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Desecration (Left Behind, No. 9)
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Amidst the glitzy fanfare of a new world regime, control is unraveling for self-proclaimed god and Global Community potentate Nicolae Carpathia in Desecration, the ninth installment in the Left Behind series. It's 25 days into the Great Tribulation, and the newly resurrected Carpathia evinces an increasing fondness for gruesome killing. He's thrown into turmoil when the first two "bowls of wrath" from the biblical book Revelation are poured out on the world. Water turns into blood, and those who are branded with the mark of loyalty become covered with loathsome sores. When Carpathia commits the ultimate act of desecration against the Judeo-Christian community, chaos ensues. Meanwhile, the Tribulation Force soldiers on, receiving visitations from heavenly messengers that prod the team to greater acts of courage. Jenkins's characters seem almost comic book-like in their actions; the author relies on pages of slangy, slapstick dialogue rather than character development or descriptive settings to flesh out his tales. It's the angst of wondering what disaster will occur next and the fascination with end times that keep loyal fans turning the pages. And there's no shortage of angst here. Chang Wong flirts with suicide. Hattie Durham risks her life in a confrontation with Carpathia. Tsion Ben-Judah inadvertently gives away a secret location. Chloe Williams uncovers a remnant of believers. There are touches of the standard Left Behind humor, and even some romance in the last days. As always, readers are left hanging at the edge of disaster, which should keep appetites whetted for the promised next installment. --Cindy Crosby

Nicolae Carpathia, now the total embodiment of evil, desecrates the temple in Jerusalem by entering and declaring himself god. The explosive ninth book in the Left Behind series will carry the world to the brink of Armageddon. With over 40,000,000 products sold in the series, Left Behind is an international phenomenon.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great book
    We were buying all of the Left Behind books and Amazon had them at a great price. Great reading!...more info
  • The Series Picks up Momentum
    This is a great series of books for spiritual and nonspiritual people alike. I felt that the previous two books in the series were slowed down and dragged out, but this book picks up at full speed. As usual, the cliffhanger will leave you clamoring for the next book!...more info
  • Apocolypse Stories
    Another one of those Christian Fictions that bespeaks doom and destruction for all who don't turn their lives over to Jesus. If you can get past the religious psychobabble, its a good book. Otherwise, Buddha is a much better choice and his followers are typically less intolerant and war-like....more info
  • What a cop-out
    I enjoyed the first books of this series and was impressed by how well the story progressed. Great literature? No! But at least they were interesting and tried to have a message.

    This book is by far the worst of the series, and may turn me off on the rest of the series altogether. It feels like the authors are selling out to try and accommodate a bigger audience. It has a low-budget, movie-of-the-week feel. They authors keep trying to throw one big event after another without giving us a chance to know and care about the characters. The characters are just action figures and have lost all trace of the personalities we bought into in the earlier books.

    And the ending was a ridiculous insertion of a TV season-finale cliffhanger, trying to rope the audience into tuning in for the next installment. If the authors were still as focused on their message instead of their ranking on the best seller list, they wouldn't have to resort to such tricks in the ninth book of a series....more info

  • Not worth your time
    This book is incredibly boring and really has no point. It has an extreme lack of characterization and the plot is so messy. It skips around from person to person and is written in such a way that you have no idea who is saying what and who isn't. This had the potential to be a good book, but it was written way below its level and seems to be more of an indignity on Christianity than a helpful force. It's more likely to make people fear God than bring them to Him. It kind of does the opposite of what it seems to be there for. So, I'd recommend to stay away from this book....more info
  • I can stand no more....
    First, I listened to the unabridged audio edition. Its clearly missing a few scenes referenced in this novel. However, what I don't miss is the endless scenes of people falling to their knees, weeping, invoking God and tearing their clothes. The count choc-u-lah voice of Anti-Christ was ludicrous and painful to hear. The endless discussions of hacking, and reading lengthy sermons from Judah, and listening to Chloe whine and Buck cry. I honestly can read no more. I thought I could finish out this series, but the Desecration was the worst book I've read in the series to date. Carpathia cavorting on the back of the pig was the final straw.

    What made this series great- the trials of an everyday Joe caught up in events beyond his control has devolved into a Christian themed Ludlum novel with Buck and Rayford traveling the globe to rescue small-time Christians who get killed anyway, while ignoring their own families. Christians in these books bait and mock unbelievers and the bad guys act like keystone cops. If Satan were as stupid as he's portrayed in this novel Eve would never have taken a bite from the apple.

    Frankly, I finished this book, hoping Carpathia would whack Rayford and the rest of the tribulation force. They are so annoying and sanctimonious. 2 stars.
    ...more info
  • Desecration
    The Desecration book 9.... when last we visited the Trib-Force, I said, 'Head for the hills!' , but these guys don't know the meaning of retreat. That's good for the cause-I'll tell you now I have some trouble getting behind the picture of Carpathia as some kind of buffoon riding a pig and all that-He seems to know that God is in control and cuts some deals; which, by the way he crawfishes on at the first opportunity. We lose some friends by deceit, letting us know that Carpathias' minions are not the dense dumb bunnies we may stereotype them as. Praises to the team of Jenkins and Lahay for the handling of the Chang character. Wonderful and insightful... inspiring. There is a lot more in here for the fans of LEFT BEHIND. Like I said, don't be fooled by Carpathias' foolish antics. He is out to Kill- and Kill he will. One of the great nasty characters in modern literature... One that is to come. If you aren't ready, get ready. I think truth will be much more painful than this mild fiction

    Also recommended: The Price of Immortality is a book that should be read by everyone at least ONCE!...more info

    "Desecreation" is just awesome! The series just keeps getting better and better as we get closer to Christ's return! Cannot wait to read "The Remnant!" Grade: A+...more info
  • disappointing desecration
    I am a hard core Left Behind fan, had the web page, screen saver, movie, CD's books and all- until then. I stopped reading when they killed David Hassid. He was one of the few belivable characters and by far the smartest. But thoughout the book they started doing dumb things and it was as if someone else wrote the book, not Tim Lahaye or Jerry B. Jenkins. I put my name on the "be first to get it List at my christian book store. Now I am not so sure any more. Come on guys you are so much better, I don't want the next one to be left behind on my book shelf....more info
  • greedy authors
    The series is being stretched way beyond what it should have been. The simple reason would probably be greed. $$$$ seems to always corrupt the good in things....more info
  • Reading "Out-Of-Habit" Now
    I have long since stopped having lofty expectations for the books in this series. They're kind of like a "date movie" type entertainment now. It's something to do that doesn't require anything of me but to sit down and relax. I'm certain the authors didn't intend on this becoming fluff reading at the beginning, but it sure is now. I wonder how they feel considering that it seems they've seriously reduced themselves and compromised their witness to this point of greed, laziness, and mediocrity. The book is fun -- no great literature, but it's the spirit behind the book that kinda disturbs me; yes, they're still a vehicle for Christ's message, however, it seems to be just an afterthought now. I hope I'm wrong about these guys and their motives, but it seems to me that they've lost their spiritual credibility. I'd like to see them take the advice of so many other reviewers and stop milking the story....more info
    This is one of the later books in the Left Behind Series. Similar to all the others. Fortunately is a story in itself, so if you don't get the whole series you can still get a good read....more info
  • Desecration
    Desecration, Antichrist Takes the Throne, is a good book. Lahaye and Jenkins both do a good job of keeping the series going with the ninth book. They did an excellent job of writing this as they did with their other books in the series. This book is great! Once you start reading this you will not want to put it down.
    This book is about a tribulation force of believers against the Nicolae Carpathia, also known as the antichrist. They are against him to make Carpathia to let the people choose not to take his mark. The tribulation force begins to fight and protect with the power of god against Carpathia. To find out who wins this war, one should read this book. You do not want to miss the adventure of the tribulation members....more info
  • Amazing
    Desecration, part 9 of the Left Behind series, is great. It manages to be entertaining and enlightening at the same time. I was glad to find my favorite characters once again in a gripping story based on the book of Revelation in the Bible. Trust me, this one dosen't disappoint!...more info
  • brace yourself before reading this book
    okay, so we all know that this series isn't great literature (at least most of us anyway), but despite the flaws i quite enjoyed books 4-8 (even though 1-3 didn't do it for me). however, for this book the author abandoned the good parts of his writing in favor of poor sensationalism. my three main complaints are:

    1. theology. this series has always been controvertial theologically. i agree with their general outline of end time events, and on other issues, even when i disagreed with the author's position, i could see what the basis was. however, in this book, some of their positions are WAY, WAY out there. i mean seriously messed up. i'm still trying to figure out what left field they dragged the "second moses" concept out of.

    2. miracles. i believe in miracles, but i think the author decided to write a miracle every 10 pages, and some of them are seriously hokey (like random people spouting hebrew for no discernable reason). yes, God is a God of power, and shows his strength. he is also the same god who invented subtlety.

    3. plot. it's even worse than most in the series. it reads like a bad B rate movie starring dolf lundgren.

    bottom line: it'll probably satiate the masses, and if you're reading this review, you'll probably read the book because you have the hook in your mouth, just like me. however, if you prefer intellegent or well written literature, shudder and brace yourself before reading this book....more info

  • A wake up call
    Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins 9th book from the Left Behind series Desecration is a wonderful way for anyone to see how the bible proclims the end of the world. The book is laid out with multiple views from a various amount of charismatic fiction characters. The opinions and views of other religious figures is also stated in this novel so it does not have a racist focal point. Anyone of any religion could reas it and still get the same information and feeling out of it. It was a great page turner and I love the way that everything is described and scriptures are added into the content before they are proclaimed....more info
  • Why continue to be deceived...
    Tim LaHaye, Jerry Jenkins, and others in the Pre-Trib circle, such as Ed Hindson, Tommy Ice, Chuck Missler, etc., continue to put forth the same deceptions that Hal Lindsey popularized decades ago. The notion of a pre-tribulation rapture is foreign to scripture, it is foreign to the teachings of the early Church, and it is grooming the Church for destruction through ignorance and lack of preparation for what is really coming. These men are novices and not prophecy "experts" or "scholars" by any stretch of the imagination; they are those who tickle the ears of gullible Christians. Why continue to be deceived? Tim Cohen, in his excellent book, "The AntiChrist and a Cup of Tea," provides biblically sound and testable evidence to show that the coming AntiChrist is known NOW. Not only that, the same author (Tim Cohen) has now put out the strongest presentation on the whole issue of the rapture EVER offered to the saints of God in Christ: "The REAL Rapture". If you really want to know the truth about the timing of the coming rapture, then you need to hear Tim Cohen's "The REAL Rapture" (based on a volume in his forthcoming "Messiah, History, and the Tribulation Period" series (see Prophecy House's web site, prophecyhouse dot com, for details on these items)....more info
  • Oye!
    I've read this series over and over. It's a good easy reading and I think most of the books are good. I don't agree with the writer and the fundamentalist point of view. I don't see how you can get a whole theroy for a "Rapture event" out of one passage of scripture but, whatever. I'm a Chrstian, that's probably why I basically like these. But, this book in particular shows how whimpy a leader Rayford Steele is. They should've put Albie in charge. He was willing to do what was necessary to get the job done. Steels' only concern seems to be whether he can pull rank and be above others that really should be incharge. I find is VERY annoying they all refer to him as "Captain" Steele; "leader in his own mind" and the writers didn't do him justice. I know he's an airline captain but now they're giving it underlying military significance. That's a stretch. He doesn't even want to arm his subordinates against the enemy and he doesn't want to do what's necessary to keep his people alive. That and he thinks it's his call to tell them if they should defend themselves or just get slaughtered. It's a ludicrous idea. Thinking people, with faith or without, would neither follow a man like that or put up with him, I wouldn't. I also was, and have been, very annoyed by the "Mac" character. Not by him persea but at the fact that they've changed him. When we frist meet Mac he's a well spoken Co-pilot. There's NO Texan twang and or verbology to him. Then all of the sudden he's talking like a hick (no offense inteded) speaking like he's never spoken before. This is a prime example of the authors not following their own formula and remembering their own characters. I think around book 5 you start seeing Mac and noticing he's not talking like he was in the beginning. It's annoying! How could the authors not read back and re-aquaint themselves with their own characters before continuing the series?! There were some good points to this book but it definately wasn't their best work. Chloe is as annoying as usual, a basic brat. The more I re-read the series the more aggrevated I get....more info
  • Totally Awesome
    This book is by far the best! Nicoale doesn't even pretend anymore. He is totally mad, killing all who oppose him. Meanwhile, you got the bowls of wrath beginning their judgements, and christians fleeing nicoale's wrath. Also, the tribulation has been compromised, and several of the members are dying like flies! Excellent book, with a very suspensful ending as Nicoale prepares to drop 2 bombs on hundreds of thousands of christians in one area!...more info
  • Unbiblical and bad writing make for one star
    This book is so flawed in every which way, it is hard to know where to begin. First of all, we are living in the end times, and when Jesus comes, that's all she wrote, folks. There's no seven years, no Christians being zapped up, etc. This is our Second Chance on Earth. No tribulation. This book takes figurative visions and tries to apply it literally, and does it poorly. Reading this book made me think that if this was true, then what's the point of trying to be a Christian. Why not just live your life the way you want to, and then when people zap out of thin air, change your life. It's ridiculous and sends the wrong message. Plus, the writing is for second graders with no redeeming characteristics to it. But I really don't think the author's care at this point (seeing how many millions they've made printing lies). My recommendation is to read the bible instead of this series; then you'll get truth and the bible is probably shorter (and much better writing). Man, not even Kirk Cameron could save this train wreck.
    ...more info
  • Please people get a life
    I've read the entire series, I've watched two of the three movies, and I've listened to most of the dramatized audio series. (the first 6 anyway) So for those of you that are insisting that this is all unbiblical please listen closely.


    And if in retrospect it brings ONE person to christ, does it matter? The pre trib/post trib "war" has been going on forever, if this is how these authors wish to portray the return of christ more power to them.

    Oh and as in a review, all the books rock!...more info
    The book was in wonderful condition and was of course a great book! Loving Amazon...more info
  • The biggest surprise of the series is..
    ... the fact that Jenkins and LaHaye knew that basing a book solely on the desecration of the temple would be absolutely horrible, so they crammed this book with as much plot, uspense, turmoil and excitement as they could. Seriously, I was impressed. Or maybe the previous books were so blah that this one seemed really good. Whatever. All I know is I liked it.

    And yes, I know the writing sucks, that the characters are really caracatures and that the plot moves at pace of a Special Olympics event, but really.. I could care less. For every three post-modern, agenda-ridden books that come out and literally make me want to cry, thanks to the headache that comes packaged with them, I like to have one book that is simple, straight-forward and treats me like I've never read before. It's nice for a change. So long as the plot moves.

    Thumbs way up for 'Desecration'. It's one of the better books in the series.

    ...more info
  • Want help falling asleep? They should've quit 3 books ago
    This book is laid out in a format ideal for childrens books. Huge margins and large print. After reading the past few books, I see why....they had to be able to make it look as if it were really a book inside of the covers, and not just a tract.
    I was totally loving the Left Behind series. When I got to the 8th book ("The Mark")however, I was getting a little bored and felt that 'too much' was being stretched out. Then Book 9 (Desecration) came out and I continued to be a loyal fan and we purchaed it also. After waking myself up through most of the book, I was able to summarize it for my husband in about 20 minutes and save him the time of reading it. He didn't really miss anything. Now, to give it a benefit of a doubt, I have begun book 10 ("The Remnant"). Guess what! - you really don't have to read any more of the books.......the talent sort of piddled out. There really is not further enjoyment, surprises, or mystery coming from the characters or the story line. Plus, save yourself from having to learn any further absurd names. Save your money - if your really want to read it and continue with what story there may be, get it at the library. Or, if you insist on buying it, remember it will be great to press flowers in. The talent that started this series, has certainly, and sadly, been used up. It is time to move on to something new fella's. Sorry!...more info
  • Truth be told
    The books are great, they gave me a better insight on the end times.I can't wait for the next one to come out.If you have never been the type to read the Bible, the books will help out a lot when it comes to understanding the book of Revelation.They truly did help me....more info
  • Satan is on the loose....
    Satan sure isn't wasting much time now that he has inhabited Nicolae Carpathia's body. No longer even pretending to be a pacifist, every Moral Monitor is now armed and prepared to kill anyone who refuses to accept the mark of the beast.

    "Desecration" is the 9th book in the "Left Behind" series. The book opens with Rayford Steele and the other Tribulation Force members preparing to evacuate the Jewish believers to Petra and ends with a cliffhanger that will make you want to scream. In between, we see the death of several more Trib (and semi-Trib) members, the coming of age (so to speak) of Dr. Chaim Rosenzweig, the revealing of the safe house in Chicago, and Tsion Ben-Judah arriving in Petra.

    As with most of the other books, the action is fast paced and the characters will draw you in. Once you pick up this book, you will not want to put it down....more info

  • Just one more book in the all-encompassing, enthralling, and utterly absorbing Left Behind Series
    From the very first letter of the alphabet that my eyes looked upon inside this series of books, until the very last period of the very last sentence, I was hooked. Each one of these books absorbed my attention like no other book has ever done in my life. Biblically sound, theatrically entertaining, and brilliantly written, the Left Behind books will inspire you to dig into God's word and take the pieces of news from your T.V. screen and match them right smack-dab up with the prophecies of the Bible. Your hair will stand up, your heart will race, and you will find yourself helplessly caught in the suspense. Once you finish one of these books, you will desperately race to your computer screen or your local library to pick up the next one!

    Carrie Lynn Jones
    Author of It All Began... When Jesus Gave Me Sneakers
    ...more info
  • Even Less Filling than usual...
    Although I will admit to haveing read all of the series (I am hooked on the concept), I now feel the authors are are dancing on the edge of breaking the commandment 'Thou Shalt Not Steal'. This would have been a great 3 or 4 volume series. The good news is that I have found that it is possible to read the entire book in about 3 hours ... (find a comfy chair). Try it next rainy day....more info
  • Addendum to other negative reviews
    I largely agree with many of the negative reviews that have been posted already, so I won't go into great detail about why I do not like this novel (or this series, for that matter). However, I did want to add that this book is different from others in the series in the level of violence that is condoned by the Christian characters in their efforts to thwart the Antichrist. There is virtually no reflection on the use of lethal force, and all the main characters seem to silently come to a consensus that God approves of their behavior. I would submit that this is a grey area that deserves much introspection, something the authors do not allow whatsoever.

    Additionally, in some respects the book plays like a revenge drama, with the Tribulation Force, along with God himself, relishing their chance to strike back against those who do not share their religion. It is an ugly scene, and certainly contradictory to much New Testament theology. I am, of course, not defending the actions of the Antichrist, but shouldn't Christians hold themselves to a higher standard? I do not believe that responsible humans--Christian or non-Christian alike--should endorse this sort of thoughtless fiction....more info
  • I don't know if I can keep going
    It has taken me two months to read this book, it never takes me that long to read 1 freaking book. I had to force myself to read it and I was trying to finish this series by the end of the year, doesn't look like it's going to happen..The authors should be ashamed of themselves for milking people by dragging this story out. I hope they don't think they can take all the money with them. And I refused to pay full price of any of the books, so I'm not contributing to their wealth. Thank God for library book sales....more info
  • Good Material, Received very quickly!
    The book was in very good condition. I received it within a week which I was very impressed by since it stated 14-21 days. Thank you very much for being true to what was advertised. I will recommend you and purchase from you again....more info