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Apollyon: The Destroyer Is Unleashed, by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, is another suspenseful chronicle of those left behind after the rapture of the saved. As the book opens, Hattie Durham, the former airline attendant and mistress of the antichrist, Nicolae Carpathia, is wracked with confusion about what to do with her illegitimate child, whose birth date is coming due. Rayford Steele, the airline pilot who flies Carpathia's plane, is ambivalent about the mounting evidence that his late wife, Amanda, may have been a false believer. Buck, the ace newspaper reporter, and Chloe, his wife, are debating whether to have a child when the future of the world is so uncertain. And all of the world's thousands of believers are gathering in Jerusalem for a stadium rally, which will lead to a showdown with Nicolae Carpathia. Believers are increasingly relying on the Internet for underground communication, and most of them are becoming more and more tempted by violence as a way of battling the forces of evil overtaking the world. But demon locusts are shortly dispatched as a divine plague to attack those who do not have the seal of God on their foreheads; this buys the believers a little bit of time to solve their respective personal crises, all of which end in ways that will keep you riveted until the last page.

The Tribulation Force travels to Israel for the Meeting of Witnesses as further judgements are released upon the world. This is the fifth volume in the Left Behind series of novels based on New Testament prophecies about the end of life on Earth. In this book, the world has been visited by a plague of demon locusts that attack anyone without the seal of God etched on their foreheads. Internet communication is becoming the primary means of maintaining unity within the underground resistance movement of believers. New global warfare threatens a third of the world's population. And the Tribulation Force members deal with personal crises, including pregnancies and lost family members.

Customer Reviews:

  • "Here's another fine mess we've gotten into."
    After taking a two year break from this seemingly endless series of end of the world novels I finally picked it back up where I had left it behind, with Nicolae Carpathia (aka The AnitChrist) deciding to show up at the Meeting of the Witnesses after all.
    Apollyon, like the others before it, is a quick and frothy read that emphasizes cliffhanger action above any real dramatic tension. Think of it as Irwin Allen's Production of The Book of Revelations. What lifted this entry above a three star rating was the somewhat refreshing humor I found in it. Some of the slapstick moments (at the AntiChrist's or his Supreme Commander's expense) were quite refreshing, although Supreme Evil Incarnate treated as a buffoon does not inspire fear in me. I also have a soft spot in my heart for monster mayhem and the swarm of locust like demons at the novel's conclusion satisfied that B-movie craving quite nicely. After the disappointing Soul Harvest this was a breath of fresh air and it left me hungry for the next book in the series, which is just what Jenkins wants to inspire in his devoted readership. I enjoyed it but, seeing that it suffers from the same problems (no real dramatic tension, endless repetition of cliffhangers, Hero Death Exemption) and only moves the story forward by inches, I cannot really recommend it, but, from a personal entertainment standpoint, I give it four stars for the guilty pleasure of it all....more info
  • Jeebus, where are you?
    This is the fundamental question of books 1-11 of the taut, gripping (some might say svelte) "Left Behind" series. However, the answer is "He's in book twelve." So the faithful reader will have to wait another seven books before the messiah cannonballs into this pool. All we get for now is a buncha-buncha-cruncha devil bugs sent by G-d to eat the crops and fly up the noses of the unbelievers. Which I didn't really understand myself, because if they're demon locusts, why are they working for the big G? But that's a whole 'nother can of demon worms better left to the professional theologomizers and not to us unschooled readers.

    All in all, Lehane's best work. "Mystic River" is a close second, maybe tied with "Left Behind #9" [I forget the title] and after that are all the other "Left Behinds" in no particular order....more info
  • Must read for Left Behind fans
    If you are a fan of the Left Behind series then this is a must read. Find out what happens to Rayford, Buck, Hattie and the rest of the gang as Nicolae's true nature is revealed....more info
  • Unbiblical and bad writing make for one star
    This book is so flawed in every which way, it is hard to know where to begin. First of all, we are living in the end times, and when Jesus comes, that's all she wrote, folks. There's no seven years, no Christians being zapped up, etc. This is our Second Chance on Earth. No tribulation. This book takes figurative visions and tries to apply it literally, and does it poorly. Reading this book made me think that if this was true, then what's the point of trying to be a Christian. Why not just live your life the way you want to, and then when people zap out of thin air, change your life. It's ridiculous and sends the wrong message. Plus, the writing is for second graders with no redeeming characteristics to it. But I really don't think the author's care at this point (seeing how many millions they've made printing lies). My recommendation is to read the bible instead of this series; then you'll get truth and the bible is probably shorter (and much better writing). Man, not even Kirk Cameron could save this train wreck....more info
  • suspense throughout...
    This book continues in the same style of writing from Tim and Jerry. Switching between plots throughout the book puts the reader in such a state of suspense that you want to continue reading to see how it all pans out. I especially liked the part of the story where Buck and some of the Tribulation Force is trying to escape from the clutches of the Global Community Forces after the big meeting in Israel. I thought I was right smack in the thick of the action and felt myself egging them on to escape.

    Great read!...more info

  • John the Revelatorys plague of locusts unleashed.
    Add another 1/2 star to the three I've given it.

    It is difficult to visualize the various plagues in the Book of Revelations, however Lahaye and Jenkins have done an excellent job. Why these demon locusts did not attack everyone was very clear. Also I've wondered about the two prophets who will be left in the streets of Jerusalem for three days as John describes, but again the authors brought these two men to life for me.

    Amanda Steele may have been a traitor to her husband and The Tribulation Force. Since I had no emotional connection to Amanda, who was introduced merely to play a small role, I was unconcerned that she disappeared. However, her death along with others on the jet that crashed did show Nicolae Carpathia's truer motive.

    In my opinion, this is one of the better books in the Left Behind series, but after reading four straight through I was committed to the series. If someone were to start reading just one book out of order, then I think the interwoven connections would be difficult to follow.

    The scenes in Jerusalem were strong and well written. Never having been to the city, I was able to picture it somewhat -- especially considering the photojournalists and newscasters we have today. New characters are introduced as each book moves forward, which keeps the pressure building with their interpersonal relationships and questions of fealty.

    True dramatic tension is missing, but the humor at the expense of the The AntiChrist and his divergent crew is refreshing, though difficult to imagine. However, if you have read the previous four books, this will be an excellent adventure in the continuing saga.

    Victoria Tarrani...more info

  • An Absolutely Amazing Series (Books, & Audio Book's)
    I don't know how anyone couldn't love these books. The depth of the characters, and the story is incredible. I'll admit, with the first book I was not yet hooked. Wasn't completely sure if I'd even read the next one in the series. But I am sooo glad I did. Half way through, I knew I was hooked. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A CHRISTIAN FICTION LOVER TO LOVE THESE BOOKS! Even for those non-believers, that are looking for a great on the edge of your seat adventure/thriller to read, this is a GREAT read!!! And who knows, by the time you get half way through the series you may see things differently about life.
    And for those who are believers, this series will make/help you understand revelations so, so much better and easier. To anyone who loves to read and really get into the books they're reading, this series is a MUST READ!
    As highly as I recommend the Left Behind Series to Readers, I have an even HIGHER recomendation regarding this series. THE UNABRIDGED AUDIO BOOKS read by RICHARD FERRONE. Even if you have read the entire series, go back and listen to these done on audio by Richard. He is amazing! As incredible as LaHaye and Jenkins are at creating the characters, Richard is absolutely amazing at bringing them to life, and drawing you into the story. Richard Ferrone is the best audio book reader I have ever heard by FAR! Listening to the story being read to you and acted out by ferrone puts an entirely different spin on enjoying this series. (don't confuse the unabridged version with the abridged however. Frank Muller does the abridged version, and I kid you not, he's terrible.)
    I listen to these tapes when I go out for my daily walks, and not wanting to turn it off, I just walk and walk and walk. Great excercise for the body and the brain at the same time!
    Whether you are reading the books or listening to the unabridged tapes, you will not want to put the book down or turn the tapes off, and each book will leave you dying to start the next. I'm just starting book 10 and I am on the edge of my seat to know whats going to happen next. The Left Behind Series is so worth getting into on so many levels. ~~~~~
    ~~~~ Have you checked out the Dramatic Sound and Drama Series yet? Gotta check it out!...more info
    These Left Behind books are becoming a guilty pleasure. I can't stop reading them. This and SOUL HARVEST have been the best. The series hits its stride here. The pacing is terrific and it keeps you craving more.

    Rayford Steele learns his wife Amanda was NOT a spy as insinuated in the previous installment. Hattie just made it appear that she was.

    Nichoale can do nothing to stop the two witnesses as he and Tsion Ben-Judah have a showdown in Jeruselem. The Witnesses cannot be killed in spite of Nicholae's declaration of open season on them. Hattie's baby is stillborn and deformed. She has developed some serious hate for Nicholae and vows to kill him herself. What a nut.

    After the sun darkens a full one third even Chaim Rosenzweig admits there is no explanation but the Lord. But best of all, locusts decend upon the earth to sting the non-believers and making them wish they were dead. Those stung cannot even kill themselves for relief. Next will be 200 million horsemen who will kill off one third of the world's remaining population.

    And Chloe had her baby....more info
  • Not Recommended For Children
    This is the fifth book in this series. In my reviews of the first four, I've laid out a number of reasons why this series is really, truly awful. Oh, sure, I could point out some stuff here, too. Like some of the stereotyping (saving LaHaye/Jenkins from the hard work of creating characters)...

    On Abdullah: "Buck wondered what he did before becoming a believer. Maybe he'd been a terrorist" (364).

    Rayford on his daughter, Chloe: "She's also very pregnant, Buck. That floods the body with a hormone wash and turns a woman into a mother hen" (367).

    Or, how about the complete lack of actual story events or drama?

    Ken Ritz on urgency: "We've already won....It's just a matter of going through the motions. The Bible's already told the story..." (160).

    I could, if I chose, talk about the perverted morality presented here, and the unexamined hypocrisy in the heroes (and thus, one infers, in the authors)...

    Tsion Ben-Judah on God's love, p. 156: "God is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance. That is the reason for this entire season of trial and travail."

    God is not willing that any should perish? Really?

    Tsion Ben-Judah on God's love, pp. 160-161 (aka 4 pages later): "The great wrath of the Lamb earthquake devastated the globe...the first three Trumpet Judgments alone scorched a third of the earth's trees and grass, destroyed a third of the oceans' fish, sank a third of the world's ships, and poisoned a third of the earth's water..."

    Oh, uh, I see...

    But, to be honest, this is all ground that I've covered before and am likely bound to do again, before I'm done with this wretched series. So, instead, here I'd like to just point up something that I find really funny about this whole ordeal -- there is a Left Behind series for children (Left Behind: The Kids).

    Forgetting for a moment the absurdity of LaHaye/Jenkins doing everything within their power to milk this series (that'll be the meat of Book 13's discussion, if I ever get there), I really wonder how this series can be made *more* for children than it already is.

    * The language, syntax, grammar in this series is as easy as can be. All dialogue, no description. I'd guess 3rd grade reading level, tops. (I swear, at one point Rayford even defines the word 'therapeutic.' In the story, it's for the benefit of another character, but I think it's actually there for the intended audience!)

    * The subject matters put vanilla to shame and makes it wish it were a blander flavor. Even before all of the main characters converted -- back in their free-wheeling days without the Power of Christ in their lives -- none of the troupe did anything really worthy of censure. Rayford *thought* about fooling around on his wife. Buck Williams, 30 years old, living a jet-setting life in NYC, was a virgin for cripes-sake! There is no sex. No swearing. Violence less than you'd find on any given Saturday morning cartoon. Most of the "plot-events" are characters evangelizing to one another. Have you *been* to a fundamentalist party? I have, and it's kind of like one of those.

    * There's no gray morality. No difficult choices for anyone to make. The good guys always agree with one another (and, in fact, sound roughly the same) and the bad guys always twirl their moustaches. Disney routinely shows more depth in its characters, both heroes and villains. I mean, in the Sorcerer's Apprentice even Mickey crossed the line more than these people ever do!

    The only reason why I wouldn't recommend this to children is because I like kids, and want to see them enjoy the books they read. They'd put this stuff down early, because it's *too* easy, tedious, and flat-out dull. Adults can read it because we've learned how to persevere through poor writing, and several of us are masochistic in that we finish the books/series we start no matter the pain of it. Also, I'm sure that many Christians out there convince themselves that these books are "good" because of their basic philosophical sympathies with the authors.

    But these books aren't good. They aren't even decent. Though I'm not Christian, I still believe that a person can be one *and* still be able to discriminate between good and bad fiction. This series, which makes the idea of a kid-level version redundant, will reveal itself to any discriminating reader as bearing the Mark of Beastly Bad Lit.
    ...more info
  • Perhaps my least favorite in the series
    I like Lahaye's book but I found Apollyon to be a plodding, slow rehash of earlier works... At least the first 3/4's were. Lessee Ben Judah preaches, Rayford acts holier-than-thou, various non-essential characters are killed, Chloe speed-dials buck, and Buck does his Indiana Jones routine. The Trib force stops and tries to convert every Tom, Dick, and Hattie they meet and have instant gratification by seeing the 'sign' appear on their newly converted forheads. Bingo! You've just won a believer!

    There were some seriously annoying plot points in this book. Chloe/Buck decide to have a baby? What reasoning thinking couple would have a baby in the endtimes? I vote them off the island. Second, they go off to Israel to listen to Ben Judah and abandon Hattie poisoned and dying....? Huh? They can hear Ben Judah speak anytime. This seemed cold and callous to me. Rayford lectures doctor Lloyd on 'not having a relationship with Hattie.' Um, excuse me Ray...But do you remember book 1? Ray is such a hypocrite. In fact, the entire Trib's forceful attempts to convert Hattie at the end of the last book and the beginning of this one made me ill. Let the woman make her own decision, shall we? Let her worry about her own soul. Badgering and pestering her is not only annoying, but likely to produce the opposite result.

    I was disappointed in the ending. I thought the Trib force behaved callously and even a little gleeful towards those suffering under the sting of the locusts. At one point Ray is even afraid to care for Hattie because of her illness. Come on. This is a grown man? Grow a spine.

    2 Stars. I found the behavior of the trib force, particularly Rayford annoying. Also, the appearence of the christian "mark" makes this series even more 'black and white' than it was before. Thankfully Assassins doens't seem to be in the same vein as this one.
    ...more info
  • Small Version
    Apollyon: The Destroyer Is Unleashed (Left Behind No. 5)
    I received the small verson of this book, sized only about 90% of the actual size of books that you can get in bookstores. Also, some of these smaller versions have yellowed (inferior paper) pages. I will not order anymore "used" books when they're for a collection....more info
  • Apollyon: The Destroyer Is Unleashed
    This book is a good book. It is about the end of time. I really liked this book. There are a series of these books of which all I havenyt read yet. This book has a great meaning. This book can be sad, but it also expresses joy. It will keep you turning page after page is you read it. It has good dialogue and good content.
    It has a variety of characters. The good characters are all in a group called the Tribulation Force and the bad characters are all on the Antichristys side. The characters are the main source. The authors are good authors and have written many numbers of excellent books....more info
  • Just one more book in the all-encompassing, enthralling, and utterly absorbing Left Behind Series
    From the very first letter of the alphabet that my eyes looked upon inside this series of books, until the very last period of the very last sentence, I was hooked. Each one of these books absorbed my attention like no other book has ever done in my life. Biblically sound, theatrically entertaining, and brilliantly written, the Left Behind books will inspire you to dig into God's word and take the pieces of news from your T.V. screen and match them right smack-dab up with the prophecies of the Bible. Your hair will stand up, your heart will race, and you will find yourself helplessly caught in the suspense. Once you finish one of these books, you will desperately race to your computer screen or your local library to pick up the next one!

    Carrie Lynn Jones
    Author of It All Began... When Jesus Gave Me Sneakers
    ...more info
  • Are you kidding me?
    I am an agnostic, and make no bones about it. But, I also feel that a person should not critique a work unless he has actually read it. I am now on my fifth book in this series (Apollyon), and am finding myself making excuses for having read this far. Is it the writing? Goodness no. Is it the engaging characters? Oh, sure. I honestly don't know.

    It's kind of like my addiction back in high school to the "Flowers in the Attic" series that was such in vogue then. Terrible writing, awful premise, bad execution. But for some reason, I kept reading. Maybe to see how bad it could get? If it could get any better? No. Mostly, it was to see what all the fuss was about, and to see what so many others actually saw in the thing.

    This series is basically about "preaching to the choir," and making the events of Revelation fit into some (semi) coherent story. Unfortunately, anyone with reasonable intelligence will be rolling their eyes countless times. The relative normality of human existence after all of these calamities is one sour point. Another would be that this "all knowing, all loving" God would visit such horror and calamity upon his people--believers or not.

    My biggest point of contention would be that no matter how good or how pure a person is, all that matters to get into heaven is to be "born again." Even the characters of Hattie and Chaim "believe" that Christ is the savior, and yet that isn't good enough. . .they haven't been "born again." Puh-leeze. Switch off your brain, and submit as a slave to Jeebus, and you're goin' to heaven! Even if you're an evil )&**&%!!! But if you're basically a good guy, but for some reason don't make the secret prayer. . .you're going to burn in eternal torment FOREVER! Boy, that's justice. People that actually believe that trip me out!

    It may be your interpretation of Biblical events, but it doesn't make logical sense. God gives you a brain. You use your brain to determine that it doesn't make sense that good works aren't good enough. Your brain doesn't conclude that blind faith in a book that is hard to understand is the ONLY WAY. So you are DOOOOOMED. Justice like that is hard to distinguish from the justice of the DEVIL, wouldn't you say? I'm just sayin'. . ....more info

  • The First Three Are Good - These Past Two Are Not As Good
    Book five continues the twist and turn towards something that feels more like a Bible tract that needs to be handed out door-to-door. Moving away from the fantastic plot and character development of the first three books, LaHaye and Jenkins really begin a downward trend of not following upon previous successes for the series. There are several new characters that get added to the mix - some believers, some not. No background is explored on these new characters - so it is as if they are just dropped into the story as convenient stage props for the story. Honestly, this is the worst of the series thus far, simply because of the poor plot and character mechanics that these two have chosen to ignore in favor of treating the story as a well-bound Bible tract....more info
  • Series of books drag on forever
    This series of books started out interesting but then it just dragged on forever as though they just wanted to make money by getting you to buy the next book. The whole series could have been done in 1 or 2 books. Only one significant thing happens in each book which should be a chapter in a book not the entire book. It also starts to go in to the ridiculous and never ends. I quit and don't care about what happens. Enough is enough all ready. The series is way out there....more info
  • Apollyon......APOLLYON ----Demon Locust on 20/20
    All i can say is that this book is great. The description of the locusts was phenominal, it's all Bible Based *breath out* Buy this book if you love GOOD, no GREAT Christian reading....more info
  • Excellent book
    This is book 5 in the 12 part Left Behind series.

    It is the most exciting book yet.

    It begins with the meeting of the witnesses in Jerusalem and goes on to where the Tribulation force members become international fugitives. Later, the next plague begins when demonic locust-like creatures torture the non-believers and their pain is so great that they try to kill themselves but are not allowed to die. Their pain lasts for six months.

    It is well written and keeps the reader on the edge of their seat.

    Next in the series is Assassins.
    I will write a review for Assassins when I finish reading it....more info

  • Love Enjoy... and Devour!!
    I really enjoy this series.
    Although it has some minor flaws... such as the somewhat dry writing style, scarce characterization, and the fact that the series seems without end, I couldnt help myself but to be sucked into the plot. I admit, it could be better, but I couldnt put it down and devoured the book in as little as 4 days....more info
  • apollyon
    this book was too long and had barely anything good in it, the book mostly consists of speeches by nicolae and it was boring. the only good psrt of the book lasted only 25 pages....more info
  • stupid, stupid book
    i wish i could have given it less than one star, but they don't allow that.

    poorly written, limited point of view, not even really written by tim lahaye. jenkins does all the work.

    i should have been reading harry potter instead....more info

  • Lackluster
    In this series I never agreed with the author's theology. But the series started off as good fiction, entertaining, and were books that made a reader think about the end times. However as the series dragged on, the writing became weaker and weaker, and for myself and many I know the authors lost the audience. I never made it through the whole series and I doubt I will ever go back and finish it. It really is a pity - there was so much potential in this series.

    This book was an interesting interpretation of the third woe from the Book of Revelation. The plague of the locust attacking the word is done in vivid graphic narrative. The Trib Force team has both losses and gains. The most important is Hattie leaving and joining the dark side. Buck and Chloe have their child.

    Yet even with all the action this was the turning point for me. I only made it through one more book of the 16 in the series. The books in publication sequence are:

    Left Behind:
    Tribulation Force
    Nicolae: The Rise of the Antichrist
    Soul Harvest:
    The Indwelling
    The Mark
    The Remnant
    Glorious Appearing
    The Rising: The Antichrist is Born
    The Regime: Evil Advances
    The Rapture: In the Twinkling of an Eye
    Kingdom Come

    In the end it just seemed like a money-making ploy, with graphic novels, cds, teen versions, a video game and more.

    (First written as Journal Reading Notes in 1999.)
    ...more info
  • The best of the series
    The left behind series is a worthwhile and as a whole a well written fiction series. (It should not of course be used as a substitute for the actual study of Bible Prophacy) Of the entire series (8 books so far) this one is the best read. It mixes action and characters better than any other. It keeps the reader glued and wanting more. You find yourself caring for these characters more and more in this particular book and Rayford interaction with the newest member of the tribulation force is very well done.

    In a long series it's not easy to maintain the quality of events and characters, the series as a whole does and this book in particular does it best. If you don't intend to read the series but just want the best taste, then start here....more info

  • Captivating
    Apollyon," fifth selection in the LEFT BEHIND series continues with the end time Judgments prophesied in the book of Revelations. More and more people are turning to God and the acceptance that Jesus is the way to salvation. The antichrist continues to deceive. The fifth trumpet Judgement plagues the unbelievers and while they pray for death to release them from their misery they are not allowed to die. Mind-boggling detail and realistic action will keep you engrossed with this entire series, leaving you eager to pick up the next novel. Talented writing and prophetic narrative will rivet you to each edition.
    Beverly J Scott author of Righteous Revenge...more info
  • Much better than 4.
    After being quite dissapointed by left behind 4 I find this one to be far more interesting and enjoyable. It helped that Buck and Rayford had quit their jobs which meant that they did not have to resort to lying and deceiving so much in this one.

    Judgement is well and truly being poured out on earth in this book and we get to read about what it might be like for those who don't know God when the end of the world hits. The scenes involving the demonic locusts being unleashed are particularly harrowing and would be terrifying for those on the wrong side.

    On another not, I was walking in the city the other day and came across an indian man passing out books, this one caught my eye as it was called "Survivors:you'll be surprised who'll get left behind" and the cover art etc is very much like the left behind series. This book is not related to the Left Behind series but gives an alternative scenario and is very interesting reading. He was only asking for a small donation to obtain this book. Check out jesuschristians.com for further info. I for one was intrigued at the alternatives, this one, instead of staring with the rapture starts with a nuclear attack on the U.S. and the cover, whilst made pre september 11, is prophetic. Also in this story, the christians are not the average evangelical americianised version but rather more biblical followers of Jesus.

    With too many christians today out to make a buck from other christians by offering them entertainment, it's important to be discerning, don't fall for every doctrine that comes candy coated down the road, e.g. big haired preachers screaming out you about how Jesus was rich and wants us all to have heaps of cash and never have problems.

    How did I get off on that? Anyway, enjoy these books but think for yourself, thanks for reading....more info

  • My Stars are Diminishing....
    Ok, This book is ok,it's a bit silly at times, unbelievable at others. I am starting to agree with everyone else that this could have been a whole lot better if they hadn't have stretched it out. Because all they are doing is rewording the passages from the previous book into the next one and so on. I have almost given up, but since I already bought the majority of the books, I want to try to finish it. I am glad that I purchased them from a library book sale, so they didn't actually make money off of me. The books that I am missing...I will probably just skip....more info
  • More soap opera, little substance
    The "Left Behind" series is a perfect example on how to take an interesting concept and turn it into a bad series. "Apollyon" is the fifth book in the series and like the previous books, it is only a couple of chapters worth of material stretched into novel length. The first 200 pages should have been no more than 50 pages. Not until after the 200 page mark do the locusts appear and things start to get interesting, but this only lasts for one chapter. After that, it's back to the usual slow soap opera.

    I'm not going to say anything about the theology or morality behind the book; I'm trying to read these books as entertainment, but in that area, it fails. It is slow, full of lengthy monogolues and badly written dialogue. ...more info
  • Better than people give it credit for
    A lot of the reviews I have read of these books tend to put it down by comparing it to other end of the world books. And while I will admit that these are not as smart or engaging as some of the the better books that cover the same topic like Fire of Heaven or We All Fall Down, I still really enjoyed them. A friend introduced me to the first book and I cut through all 12 books over the past two months. In a way, it's not really fair to compare them to some of the other books because they are trying to do different things. Left Behind seems to me to try to simply tell a great story about the end of the world. It's light, but what's wrong with that? I really felt like I NEEDED to know what was going to happen next when I finished a book and the very next day would order the next one. I call that a success. A book like We All Fall Down is obviously much more intense and thoughtful, the characters seem much more like real people, and it gives you more to think about, but why does that make Left Behind bad? Can't The Ten Commandments and The Passion both be good movies?...more info
  • Apollyon is Awesome
    I love the left behind books, but was dissapointed with the Cloudten movie. I still like this book out of them all. I reccomend that everyone read this books even if they don't believe....more info
  • Apollyon is amazing!
    Apollyon has to be the most exciting book yet in the Left Behind series. Telling about the Trumpet Jugments, this book tells about the Bible and what is to come in the future. It has a lot of excitement and drama in it, and this book is not like all Christian books, because it is more of a novel than a Christian story about the Bible. I think that Apollyon is amazing and exciting, a book that you can't stop reading until the end!...more info
  • Sensationalism
    Actually, I give this book, and the series, no stars. The best that can be said is that if you enjoy science fiction, you could read it in the same sense that you would read Buck Rodgers.

    If you are looking for a Biblical view of Christian eschatology, this series is helpful in that it informs you of everything that the Bible doesn't say on the topic. If you are looking for something sensational to read without it being accurate, then here is your "Christian" Buck Rodgers....more info

  • When is anything ever going to happen?
    The series was based on an intriguing topic, but the author took so disgustingly long to say anything the only thing left in the series was suspense, and the only suspense was: WHEN IS ANYTHING EVER GOING TO HAPPEN??...more info
  • About end-times books
    The comparisons between end-times novels which have been made by other reviewers is probably useful, so here's my take on the matter.

    Last Day makes no attempt at all to adhere to scriptural prophecy. It is, in fact, less accurate scripturally than The Omen movies or End of Days. If you want a fun read and don't care whether the story has any connection to scripture, it's okay.

    Left Behind is an action adventure written primarily for Christians with a huge cross-over into the secular market. It sticks very closely to scripture and to prophecy of the time during the Tribulation. There is never any doubt of the authors' position and which characters are good and which are bad. Beyond that, there's been so much said about Left Behind by other readers that probably every possible opinion has been expressed. Some love it. Some hate it. Personally, I like the Left Behind series a lot.

    The Christ Clone Trilogy, my definite favorite among the list, is written for a secular audience with a big cross-over into the Christian market. Through most of the 3 books you don't know what the author's position is or which (if any) of the characters speak for him. Only in the last book do you find out he is a Christian and that he is using his story telling ability to reach the lost with the Gospel and the danger that faces them if they do not accept it.

    We All Fall Down is a story of a man forced to make decisions about himself and God when faced by undeniable evidence that the Bible is true. It's an interesting exploration in character but the author's development of the events of the Tribulation is muddled and very thin. The thing most Christians object to about We All Fall Down is the non-stop use of extreme profanity by the main character. It was hard for me to get past all the f-words, and I certainly would not say I enjoyed it, still it made me think....more info

  • What a wonderful time to be a christian lover of literature!
    For so many years, a Christian's only real option to read quality Christian literature was to read the marevelous C.S. Lewis. I feel blessed in the the last couple of years with the outpouring of quality literature now available. What's more, the different books are all very different. Left Behind is a wonderful introduction to the theology behind the End Times and a great series for all ages. We All fall down is a great book for more mature, intellegent Christians who wsnt to explore the individual ramifications of the End Times and the one on one relationship of a man who has fallen away from God. The Christ Clone Trilogy is a thrilling, Tom Clancey like look at these events, full of unexpected twists and turns. I know some people like to argue the various merits of these books as compared to each other, but I think they are all worth reading and feel lucky to finally have such a wide variety of GREAT Christian literature available....more info
  • A bit better than before...
    After reading number four in the series and being a tiny bit disappointed, the title of this one had me excited that perhaps the storyline would pick up again and really take off once more. It implied action, and while I must admit that the storyline did indeed pick up some in the fifth book over the fourth, the series itself is still losing momentum. The first three books captured my attention and riveted me but these last two have left me feeling a bit "preached to" and not really feeling the characters as much as I'd like. I'm not happy about the writer's decisions about what to do with two of the characters I thought were leads who seem to be absent from the plot now. It left me feeling a bit dispassionate about the series compared to how I felt before....more info
    If not quite as graphic or spectacular as advertised in the cover copy, APOLLYON is still an excellent continuation to the captivating Left Behind series. More space is devoted to doctrine and character development and interaction than in most of the previous books, with the result that APOLLYON doesn't move quite as quickly. Despite the generally slower pace, author Jerry Jenkins knows how to keep his target audience interested and the big payoff at the end--a horrifying plague of demonic insects--is quite scary. Another high point is the gathering of believers in Israel to hear Tsion Ben-Judah preach the gospel...even as Nicolae Carpathia plans to crash the party. Whose voice will the assembled believe? Meanwhile Buck and Chloe Williams anticipate the birth of their child and Hattie Durham struggles to come to grips with the life she has made for herself. Another quality reading experience from Jenkins/Lahaye with an eternally pertinent message....more info
  • Christian Readers, you are being plundered!
    Toward the top of this very page, the authors declare: "For some reason, I'm finding that a large percentage of people who greet us at signings, etc., and tell us they have read "all the books" actually haven't. They are largely unaware that between books 12 (Glorious Appearing) and 13 (Kingdom Come) we produced three prequels (The Rising, The Regime, and The Rapture). These need not be read before Kingdom Come (the final sequel), but if you're a Left Behind fan, you won't want to miss them.
    Dr. LaHaye and I also have a new series -- fiction based on the gospels -- that began last November with John's Story: The Last Eyewitness. Late this year the second of the four titles, Mark's Story: The Gospel According to Peter will release. And, of course, we'll finish with Luke's Story and Matthew's Story. As always, I'd love to hear from you."

    Indeed, they'd love to hear from you, to hear the sound of your money clinking in the cashbox of sanctimony. NOW hear the gospel (the good news): you don't need to read this escapist fantasy in order to find your place among the ELECT! Do you suppose St. John of Patmos would have delighted in such melodrama? Do you suppose Jesus of Nazareth would have smirked along with Tim and Jerry in their sagas of self-righteousness?

    Shame! Shame! Make better use of your time, while the Bridegroom tarries!
    ...more info
  • Can't Put it Down
    This is a wonderful series that I just can't seem to put down. I've read through six books in the series in just over a month. Yes these are fictional books, but they are based on biblical prophesy and it has, in an uncanny way, helped me to begin to understand the end times and why such a loving God would allow such turmoil and destruction. Even those who do not believe should read this series. It is action packed and will take you through all the emotions and bring you close to the characters. I will continue to read the series, as I am excited to read about The Glorious Appearing....more info
  • Apollyon: The Destroyer Is Unleashed
    Apollyon came is great condition and had visible damage. I thought that the books cover was a little worn, that comes with age. I feel that buying used books on amazon is a good buy, if you don't mind saving money....more info
  • great suspense with biblical background
    This is a really fast read. Once I started, I could not put it down. Can't wait to read the rest. The fiction part is very suspenseful but I really like the biblical accuracy....more info