IRoast2 40011 5-2/7-Ounce Coffee-Bean Roaster, Black
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Product Description

The popular i-Roast coffee roaster has been improved in the new i-Roast 2. This new version has some great features. It has features found in only the most sophisticated machines that can cost thousands of dollars. Features: Roasts any bean for any brewing system in less than 15 minutes. Full range of roasting capability (Cinnamon to dark French). 2 Preset Automatic Roasting Curves for slower and faster roasts. Patented temperature control to give you consistent personalized roasting performance. Roasts enough beans to produce up to 24 cups of coffee. Chaff collector system that removes all of the chaff. Hi-visibility roasting pot for easy monitoring. Compact - requires minimal counter space. Interlocking parts for excellent product stability. Built in 4 minute cooling cycle. Up to 10 memory functions. Up to 5 stages.

  • Versatile appliance roasts coffee beans for any brewing system
  • Roasts up to 5-2/7 ounces of green beans; built-in 4-minute cooling cycle
  • Automatic or programmable roasting profiles; adjustable time and temperature
  • Save up to 10 profiles; LCD display; wind-tunnel and thermoflector technology
  • Measures approximately 7 by 7 by 12-1/4 inches

Customer Reviews:

  • The finest coffee you'll ever taste, just know what you're getting in to!
    The iRoast is fantastic at roasting coffee. In about 15 minutes you have coffee that will spank the pants off any pre-roasted stuff you can find. It is such a thrill to watch the transformation from smelly green nugget into a dark, oil steeped, glorious bean. The pre-sets are merely guidelines. Depending on your room temperature and amount you are roasting the roast time varies significanty.

    The drawbacks are few but may be deal breakers for those of you in small apartments or if you have moody neighbors. 1) It smokes. A lot. Especially at darker roasts. 2) It's loud. It sounds like a hopped-up vacuum cleaner on steroids. 3) It only roasts about 1 cup of beans at a time and must rest 2 hours before you roast again. I have wanted to give gifts of roasted beans but find it difficult to keep up with the demand of my home. For this last reason I give it 4 stars.

    Most of the cons are inherent issues with roasting coffee and not a reflection on the performance of the iRoast itself. Roasting beans is a true joy for anyone who enjoys coffee. I live in a small apartment with moody neighbors and I bought one! No regrets....more info
  • IRoast2 40011 Coffe-Bean Roaster
    Best coffee roaster for the price. Roasts and cools. From light to dark. Set your own time and save it. Some coffee beans brown faster. When not sure set longer time and watch when is dark enough for your desire and push the cool button this stops roasting and automatically cools it in 3 minutes-ready to grind the best freshest coffee to have.
    I have IRoast2 since April 2007 very happy, I had other roasters before, but this one is the best.
    Joseph Paulic,
    Maywood,New Jersey...more info
  • Good Roaster to Learn On
    This is the first roaster I acquired. I have loved it, providing acceptable roasts from the very first. Only "failed" roasts were those I intentionally pushed well into "second crack" just to sample the result.

    Easy to use, safe, and, in my experience, dependable. No service issues after 2 years of use - 2, 3, 4 times per week.

    For the beginner, as I was, the machine provides multiple feedback sources: temperature, (and temperature change as that's a key to detecting beginning and end of first crack), visual (change in color, size, texture), and aroma (critical). Sound (first, second crack) can also be heard although it is a noisy machine. Through attending to all these stimuli, excellent roasts can be achieved.

    No problems with chaff escaping from the machine. It is aromatic, a smell I like, but the aroma is sufficiently pungent that I use the machine in my garage just to keep my wife happy. Came with a contraption to allow exhaust to an outside vent but I have had no need to try that.

    Batch sizes are small and several hours cooling should be allowed between batches. Still, two roasts each weekend sets me up for the week: more when I am entertaining or creating "housewarming gifts" when socializing.

    I eventually moved on to a drum roaster but am VERY glad I started with and learned from the I Roast 2. (Drum roaster supports larger quantities but does not as effectively provide those visual, temperature, aroma clues.)

    And, whatever you choose, be forewarned: use of fresh roasted beans will ruin you for the store-bought coffee beans as well as the brewed stuff the chain coffee shops put out.

    P.S.: Have noted several reviewers disappointed by failure of their units. Instructions make clear that unit must be rested two hours between roasts and failure to do so voids warranty. As quantities must be kept small, there are strong temptations to not let the unit cool sufficiently before charging up again. I would guess that succumbing to such temptations would result in early failure. Anyway, mine is going strong after 2 years and I have not tempted fate by operating while still hot. ...more info
  • Unreliable
    My first unit died after a month and was replaced under warranty.
    The second unit developed more and more "small" mechanical problems that I could repair myself and died after a little more than a year of use (they did not replace it this time).

    The micro-processor temperature regulation is kind of a joke: Running the same cycle indoors (70F) or outdoors (55F) produces totally different results. Indoors roasting is really difficult as the smoke and shaft will really mess up the place, even under a hood with the vent attachment in place. The roast needs constant supervision and good light to look at the color of the beans, so it's hard to do it outdoors. The unit is too noisy to hear the beans crack.

    All in all a good try, but with too many shortcomings. I suspect that all reasonably priced home units that do not take your whole kitchen counter space are also "works in progress"... the i-roast might be as good as others.
    ...more info
  • Worst after sales service ever
    I bought this product - and had some issues with how it worked (the main roasting pot was also slightly chipped and cracked, and I wanted to find a local distributor where I could exchange the product immediately). In order to get some answers I:

    1/ Emailed the suggested contact on the iRoast website
    2/ Emailed every other email address at iRoast I could find
    3/ Posted several questions on their FAQ part of the site

    All this, and no response. I have subsequently figured things out, but cannot understand why a company that have a good product cannot offer decent after sales service. It is as if they are all on holiday and relying on suckers like me to keep buying their product.

    ...more info
  • Two in a row fail.
    My employer got this for me for christmas, It lasted about 15 months and then the blower failed. It runs and then just shuts down for no reason, I believe the heating element is still running but the blower isn't blowing. Good fire hazard..Anyway I bought another one in april, it is now december 1st. Exact same failure! I use it probably three or four times a week. After reading the other reviews here I'm pretty discouraged with trying to get them to honor my warranty..I will try anyway. ...more info
  • Bad customer service
    I bought an iRoast for Christmas last year and it worked fine for a couple of months. Then it started going berserk and the only way to control it was to unplug it. I attempted to contact the manufacturer several times and never received any kind of response. I believe that this appliance is a safety hazard and would never recommend it to anyone. The lack of a response from the manufacturer says a lot. ...more info
  • Perfect for a newbie or more experienced roaster
    The IR2 delivers what it promises. This roaster has a decent, though somewhat small capacity, which is great when one is roasting with just one coffee drinker in the house. Though, roasting more is a cinch. This roaster allows one to get to know the bean and set the cycles to roast it just right. It may take a few roasts of a type of bean to hit the sweet spot, usually you have to dial in to hit it, this roaster makes that easy. It comes with two presets, which I don't use. But, you can set and store up to 10 of your own presets, which can be up to five (5) cycles each, at any of the roaster's temperatures.

    Some might say that a beginning roaster will outgrow the roaster and need to move to a Behmor or another higher end roaster, or a less expensive hot gun/bread machine roaster. But, with the presets, plus the flexibility of the machine, I believe that one can get great use from the IR2 and really learn about the different beans and the roasts they like.

    The company is great with service issues, which is always nice. Cleaning the machine is some work, but well worth it and part of any home roasters roasting method - or it should be.

    I say if you are begging, get this roaster and learn what coffee really tastes like. As my friends say, it now tastes as good as it smells. Amen on that!...more info
  • Excellent machine, easy to use
    i am a complete novice about coffee roasting, so i bought this machine and some green coffee beans and gave it a try. i was amazed at the ease of use and the simplicity of roasting. i programmed my own roast (that i found online) in less than 5 min, and although rudimentary, the programming is easliy done by following directions in the manual that comes with the machine. if i could re-engineer the machine i would make the capacity larger, because the roast volume of 1/3lb (or less) makes it necessary to roast coffee often. to ensure even roasts with this machine, you must not overload it. the coffee beans expand as heat is added and can overwhelm the fan motor resulting in some beans being exposed to hot air longer than others (over roasting). if you keep your quantity on the low side and get a good color chart for roast colors, you will be very pleased with the ease of use this machine offers. buy some good good green coffee from a reputable seller and you will be set to enjoy some of the best coffee you've ever tasted....more info
  • I roast 2
    I purchased the machine in December 2006.
    I give it 5 stars for roasting. Each machine is different in terms of the temperature produced by the machine. Once you learn the amount of heat it produces, you can set the proper temperature and time for an even roast. It would be a great improvement if IRoast could standardize the amount of heat the unit produces.

    The ability to change temperatures and control the amount of time for roasting are great features and has allowed me to produce some nice roasts. Once you find temperatures and times that produce a good roast for a particular type of bean, you can save the profile in the machine.

    The machine definitely needs at least a half a day to cool down between roasts because of the high temperatures generated by the machine. After the roast is finished, the cover and glass top are too hot to handle with bare hands.

    The BIG downside is the unreliability of the machine. I have had the glass pot crack and the blower in the base unit malfunctioned in the 4 months I have had the roaster. Customer Service is hit and miss....more info
    LONGEVITY- glass top broken within 1 year, roaster dead in 1 1/2 years
    QUALITY CONTROL- Had to purchase an entirely new roaster. First one arrived smoking with no air moving. Weeks to get another one. This one also burns coffee beans.
    CUSTOMER SERVICE: Non-existent. Much of the time you get a circuit busy on the phone; if you get through at all, there are usually 40 calls ahead of you. Messages are not returned. Neither are faxes.

    Home roasted coffee beans are fantastic, but this machine and this company are horrendous. Check recent reviews to confirm my comments re customer service. DO NOT DEAL WITH HEARTHWARE!...more info
  • Good Quality Roaster
    Awesome roaster. For apartment dwellers, the dryer vent attachment makes this well worth the price. Very configurable, and durable. I have not one complaint in regards to this model....more info
  • poor quality - nonexistent customer service
    With its ease of use and great tasting results, I was prepared to give the iRoast 2 a 5-star rating in spite of the unpleasant odor and smoke that it makes during roasting. However, now, after only three months of use, the chaff collector base has developed a hairline crack and part of it actually broke off presumably due to the high operating temperatures of the machine. This didn't bother me much as it was just a cosmetic detail. Then last week my iRoast's motor completely burned out under ordinary home use even though I've followed the operating instructions exactly.

    I believe that the problems that I've experienced should be covered by the one-year warranty. To this end, I've now written an email to Hearthware's customer service (Hearthware is the parent company) and called them repeatedly throughout the week. Today, six days later, I've received no email reply nor could I once get through to them by phone. And to make things worse, Amazon will no longer return the item since it is now past their 30-day return window.

    Consequently, I am extremely disappointed with this product and with Hearthware. I would not recommend the iRoast 2 any longer and would recommend for those of you who are considering this product to spend a little more money and purchase a better quality roaster.


    ...more info
  • Works great for about six months!
    I used my iRoast 2 about twice a week. After two months the painted labels for the buttons began to disappear. It took me a few months to determine my favorite roasting curves. The greatest part about this product is the flexibility to program your own roasting curves. The poor quality of the product gives it about 9-12 months of life. After that your lucky(and careful). I went back to zach & dani's as it is smoke free and a little cheaper(although only good for a year as well). This roaster looks cool and is fun to program(geeky), but not worth the high price. If this was about $50, I would give it 5 stars and be buying a new one every 6 months....more info
  • After two weeks, I'm learning to roast coffee with I-Roast 2
    After a few hours on the Internet reading reviews and learning about roasting, I purchased the I-Roast 2. I've done at least 15 batches so far. The machine is functioning fine, but I'm learning something with each new batch. I'll tell you my impressions so far.
    1. The machine is attractive and quite easy to learn how to use.
    2. It is a bit noisy, but I knew that before I bought it.
    3. It has a round wire ring above it which makes it quite easy to vent off any smoke. I got a metal 90 degree "elbow" made for clothes dryers and vent right out a window by attaching this elbow to the top of the machine.
    4. I've learned the key to roasting is watching the beans while roasting. Look for the color you want. This machine is glass-sided, so it's easy to see the beans. If you can't monitor the color, each batch would be a guess at the product. You'll learn which color beans you like the most.
    5. There's a button you push to see the roasting temp at any given time. It seemed to read low for what I had set. I've since read on the Net that this machine's inner temps might be hotter than the number reads. It's not too important if you're getting the roast you like, but you have to watch it and guage results.
    6. Cleaning the chaf afterwords only takes a few seconds. It's really easy and no work at all.
    7. As I get the roasts I like, the programable option is really nice. I can repeat it later if I want to.
    8. The I-Roast 2 cooling cycle is automatic and easy. From what I've read, this is really important. After this 4 minutes cycle, the beans are almost room temperature and easy to remove from the glass drum. I put the beans into an open glass container for breathing for a day before grinding.
    9. Overall performance is great. I can't comment on long term durability, but so far I'm really pleased. I'd recommend this machine to others.
    W.B....more info
  • Shoddy Customer Service
    I had this unit only a short time when I dropped and busted some parts. I ordered replacements from the manufacturer.
    They sent two of the three parts that I ordered and that is when I fell into phone support h*ll. After waiting 45 minutes on hold I finally got to speak to a person who promptly hung up on me. I called back, waited another 45 minutes and explained that they failed to send one of the parts, in attempting to place me on hold, they hung up on me again.
    Call again, wait another 45 minutes, tell them I am returning the stuff, which I did. Six weeks later still no refund, so I call again, wait another 45 minutes, get assurance that it will be done "today". Later I note that I only received a partial refund, call again, wait another 45 minutes only to be told "too bad, take it up with your credit card company." Filed a report with the BBB and received full refund after another 6 weeks of haggling. I can not recommend this product. The Chicago BBB site lists dozens of unresolved complaints, this was not an isolated issue, it is their way of doing business....more info
  • Works great for home roasting! 4 1/2 stars!
    I've been learning how to roast and this roaster is very user friendly. It roasts evenly, does a good job. It's easy to clean, portable and attractive. Presets work great (love the preset option availability)! One small complaint: you must wait 2 hours between batches for it to cool, and it only roasts 1 cup of green beans per batch. This may be wholly adequate for regular roasting, but Christmas roasting for gifts will be a nightly ordeal.

    Enjoy, I highly recommend this. [...]...more info
  • A few things learned one month in...
    I really like this little machine, and have been working with it for about a month now. I've learned a few things along the way, and my roasts are improving as a result. So here are a few "after a month" tips.

    1. Keep good notes. Get yourself a little notebook that you keep near the machine and record the kind and amount of beans, the temps and times of each stage in your programs, your initial reaction to the roast (straight out of the machine, before you make coffee). Then record your reactions to the coffee the next day when you start brewing.

    2. Vent this puppy. I have a downdraft vent fan in my stovetop, so I spent $8 at the hardware store and bought a length of flexible dryer tubing. I get no smoke whatsoever this way. Maybe because my vent fan pulls the air from the roaster, my temps run almost exactly as programmed. AND, to connect the tubing to the metal ring that fits the top, you get to use duct tape for its intended purpose (!!!) - who'd a' thunk it?

    3. Don't overload it. The instructions suggest you can load a full cup of beans. With my beans, 150g is almost exactly 3/4 c of beans. Overloading the machine will result in more char because the beans won't circulate properly. And, after all, the flavor of burnt is just that - burnt.

    4. Ramp the roast up. I'm currently using 2 min ea at 330, 360, 390, 405, and setting the fifth stage at 390 for the remaining 7 min. Then I shut the roast down with the COOL button when the roast looks "right".

    5. Don't overheat it. When I started, I was using very high temps (440-450), and I've backed way down. In my current profile, which produces a nice full city (dark brown, no oil), the temp reading on the LCD readout never gets above 408, and I get there after about 10 mins.

    6. There are some very informational sites on the web on the topic of roasting. Kenneth Davids is a great source, as is Tom Owen at Sweet Maria's. Find 'em, read 'em, but remember, you're going to learn more about roasting from what you do than you will from the web.

    Great little machine and you control it. Don't push the "On" button and walk away. Use the machine's "weakness" (small capacity) as a strength - more roasts, more practice, fresher beans....more info
  • Great roaster, but burned out after 2 years
    This is a fantastic home coffee roaster. It does a great job of roasting coffee with a minimum of smoke and mess. Put it on top of the stove with the exhaust fan on, and you will have no smoke at all in the house. The chaff collector does a superb job of collecting the "skins" that peel off when roasting, so you don't have any mess to clean up. You can program your own roast profiles, which makes it very customizable. There are several coffee lover sites on the web that have many suggested custom programming settings.

    The coffee is produces is delicious, and since you can buy green coffee beans for less than 1/2 of what roasted beans cost, you will recoup your investment easily, and have better tasting coffee to boot.

    On the bad side, the roaster finally burned up yesterday, and won't work any more. I roasted about 3 batches per week since I got it. From reading other people's experiences with this and other roasters, 2 years is about the average life expectancy for an air roaster, so I'm not particularly miffed that it died - it served me well for 2 years.

    Will I buy the same unit to replace this one? No. Not because there is anything wrong with it - but there are newer roasters on the market which roast a much bigger batch of coffee at once, which means only one batch a week instead of 3. I plan to invest in a Behmor drum coffee roaster which is $100 more. ...more info
  • Excellent Roaster
    The IRoast2 provides the ability for the user to roast coffee beans to the desired roast, from city to full city, French and Italian roast. The chaf collector works extremely well, eliminating the loose chaf I experienced with other roasters....more info