Eforcity Wi-Fi Booster Antenna for D-link DWL520, Linksys WMP11, WET11, Netgear MA311, or D-link Aps, 2400-2483 MHz, 6ft
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5 X Range Extender - Extends up to 5 times the original range of your WiFi access in open space. Magnetic Mount - Put the antenna near the window or on top of a vehicle where it can pick up more signals. Plug and Play - No extra pigtails needed. Comes w

  • NOTE: This antenna is only compatible with modems and routers with a 1/4 inch external antenna port. 5 X Range Extender - Extends up to 5 times the original range of your WiFi access in open space.
  • Plug and Play - No extra pigtails needed. Comes with 6 feet pigtail with Reverse Polarity SMA termination. Plug directly into your D-link DWL520, Linksys WMP11, WET11, Netgear MA311, or D-link APs (anything that uses Reverse Polarity SMA).
  • Manufactured in ISO-9001 compliant facilities. Fully tested with HP RF network analyser
  • Frequency: 2400-2483 MHz.....Gain: 7 dBi.....Impedance: 50 Ohm.....VSWR < 1.5 Average......Maximum Input Power 50 W.....Antenna Length 9 inch
  • Directionality Omni.....Polarization Vertical.....Weight: 1.8 oz.....Pigtail Length: 6 ft (72 in, 183 cm).....Pigtail Connector Reverse Polarity SMA.....No Extra Pigtails Needed!

Customer Reviews:

  • A Good BOOSTER Antenna
    This antenna I purchased for a friend who lives in a Commercial District but was receiving NO wi-fi signal on her basic antenna. This BOOSTER antenna, placed outside her house, is picking up SEVERAL wi-fi signals....more info
  • Great Product
    I added this to a SMC Barricade G router. The ability to move the antenna away from the router added a full 20% to the signal strength in my living room. I also purchased a Hawking USB WiFi adapter for my laptop but this antenna actually gave me more of a gain. If measured in signal strength gain per $ this was the better deal. ...more info
  • dlink ant.
    Iam please with the product it was delivered very quckly and it works really well thank you ...more info
  • It does improve WiFi reception
    I used it on one of the PCs that was getting spotty WiFi performance before. While it's not perfect the performance is measurably better: connection speed used to be around 16Mbs but it's now around 34Mbs. So it was a cheap way to boost performance. Note that you'll need to try several orientations of the antenna to get the best improvement....more info
  • Booster Antenna - great product for the price
    Great product for the price. I have my tower on the floor of my office. I needed to be able to extend the wireless card antenna. This booster antenna has a very long cord and a magnetic base (was able to "stick it" to the metal window frame near my desk). Works great. My network connectivy was usually "Good"; now it is always "Very Good" or "Excellent"....more info
  • The claims are grossly exagerated.
    The only way to boost the signal is to increase the power by 100 mW to 1W. All this will do is drain the signal of your router. The only use for this is if you work in an office you use metal cubicles and you would like to raise the antenna above the metal frames so that you can share your router/AP with others For the home, I see no application as you will lose about 5 to 10% of your signal if you put it in the same spot as your router. I actually bought one so that I can compare the different Antennas and signal boosters. You would be better off buying a longer stubby antenna so there is no signal loss. Or buy a powered Signal booster that actually has a power adapter you plug into the wall. That will actually penetrate walls better than a non powered antenna. Don't buy this, you will thank me....more info
  • replacement antenna for LinkSys PCI card
    LinkSys should sell this with their card instead of the one the attaches to, and breaks off, their PCI card. Great buy!...more info
  • You get what you pay for.
    This antenna was alot cheaper than most. its signal quality is about equal to my stock antenna, the best part about this antenna is the 6 foot cable, I can locate this antenna in places where I can get a better signal due to it being in a better line of sight to the AP.

    The magnet in the base is really strong, however it is only held in place by a sticker on the bottom, I have pulled it out at least twice now, I am going to have to glue it in somehow? This is really the only negative of this antenna.
    ...more info
  • Wireless Booster
    I use this product for wireless security testing, e.g., "war-driving" for the government. Works great! Boosts the reception capability and is compact enough to work discretely in a mobile environment. It's also rugged enough to withstand the usual shipping impacts when we deploy....more info
  • Save Your Money
    After attempting to find the "sweet spot" with this antenna, using NetStumbler, I came to the conclusion the signal loss of the cable is more than offset by any possible antenna gain. The best I could get was the equivalent of the stock 3" ducky antenna on the router. If I really needed a better S/N ratio, I'd probably going with a 9Db antenna to screw on the back of the router.

    This product is going into the Yard Sale bin....more info