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Fisher Price Kid Tough FP3 Song & Story Player - Blue
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Product Description

The Kid-Tough FP3 Player is a real digital player designed just for preschoolers. It's tough enough and easy enough for kids to use. We've also made it easy for parents to download songs and stories onto the player from the Fisher-Price FP3 Song&Story Online Store, or from any CD you already own. The Kid-Tough FP3 Player features: A backlit 1.4-inch LCD screen that uses icons to help kids recognize and choose their favorite songs and stories all by themselves; big buttons that make it easy to navigate; Kid-tough design that stands upto the way preschoolers play Holds two hours of entertainment--that's approximately 30 songs or 15 stories; add an SD memory card to store even more songs and stories Headphones that are sized just right for little ones and that play at a safe volume; breakaway neck strap; six songs and two stories pre-loaded on the FP3 Player; Plus, there are hundreds more songs and stories ready for safe and simple download from our Song&Story Online Store. With the software CD we've included, you can: access the Fisher-Price FP3 Song&Story Online Store; browse hundreds of kid-appropriate songs and stories, all in one place; read expert recommendations to help you choose; purchase new and different songs and stories online, anytime; copy music from CDs you already own to your player; change and manage your player's songs and stories; player software requirements: Microsoft Windows 2000 or Windows XP; Intel Pentium III 500 MHz or above; 256 MB RAM (512 MB RAM or higher recommended); 150 MB free hard-disc space for full installation; Video Graphics Card with 1024 x 768 resolution or higher; Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 with SP1 or later; Macromedia Flash plug-in; USBport; Optional for Online Store: Internet connection (broadband connection recommended). Requires 2 AAA (LR03) alkaline batteries.

  • Digital media player provides preschoolers with a durable and easy way to play songs and stories
  • Import CD tracks or download from the safe, user-friendly Fisher Price Online Content Store
  • Rugged construction with simple controls, drop-tested durability, kid-friendly headphones and a breakaway neck strap
  • 1-inch backlit LCD screen, 128 MB of memory and SD memory card slot
  • Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)

Customer Reviews:

  • We LOVE this item - at least my 3 yr old son does
    I really do love this item. The songs that came on it were terrible, but it was easy to download my own. I even downloaded some from the fisher-price site. Also very easy and not expensive. My son loves some Top 40 type songs and country music: Aint no other man, Riding Dirty, Fast Cars and Freedom. I put a different icon for each song so he can easily (visually) scan his FP3 for the song he wants. I even put the theme song for Wonder Pets and he was so excited. I have one for my 4 yr old daughter also. She likes the stories best, but again the stories that came with the FP3 were terrible. I downloaded some Dr. Suess stories and the songs for my son and she loves hers too. Terrific item and we have had no problems. Thanks FIsher Price....more info
  • Fisher-Price FP3 Player
    My 2 year old son loves his new FP3 player. He wants to listen to it all the time - home, car, office visits, etc. It is very durable - he has dropped it many times since we received it. Downloading music is a snap! I would recommend this product to all parents who have kids that like music and stories....more info
  • Only compatible with FP accessories, downloads, VERY LIMITED
    Caution: The FP3 player is NOT compatible with anything BUT FP accessories. That means you cannot use an iDog or any other external sound devices except those made by FP (which are over priced and hard to find). Further, you cannot use music from your personal collection or CDs and you cannot use files downloaded from the Net EXCEPT those from the FP site. This is very limiting and expensive-- esp if your child likes variety. Skip the FP3 and get a Cool P3 player by Tek Nek, you won't be disappointed. We returnedout FP3 and went with the Cool P3 and have been extremely happy with it's kid-tough design, compatiblity and ease of use for both parents (set up) and kids (usage)....more info
  • Great Product
    I just purchased this for my son. He is a rough 5 year old and I did not want to waste money buying him a mp3 player that he would tear up in five minutes. I think the problem stated in some reviews about the foam falling off of the headphones has been solved. The foam on the one I purchased could not be pulled off with simple use. It would take some real effort to get it off. I did not have a problem with the software and took the time to set up songs in advance. I love that it is kid tough and that the volume is not loud. Great product for the little one. ...more info
  • FP3 Review
    This is the second one I have purchased for my grandchildren. It is very durable and easily used by children who cannot read. The only drawback is the headset which does not amplify the sound adequately and that is why I rate the product overall as a 4 star. I had to purchase a different headset to get it to work properly. ...more info
  • kid friendly music player?
    We got my son this FP3 player with the hopes that he could use it when we go on trips, when we are in the car, at the store, hanging out at home... He loves to listen to music but we wanted to make sure that he had something kid friendly. He had the kid tough digital camera, so the music player was a logical step.

    1. The volume doesn't get loud enough to hurt their ears
    2. The songs are seperate from the stories, so they are easy to find (book for story and music note for song)
    3. Icons help the kids pick out their favorite song or story
    4. very toddler friendly (big buttons, durable, and easy to figure out)
    5. Battery life is great (my son listened to this most of the day and there was still tons of battery life left)
    6. There is a timer on it, so after a certain amount of time it shuts off by itself (note: this is not a great feature if you are in the car all day and your child wants to listen to it constantly - you'll have to turn it back on a few times)
    7. kid friendly, and comfortable headphones.
    8. holds a very large amount of songs and stories without the additional memory card (but has room for expansion if needed)

    1. You have to use their program to upload songs and stories (even if it's on your computer already, you have to import it from a cd)
    2. Their software doesn't pick up any album information so you have to know that ahead of time and be prepared to input it yourself
    3. When the player is connected to the computer you are wasting battery life (I went through a whole set of batteries trying to to get songs loaded on to the player)
    4. The vol. isn't loud enough to hurt their ears, but in a loud place it's not loud enough for them to hear
    5. We have found that ours freezes up on occasion, we have to take out the batteries (and sometimes replace them) in order for it to work again
    6. When using your own songs you have to create an icon for your child (the title of the song and artist name [or whatever information you input] shows up very small on the screen if there is no icon
    7. There is nothing on the screen to indicate when it's playing or paused (which makes it hard for my son to tell if it's just taking a while or not playing at all)
    8. there is a neck strap (which paired with the headphone cord becomes too much around my son's neck) but there is no clip to hook on his pants or anything, so he is left holding it all the time

    Overall, this was a good buy, for a first music player. I wish we would have gotten a cheap regular one for him though. He loves it and still uses it regardless of the cons... so it was a good buy. I would suggest it for little kids who would use it here and there, and have no experience with any other music players. For the little ones who know how to work your music player, you are better off getting them a cheap mp3 player that will be easy for you to charge, and upload music. ...more info
  • Great item for kids!
    I purchased this FP3 player for my 3 year old son for Christmas, I spent a few hours loading somoe of his favorite childrens CD's onto it and he has thoroughly enjoyed it. I also purchased the docking station/speakers that go with it and have been very happy with those as well. I also purchased 3 short stores on the Fisher Price website as the preloaded music & stories provided were not the greatest. For kids who like stories and music, this is a great item. ...more info
    If you have windows vista, this wont work for you. Don't buy it until it is updated! You wont be able to add or delete any songs or stories. Sometimes songs skip or stop but can be corrected, if you have xp or older....more info
  • Call Fisher-Price Customer Service for Vista Software (888)892-6123
    My daughter has had the FP3 Player for 2 years and loves it. She doesn't like the headphones so we got the speakers for it and it's like her own little boombox. She's had it since she was 3 1/2 and it's been through alot. The major issue I have with the toy is the software that goes with it. It needs lots of improvements but is workable with Windows XP. My new computer has Vista and with lots of searching on the internet I find out that it is not compatable with Vista and with more searching I find out that I can call customer service for a Vista patch. They told me it should take about 24 hours to recieve an email with the software patch.

    Their customer service number is 888-892-6123.
    Hope this helps!...more info
  • Are you kidding me?!
    This did not work. I have Windows XP professional. The software was a real pain to get installed. And why FP3 for that matter? It's not like we need proprietary file format when MP3 works just fine.

    I think mine was defective from the beginning. The included songs on the FP3 only played for a few seconds and then froze like if the files were corrupted. I could not get the software to recognize my FP3 and so could not install new music to try to see if it works.

    I would skip on this. Look for a durable mp3 player that works with itunes or media player. ...more info
  • The FP3 is great for a Toddler
    We gave the FP3 to our almost 3 year old daughter for Christmas and have been very happy with the product. She learned to operate it on her own very quickly. Her favorite thing to do is attach it to the speakers that you can buy to accompany the FP3 and carry it to whatever room she is playing in so that she can sing along to the songs we have downloaded. I would highly recommend purchasing the speakers if you are buying the FP3. I found it easy to downlad music from Fisher Price's site as well as our own CD collection. I wish that you could use sites other than Fisher Price's for music downloading and that the Fisher Price site had a larger selection of childrens artists. I love the fact that you can assign picture icons to each song so that prereaders are able to identify music. ...more info
  • Neat product-Not for Vista
    We got this for my four year old son. It is very neat in that you can draw your own pictoral representations for the songs they might want to hear or you can choose one from the pre-loaded icons. It is fairly easy to load with the following exceptions:
    1) Songs already on your computer will NOT load. You have to download them from the cd directly into the music menu on the software.
    2) Our new and main computer runs on Microsoft Vista and it is not compatible. Don't even try. We got all the way to the last step thinking it would work and it would not load.
    The reviews about the volume is true that it doesn't go up very high, but there's only been a couple of times the kids have mentioned it....more info
  • nephew loves it
    My sister-in-law asked for this as a birthday gift for my 3 year old nephew as he always wanted to use her I-pod. He has been using "his I-pod" every day since he got it. Sister-in-law says it's easy to use and my nephew loves it....more info
  • Makes a little kid feel like a really big kid!
    Our 2 1/2 yr. old granddaughter had one, so we decided to get our grand-nephew one for his 2nd birthday. He immediately started calling it his Ipod, and wouldn't be without it every where he went. The toy is well thought out with its parental controls for volume, the "break-away" neck strap, and both music and books ability. It is wonderful for long car rides also!...more info
  • Dad's Perspective
    Dad's Perspective:
    This product has been absolutely miserable. They have made the DRM so difficult that it does not allow you to back up the songs or stories although they say they do but you can never get it restored. Since you can't do a back up, if you lose your Hard Drive the only recourse is to purchase the songs again. Fisher Price support is worthless, they could care less about their customers and their goal is to cause you to spend more money replacing the songs that you have already purchased and couldn't backup. They are so concerned about the DRM that they have caused a good product to become an absolutely miserable product to deal will. I will never again purchase this type of product from Fisher Price. While the FP store is limited on Songs and stories, it has all that one will need, and the child will be quite happy with it. The player uses AA batteries which must be replaced often and is a real pain; FP should have included rechargeable battery system. This product is quite a bit worse than IPOD in forcing the user to purchase its songs and stories and then not allowing any type of protection for the song or story in order to do a restore if necessary, so there is no investment security. If you lose it, you either buy it again or do without. I have had to re-purchase a few songs and stories because of a HD failure and FP customer support said "The only thing you can do is purchase them again" what a scam.

    Child's Perspective:
    This is a great product, it is quite easy for the child to use, my 5 year old loves it. I can download songs from Fisher Price quite easily. They say that you can import MP3's which you can but they make it so difficult to include any Icons' that you will eventually give up and purchase the song from FP so that you can get a nice Icon for the child. It is very rugged, my child left it outside for two days, it was snowed on and then rained on and believe it or not it still worked. When he was 4 he was able to get to the songs he wanted and to the stories quite easily. I have the speaker set for him so he would put it on speaker and he and his friends would listen to the stories. This is quite a nice product for kids if you can deal with the restrictions that FP places on it, it is quite a shame for Fisher Price to do such a thing.

    Other Restrictions.
    One time software, if you lose the disk the only way to get it again is to purchase it from FP, another scam. But if you already have the hardware what are you going to do? Purchase it again this is another location where FP has you by the gonads. Also, of this time the player and software does not support VISTA so I have to keep an XP box just to maintain this player. But since I purchased this product under an XP environment, if I want to upgrade at some point in the future I am sure FP will demand more money but right now I can't even upgrade (is VISTA an upgrade?)

    Final Thoughts:
    If you can deal with the overwhelming DRM restrictions from FP and their self-righteous attitude like they are doing the consumer a favor. Then by all means purchase this product the child will love it, after all ... it's all about the kids, and that is what Fisher Price is banking on. If I had to do it over again knowing what I know now, most likely I would purchase it again only because I can't see anything else on the market that provides this type of player (easy and well constructed) for the children. Then deal with all the FP garbage for a few years until the child is ready for something else. This is not a professional review but just a review from a Dad attempting to use a very difficult and costly product so that his 5 year old son can enjoy some stories and some music. I have had the player for two years now.

    A Dad in Maryland,
    ...more info
  • Great!!!! But we can't use it.
    We bought this for our 3 year old son for Christmas this year. When I bought it I saw that it needed Windows 2000 or XP to use it, which was fine since that was what I had. Unfortunately my computer crashed and now computers only come with Vista. This produce DOES NOT work with Vista. I called the tech support number and was told that they are working on a patch to allow compatability with the FP3 player and Vista, but they don't know how long it will take. So, here I am with an FP3 player that my son can't really use. It has the 5 songs and 2 stories preloaded with it, but he can't listen to any of his music.
    The toy itself is great, and I can't wait to be able to get his music and other stories on there. Once I am able to do that...I don't think he'll ever put it down!...more info
  • wish I had known...
    This product is cute and a lot of fun for my 3 year old daughter. My only complaint so far is that it is not compatible with Windows Vista. Thankfully we had an old computer in the house with Windows XP and I was able to download songs onto the player. Also, songs that I had downloaded from the Internet were not able to be transferred unless I burned them onto a CD first ( a little time consuming but it worked.) I hope that Fisher Price comes up with a software that is compatible with Windows Vista soon!!! My daughter loves it and carries it around where ever she goes. She has even began to appreciate the 80's! Rock on!!
    ...more info
  • Good Deal! Cool Toy!!
    I bought this toy for my son's 3rd birthday and it is a great present. He has older cousins' who have an ipod and now he has his own. Since he's received the fp3 player he hasn't stopped singing the songs that I have downloaded on it. The only drawback is that you have to download the songs and stories onto a cd if they are stored on your computer, then download them onto the fp3 player. The icons are really cool too! My son can scroll through the songs and stories and find what he wants to listen to....more info
  • Disappointed!!
    Fisher Price Kid Tough FP3 Song & Story Player - Blue
    Got this for my son for Christmas. Had a hard time getting the music to download. Had to change batteries twice in one day. Total meltdown/tantrum...Merry Christmas! I'm sending it back and getting a small, cheaper MP3. I really thought this would be a good fit for my son because of the durability and ease to use but The issues we've had aren't worth it....more info
  • Fantastic
    My youngest son is 3 years old and just loves listening to music. He was always trying to listen to his oldest brothers MP3 player. We purchased this for Christmas for him. I was a little concerned if he would be able to use it, (he has some developmental delays). It took him just a few days to learn how to use it, the picture icons are wonderful. I have not tryed downloading music other than from CD's to it. However it was very simple to download the CD's....more info
    NOWHERE on the packaging is this mentioned!! My husband and I spent a couple of hours trying to load the software and get it to run with no avail. I went and checked out other reviews on Amamzon and found others saying the same thing. Great toy, antiquated software. Use a neighbors/family members XP operating system or send it back!!...more info
  • Kid Tough FP3 Song & Story Player
    I bought 2 of them and the kids love them in the car for travel. Really makes the trip nice and quiet when they have them....more info