NETGEAR WNR834B RangeMax Next Wireless-N Router
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Product Description

The NETGEAR WNR834B RangeMax Next Wireless-N Router offers:
  • Wireless-N protocol for up to 270 Mbps throughput.
  • Four Ethernet ports for wired networking.
  • WiFi Multimedia technology for optimized audio, video, and voice applications.
The NETGEAR WNR834B RangeMax Next Wireless-N Router lets you easily set up a wireless network in your home so you can share a single internet connection with everyone in your household at speeds up to 270 Mbps. You can stream music and video, make internet phone calls, videoconference, and surf the web, all at the same time.

The WNR834B delivers up to 10 times more range than an 802.11g device. View larger.
Easy Setup
The WNR834B makes it easy for even a novice to set up a wireless network: just plug the included Ethernet cable from your LAN into the device and insert the included CD into any computer on the network, which will provide step-by-step instructions. The WNR834B includes a stand for vertical placement.

The WNR834B employs a web-based interface for configuration for compatibility with any computer with a web browser. The firmware is also upgradeable via the web interface so you can be sure your router will always be up-to-date.

New Technology Means Blazing Speeds and Backwards Compatibility
The WNR834B complies with the latest 802.11n draft specification which allows for speeds up to 270 Mbps. By utilizing MIMO (multiple-input, multiple-output) technology, the WNR834B has speed and range far surpassing the older 802.11g standard. The preset internal antennas ensure that the device is always tuned for optimal performance, and NETGEAR's Wi-Fi Multimedia technology optimizes audio, video, and voice applications.

If you still have computers that use 802.11g or 802.11b, don't fret as the router is backwards compatible with the older wireless standards and can be set so all your computers can connect to the network. The WNR834B will automatically figure out the connection type and work accordingly.

The router also has four RJ-45 Ethernet ports in the back for connecting computers to the network via a wired connection.

Security Made Easy
The WNR834B offers many security options to ensure your data is private. Double firewall protection keeps your network shielded from outside attacks. It also prevents Denial of Service (DoS) attacks.

NETGEAR's Touchless WiFi Security makes it quick and easy to set up network security on a WiFi network by asking for a passphrase from the user. The WNR834B supports WiFi Protected Access (WPA2-PSK, WPA-PSK), and 64-bit and 128-bit WEP encryption for 802.11b/g networks. Additionally, you can set security through MAC address authentication, allowing only authorized users onto the network.

Repeater Mode
The router can be set in repeater mode which allows you to use it to extend the range of an existing wireless network.

The NETGEAR WNR834B RangeMax Next Wireless-N Router is backed by a 1-year warranty.

What's in the Box
WNR834B RangeMax Next Wireless-N Router, power adapter, Ethernet cable, stand, setup CD, warranty/support information card.

The Netgear WNR834B RangeMax NEXT Wireless Router extends the power & possibilities of your wireless home network. This next-generation wireless standard utilizes advanced MIMO (Multi-In, Multi-Out) technology, delivering speed and range. It provides wireless interoperability at the highest speeds with other products, with Intensi-fi. Create and maintain enough bandwidth to go online, make Internet calls, share files, play network games, stream videos and more -- all simultaneously. Unit Dimensions - 8.9 x 6.8 x 1.5 (225.5 x 172 x 39 mm) Weight - 1.2 lbs. (.56 Kg) Recommended for use with WN311B or WN511B RangeMax NEXT Wireless Adapter

  • Wireless-N router offers an easy way to set up a fast network with wired and wireless connections
  • Delivers up to 300 Mbps of wireless throughput
  • Four RJ-45 Ethernet ports allow for wired connections to the network
  • Enhanced security includes a double firewall, and WPA and 128-bit WEP encryption
  • Device measures 8.9 x 1.5 x 6.8 inches (WxHxD)

Customer Reviews:

  • Thus far, a vast improvement for my network.
    I have had this unit around a week now, and it replaced a 4 year old zyexel g router that I had. Thus far, flawless. My old router used to drop signals about every other day requiring me to reboot my modem and router. It was worse when I was in the big city, but was better here with my rural cable service. Thus far, not a single issue, I turn on my computer, and there is the internet. I leave the computer on for 2 days, no issues. I have a handheld computer, a notebook, and my PS3 all connected via wireless, not a single issue with those units either. The Zyexel was forcing me to unlock security settings to connect here at the end (despite re-installing it several times). Finally, the signal strength/range boost is phenomenal. From My second floor to my first floor on opposite sides of the house I now have 87% pick up by my PS3, compared to 21% with the G type router. Overall, I could not be happier, the setup was a snap, less than 10 minutes with my Athlon unit running XP (around 5 years old). I hope this unit works well for you also. The only reason I do not give it 5 stars right now is I want to see durability. I'll try and update this in a few months. ...more info
  • Set-up is a challenge
    Having set up wireless routers in the past, I was able to get this one up and running pretty quickly. However, if you have never done it before, look somewhere else. The set-up "Wizard" is not too smart. Finally, I abandoned the Wizard and did the set-up manually and it worked fine. I also had to update the wireless LAN card driver in one of my older computers to work correctly with this router. The USB wirless adapter I bought to go with this router did instal with no trouble. I'm not a network technician, but I think the knowledge necessary to get this router working is probably beyond the average home user who simply wants to get wirless going in the house. The router does give me very high speed with the wireless N adapter, which is why I bought it. So, if you can get it to work, its probably a fine peiece of equipment....more info
  • DD-WRT
    This is a great router once you load DD-WRT. FAST FAST FAST. I tried a couple of the dual band routers (WRT610 and WNDR3300) and they are just unstable and DD-WRT doesn't support them yet. This router worked best for me. I just wish it made hot dogs....more info
  • Great Draft N router with DD-WRT v24 sp1
    Frys had these in plain netgear refurb brown box for only $34.99 during the labor day weekend sale. I picked up three cause I wanted to use two as a repeater/bridge and one as the main base station. With the standard netgear firmware, this router is pretty average, and slow for an N router, but upgrade the firmware to the latest DD-WRT v24 sp1, you just made this cheap N router a blazing $300.00+ router. The DD-WRT firmware gave much more configurable options, one actually increasing the tx range. Sorry neighbors. :) My throughput is between 230 to 260 mbp!!!!! Signal stays in five bars (excellent range).

    This router is great for tweaking and would only recommend it if you are able to get this router at a cheap price and upgrading the firmware to DD-WRT. I say it blows away the Linksys WRT54G....more info
  • One Word: Lemon!
    This Netgear N Router was supposedly refurbished and tested. I could not get it work. The wireless blue light would not light up. I sent it back. It was reurned to me "repaired and tested". Guess what--it would not work again. This time the internet light would not come on when connected to the cable modem. Sent it back for reimbursement.
    The vendor, were cooperative and helpful but could not resolve the problem.
    I am sorry to say that this has left a very bad taste in my mouth....more info
  • Great security, difficult set-up, especially for MACs
    The physical setup of the router - connecting the cables, plugging it in, and configuring it with a wired connection - is a breeze. I accomplished it in under 10 minutes. Then I spent the next 4 hours getting our wireless computers to connect.

    One tip: Get everyone - wired and wireless - connected before you configure the security. In this way, all the networked computers will recognize the new router without any hindrances. Then go back into the setup program and configure the security.

    We have several Windows PCs and one MAC. The MAC was the most difficult to connect. The box says MAC OS compatible, so I was quite put out when Netgear customer service told me to call Apple to resolve the problem.

    Fortunately, I insisted on speaking with a supervisor. This individual stuck with me for the next hour and half until we got the MAC connected.

    This is what worked for me, but YMMV. At lower level security - WEP and WPA1 - the MAC needs a dollar sign ($) entered preceding the password, like this: $password, when you connect it to the network. At the higher level WPA2 security, it does not take the dollar sign.

    While I succeeded in connecting the MAC, the user reports that he is experiencing interruption of the wireless connection to a greater degree than previously experienced. The Windows PCs have not experienced any loss of performance.

    I purchased Netgear mostly because, with the exception of the MAC, the PCs all have Netgear wireless ethernet cards. This is because we've had Netgear routers for years. However, on average the routers last about a year. Next year, should the occasion call for it, I'll risk another brand....more info
  • Worse Netgear Product Ever!!
    Let me start off by saying that Ive been working on all kinds of networks for 8 years with up to over 1600 computers, printers, Nas, and anything in between.

    I bought this item to upgrade my parents wireless network. They have a desktop, 3 Notebooks, a 2TB Nas, and a printer. Setup on this item is a breeze as usual. Any one can do it. It took me all of 20 mins to set everything up. For the first two days everything went well. After the second day it has been hard to keep connected to the router. Anything that is hard wired works fine. The hardware that is connected wirelessly does not stay connected. The signal is very unstable and once it goes down you have to reboot or wait 30 mins for it to sort out. But once it is connected you do get 130MBS+.

    I have returned this item and bought a 3500 series hopefully it works better. A word of advice do not buy if you want to stay connected via WAN....more info
  • Good for PC, Bad for MacBook Pro
    I bought this router without research (last time I do that). I tried to use the setup software on the cd provided with the router, but could not get it to work through the PC or MAC. So I went through the router's IP interface to setup the security. My PCs had no trouble connecting to the wireless G. My PS3 connected with no issues through the ethernet. However, my MacBook Pro (Airport Extreme N) would connect and disconnect through the wireless N connection.

    I am not sure who to blame. I suppose this is the risk you take for buying something called 802.11N draft. I tried a variety of settings on the router and could not resolve the connect/disconnect on the MacBook Pro. This is speculation, but I think it is a matter of each company has an interpretation of the N draft and they do not match.

    I am returning this router and getting the Airport Extreme N router from Apple. It is more expensive, but if I can maintain N speed connection without issue, then great. Plus there are features in the Apple router I will use that do not come with the Netgear or other routers in the price range. Such as printing wirelessly......more info
  • Worse than a Netgear WGR617 802.11g
    I used two of these to wirelessy bridge about 7m / 20' and to provide a wirelss network (802.11n). There are numerous dropped packets on the bridge. A laptop with line of sight (5m / 15') drops its VPN connection overnight consistently (when its backing-up). My older (and cheaper) Netgear WGR614v7 didn't, installed in the same position.

    I've also had one of the common PSU failures (constant rebooting under load).

    The firmware update feature doesn't work if you use one in WDS mode (which is what allows wireless bridging), as it will only use a local internet connection. You have to use a wired internet connection. Numerous f/w upgrades have got me nowhere.

    I'd have given-up sooner, but not many wireless routers support wireless bridging. I now have an ugly cable with my old router, but its fast and reliable. Netgear must try harder .....more info
  • Works fine - good coverage
    Setup is simple if you take the time to read the instructions and go thru the setup CD. For some unknown reason the CD takes a long time to load. You must have the PC with the setup CD connected directly to the cable modem with the supplied cable, otherwise the setup will NOT work.
    Coverage is much better than G and extends much further out. Just installed it so have no history on the longevity. So far I've had no disconnects and haven't had to reboot the modem connection like I've had to do with Belkin one I had prviously. It also feels faster than the DLink N with rangebooster that I had....more info
  • Dirt Simple, Worked Great Out of the Box
    I pickup up a refurbished unit, and it worked great out of the box. No issues. I wanted to replace my old access point, which didn't reach the one place I need access.

    I had already tried a dlink g model with high gain antenna, and a different Netgear g router.

    I bought this based on a no-brainer, refurb price, figuring I'd return it if I couldn't get adequate signal in the one location I need. No problem. Previously, lost signal all the time, Netflix and Hulu would stall, choke and die. Now, absolutely no problem. Recommend this product wholeheartedly....more info
  • Works great, easy to set up
    I recently purchased a NETGEAR WNR834B Router as it was referred to me by a friend. I read some mixed reviews but he assured me the product worked great. After doing some research I found out that the lastest version now automatically downloads the most current firmware and NETGEAR added QOS which prioritizes gaming and other critical traffic like VOIP which I set up as I use Skype and play games :)

    Their website mentioned a new installation wizard which worked great and I get a signal across by 2900 sq ft. house. I stream video from my office upstairs to my TV downstairs and play photo albums wirelessly for the parents. Seems like the newest version has all the kinks worked out. ...more info
  • Excellent!
    I was very suspicious when i was shopping around for a new router. If you have had any router using experience (i would hope you do) then you know that there are some routers out there that have very very veryyyy bad user interfaces on them, with hidden controls etc. This was real easy to set up, with no actual ip configs etc (the software does it all for you-THANK YOU). Then once its up and running, it takes about 1 min to setup security and passwords, awesome!
    This is a good router, even if you don't have wireless-n. I don't, but my roommate does and his connection is rocket fast. We're talkin 4-5 megs in a dorm room. Nice!
    Get this router, especially for the price. You'll be shooting yourself in the foot if you don't....more info
  • Died on me twice: 2 months, then 14 months
    This product died twice on me in less than 14 months. The first time it was replaced under warranty and the second time it died shortly after the warranty expired. Aside from that there were no issues with multiple PCs (up to 6) plus several wireless devices. Naturally I'm unhappy with the longevity so replaced it with a non-Netgear product.
    ...more info
  • Lowered expectations
    I work out of a home office a couple of days a week and depend on a fast internet connection to my company's email server. I recently upgraded my Netgear Wireless G system for this Netgear Wireless N approach, expecting great things... faster and, importantly, a more dependable connection. There would be times during the day when my wireless connection would be dropped for a few seconds, but it always seemed to happen when I needed the connection the most!

    Installing the new router couldn't have been simpler. It was a quick swap out of my old router and substituting the new one. I spent a minute or so logging into the router via a browser, setting up my encryption key and network name, then starting my remote computer and using the same settings. Voila! Nearly painless. My remote computer reported something like 260 MBPS connection speeds for the first hour or so and I thought I had solved my speed problems. Now, would it remain connected, with Wireless N's purported stronger signal?

    After a few days, I noticed I had just as many dropped connections, if not more with Wireless N. When I hovered my mouse over the Netgear adapter icon, it would report a very low signal strength, yet the reported speed was up there - over 100 MBPS. I'd love to tell you that my download and upload times are noticeably faster, but they are not.

    A new Acer netbook I purchased from Amazon will often only connect to my home network if I carry it into the same room as the router for a minute or so for a connection. Once the connection is made, I can take the netbook where I need to, so the signal strength of this router is not at all what I expected.

    I have an attractive looking router, but that is about all I can say. It is a bit less dependable than my three year old Wireless G, takes up more vertical space near my cable connection and lights up the room at night with its flashing blue light. If you are looking for an upgrade over your Wireless G system, keep looking. I don't believe Netgear's implementation is there yet.
    ...more info