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Omron Sphygmomanometer, Black, Adult
List Price: $40.00

Our Price: $40.00

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  • No-stop, 300 mmHg manometer gauge and a deluxe air-release valve
  • LIFETIME calibration warranty +/- 3 mmHg

Customer Reviews:

  • Good quality for the price
    I am not in the medical field .. bought this for home monitoring. I was impressed with the quality of the unit for the cost. Read many other good reviews of the unit before making my decision.

    MRiddle...more info
  • Accurate Blood Pressures
    It isn't pretty, fancy or available in designer colors. But it was designed to take accurate Bps and it delivers....more info
  • Omron Blood Pressure Cuff
    A very good product. Quality is first rate. You can't go wrong for the price....more info
  • Blood pressure monitor.
    Good blood pressure monitor that works well and easy to use.
    Very happy with it!!
    ...more info
  • Professional
    This BP cuff is just like the ones I have used in the clinical setting. I ordered the regular and large adult and both are working as expected. ...more info
  • Not what I expected
    I thought that this was a self-contained unit to measure one's own blood pressure. Altho it was not misrepresented, unfortunately I did not realize that it needed a stethoscope (not included). I returned it.

    It is not configured so that you can put it on your own arm very easily. However, for its intended use it appears to be of high quality and very solidly built....more info
  • omron sphygmomanometer review
    I am satisfied with the accuracy of this product which gives about the same reading as the doctors office. It is somewhat difficult to manipulate by yourself with a stethascope, but as a retired nurse it is managable. ...more info