a less watt for many years, and it took so much longer .
    Got this Nesco 700 Watt, and was so pleased with the speed compared to my old one.
    Love the Jerky , and the Nesco season pouches.
    A Great Machine....more info
  • Good product
    This is the best dehydrator I have ever used. I even bought one for my grandson who loves jerky....more info
  • Everyone's getting jerky for Christmas!
    I bought this for one reason only...JERKY. So far I have no complaints with its design or any other functionality. Other reviewers have noted that it's missing a timer and an on/off switch which is true but to me it means that there's just less that could go wrong with it, and who doesn't have a timer on their microwave, oven or watch?

    I have the larger size jerky gun that nicely holds a pound of lean ground beef or turkey. It only takes 2 or 3 trays to hold 1 lb of jerky using my gun. For ease of use in squeezing out the meat, I use the wide tip on the jerky gun and arrange it in a spiral on the tray. There is less problems with constantly having to pinch of the ends and also with this method I only need 2 trays and when it's done, I just cut the long strip of jerky into squares.

    With the spices/cure already prepackage for sale here or at my local WM, the ease of the jerky gun and the quick drying with this unit, all my friends, family and coworkers will be getting homemade beef and turkey jerky for Christmas. It'll save me money, the jerky is outstanding and for the people that don't know I have one of these, they will think I went through a lot of trouble to make them homemade jerky. Hehe.

    I have not attempted to dehydrate anything else and really don't intend to. I bought this only for jerky and for that it does an excellent job. It's fast, it's dries consistently, not messy at all, and I can make over 3 lbs of jerky in a matter of hours. Yeah...I LOVE IT!...more info
  • Great little machine
    I researched for awhile before choosing this dehydrator. So far, I'm very impressed. It's fast and I like being able to choose the temperature. Unlike others who've posted here, I didn't want an auto shutoff because you need to check on food that you're dehydrating. The type of food, thickness, and fat content all impact the total drying time. Let it go too long and it ends up crispy. Turn it off too early and it ends up soggy or with congealed fat. Sadly, just two days after I received mine, Amazon put it on a Friday sale for $20 less than what I paid. Oh well!
    **Update - Just an FYI - this unit is QUIET. Yes - you do hear the fan blowing, but it's about as loud as a small desk fan. ...more info
  • Buy No Other
    Avid kitchen gardeners & jerky lovers, my husband & I purchased our first dehydrator, an 80 liter Cabela's professional model, this spring. It was quite expensive & failed within a month's use. My husband was discouraged & determined to build his own dehydrator when I talked him into just trying the Nesco 700-watt dehydrator. We have since used the Nesco to dry everything from herbs to jerky & my husband raves everytime at its perfect performance & engineering! The Nesco operates quietly, dries evenly, cleans almost effortlessly, & is a marvel of functional simplicity. We are totally thrilled with this dehydrator & recommend it without hesitation. ...more info
  • Great product
    I really like this dehydrator. I have used it to dry soaked nuts and I love that this machine has a variable
    temp control. I can dry them at low temperature to preserve the enzymes which would be killed at higher
    temps. I look forward to using it for many other drying
    needs. I recommend this product. It is quiet and much faster than my old dehydrator. ...more info
  • Great value for money, perfect for home use
    After some research, I settled on this model as the best combination of size, flexibility and price. I'm glad I did -- this little powerhouse has been doing a great job since day one. I've made raw cookies, sprouted granola, fresh fig leather and all kinds of fruit and veggie chips with it. I haven't made jerky yet, but I'm glad that the variable temp gives me the option to do so in the future.

    - Has large capacity without taking up excessive counter space.
    - Variable temp lets you dry delicate foods without harming nutrients.
    - Stackable trays customize the size of your dehydrator - you don't waste power drying empty space.
    - Dries contents fairly evenly from top to bottom of tray stack. I only rotate trays once during drying, if at all.

    - Trays can be tricky to clean unless your sink is large.
    - Doesn't have an on/off switch or timer. These aren't deal-breakers to me because drying fruit is not a precision art.
    - The top (where the heater/fan is located) is awkward to set aside when you want to rearrange the drying contents. It doesn't rest flat.

    Overall, I'd recommend this model highly to anyone who wants a good, all-purpose dehydrator at a reasonable price....more info
  • happy with the product
    I bought this product to make jerky for my husband since he is on a low-carb diabetic diet and is thus very limited on what he can snack on. We are very pleased with the result. I have made jerky both with the sample of curing spice the unit came with and without it (just using my own marinade concoction) and they both came out great. Sliced very thin, we can do a 3 lb piece of beef in about 4 - 5 hours which makes about a large ziplock bag of jerky. To buy that much pre-made jerky would cost a fortune. The noise level is not bad, like an audible hum. The unit also generates some heat in the room. We use it on a continuous basis. The difficult part is cleaning the dried-on marinade off the trays - best to let them soak in the sink for a while, but we think it's worth it (I make him do it!) I bought a vacuum sealer to vacuum pack the jerky, but he eats it so fast it's not necessary. It comes with an instruction manual on how to dry different types of food. We are very pleased with the purchase....more info
  • Exactly what I was looking for
    This is what we were looking for. With the fan it dries so much faster than the older styles. We also purchased some extra trays to do more at one time. The only thing I can see to improve would be an on/off switch on the lid with the heat controls. Don't like having to unplug from the wall to check the progress of the food....more info