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Dazzle Video Creator Platinum [OLD VERSION]
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Product Description

Dazzle Video Creator Platinum provides a simple, fast way to record great home video. With its simple plug-and-play USB 1.1 or 2.0 connection, you can record your videos from a camcorder, a VCR, or any video equipment with analog outputs. It handles real-time video encoding into high-quality MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and DivX formats -- without taxing your computer's CPU resources. Transfer them straight to DVDs or transform them into polished movies before archiving onto DVDs or sending them to mobile devices. Trim your videos, even create movies automatically, and then save them to DVD, iPod, PSP, or DivX with Pinnacle Studio QuickStart. Create high-quality videos without tying up your PC. On-board MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, and DivX recording hardware

  • Quick to Connect
  • Simple to use
  • Easy Archive
  • Fun to Share
  • Effortless to Edit

Customer Reviews:

  • Don't buy Dazzle or Pinnacle
    Unstable software. Zero customer service. Conversion from 8MM to Digital is grainy and almost unwatchable....more info
  • Love it
    I have read a lot of negative feedback on Pinnacle products but I have been using their software for years now on multiple PCs and I have no problems with them. I purchased the Dazzle video capture device to transfer my old analog home movies to the PC. The quality was every bit as good as the original and it was easy to use. I literally had zero problems using this device. If your PC is older (like mine) I suggest getting the Dazzle Platinum (silver) over the red one because it has built in decoding hardware. You also have a variety of capture format options.

    This is by far the best value for someone wanting to archive old home movies....more info
  • Video Creator Platinum
    Works as advertised I have had no real problems and due to the internal processor I can use it with a laptop....more info
  • disappointed
    My son ordered this product by mistake. I spoke to someone at the company that sent it to me. I shipped the prduct back to him and he promised a refund of $130.00. It has been three weeks and I have not heard from them in anyway. I have also sent emails through amazon and also I have had no response from anyone. I will not purchase any more products from this company or amazon again. Make sure you want what you are ordering because you will be stuck with the cost....more info
  • Dazzle will dazzle you when you create your own videos
    Pinnacle systems now part of Avvid, the video editing people.

    Be sure you have 1Gb or more memory under win xp for fast editing.

    Helps you copy older tapes to dvd for archiving....more info
  • Works for me!
    I absolutely love this product! Reading some of the comments here I was a little skeptical prior to buying it. I'm glad I did. Now I've found uses for it I had never thought of (like using it to record video from my gaming console).

    The software drivers installed flawlessly. Installing Pinnacle Studio 10 took a lot longer than I thought but that is the only issue I have with the product. I didn't have any trouble installing the software. You should note that there are updates to the Studio 10 software on the Pinnacle website that the software made me aware of (version 10.6.x came with the package; version 10.7.x is available for a free download upon registering the product). The update fixed bugs and added HD functionality to the package although I don't have a use for that yet.

    Simply plug your video source into the composite or S-video ports (sound is stereo RCA jacks); the output port is a USB plug into a free USB port on your PC. After a very simple Studio 10 setup, you are ready to record.

    The Studio 10 software is what really makes this product attractive. I love the video editing process (there is more than one way to edit also); you can edit out sections of your source very easily. Making a movie is really simple. Included in the package is Studio 10 Quickstart, which allows you to copy a video source directly to DVD in one step, or launch the Studio 10 software with the project of your choice (each movie or video you create is saved as a project). You can record in a number of resolutions, from highest quality (uses lots of disk) to low-resolution (uses less disk space). Since the Dazzle hardware is encoding the video on the fly, your PC's CPU is free to do other tasks or run other programs while recording.

    I was able to digitally record more than one VHS tape to separate files and incorporate each into one movie project. Creating chapters for each video was simple and adding a menu with thumbnails (still pictures captured from the original video source) associated with each chapter worked flawlessly.

    Burning a DVD was a simple process although you may want to dig into the setup page for this process and set it to faster settings as the defaults appear to record at the slowest possible speed - perhaps to prevent buffer under-runs (the copy from hard disk to DVD drive requires that the data flow be constant during the burn process or the DVD burn will be interrupted resulting in a wasted DVD).

    I will probably by the Movie Box Plus at a later date too as I would like the ability to output said movie source to other devices (perhaps a DVR, video camera, or VHS)....more info
  • Converting VHS to DvD
    This is a great item I have gone in my old Home VHS collection replace them with my DvD collection,and now I watch what I recorded nine years ago on DvD and the pictures are so clear. My boys are older now and forgot that we had home movies of them when they were younger and I mail them a DvD of our memories.With the software that comes with help makes the movies worth watching again....more info
  • Completely useless!
    This program wasted so much of my time and energy. The only thing I managed to do was copy from VHS to my hard disk. I cannot copy to DVD. It constantly crashes and freezes. Updates were made to the software with no results. A complete waste of money and time. Save yourself the headache and steer clear of this one....more info
  • It is totally useless!
    I bought this unit last December from another big online site when it was on sale. I did not install this unit until a week ago when I tried to convert my old tape to DVD. It did not work at all on my desktop. I went on to the Pinnacle support site for help and went through the FAQ, however all efforts were in vain. Then I tried to install on my new laptop, unfortunately it does not work on vista. so I end up with a useless Dazzle Video Creator Platinum (DVC170 and software)...more info
  • easy to use Dazzle
    Dazzle is very easy to use right out of the box My 10 year old son set it up himself so he could capture video from the TV to his computer. It is Fantastick....more info
  • Fantastic Video Capture Device!
    I review Wii games for youtube and amazon. I have tried a couple others but this one has been the most reliable and best quality.

    Its as easy as going into the program, then hitting long as your using XP. If your using Vista it gets more tricky. You have to go to there website and download the USB drivers so it will work. It's not as easy as there other updates to find, you have to search for it.

    My only other complaint is that you can only record MPG. I would have liked the option to record in AVI, since I use Adobe Premiere Elements and it can't handle MPG. I have to convert everything I do.

    However, these complaints don't take away from the product itself. It's easy to use, and produces excellent quality. Buy it now!
    ...more info
  • Dazzle disappointment
    Dazzle, it's namesake apart - disappoints. The box clearly says that it works with Windows Vista. The software installed with windows warning that there were compatibility issues with Pinnacle Systems software. The patches were installed and Studio 10 and Instant DVD recorder crashed (Windows blue screen)- service is non existant and their online forum and support is of no use. I will be returning this to Amazon.

  • Dazzle review
    I have used this on several occasions now to convert old home made videos to digital format and store them on disc's. It works great and the editing capability really adds to the program....more info
  • Great for quick capture
    Well, this is good for if you want to begin youtube videos or machinimas(videos of a video game captured from a recording device such as a dazzle pinnicale for mac or a capture card)if your gonna get for that and you have seen the videos on youtube on how to set it up then GET IT!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Not compatible with Vista
    I bought this item from Best Buy and the sale rep told me that it would become compatible with Vista after applying some patches available on Pinnacle website. I spent four hours on figuring out which patch to get, downloading, and installing it and it still won't work. It crashes with the blue screen everytime I click on the "capture" tab. The patches are in beta stage and Pinnacle does not claim that they will work properly. Still, it is all very annoying....more info
  • Worked once - then never again
    It worked once - for a brief session of converting old camcorder videos to DVD - then when I hooked a VCR to the thing (and of course, I couldn't return it) the program ceases to work.

    It is very disappointing - more so that now I have to spend more money on another product that will hopefully work as advertised....more info
  • dazzle video creator platinum
    this may be a good product but it did not work for what we wanted to do. I don't feel it was the product, just our application...more info
  • Doesn't work on Vista
    Even though I was told the product would work on vista,(compusa rep) it doesn't work. I have Vista Home on a new Dell computer. (dual processor, 1 gig ram, video card, etc) I believe that the product is probably great on XP but I can't get it to run on vista as promised.

    I won't bad mouth the software because I really can't get it to run properly so I wouldn't even know but, I can state that Pinnacle Software support is NOT good and that is what is disappointing to me. Frankly I don't understand how they can't have their product working on Vista right away. I think they had plenty of time to figure out driver issues for Vista. Weird. ...more info
  • Good stuff
    I tried to go cheap before and was disappointed. Glad I finally got the good stuff in the New Dazzle Video Creator Platinum!...more info
    Straight from the box, the installation CD (Instant DVD Recorder) locks up upon install ... although the cd indicates version 1.7, the setup exe is only v1.6.46.

    Online Support function was useless -- the tech didn't respond (15min)
    Phone Support function was an amusing joke (apologies to the struggling techs trying to help with lousing software and management).

    first, they had me copy the first installation cd to the hard drive (Instant DVD Recorder) and install from there. you have to successfully install this app in order to register online and thus get the patches.

    next, they asked i download patch versions 1.6.1, 1.6.2 & 1.8b. either the 1.6.1 link is wrong, or their software management is as bad as their online support because the link downloads a VERY old version that is older than the initial could hear them discussing this in the background ... "da, opps"

    next, they changed strategies -- just run the 1.8b patch after the initial install.

    and finally, after telling me to call back because they had more calls waiting (how's this for support ???), i finally got them to admit that the other 2 cds in the installation package will have the same problems as the first one. they also instructed that i needed to download the FULL patch for Studio 10 10.7 (93m) AND the FULL patch for Studio 10 Plus (90m) CAUTION: THESE TWO FILES HAVE THE EXACT FILENAME!!!!!! how's that for software management...

    and finally, let's discuss their support -- there's little good that can be said. the first call i was hung-up on. and although i have a trouble ticket number, the next operator said she was unable to re-connect me with the original tech because "HE'S ON ANOTHER CALL"... i got hung-up on because another call came in, according to her. when i asked to speak with a supervisor, after about 7 minutes of waiting, the tech returned saying "NO SUPERVISORS WERE AVAILABLE" ... and i wasn't surprised.... BUT GUESS WHAT, she continued...the original tech was now miraculously available!!! WE BEEN SAVED--GOD SAVE THE QUEEN! unfortunately, the original tech failed to meet even the lowest of standards for acceptable support.

    So ... a bit of a warning before purchasing this product, and this coming from an application engineer in a former life -- THIS COMPANY AND PRODUCT HAS SOME VERY SERIOUS PROBLEMS ... this product is unacceptable.
    ...more info
  • This dazzle is awesome
    This product is very good even if it has other bad reviews all you have to know is how to use it and wich patches to download from the internet if you have windows vista great product I use it for my Xbox 360 ...more info
  • Very poor software renders this device useless
    This device has a number of issues.

    1) It wouldn't run properly with an ALI USB2 chipset controller. Captures with Instant DVD Recorder would start, and then the picture would freeze after a few minutes, and a reboot was required to continue. This was the case even when it was the only device connected to the USB card.
    All my other USB/USB2 devices work fine.
    Getting past this problem required switching to a different USB2 controller based on VIA chipset.
    I would say there is probably a software issue in the DVC-170 device driver here, since all other USB devices work fine on the ALI controller.

    2) The Pinnacle studio 10 editing software never worked.
    It always crashed within a few minutes of starting a capture. This was the case even with the latest 10.7 update, and a fresh XP SP2 install with all updates. I never really tried to fix this since I was only interested in VHS to DVD transfers, without editing.

    3) The Instant DVD Recorder software hangs randomly at the end "generating disc menus".

    This was the case even when recording to a hard disk folder as opposed to a blank disc. It happens about 50% of the time right at the end of the capture. Support has refused to acknolwedge any problem with their software, despite many other users in the forums experiencing the same problem.

    4) The Instant DVD Recorder software isn't supported with dual monitors !
    If the program window is opened on the second screen, or just dragged from screen 1 to screen 2, the capture instantly ends and there is a "burning error" (same error message when recording to hard drive).
    Support stated that dual monitors aren't supported ... This is a pretty big limitation, which is not stated anywhere on the package, nor in the documentation. I call it a bug too, but Pinnacle support will never acknolwedge any problems in their software, once again.

    For all those reasons, I returned the package to the store I bought it from on the 30th day, the last day the store gave me. I really gave Pinnacle support a chance to help. Even an acknolwedgment of bugs and a date for a fix would have kept me as a customer. But with the software as it is, the software just doesn't work, and I will never be able to complete my 100 VHS conversions with these bugs, so it had to go back....more info