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DataStor UNBCPX 3-Fan Notebook Cooling Pad
List Price: $29.99

Our Price: $8.49

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Product Description

Protect your notebook and reduce heat-related mishaps! 3 built in fans provide constant airflow for easy thermal heat dissipation, cooling your system for long term applications. No batteries or power adapter is needed since power is drawn out from your USB port by the included cable. Use your notebook in comfort by offsetting any "leg cooking" sensations; cool down now!

With the DataStor Silver Notebook Cooler Pad, laptop overheating is no longer an issue. The cooler features three built-in fans, which provide constant airflow for easy thermal heat dissipation. This allows your laptop to perform for long periods of time without the threat of heat-related damage. No batteries or power adapter is necessary, since the power is drawn out from your USB port by the included cable. The cooler pad also has the added benefit of keeping your legs cool while you rest your laptop on your lap.

What's in the Box
Silver notebook cooler pad and USB cable.

  • Notebook cooler eliminates laptop overheating
  • Three fans to dissipate heat buildup and prevent heat-related damage
  • Increases laptop user's comfort by keeping legs cool
  • Draws power from USB port; USB cable included

Customer Reviews:

  • Big Help for Hot Laptop
    I have a recent model of an HP Pavilion. Due to some poor construction, recent HP's have a very bad tendency to overheat. This pad helps immensely. If you only have a few USB ports, you may want to invest in a USB hub or a non-powered cooling mat, though. This does permanently occupy one or your ports....more info
  • Works well but a bit low quality
    I will be using this unit as a travel cooler. It is a fair price for what you get but if you need something sturdy spend a few more dollars.
    Pros: Very quiet, very thin, very light, good rubber pads to stop sliding.

    Cons: you can stop the fans if you put pressure directly over them, cheap plastic, obviously made in China, not as wide as a 15.4" laptop

    Over all, if you buy this unit as one of Amazon's bundle deals it is not too bad. I wouldn't run out and get this expecting a life long cooling pad.

    I am unemployed at the time of this writing and that was one of the contributing reasons to go inexpensive. If you can afford more buy a brand name like Targus
    Have a ghoulishly delightful day!!!!
    The Reverend Grim Daddy...more info
  • Decent
    Had this for well over 6 months and while it seems to cool ok, it has gotten kinda loud and annoying. Otherwise, it's still going. ...more info
  • Good for stationary use, but cheap and no customer support/parts.
    I bought this some time ago because my laptop was getting hot and bugging me. I spent a lot of time searching for a solution and decided to try this.

    First: the thing works. It does cool down my laptop. The little fans seem to work great for what I have and it fits all the way across the bottom (the only problem for me is that my laptop's hotspot required me to flip the unit in reverser, but it worked out). I have no problem with that.

    My problems with this unit stem from the complete lack of customer support and the exceptionally shoddy build. It's made of the cheapest plastic I've ever seen, which wouldn't be a problem if the USB cord that comes with the unit weren't also the cheapest-made bundle of wires and plastic coating. Within a few weeks the USB cord started to get wonky, cutting out power unless I moved it a certain way. Then, not long after that, the plastic covering over wires pulled off both ends so it was exposing the wires. Then, the cord died. I was lucky that I had an A/C adapter that fit the plug size for the unit, but that's getting old and is starting to act up as well.

    In any case, contacting customer support doesn't do much good. They don't even dignify you with a response telling you they can't replace the power cord, so the unit is mostly useless, since the plug size is not a normal size for A/C (it's some older size that they don't really make anymore and you'll have to buy one of those fancy A/C adapters w/ the multiple plugs to be able to use it, which will cost you as much as buying a new unit anyway...).

    So, after all that, I'd say this: If you're looking for a unit that will sit on your desk and you'll just flip it on and off and never move it, then this will do the trick. But if you need something you can move around, shift about the house, take with you places, etc., then this unit will not last you very long. The power cord happens to be exceptionally cheap, so it'll last shorter than the unit itself, and then you can't get a replacement.

    Keep that in mind when considering this....more info
  • cheap
    Worked all right, even though it was too small -- but then it quickly started rattling. I pulled out the power cord at the wrong angle, and now it doesn't work anymore. Barely lasted a month, even....more info
  • Didn't work for me.
    This product does not work for me. It is quiet enough even with 3 fans but it seems that the fans are turning really slow and they do not cool my laptop....more info
  • Very efficient
    I followed other persons recommendations regarding the efficiency of this unit ... I was not disappointed. It is whisper quiet, small enough to carry in my laptop case, and best of all, it draws it's power through a USB port. I certainly recommend this unti....more info
  • Not so silent or well made
    I have to disagree with the reviews about it being silent. I'll admit, it's not loud, but it's not dead silent either. It makes about the same amount of noise as my old desktop hard drive.

    Also, it was a lot flimsier and lighter than I thought. I just kept thinking how cheaply it's made (like items you buy from dollar stores).

    I'm using it now, and as far as I can tell, it's working (or it just acts as one giant pad so it doesn't burn your lap instead). So, if you can overlook the not-so-sturdy construction and hard drive like hum, this is for you.

    Edit: After using this fan even more, it definitely is NOT silent. it has a very subtle dut-dut-dut-dut sound that a fan's wings would make.
    ...more info
  • Works great - great price
    I was having probs with my Dell overheating and shutting down. Since I started using this, I have not had that problem. It really is quiet! A previous review said it was a tad flimsy, I would agree but I also set it on a laptop pad so I wont break it. It was well worth the price. ...more info
  • A little noisy, but cheap and functional
    I bought this as a replacement for a Belkin cooling pad that had died very quickly. This one seems to do the job and at least has lasted longer than the Belkin. It is noisy. But, it seems to work OK and the price was right....more info
  • my computer is still hot on the bottom
    I do not recommend this product. I bought it based on the good reviews, but it doesn't help my computer stay cool. The cooling fans on my computer come on as much as before and when I feel the bottom of my computer, it is still as hot as it used to get. I actually am looking to buy another one that is more effective. Maybe it's effectiveness is contingent upon which laptop you have. I have a Toshiba satellight....more info
  • So far so good........
    I've been using this product for two weeks and it's running well, keeping my laptop's bottom nice and cool and the computer running well. ...more info
  • does the exact job it is meant to do!!
    this is an excellent cooling pad. I have a 15" dell inspiron, famous for being a heater more than a computer!! i have been using this cooler for the past 8 months and it is going strong.. I use it all the time on comforters, bedsheets, leather chairs.. the bottom of the laptop never heats up which is gr8 for my computer too!! the 3 fans do a gr8 job.. The pad is also feather lite and still hasn't broken because of my 10lb laptop.. it is a very good purchase. would recommend to all!!...more info
  • Too small for many
    The DataStor UNBCPX 3-Fan Notebook Cooling Pad is very small (12"x9"), and does not work well for a 15.4" laptop. I did not see the dimensions when I ordered this, and would hope that they would be posted on your site in the future. It is also very thin, and cheap feeling, but it does work. I would not buy another one of these except for using on a small Netbook. As my wife always says, "you get what you pay for". JP...more info
  • Definitely helps cool
    Item is conveniently light and easy to use. Definitely has helped cool my laptop down and keep it from working so hard. Also makes laptop MUCH more comfortable to use for long periods of time while placing it on your lap....more info
  • Dead after 6 months
    After 6 months of use, I'm sadden to say that it had died. It worked okay for a while, and I felt it was acceptable. But when I heard clicking, I opened it up to see what the problem was. I found the insides had cheap wiring and other inexpensive junk. The 3 lights? Those don't mean anything.

    I had 2 of the 3 fans die out on me, and the last one now chips away at the plastic. There's just no durability in this cooling pad. I don't recommend it at all....more info
  • Worked well, but....
    I've only had this product for a little bit, but I'm already sending it back. It worked great for the first week that I had it at school. I took it home with me over the weekend and the port came loose. After that it worked if I wiggled it around. I tried to email and call the manufacturers only the email bounced back and the number goes to voicemail.

    I'm sending this product back and will be purchasing a similar product but from a different company....more info
  • Worth It
    This cooling pad is the best one I have found so far. I have owed four other cooling pads from various companies.

    The Datastar pad has a third fan which helps cool my laptop very efficiently. My laptop is a Medion which tend to run hotter than most other laptops. This pad works very well.

    The pad is also very durable and thin. I have owned it for over a year, use it for hrs at a time(even 24)and take it with me wherever I go with my laptop. It fits nicely in my laptop bag side pocket.

    The pad is quiet compared to most. I did own a pad that was quieter, but not as powerful.The USB cord seems durable as this was one of the problems I had with other pads (cord breaking inside).

    I highly recommend this pad for the money....more info
  • Worked as advertised...
    The fans are quiet and the pad was just big enough for my Lenovo T60p laptop. It also did a good job cooling my laptop (especially the HD area, which gets very warm)....more info
  • excellent
    this cooler is perfect for me. it keeps my laptop cool and is perfect for my needs. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Too small
    The dimensions are not 1213 as indicated, but instead about 912. That's too small to fit under my laptop in its docking station. It's not a matter of the box being bigger, either; the product is just not what was advertised. ...more info
  • Great Deal Considering the Price
    I've had this for about 1.5 months now and i can't complain. before using it, my laptop would sometimes turn off from overheating when playing intensive games, but now i never have to look twice at the temp monitor. two of the fans are placed right under heat sinks, so the temp drop is immediately noticeable. I only wish it were larger to better accomodate my 15.4 widescreen laptop, as there is about 1 inch overhang on the sides and .5 inch overhang on the front and back. the fans are quieter than those of my comp, so it isnt annoying to use at all. well worth buying over more expensive competitors....more info