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Few newspapers enjoy the prestige and authority of The Wall Street Journal. The Wall Street Journal is where America starts its business day. This daily paper publishes the latest in news from the business and finance world. Additionally, it strives to connect current domestic and international news events to business fluctuations and market changes. It also seeks to inform the educated reader about pressing economic changes and evolution. But the Journal covers more than just business. Its weekend edition covers the activities and interests that readers are most passionate about: travel, art, collecting, fashion, wine, sports and entertainment. Notable columnists include James Taranto, Bret Stephens, Homan W. Jenkins, Jr., Daniel Henninger and Mary O'Grady.

The Kindle Edition of The Wall Street Journal contains articles found in the print edition, but will not include tables and stock quotes. For your convenience, issues are automatically delivered wirelessly to your Kindle so you can read them each morning. Please note that The Wall Street Journal publishes only Monday through Saturday.

Customer Reviews:

  • I've had it but am dropping it (especially at new higher 14.99 price)
    I'm a huge fan of WSJ content. Always have been... My wife and friends are probably tired of hearing me say "I saw this article on WSJ about ..." (LOL!)

    Prior to getting my Kindle 2 months ago, I read it every day online (haven't had the paper version for several years). When I got my Kindle, I had reservations about also paying an extra $9.99 / month (on top of the $149 / yr for the version), but I thought I'd try it. It was, well, barely worth the $9.99 / month. Too often, I'd want to print an article, or want to email it to someone, and I really couldn't. (You can "clip" the article on the Kindle, but it is formatted a bit differently and doesn't really have the same "look" as the original.

    Now I get an email telling me that the price is going up to $14.99. I'm sorry, but that's just too much. I'm canceling my Kindle subscription. Too much missing (Comments on articles, videos, slide shows, columnists, "what's most popular", etc. -- on and on and on). Too much money.

    I'll go back to getting my WSJ fix daily on their web site. ...more info
  • The WSJ is good, but what's the deal about the price increase?
    So the Kindle edition of the WSJ is increasing from $9.99 / month to $14.99 / month? Why? I doubt it suddenly costs $5.00 more a month to deliver electronically, and there's nothing saying that now we'll be able to access the online site or anything special like that for our additional $5. Heck, the print edition with access to the online site is $40 cheaper now than the Kindle edition, which should be easier and cheaper to distribute!

    When I was originally subscribing to the WSJ on Kindle several months ago, I was amused by all the reviews complaining about not having access to the online site included with the cost of their Kindle subscription even though it cost about as much as the paper edition which did include online access. I didn't really care about being able to read it online - the way I saw it, I was paying for convenience since I didn't have to worry about a paper delivery or recycling when I was done. But now we're being asked to pay $5.00 more for the same product and the same convenience but with no additional value? I'll have to think it over, but chances are I'll be canceling my subscription as a result of this price increase. I like reading the WSJ, but for those of us who use it as an business news source to supplement their civic news, it's not worth $14.99 / month....more info
  • Really?
    WSJ was just fine at $10 a month. I had absolutely no problem paying this, even though it was still more than the print/online combo to have it on my Kindle. This 50% price increase is ridiculous. Looks like I'm back to trying the Financial Times. Consider my subscription canceled....more info
  • How to price a newspaper out of success
    I enjoyed reading the WSJ for several months...until they decided to go from $9.99 to 14.99 overnight. A financial paper should be able to grasp the concept: If you charge more for the Kindle edition than your promotion for paper AND online access, in a world of connected phones, netbooks, notebooks and WiFi all around people are going to drop the Kindle version.

    I'm going to find another paper to read while they review their subscription figures and drop the price back down....more info
  • Price Increase - 50%!
    I have had $10/month WSJ on Kindle since II shipped. But now I get an email saying that it is going to $15/mo. What a ripoff, paying $10 was part of my calculation in buying the Kindle. So way paying $10/book and now I see several books I want priced at $15.

    This is bait and switch. ...more info
  • Truly a sad day... NOW CANCELLED
    It is a sad day...

    I just received the email from amazon letting me know that the price of WSJ will go from $9.99 to $14.99 effective immediately.

    I love the WSJ, but it really was not made for the Kindle 1 or 2. There are quirks that you learn to live with as it seemed tolerable & fair for the $9.99 price. $14.99... not worth it in my opinion. If I had the DX, I think I would bite my tongue as the reading experience would be close enough & convenient enough as the actual paper. Unfortunately I do not...

    Organization of the presentation & layout for Kindle 1 & 2 is a little awkward, but nothing that can't be learned after a week of reading the paper. It is really not as difficult as some reviewers claim. Just not worth $15 in my opinion if you are a Kindle 1 or 2 owner. For all you soon to be DX owners... I envy you, but can't justify purchasing a DX solely for my WSJ subscription.

    Mr. Bezos... if you read this, please do not forget about us earlier adopters who came on board. It's bad enough many of us feel stupid for OUR OWN bad luck / timing of purchasing the Kindle 2 only to hear of the DX shortly thereafter... but now it feels like we will pay the higher prices because of the added features & conveniences that some of these newspapers will provide to DX customers (I assume via the catered to format... yes I know it's unfair to assume, but there is chatter).

    P.S. Yes, the 2-star rating is for my review of Wall Street Journal in the Kindle format (not WSJ's quality of content, but user experience). The 2-stars is nothing to do with the price change -- ultimately you gotta do what you gotta do.
    ...more info
  • Kindle cost to be paid back in under a year!
    Unlike most of the posters here, I buy the WSJ from a newstand in order to read it on the way to work. I also buy it on Saturday for the weekend financial news. I do the same when traveling. If I'm out of the country, a neighbor buys and holds it for me.

    The newstand price of the WSJ is $2.00/copy; $612/year. The Kindle subscription price is $119.88. The $492/year saving will pay back my $421 Kindle cost (including cover and NYS sales tax) in just over 10 months. I know the kindle wireless doesn't work outside the US but I travel with a laptop so I plan to log into my kindle account at Amazon to down load get the WSJ for transfer to my kindle when I'm out of range.

    I understand that this "saving" is borne by paper manufacturers, printing plants, transporters and my local newstand (who mostly sells lottery tickets anyway) but that has always been the result of technology.

    Currently, I have a trial Kindle subscription to the NY Times. The savings over the newsstand price is comparable to the WSJ but because many New York features are missing, I'll probably cancel it during the trial period.

    We subscribe to several magazines and but I find that the subscription costs are less than the Kindle cost. Since magazines don't have the daily time value of the WSJ, I will probably pass on those as well.

    Still, just subscribing to the WSJ as opposed to daily newsstand purchases makes the Kindle worth while for me. Anything else I purchase is just a bonus....more info
  • Unable to use gift certificates - Can't believe the price increase
    I purchased my Kindle thinking that it would make fiscal sense to start receiving my Wall Street Journal electronically. At that time the pricing was $9.99 monthly. Instead I but the Kindle and get hit with a 50% price increase. On top of that I can't even use a gift certificate that I just received for this subscriptions. I specifically asked for a gift certificate for a years subscription -- foolish me I should have gotten the cash knowing somthing like this was going to happen....more info
  • $15 a month?!?!
    You've got to be kidding me! $15 a month! I'm going back to my paper subscription. Bad move Amazon......more info
  • $14.99? Bye-bye WSJ Kindle Edition....
    I've owned the Kindle 2 for a couple of months now and have been a subscriber to the WSJ Kindle edition since I got the device - I let my print+online subscription lapse and was glad to stop throwing a paper newspaper into the recycling bin every day. At $9.99/month, I was already paying a bit more for the Kindle subscription than my $110 print+online subscription had cost me, but it didn't seem too bad: a little less content, a little more convenience, basically a wash. I'm unhappy in principle with the DRM (and would never, ever buy a Kindle book from Amazon for that reason alone) but in the case of a newspaper subscription it's barely tolerable; again, the physical equivalent of the paper would be going into the trash at the end of the day anyway.

    A sudden price increase of FIFTY PERCENT for an unchanged product, however, seems unjustified to me. Obviously the cost of delivering the WSJ to the Kindle hasn't just gone up $5/month. I'm sure this is just playing around with the demand curve, but in my case it's pretty elastic. I can read the WSJ at work - it's a little less convenient than browsing it on my Kindle in the subway, but not $5/month less convenient. Accordingly, I will be canceling in two renewal periods when the price for existing customers goes up, unless Amazon/WSJ retract this increase and keep the existing price.

    What with this, and the sudden increase of wireless document delivery from 10 cents per document to 15 cents per rounded-up megabyte (a huge increase if you send large documents!) I'm liking my Kindle a lot less nowadays (and no longer recommending it enthusiastically to everyone I meet). The reasonable 10cents/document fee and the relatively reasonable $9.95/month WSJ subscription fee were major factors in my purchasing the Kindle. I doubt I would have bought it two months ago if the WSJ had been $15 or the per document fee had been 15 cents/megabyte. I don't like Amazon changing the terms so radically now that I'm locked in to an expensive device. I know they reserve the right to, but I don't have to like it, and - since I'll be canceling my WSJ subscription and using Calibre to convert my documents from now on - Amazon will be making less money from me as a direct result. Perhaps a lot less; I was excited about the Kindle DX, but this experience has more or less ensured that I'll be waiting for Plastic Logic or another native PDF reader.
    ...more info
  • Price increase lost one subscriber
    This week the WSJ increased it's price from $9.99 to $14.99, a 50% increase. Considering that the NY Times is $13.99 AND includes a large Sunday edition with the NY Times Magazine, it now represents a much better value (if it weren't all online for free)....more info
  • Excellent at 9.99. 50% increase is unfortunate
    Like many of the other reviewers, I want to express my disappointment at the sudden price increase on the Wall Street Journal. This was an excellent product at the original $ 9.99 price. The 50% increase is too much too soon. I used to subscribe to the WJS Kindle edition but this 50% jump is just excessive. I don't agree with this move on the part of News Corp and I will not support it. Financial Times, here I come! Goodbye WSJ....more info
  • User Interface Needs Work
    The Kindle version of the WSJ could be made much better with a couple of changes -

    1. Create a menu of articles within each section (similar to the section list) to improve scanning and selection.
    2. Add charts and graphs including customizable stock tables as a section.

    Without these the Kindle version is at best a backup option to the print and mobile versions when they cannot be easily accessed....more info
  • Two weeks subscribed and an increase!? Canceled.
    After a couple of weeks subscribing in good faith at 9.99 I see it will now be 14.99!?

    Regrettably I'll be canceling something I really enjoyed(albeit too briefly#. Did the DX not get the reaction they were hoping for or just better heads didn't prevail??? If newspapers are looking toward Amazon and the kindle to help save the print industry...they better look elsewhere. Poor job. I hope this increase (for new subscribers and current alike) gets lots of attention. ...more info
  • Raising Prices w/ No Added Value - What a Crock!!!!
    I knew this edition was very sub par to the print and online edition with the exclusion of charts, graphs, and other material but the kindle convenience made it worthwhile. Now WSJ wants to raise their price (most expensive of all e-papers) without improving or adding content. WHAT A CROCK! Is it possible to give them zero stars? I'll certainly be canceling my subscription now....more info
    I bought this paper for my Kindle. Its very convenient and easy to use. I was looking for a paper that was non bias with out all that Libral crap you find with the "New York Slime"...more info
  • Was good until I found out about this...............
    First Amazon does not archive Newspaper and Magazine issues in your account for more that a few issues unlike when you purchase books.

    It is up to you to back up NPs and Magazines onto your computer to archive, for example The Wall Street Journal.

    Here is the rub. Should you loose, receive a replacement Kindle (warranty or otherwise) or purchase a Kindle 2 ALL past issues of Newspapers or Magazines that were downloaded to the original Kindle will be UNREADABLE on any subsequent Kindle even though it is registered to your account.

    Think about this for a moment. You buy these periodicals and obtain the rights for your use, but if you purchase or replace your Kindle you have no further rights to read past issues YOU bought and paid for.

    One better hope that their Kindle never breaks because Amazon does not repair YOUR Kindle they replace it with another. Therefore no more use of your periodicals.

    Sound absurd? Well it is true. So much for a reference library.

    On one hand you can purchase a hard copy of a magazine or newspaper and let 1000 people read it, but now it turns out you can't even read a copy of the very one YOU purchased.

    For all the good that has come out of Kindle it amazes me the obvious necessities that have not been addressed.

    Where did Amazon EVER DISCLOSE this in any form or fashion before you made a decision to purchase a Subscription?

    They focused on the fact that they archive your purchases.
    NOW referred to as books only.

    Then they later disclose they only have 7 days of NPs archived.

    Amazon places itself above other companies by claiming great ethics and integrity.

    ...more info
  • They raised the price. Are you kidding me?
    I can't believe they jacked up the price 50 percent. Are they trying to make people unsubscribe? I can get the print edition for [...] bucks a month, is there some benefit that the newspaper is getting from destroying trees and extra manpower printing papers. I know they get extra ad space but come on print is dying why not try and support the new medium for media rather than squashing the new users. This just doesn't make sense and is freaking annoying....more info
  • Rip Off
    Not only will I not pay $15 a month for the WSJ, but I will gladly pay $10 instead to have the Financial Times. The FT is much more professionally oriented and offers increasingly better commentary. The WSJ still has a wider breadth as well as better coverage of corporate America, but it is not worth the 50% more. I will use the FREE WSJ application on my iPhone and pay FT $10/month for my kindle. Good work Murdoch, you have alienated another customer. ...more info
  • Good content, price increase unreasonable
    The WSJ version for the Kindle is quite competent and an easy read. The indexing could be a better, but I read the whole first section anyhow. But the price increase to $180/yr makes no sense. I can buy the paper for $120/yr or I can buy the online version for $100/yr and sync it to the Kindle for free. Seems like the Kindle users are paying for the delivery users when it should be the other way around. As a protest, I had to cancel my Kindle subscription. Maybe I'll try the FT....more info
  • Save your money - Use Google News Instead
    Be Smart. The price has just been increased to $14.95 a month for day old news. Use Google News and get the the latest articles free because the WSJ has a "porous" reader strategy. Think what you or your company can buy saving $180 a year!...more info
  • Love the product but too expensive
    I get the WSJ at work and I love the newspaper. I don't have a Kindle, but recently ordered the Kindle DX, which I am anxiously awaiting. One of the reasons for the order was so I could read the WSJ on the Kindle... at $10/mo the price was right. At $15/mo..... not so much. I'll still take advantage of the 14-day trial but it went from a sure sale to, now, probably not. I can't see paying $15 when some content is missing and you don't get updates throughout the day. Put it back to $10 and you have yourself a sale....more info
  • Great convenince, but not worth $15 when print plus online is cheaper
    I have enjoyed the convenience of whispernet delivery, but a 50% increase for an unimproved product is absurd. I can get a mail subscription PLUS online access cheaper. The whispernet delivery does not justify paying a higher price for an inferior version of the product. ...more info
  • Was, but now I'm definitely NOT going to subscribe
    I was giving serious consideration to subscribing to the WSJ with my new Kindle 2. We get a paper edition at work every day but I thought it would be handy to be able to read it on the train using my Kindle. Since they went up to $15, I'm going to stay with my freebie at work. Thanks WSJ for helping me make the decision!...more info
  • Not happy with the price increased.
    I just received an update from Amazon that WSJ price is increased to $14.99. Print version is only $10 a month. What's the incentive of getting kindle version then? $5 for saving tree? What a rip off!...more info
  • Quiet price increase
    It's so nice they raised the price without telling current WSJ kindle customers. I only found out they raised it to $15 from $10 when I was reading a blog. The Journal should have more courtesy towards its current customers. It has become so irrelevant to the business world lately that this was the final straw for me. I'll be cancelling my subscription and switch to the Financial Times....more info
  • Way over-priced!
    This is a split review. Four stars for content and navigability. Two stars for cost/benefit. Average = 3 stars.

    I subscribe to and read the online WSJ, and I can do that at my computer and using my iPod Touch with one account. I subscribed to and read the Kindle version for about 2 months and canceled after reading about the upcoming rate hike. It was nice to sit outside with my morning coffee or have the "paper" with me if I had an appointment.

    It was on the edge of too expensive before, but the latest price bump is ridiculous. In addition, you'd think there would be some consideration for existing online subscribers, but no, WSJ claims they're separate, and if you want both, you pay for both. That's strange, because they have "deals" for online and print subscribers.

    Sorry, WSJ - you lost my Kindle subscription, and you'll have to work to get it back. ...more info