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Product Description

The Linksys Wireless N PCI Adapter installs in most desktop and tower PCs and lets you put your computer almost anywhere in a building without the cost and hassle of running network cables. The Wireless N PCI Adapter uses the very latest wireless networking technology, Wireless N. By overlaying the signals of multiple radios, Wireless N's Multiple In, Multiple Out (MIMO) technology multiplies the effective data rate. Unlike ordinary wireless networking technologies that are confused by signal reflections, MIMO actually uses these reflections to increase the range and reduce dead spots in the wireless coverage area. The robust signal travels farther, maintaining wireless connections up to 4 times farther than standard Wireless-G. With Wireless-N, the farther away you are, the more speed advantage you get. It works great with standard Wireless G and B equipment, but when both ends of the wireless link are Wireless-N, the throughput can be increased even more by using twice as much radio band, yielding speeds up to 12 times as fast as standard Wireless-G. Once you're connected, you can surf the web, keep in touch with your e-mail, and share files and other resources such as printers and network storage with other computers on the network. To protect your data and privacy, your wireless connection is secured by up to 256-bit WPA2 encryption. The included Setup Wizard will walk you through configuring the adapter to your network's settings, step by step.

  • High-speed Wireless-N (draft 802.11n) networking for your desktop computer
  • MIMO technology uses multiple radios to create a robust signal that travels up to 4 times farther and reduces dead spots
  • Up to 12 times faster than Wireless-G, but can also connect to Wireless-G and -B networks
  • Advanced wireless security: Wi-Fi Protected Access™ (WPA2) with up to 256-bit encryption

Customer Reviews:

  • Not ready for prime time
    Hey, we all know what Linksys is, right? It's the consumer division of Cisco Systems, the guys who practically invented microcomputer networking. So if there is a name to trust in wireless networking, you would think it would be Linksys.

    Unfortunately, in the case of the WMP300N, you would be very wrong.

    I have had this adapter and matching Linksys router installed for about ayear. It looses connection with the router routinely. Some of the software I use requires a reliable network connection to avoid data corruption -- I can't use that software on the computer with this adapter. It will abort file transfers, making us revert to "sneaker net" where we have to burn CD's to move files.

    Range is not the only problem. It will loose connect within 25 feet. It looses it more frequently at further distance, of course, so I would have to give it a "1" for both range and connection reliability.

    And with range being such a problem, the speed at any distance at all drops to around 10 - 20 Mbps, which is less than I get from stock 802.11g cards at the same distance.

    Could the problem be the router? No, as it functions fine with other wireless devices.

    Another problem is that the adapter's software will loose the ability to scan for networks after a while. The only solution is to reboot the computer. As a result, you can't leave your computer on when you are not using it -- you'll just have to reboot anyway.

    There hasn't been a firmware upgrade since the unit was released a year ago, despite entries by others similar to mine. Linksys is surely aware that they have a problem child but it doesn't seem that they have an interest in fixing it.

    I've tried all the tweaks that the geek boards suggest. Bottom line: I'll be writing off the cost of this adapter as a waste and replacing it so that I can get back to work. And I won't be trusting Linksys/Cisco the next time around.

    OS: Microsoft Windows XP Pro....more info
  • Computer Freezer
    I only bought the wmp300n because it was on clearance for $25 at Wal-Mart. Now I see why it was no longer being sold there.

    The first time I used this product and it connected to the internet my computer froze up. The mouse and keyboard were unresponsive and "ctrl+alt+del" would not work. I had to hit the reset button to unfreeze it. After that my computer froze up 9 out of 10 times when I used this device.

    I also noticed that the Linksys software was using around 90% of my CPU every couple of seconds. That is way too much. I uninstalled the Linksys software and installed only the driver. This used much less CPU than before, around 2%. However, the computer still froze up 90% of the time.

    Another problem with the wmp300n is the fact that it will not work with the Ubuntu(Linux) operating system.

    I finally got the wmp300n to work without any problems. I had to install Windows XP Professional sp3 and reinstall the driver and not the Linksys software. Now it dosen't freeze up and it works good. But it still won't work with Linux. ...more info
  • Linksys WMP300N
    I've had this product installed for about 2 weeks now, but had problems most of those 2 weeks. It seems pretty stable now though and it is working pretty good for why I bought it.

    Good: The computer it's on is the family PC that is basically used for internet surfing, music downloads, and streaming music. My wireless router and main PC are in the basement, but with the WRT600N, I get a good connection (85% with the door to the basement closed) and from 150-200 Mbps.

    Bad (on install): I was forced to use the Linksys software. I tried connecting it without it, but I could not get the drivers correctly installed. Even after some google searches and downloads, the adapter just wouldn't work. I punted and used their software.

    Bad (after install): Once installed, I had problems with it locking up. I had to stop the WMP300N service and restart quite a few times. I also had problems with it dropping the connection. These were both solved by enabling/disabling some properties (power save mode, vlan administration, etc.). Those seem to have done the trick and I've been good for the last 3 days.

    Overall, I know this is a fairly new product and there some kinks that need to be worked out. But once you get it going, it seems to do it's job. I wouldn't recommend this to anybody who just wants a plug/play adapter because this was far from it.

    ...more info
  • Stay far away
    I bought this adapter after my my older Linksys USB adapter died on me after years of faithful service. I figured since my landlord had a Draft N router, I'd pick up an adapter to match and figured the extra cost was worth it. If I knew then what I knew now, I could have saved myself a lot of money and a lot of time.

    It was a pain to get installed, but once it was up and running it worked great. For about a month. Then I started having issues with Linksys connection manager being unable to connect to the router. So I uninstalled the adapter, reinstalled it and it started working fine again. But, it acted up once again a couple of weeks later and I found using Windows connection manager fixed, for the most part, my problems but I still found myself reinstalling the adapter at least once a month.

    Now, about 2-3 months after buying the thing, I cannot leave my computer idle for more than a few minutes without the computer freezing up. At first, I thought it was a Windows XP issue so I reinstalled Windows. The freezing continued. So I then uninstalled this wireless adapter and my computer went back to working like it was brand new. So, I reinstalled the adapter and figured that's all it needed. Well, a day or so later, the computer went back to freezing up again.

    I haven't had more than 2 weeks where this adapter hasn't caused me problems. I've been reading reviews of this item on various sites and I'm wishing I had done that before I actually bought it. From the sounds of it, this adapter has had problems since it was first put on store shelves and Linksys has yet to address the issue with any sort of software or firmware update and that's extremely disappointing. I haven't bothered calling for support since Linksys has either A)deemed any problems an issue with the computer or B)has said the company is working on the issues.

    I'm thinking I'll just bite the bullet and buy a cheaper Wireless-G adapter from another company and chalk up my purchase to being a bit of a costly mistake to learn from: do your research before buying....more info
  • Works, but not without a lot of hassle!
    I bought this along with the corresponding Linksys wireless router. Set up was easy until I tried using the PCI card. After installing, my computer would freeze every few minutes unrelentlessly. I spent a good 3-4 hours trying to solve the problem with no luck. Finally I went on the Linksys Website Forums and discovered literally 100's of complaints about this PCI card from users that were having the same problems as me. After fishing through post after post, I came up with a solution.

    If you buy this card, DO NOT install the linksys software from the CD installer. Get the drivers ONLY from Linksys and use Microsoft to set up your wireless. Apparently, the Linksys Wireless Monitoring software conflicts with the operating system. I am using XP Media Center version. Once I installed the drivers only and removed al the Linksys software, my computer was again stable with no freezes. I am getting connects speed from 216-270 which, although not as fast as advertised, is credible. I'm sure a firmware upgrade is down the road eventually.

    I was going to trade all the Linsys "N" hardware for something else like a "G" Mimo, but I actually got it to work. Would I recommend? Yes, if you are computer savvy enough to get this card to work. If you want strict plug and play, this card isn't going to do it. If you can get it to work, the speed is worth the price of admission....more info
  • Beware of the bad driver software
    I purchased this card as a long-time customer of Linksys. I have a WAP 4400N from Linksys with the latest firmware, as the access point. I installed this into a Dell E510 Media Center SP2, with only a video card in the PCI slots. I have a boot drive and ***had*** a brand new 500GB Seagate drive for data.

    The installation went smoothly, and the card seemed to work fine using it for Internet access (270 MB!). However, when I started to copy 30-40 4MB image files from another file server on my LAN, it would get about 5-7 of them and then hang. After that, the network showed connected, but there was nobody home. I would have to reboot to get a network connection back. I tried this again, and the second time it hung and completely blew out the hard drive that it was writing to! If I try to use the drive in another PC to recover the data, it just hangs. I have tried recovery software and it is no use.

    I replaced the drive (thinking it was an infant mortality - 2 months old) and tried the WMP300N again, same crashing results. I have removed this and have taken it back to the dealer. It truly is a dangerous piece of junk! THe new drive and the PC work great without the card.

    The Dell doesn't allow me to set IRQs for the PCI slots, as this is probably a driver conflict. However, this is really bad driver software from Linksys, as I have since placed another vendor's card in the machine and it is rock solid.

    Buyer, definitely beware! I had tried to get the drivers from elsewhere as much of the lore indicates, but they fared no better. Avoid this card at ALL COST!...more info
  • Incompatibility with Dell Optiplex GX110
    I bought this adapter for the kids' computer (an old Dell Optiplex GX110,) after I got the WRT330N Wireless-N Gigabit Gaming Router. The adapter would not work at all, even when NOT installing the Linksys drivers as suggested by other reviewers.

    I called Dell for suggestions, but they didn't know of any incompatibility. I called Linksys, and one of the technicians I spoke with suggested something rather smart: to try the card in a different computer to discard if the card was bad or not. So I installed it in a Dell Dimension 9100. The card worked seamlessly (no installation of Linksys drivers). So the card worked fine; I'd say more than fine, just not with the old Dell computer.

    I returned the card and instead installed the USB version (Linksys WUSB300N Wireless-N USB Network Adapter). I've had no problems with the new adapter since I plugged it in. My kids want a newer computer, but that's another issue :-).

    I am loyal to Linksys. I think they sell good products, and I was happy to be able to get a solution within the same brand....more info
  • Excellent network connector
    I used the driver from the Linksys website instead of the CD and this installed without any problem! The network connection with this adapter seems equally as fast as my wired connection, and I can't notice any difference in speed. This is an outstanding product and I highly recommend it.
    ...more info
  • Easy install
    Installation was easy after reading earlier reviews. Linksys edited the install manual to emphasize that the CD software MUST be installed first, before the card is installed. It took 15 minutes. After the restart, it quickly detected my in-home network (and a few of the neighbors'). Then it was just click and go.

    Much steadier than my previous USR5416, no disconnects after a month.

    Antenna makes good place to put cereal bowl in the morning. ;-) Could work as plant stand....more info
  • Smoking Adapter!
    I won't be TOO verbose but I am VERY satisfied with my purchase. I have read all the negative reviews and information out there about this adapter but actually I have found it to work quite well. I do this for a living and generally always go with Linksys equipment, especially for my home...I've always found it to be the most reliable for my applications.
    I DID follow the advice of many (even on the LINKSYS Forums by the way) and not load the Linksys software on my system. I just loaded the driver. That seems to be the key. Just install the adapter in your system and when the system finds the adapter just install the driver itself from your CD. I will say that I found that using the driver that came with the adapter I got speeds up to 270M...I upgraded the driver to the latest one on the LINKSYS SITE and found that my speed seemed to drop down by about a third...may be an anomaly, I'll try to tweak it a bit and maybe I can get the speed up on the new driver.....for now I went back to the original.
    I also tried it on a VISTA machine...VISTA immediately recognized it and didn't even ask for a driver but it didn't recognize it as a Linksys adapter, this worked fine but I thought I should use the proper driver so...I uninstalled the driver and installed the 'unsigned' Vista driver that was on the LINKSYS site....
    This adapter has been running like a charm for a couple of weeks kids even commented on how the internet is faster...go figure.......more info
  • No more whining . . .
    I almost didn't buy this WNA because of all of the whining and complaining I saw in the reviews. Seems a lot of people had difficulties installing it and even more difficulty with technical support. I saw folks advising not to use the provided software - not to follow the manufacturer's instructions etc . . . I had my own challenges with the installation and founf tech support to be very helpful. Turns out, tech support did not end up getting me up and running, but they DID get me far enough down the road that I was able to figure it out myself - They could not have known what my "real" issue was because it was the fact that there was some old software from another WNA that had been previously installed . . . When I cleansed my system of that old software, the Linksys stuff installed immediately and has worked flawlessly since.

    My advice? Be sure your system is clean of old software before attempting to install new (competing) software.

    Oh, and I followed the linksys instructions without any issues once my system was clean....more info
  • If you have problems with this you're a noob
    Just plug it in to your PCI port and let vista install the drivers. Don't mess with the Linksys software it only sucks up resources. You can download the latest driver from Unzip it to a folder and then update your driver under the devices screen. When it asks you where you want to search for the driver, point to the folder you just unzipped and it will install it and run great. I think it is funny that there are no PCI adapters with above 3 star ratings because people don't know how to use their computer. ...more info
  • Installed and running without a hitch!
    Worked right out of the box - no installation problems under XP!
    Have been using it for about a month now. Very reliable!
    Running on the N band at 75mb/s - and has not dropped the
    signal yet. Read bad reviews about the other Linksys
    wireless-N PCi adapter. That's why I bought this one -
    and it was a good decision....more info
  • Devil in the details...
    I was initially pleased with the ease of setup and the range and speed improvement over my old wireless G network. Then I noticed that the audio/video on my receiving computer (Using the WMP300N PCI DESKTOP CARD) had become choppy and static. After days of rollbacks and uninstalls I traced it to the linksys driver for the WMP300N. To make matters worse, the uninstall for this does not work properly and leaves keys in the registry which prevent the new driver from installing without some geek activities that might be daunting to the average user. Then the new driver after I finally got it installed, was much better but not completely fixed. As a former driver developer I noticed that the new driver solution for the problem was simply to saturate the PCI bus with data! The computer equivalent of talking faster and louder so no one else can get a word in edgewise! If you attempt to run other intensive data applications such as gaming, or video rendering applications, this "solution" will cause your computer to hang. Microsoft would NEVER certify a driver written like this.
    Since the value of this router in terms of range and speed, depends on the use of Linksys' own desktop receiver solution, the overall system you set up is severely flawed and I cannot and would not recommend it.

    I do not know if the laptop receiver card exhibits the same behavior.
    ...more info
  • Caution, nightmare
    I am not a computer whiz. I installed this product and the drivers on the CD on my XP system. The product seemed to work fine. Soon after, I noticed the computer was freezing up. Foolishly I didn't put 2 and 2 together, and assumed that the computer was overheating, because I'd had another do this. I began fiddling with the heat sink, and ended up screwing up the computer. I ended up getting a whole new computer before I realized that it was this product that was bad. My new computer began freezing up, too. Doh. I finally got it. So beware!

    PS Looking back at the reviews (1/09) I gather that it works better on Vista, but I am amazed at how many people give it 5 stars, though noting that they had to do a custom install, evidently because of high speeds and range. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. Mine's unused on a shelf in the basement. ...more info
  • What a terrible product
    I bought this new network adapter based on my many years of using linksys products. Linksys had been up to this point extremely reliable and easy to install, as well as long-lasting. I am quite the experience computer user, and most technical issues I can easily resolve - not so with this network card.

    Firstly, I was having trouble like almost EVERYONE else who bought this card with connectivity. I had to uninstall the Linksys program, and then overwrite one of the driver files manually with a file I had to download from a guy who posted it on a linksys technical support forum (note that he didn't work for linksys). I had thought so highly of linksys's reputation that I almost reinstalled the operating system prior to troubleshooting the network card (I thought there was something wrong with the way windows was handling wireless networks).

    Even after all of this, the speed that it connects with my belkin N-router is marginal at best. About 2 months later, I installed a top-of-the-line ati video card and all of a sudden the sound is rather choppy at a variable intervals. I figured it was a sound card issue or video card issue, and a weird one at that. Turns out the the wireless network card spikes the CPU usage when it transmits or receives just 1 packet of information. I looked online for a fix, and sure enough, other people have the same problem, with absolutely no help from Linksys.

    I'm going to remove this card, and throw it away. What a complete and utter waste of money. This piece of garbage prompted me to write my very first review of any product on amazon, so that others may not have the misfortune of dealing with this....more info
  • Running N band for Months
    I usually get speeds 270 Mbps. Sometimes 240 never below 200. I'm running Windows XP and this network is running in a multi-floor configuration. My computer is on the lower level and signal strength is usually 72%. Family and friends using laptops and wireless G have no problem coming over and using the network. Out of box, following directions and updating the driver the install was clean. I am about to try the USB model on another computer because of the success with this one....more info
  • Amazing speed, painless install in Vista
    Product installed painlessly. I did not install any drivers whatsoever in Vista. I just plugged in the PCI port, turn on the PC, and it all worked perfectly including WPA protection.
    I have it matched up with a Linksys 300 router.

    I highly recommend this product in this configuration.

    ...more info
  • Blue Screen of Death on 2x PC's
    I purchased two WMP300N's for two computers. One is a stock Dell Dimension and the other is a custom computer with an A8N-SLI Deluxe MB.

    BOTH COMPUTERS BLUESCREEN after random amounts of time. I've tried the new and old drivers from Linksys.

    These cards are going back....more info
  • Works, but no great.
    This card is a major pain to get to work.

    I installed first with the software on the cd and could not get rid of the 1 mbps problem. I then uninstalled everything, including removing the reg keys according to Linksys's forums. I also uninstalled my ethernet card and all its drivers.

    Finally I let windows install it and just installed the drivers from the Linksys website. It finally works but still does not get great speeds. It gets 4 bars and sits around 80 meg. Every so often it drops down to 30 or so and then bounces back. I can at least surf the network and was able to play some diablo 2 with little problem.

    This was a wrt160n -> wmp300n setup on windows XP pro and the wrt160n is wonderful, so I am blaming the card. I also have to keep the router set on 20mhz and not 40mhz or the card defaults to 1 mbps....more info
  • Don't install the Linksys-provided software, just the drivers - This software really sucks completely!!!!
    I had a nightmare trying to have this thing working. I do really followed the instructions provided in the manual, first installing the software and drivers before I inserted the card in the PCI slot (though I already knew about the bad reviews describing this software, but I wanted to give it a chance - bad choice!!!). I had Win XP SP3 recently installed on this PC, then I didn't expected to have any issues with WPA2 Authentication due to SP3's already updated with this patch. The card did really detected my home network properly with full signal strength, but it couldn't connect to it due to a validation problem that prevented my PC to get an IP address from my WRT610N router, a very weird problem that never showed before when connecting it via Ethernet cable, then I thought it was related to WPA2 authentication problems. I tried during days every single advice in the available web forums, also I deactivated this program and used the basic XP's tools to connect to a wireless network, but everything was unsuccessful. Then I tried to connect this PC using the Ethernet cable and surprisingly the same problem!!!! It was not a problem regarding some wireless security configuration, something got corrupted since I installed this software and card. As I already know that this Linksys-provided software possibly is the culprit, I took another HDD, connected it to the same PC and installed XP SP3. Then I booted from this disk checked the Ethernet and was OK, so I installed the drivers ONLY this time. I had Win XP search them on the CD and installed them properly. I used the Windows standard utility to connect to the network, and it was completely successful now. This card works very fine. Both windows installations were almost the same, same PC, programs and configuration, the only different thing was this cr@ppy Linksys program. I think it tampered with the registry keys too much, corrupting it. Other thing, I couldn't use the Windows Restore Utility to roll back the changes that this software did - It couldn't restore to the older settings, but I don't know whether this is related to this software or not....more info
  • Great in theory, but too many bugs
    I have a Belkin Pre-N network at my house and liked the specs on the new Linksys product (WMP300N PCI adapter and the WRVS4400n router and access point) for my office. Out of the box nothing worked. An upgrade to .13 firmware in the router at least got it working. Speeds are impressive, but as many others have noted, the system hangs up at random times driving users to distraction. I returned the product and reinstalled my Cat 6 cables.

    Once Linksys gets the bugs out I'll try them again, but they released this product without enough testing, in my opinion. This is a classic example of buyer beware. ...more info
  • Don't buy, non-standard installer and has hardware conflicts in Vista
    Product says that it is Vista compatible but it was not in my case. I ended up having to return this product. First of all it has a non-standard installer. When finally getting it installed in an unusual way, there are hardware conflicts. Try to fix this then it does not even partially recognize the device. If you check the linksys website the only have the old driver which ships with the product. A complete waste of my time....more info
  • Works OK if you ignore the included drivers
    Having had quite a bit of success with Linksys products in the past at first I decided I couldn't go wrong buying this product. However, immediately after installing the Linksys monitoring software and drivers on my PC, it would lock up or there would be a random BSOD within about a minute or so.

    After searching around the net the key was to uninstall the Linksys monitor (allowing Windows to control the connection), download the new drivers on their website and bypass the setup.exe by manually installing the driver. Also, one has to turnoff the power save mode under the network connections advanced settings tab otherwise there is instability waking from suspend.

    After a couple of hours of my time I managed to make the product work and it seems to work well in my environment. However, I'm not happy with the fact that the software is worse than useless and that calling support was a waste of time since they simply said: "try another PCI slot." Unless you are comfortable with manual driver installs I would stay away from this product. To avoid potential headaches do not install from the enclosed CD!...more info
  • Seat the card1
    As with so many others, I had a very difficult time hooking this up to a PC running Vista. However, I have it hooked up now and it's running very nicely from a second-floor bedroom to the router (WRT310N) in the basement.

    There are two things to look out for:
    1. Do not install from the CD. There is a warning in the package for this. This is an XP install. To install on Vista, download the driver from linksys onto another PC so you can put it on a a memory stick and walk it over.
    The downloaded driver is a self-extracting .exe file (WMP300N_20071019.exe) that contains both Vista AND XP libraries. After you extract it, remove any folders named XP. - Load the driver.

    2. Make sure to seat the card into the slot carefully and fully. This was the big problem for me and after I re-seated the board, everything worked like magic.
    ...more info