Wholesale Lot of 60 Fake Motion Activated Security Cameras
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Product Description

Realistic heavy-duty plastic camera with real surveillance motion complete with blinking red LED light. BEST PRICE! Fake CCTV Security Cameras are a proven deterrent that cost little to operate and get amazing results! This camera looks extremely realistic and is guaranteed to fool even the most discerning criminal or thief. Simply mount the camera anywhere in seconds with a standard screwdriver, and watch people behave, as they believe they are under surveillance. The camera is powered via three (3) "AA" batteries (not included). Great for homeowners and shopkeepers! Looks incredibly real, mount this anywhere and convince people they are being watched. Have some fun, and put it in the bathroom at the office, then walk around accusing "management". Have fun watching how friends and family react when they think they are being video taped! The motorized motion detector camera swivels side to side when it detects motion and the activation LED light comes on and flashes. The added flashing LED and wire make it seem very realistic. Why spend $100's on expensive security equipment when this ingenious product scares thieves. Great for-Stores, Work, Home, Etc A typical shoplifting incident costs a retailer $158.86 while an average employee theft is more than 6 times as high at $1004.35

  • 60 Realistic Looking Dummy Cameras with Motion Detection System.
  • Below Wholesale Price! ONLY $4.95 EACH!! The Best Deal on the Market!
  • No Wiring Needed. Requires 3 "AA" Batteries (not included). Dimensions: 2" W x 2" H x 5" D, Stands 4" Tall
  • Adjusts to Any Angle. Installs Easily with Standard Screwdriver. All Hardware Included!
  • Why spend $100's on expensive security equipment when this ingenious product scares thieves.