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Samsung SCX-4200 3-in-1 True Multifunction Printer
List Price: $184.99

Our Price: $129.99

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Product Description

The SCX-4200 Digital Productivity Center is a low cost black and white laser printer, delivering 3 in 1 true multifunction performance with professional laser output.Keep your valuable real estate. The SCX-4200 is a flatbed laser printer that also copies and scans. At home or at the office, it lets you print, copy and color scan without surrendering all your workspace to bulky office equipment. Print and copy at up to 600 dpi and at speeds up to 19 ppm. Scan at an enhanced 4800 dpi. Take advantage of all the little features that make such a big difference. And do it all with laser and digital perfection. You also get a 250-sheet paper cassette, high-speed USB 2.0 connectivity, plus Windows, Mac and Linux compatibility. The SCX-4200 laser MFP. Multi-tasking no longer requires a big compromise.

The SCX-4200 digital productivity center is an affordable black and white laser printer that offers three in one true multifunction performance with professional laser quality output. In addition to offering crisp and clear black prints, the SCX-4200 is also capable of making clear copies and flatbed document scans. When at home or at the office, the SCX-4200 lets you print, copy, and color scan without surrendering all your workspace to a lot of bulky office equipment. Print and copy at up to 600 dpi and at speeds up to 19 ppm. Scan at an enhanced 4800 dpi. Take advantage of all the little features that make such a big difference. And do it all with laser and digital perfection. The SCX-4200 also comes with a 250-sheet paper cassette, high-speed USB 2.0 connectivity, plus Windows, Mac, and Linux compatibility.

  • Genuine Samsung Printer
  • The SCX-4200 Digital Productivity Center is perfect for home-use, home office or back to school. True 3 in 1 multifunction capability at laser printing costs significantly less than inkjet.

Customer Reviews:

  • good machine, but with some obvious flaws...
    i bought this printer about a month ago and so far, i'm pretty satisfied with my purchase. i am satisfied because of the good quality of printing, the price, and package as a whole (w/ a scanner and copier!) the reason why i'm not giving it a 5 star review is because i haven't figured out how to use the scanning option with my macbook. luckily, i have the VMware Fusion software that let's me run windows on my mac... so i installed the printer software in windows and it works perfectly fine! i'm sure there is a way to make it work with the mac, i just don't have time to figure it out! another annoying thing about the printer is that when it prints, sometimes the paper comes out through the back! i don't understand why this happens... ??

    even with these couple of annoying things about the printer, i still like the printer because it prints fast and the quality is good! i do a lot of printing so i've used thick paper and super thin paper and it still works great!

    to tell you the truth, i wish i bought the same printer my mom had:
    Samsung SCX-4521F Laser Multifunction Machine Print/Copy/Fax/Scan
    the reason why i didn't get the printer is because it had a fax feature and i figured i could save a little money with this printer since it doesn't have a fax... but i still should have gotten the one with the fax feature because it can scan and copy so much faster!! i should of thought about that... it would have been totally worth the $30 extra to get the Samsung SCX-4521F. oh well... still gotta make the best out of what i have......more info
  • Useful quality features + great price = customer value
    Scanner gives great detail & print quality is good (albeit not super sharp). But rarely jams and has been durable so far (knock). Maybe if other companies would balance quality & price this well, we wouldn't be in a recession......more info
  • excellent value
    I bought this multifunction laser printer for my daughter to use at college, and we're very happy with it. I bought this particular model because it received good reviews from several computer magazines, it was relatively inexpensive, it had just the features my daughter wanted, and it was small enough to fit comfortably in a dorm room. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Super Printer
    I love this printer/scanner. It' fast, and the quality of both printed material and scans are exceptional. I don't know what the other reviews I read before purchase are talking about it being noisy in stand-by. Mine is silent in stand-by!

    Samsung printers are work horses! I have 3 Samsung Ml1430's that probably have printed 10,000 copies each over the last several years - and they're still printing!

    The toner is cheap - on Ebay - and even when you have to replace the entire cartridge, it's cheaper than 1 ink jet pkg.

    I'm delighted with this purchase - I had no doubt that I would be.

    ...more info
  • Great price, performance, quality. Huge improvement over buggy HP software/products
    I have owned this printer for about 6 months now and have not had any problems with the printer its self or the printer software. Until this point, I have used HP printers and was hesitant about making the switch. I can tell you however that I will never go back to HP and their buggy software. Many a time my old HP printers would not print, or stop in the middle of a print. With HP this required a restart of windows for some reason. With the Samsung SCX-4200 I have never had this problem. The software that is included is not a resource hog, never crashes (even on vista) and has other useful utilities. The only bad thing is that the printer comes with a toner cartridge that is about a third to a half of a standard cartridge. If you plan to do lots of printing right off the bat order another toner cartridge with the printer. In my experience the included cartridge is good for 1000 plus pages.
    This printer does not print good quality photos, which should not be a problem anyway, since it is not a color printer.
    The scanner is average speed, and the scanner software slightly hard to learn but easy once you have learned it. Scan quality is very good. The copier also works well but again do not expect to copy pictures.
    In all this is a very good purchase and is definitely worth it if one is upgrading from an inkjet. It offers great text quality and has a relatively low cost per page and has a great software/driver set.
    ...more info
  • As advertised
    So far this unit has performed as advertised. I just got it but it seems like a decent value with good print quality, and I am hopeful that I will not be purchasing ink as often as in past....more info
  • Samsung Laser Multifunction Printer SCX-4200
    I'm very pleased with this purchase. I have the quality of a laser printer plus the ability to scan in color and the copier function. The printer is fast enough for what I need it for, which is mainly printing monochrome documents. The compact size is a big plus which is exactly what my main motivation to buy it....more info
  • Good, economical 3-in-one
    I've owned this printer for over a year now, and with light use on the printer and heavier use for the scanner functionality, it has so far done it's job well with a minimum of hassle. It is a monochrome printer, this is not a drawback for me, but may be a deal-breaker for some, but seems to be pretty efficient, I have not needed to change the ink cartridge yet. The scanner is fairly quick and accurate. In all it's just what it claims to be, a good printer, scanner, and fax that takes up little desk space and provides quality. It's by no means a high end product, but at the price point, I haven't seen anything better....more info
    The Samsung SCX-4200 is only partly compatible with Mac OS X_. It prints and copies fine but the scanner does not function as intended. The ScanThru icon will not install, so general scanning is done through Image Capture. Third party software is required to send to another application (photo management) or to perform OCR. Both of these functions are advertised. This additional software requirement for Mac users is not mentioned in the specifications. If you are a Mac user with more than general scanning needs, look for a different multifunction device.Samsung SCX-4200 3-in-1 True Multifunction Printer...more info
  • SmarThru4 is not very smart. Good printer all over.
    I am playing with this printer about one month. I bought this laser machine because I am tired of inkjet. I have printed and scanned not too much but can state good quality.
    About footprint. If you put it on a shelf you need 16.2" space between the back wall and the printer face panel. The P/S and the power cord on the backside do not allow putting the printer closely to the wall.
    After printing even one page the printer stay awake pretty long time before go to sleep and generates some noise.
    I had troubles with software installation on my Dell 8400 Win XP HE. I could not install SmarThru4 automatically and installed it manually from CD. (I have McAffee Sec. Center and forgot turn it off). But what was interesting: in automatic regime Installation Wizard said all software is installed successful- it was not thru.
    One more trouble I had with SmarThru4, which has a bug, I guess. This software did not show its windows and panels properly on my computer. I spend much time and figured out what was wrong. The DPI setting should be set to Normal (96dpi) but my setting was Large. (I have 24" monitor)
    Go to Control Panel--> Display--> Settings--> Advanced--> DPI setting--> Normal size.
    All other settings are inappropriate. I even could simulate this disrepair on other computer under WinXP. To compensate Normal dpi and make fonts and icons bigger on a large screen set Large Fonts (in "Appearance" tag) and check "Use large icons" box in "Effects" window.
    In conclusion I would say this is decent printer and worth it money. I would like to see "normal" cartridge in it but it is "normal" manufacture's trick.
    ...more info
  • Does The Job With A Small Footprint
    This laser all-in-one is an excellent buy. It generates great black & white prints and takes up less space than my old ink jet all-in-one. You can place the unit in a cupboard type location since paper loading and print output are on the same side of the unit. Some day there will be a color laser print with the same form, fit & function but until then, I don't you believe you can do better than this. ...more info
  • Printer prints at a slight angle
    It took me a couple months to notice, but has anyone noticed that this printer prints slightly at an angle? To fully recognize it I tried printing straight lines across a sheet of paper, and the lines came out slightly angled on the printed sheet. It may not be a big deal to some, but something like this drives me crazy....more info