The Good, the Bad, and the Undead (The Hollows, Book 2)
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1 Hollows Timeline
2 Of Vampires -- Living and Not So Living
3 Pixies and Fairies. Yes, There is a Difference
4 Music as My Inspiration

It's a tough life for witch Rachel Morgan, sexy, independent bounty hunter, prowling the darkest shadows of downtown Cincinnati for criminal creatures of the night.

She can handle the leather-clad vamps and even tangle with a cunning demon or two. But a serial killer who feeds on the experts in the most dangerous kind of black magic is definitely pressing the limits.

Confronting an ancient, implacable evil is more than just child's play -- and this time, Rachel will be lucky to escape with her very soul.

Customer Reviews:

  • Another Great Book!
    Ever since I started this series with book 1 (Dead Witch Walking) I've been hooked, hooked, hooked! I even bought extra copies for my 16 year old stepdaughter and she loves them too. I love the world that the story is set in. It's dark, mysterious and has mythical (and real) creatures and characters galore! I find myself laughing out loud at the humor and cringing at the danger. I plan on owning and reading every book in this series and then looking for other books to read from Kim Harrison. She's a wonderful author with an imagination that awes me. If you like withches, vampires, werewolves, fairies, demons, and other fantastic characters then you'll love this series. And the fact that the book is from the perspective a hard nosed but sensitive butt-kicking female witch just adds to the allure. Bravo Kim Harrison! ...more info
  • A fun read!!
    This is a great kick butt vampire/witch book. Strong female leads. I love this series!
    ...more info
  • Kim Harrison does it again
    I absolutely love the Rachel Morgan series. I cannot say enough good things about it....more info
  • A mire of trite writing
    A feisty, pert, self-assured witch takes on the forces of darkness while letting those Bigoted White Males know that she can go it alone in a stomping adventure that is by turns heart-poundingly scary (the life-or-death battles with the bad-uns), and brilliantly funny (the humiliation of the B.W.Ms and quips from equally feisty sidekicks).

    No stodgy, patriarchal judeo-christian tradition here, just magic and girl POWER!

    Our heroine is jaded by her run-ins with the Man, and the disappearance of Angel... sorry, her Log of a Boyfriend. It all turns out well, though; the Log makes an appearance at just the right (life-and-death) moment, the bad-uns are given their comeuppance and everyone is happy.

    (It's carefully noted, though, that the witch lets her prodigal beau know who's boss in their mutually respectful, empowered-but-real relationship.)

    This book is blandly written, founded in cliche and executed with the same. It is not clever, and the author merely trips over herself in an attempt to make it so.

    I could say that I'm disappointed, but disgusted would be more accurate. If your idea of a good story is that above, and you like your characters to be the embodiment of the author's fantastic ideals - flaws like "I work too hard" and "I don't suffer fools" are all you'll find here - then buy this book.

    I burnt my copy in a token act of reducing its circulation....more info
  • A Lot Better
    I enjoyed this book a lot better than the first one in the series. I loved the progress of the characters and that we got to know them more in depth. I'm not going to write a plot summary because so many on Amazon have already did this. As far as the sex, it's barely non existant. I'm not sure what some readers are talking about. I hope Ms. Harrison actually progresses her characters into normal relationships which would include sex. I loved the mystery in this book. I was enjoyable and fascinating. I thought the characters worked well together and that they really connected in this book. I'm interested in seeing what happens with Nick and Rachel plus I definitely want to know more about what is going on with Ivy. I can't wait to pick up the next one in the series. I highly recommend this book....more info
  • Good One
    I'm not sure how this series caught my fancy, but I'm glas that it did. Good Stuff....more info
  • Another great story!
    The third book in the series of Rachel Morgan. I really enjoyed it. It was suspenseful and exciting. I couldn't wait to get to the next chapter. Looking forward to many more books in the series, can't wait to see what else Rachel Morgan can get herself into and out for!...more info
  • Another Lively Mess
    The Good, the Bad, and the Undead (2005) is the second Urban Fantasy novel in the Rachel Morgan series, following Dead Witch Walking. In the previous volume, Rachel finessed threats from Inderlander Security by gaining support from the Federal Inderland Bureau -- and blackmailing Trent Kalamack -- but her former IS boss was still out to get her.

    In this novel, Rachel is looking for a stolen tropical fish. She locates an extra fish in the tank outside the office of Mr. Ray, a Were Alpha known for his fish collection, and gets it out of the building. Yet the Were pack is searching the area and spots her. Rachel only gets away by coopting a FIB car and its driver.

    Unfortunately, Detective Glenn has been looking for Rachel. Now Glenn won't let her out of the car. She is on her way to the FIB building for a meeting with Captain Edden regardless of her feelings on the matter.

    Luckily, Edden likes her and only wants help interrogating a warlock. Sara Jane is the secretary of Trent Kalamack -- Rachel's bete noire -- and she has reported the disappearance of her boy friend. Dan Smather is also a warlock and has been missing since Sunday. Sara Jane is convinced that his absencee is associated with the witch hunter murders.

    The witch hunter has been killing witches experienced in ley line magic. Edden not only wants Rachel to assist in the interrogation, but also to start checking out the ley line aspect. He has enrolled her in the same course that Smather was taking.

    In this story, Edden assigns Detective Glenn to work with Rachel. Jenks disparages the whole idea; he doesn't like Glenn and has already pixed him once. Rachel also objects, but is trumped by Edden admitting that Glenn is all that they say, but is still his son. Glenn joins the team, at least temporarily.

    After Glenn takes them home, Rachel calls the Howlers to report her success in recovering the fish. Despite some confusion -- caused by the name of their firm -- Rachel passes on the message and is told that the fish was not really missing. She has risked her life and they say they are sorry, but them are the breaks. Apparently the Howlers are not going to pay her fee.

    Since Sara Jane is not yet available to show them Smather's apartment, Detective Glenn stays over for supper. When Ivy comes home, she is surprised to see Glenn, but he is really upset to see a vampire. Then he says a few things out of fear that are better left unsaid and Ivy's eyes go black. Rachel talks Ivy out of her mood, but Glenn freaks out to the point of drawing his pistol. Finally Rachel gets him unwound and Ivy back to normal.

    As thing are settling down, Ivy asks about the presence of Glenn in the church and Rachel eventually tells her of Sara Jane. Ivy seems to accept this news calmly, but is adamant that Rachel is not going to take the case. Like Jenks, she thinks that it is all a setup by Trent. She gets violent after learning that Rachel plans to interview Piscary. Glenn draws his pistol again and everything goes to pieces until Jenks returns and gets Glenn out of the kitchen.

    At the University, Rachel is feeling the usual awkwardness of a newcomer in a tight group of students. Outside the classroom, she encounters Denon -- her former boss -- and receives the usual threats. Then she meets Dr. Anders . . . again. Naturally, Dr. Anders remembers her and informs her, in a definite tone of voice, that she will be flunked out (again) if she doesn't get a familiar.

    This story involves Rachel in some convoluted magic. She finds an old grimoire in the church that contains a spell for producing a familiar. She faithfully follows the directions and the spell works, but not quite in the way she expects.

    The Vampiric Charms crew introduces Glenn to tomato products. Ever since the great dying, humans have been terrified of tomatoes. At first, Glenn is too horrified to eat anything with tomatoes in it. Eventually, he is coaxed into a first bite and he likes it. Now Rachel is buying him tomato products on the sly.

    As you may have noticed, Rachel Morgan has a definite problem with planning. Most of the time she just goes with the flow and improvises, but sometimes she tries to plan ahead. Yet she only takes favorable circumstances into account; she seldom considers that something might go wrong. When something usually does, she is forced to wing it.

    Rachel assumes too much and seems to have never learned about the term "assume". No wonder older characters try to take her under their wing and explain the facts of life! Even Jenks -- the eighteen year old pixie -- has more common sense than she does! Still, her flaws are very familiar to anyone with a twenty-something daughter.

    Highly recommended for Harrison fans and for anyone else who enjoys tales of high magic, mysterious deaths and contorted relationships.

    -Arthur W. Jordin...more info
  • another great installment...
    this book is the 3rd of an excellent blend of horror, comedy and unlikely romance....more info
  • What's going on
    I guess I don't get it. The story is kind of interesing, but the basic theme running throughout the books (both) is that our hero is some kind of threat to the powers that be. She has been sought, threatened, and put in danger for some reason that isn't at all clear from the story at this point. She isn't being protrayed as some kind of super witch with extradinary powers, or some other talent that makes her such a threat. Maybe the next book, if there is one, will clear this up. I hope.
    Also, the author has made the vamps just too powerful. There really is no defence against them in any kind of battle, or contest of wills. They're stronger, faster, immortal, and able to impose their will on any other being it seems. They really rule the world in which the author has cast them. Oh well, one has to suspend disbelief in the fantasy world....more info
  • A more than satisfying follow up
    What an excellent follow up to a good debut novel! Lingering questions from the first book have intriguing answers here.

    Now that we know the characters, Ms. Harrison develops them even further, letting us get to know Ivy more as a person and as the dangerous living vampire that she is. Jenks is more than just a wisecracking pixie; he's a good friend and integral part of their investigative team. And Rachel, well, she still has plenty of problems and it seems like when she finds one solution or answer, more problems crop right up.

    Which brings up the problem of delving deeper into Rachel's character. She always doesn't make the best decisions or think about others around her as much as we might wish she would. I think that has a bit more to do with Ms. Harrison wanting to create conflict or move the plot along than with Rachel's character itself. I see it as something of a flaw in the writing, but others might not.

    Still, the rest of the story holds itself up well. There are enough surprise revelations and intriguing mysteries to detract from a few character flaws, ones that I hope will be cleared up in future books....more info
  • Super Reader
    Let's see. You have dead vampire and live ones. That is one problem. Rachel has both kinds that want to shag her, bite her, do both, or some combination of them. This includes her roommate and her roommate's boyfriend. There is also a demon that wants to do considerably worse things than that.

    She ends up helping the human investigator types deal with a case that is out of her league, by going undercover to witch school, basically. ...more info
  • Good follow up to first.....
    I like this series. I love Anita Blake, and this has enough shades of her to keep me going. I am grateful for the lack of porn, and I enjoy seeing Rachel's powers grow. ...more info
  • First Time 'Fantasy' genre reader
    I read the first book with hesitation being that I've always been a fiction reader. i realized when reading Kim Harrison's books, it's like getting a bad car started; first it's hard to turn it on and ya gotta keep checking and rechecking the ignition, finally when it's started it's predictably smooth sailing with a few shut offs here and there. What i'm trying to say is, The book i find is a GREAT read, but the beginning chapters are always awkward. I wish that she would explain certain words she uses in Inderland language. Assuming what she's talking abotu can get a bit tiresome.

    Now, to my favorite character, Ivy. Ivy is not given any justice as far as her character is concerned. I feel that she Harrison does not give us a strong sense of who Ivy is. One minute she's cold and stable minded, the next she's crying on the floor or shy like a little girl. I would have liked a stronger sense of Ivy.

    Rachel, everyone, pretty much has said what i was thinking. She is clever but not intelligent. Most people cant relate to her, becuase she doesn't think. And it can get quite annoying when she's acting like a stereotyped blonde. Her freaking out every time ivy walks in the room is SOO annoying. i felt like screaming "Oh get over it already!!" Rachels c...more info
  • they are getting better
    I got the first book, read it, and was not sure I would read any more.
    However thought I would at least try the next couple books.
    They get better with each book and the lead character starts becoming more.
    The lead character sometimes gets on my nerves with her childish reasoning,
    but it gets better less reactive and more thoughtful.
    I will try the next 2 with hopes that she becomes even better....more info
  • Great world, story is slow, Rachel character has some flaws
    I seen this book in B&N, so I checked it out at the library. I didn't realize it was book #2 at the time. It didn't matter though, I was able to pick up the story with no problem. A lot of backstory was explained if the situation needed it.

    The story was very slow at first. There was a ton of detail about the world in which Rachel lives, which I liked. Future books have good potential to work with here. However, as far as pacing, there was just too much detail that it made the story drag on far too long. The story really didn't get started until around chapter 13 to 15. There was another point later in the book where the story, again, was sluggish.

    Someone made a review that the story would have been over quickly if just a certain one person came forward with what they knew... this I agree with. The plot was pretty cut and dry.

    The biggest problem I had was that I didn't care for many of the characters. Rachel was growing on me, but by the time I got to book 3 she was getting on my nerves and I stopped reading the series. She is very klutzy and not overly intelligent or calculating. She tends to mess everything up by jumping into things blindly. It leads to some interesting situations, but the character wasn't really my cup of tea. I actually liked the demon's character most of all. The Rachel character did not seem to be one that could stand alone like Anita Blake. It was only when Ivy, Nick, Jenks, etc. were around her when the story really shined.

    I started reading the Anita Blake series after I stopped book 3, I didn't even finish halfway through book 3. Maybe I'll come back and give this series a second chance, but right now Anita Blake is too good. Anita I would give 5 stars, this book I can only give a middle-of-the-road 3....more info
  • The Good, the Bad and the Undead Review
    Another good book in this fascinating series....more info
  • A Wonderful Sequel To Dead Witch Walking
    Kim Harrison yet again keeps me flipping pages as I read the words continuing from her also sophisticated Dead Witch Walking, which is the first book in this series. The imagination is breathtaking as Rachel Morgan continues her troubles leaving the IS (Considered the FBI in the paranormal world of "the Hollows") which was just the beginning. The characters are memorable with their clever intellect and unpredictable actions that take place. I found myself laughing out loud to Rachel Morgan's witty captions and quivering at her strong domination and powerful sexual being.

    I recommend this to a reader who is a fan of fascinating details and a suspenseful plot line. This has got to be one of my favorites. ...more info
  • I love these books
    So far I have loved every one of her books. they are fast paced and gripping while intriguing and give a great mix of characters that you come to love....more info
  • Slow start, then takes off
    It ain't easy being a private eye in Cincinnati, even when you are an earth witch, and have a pixie watching your back. But, Rachel Morgan doesn't back down from any job. A serial killer is on the loose, and Rachel thinks she knows exactly who it is. But, can she stay alive long enough to bring the culprit to justice?

    Well, you can't please all of the people all of the time, right? This book has garnered many glowing reviews, but I must admit that it did not impress me all that much. The author did a really good job of creating an interesting world, where vampires and werewolves and witches and pixies live side-by-side with normal people. However, what's wrong with the story is that it moves very slowly, ambling along, waiting for the main character to finally gain some traction in her work. Up until that point, I found myself bored to tears, waiting for something - anything - to happen.

    But, once the story does find its feet, and it does take a while, it really takes off. So, for the most part I did like this book...I just wished that they had tightened the story some....more info
  • Woooooohooooooo!
    This book will leave you laughing until the very end. You might not think of it as a comedy, but the heroine just keeps getting into all these rediculous situations. I love her sense of justice and how strong she is. ...more info
  • next!!!
    In Rachel Morgan's 2nd outing, the bounty hunter is searching for a serial killer who feeds on black magic - and the experts who know it. Rachel is forced to re-acquaint herself with a former professor with whom she did not get along - as well as a few demons and a couple of vampires. Can she save her own soul to rid the world of evil? Honestly, my review doesn't do the series justice, but it isn't for the queasy. Next out is Every Which Way but Dead. ...more info
  • wonderful book
    I enjoyed this as much as the first in the Hollows series, it really answered some questions left by the first book. I can't wait to read the 3rd book. ...more info
  • 4 1/2, perhaps... better than the first
    I'm not going to outline the storyline here, since i'm sure others have done it better than i could. Instead I'm just going to comment about characters and a few other miscellaneous things.. also a few things that might make you change your mind about buying this book...
    As for characters....
    After reading book 1, i wasnt sure if i was really interested in reading any further. personally i find Rachel Morgan to be a bit on the annoying, slutty side, but in this book it was much easier to overlook that. i loved Ivy and Jenks' characters, and especially Trent Kallamack. All of them are great in this book, and if you liked Trent's character in the first book, you'll love this book. he's a gigantic part of it. We get to see more of Kisten and a lot more of Nick. If you disliked Nick, you may have a problem here.. Rachel seems a bit head-over-heels for him, while i thought he was a jerk throughout the book. We get to meet Rachel's mom here, which was interesting. We also get to learn more about Rachel's dad and Trent's dad and their connection to each other. Trent appears more human in this book, we get to see a bit more of his "regular person" side.. which is nice to see.

    As for the rest of it...
    the pacing was much better than book 1; it didnt seem to slow down too much as to lose the readers interest, but it wasn't *too* fast paced as to skip over important things. Also, the murder/mystery aspect of it was great. UNLESS gore gets to you. If gore bothers you (such as describing severed, bloody, body parts) you may want to either skip this book, or be prepared to skip a few parts. while gore doesnt usually bother me, i have to admit that some of this made my stomach turn over. There is one sex scene in the book, a very long one, but not too explicit as to compare to Ms. Hamilton.. But you could skip the scene if you wanted to..
    I would suggest that if you want to continue on with this series, you absolutely not skip this book. it would leave you completely stumped in the 3rd one since so many things are resolved here.. also quite a few new things are brought up. so make sure you at least read this before going to the next in the series. Also, if you haven't read the first one yet, i would suggest doing that before reading this. this is not one of those series' that permits one to skip a few books here and there....more info
  • 2nd try good
    2nd in series was better then first but still seemed to miss something. I really liked her universe. ...more info
  • Folklore of witchcraft
    This urban fantasy series is quickly becoming one of my guilty pleasures. The world created by Kim Harrison is filled with constant battles between the good, evil and questionable characters that switch sides when convenient, and action packed scenarios interwoven with some wonderfully witty humor. This is second in the series and it continues where "Dead Witch Walking" leaves off. This books never looses momentum and it's the first fantasy book I read where the heroine prepares for combat in an epic, eloquent paragraph where she gears up to kick some booty and at the end she goes back to the hall table to pick change for the bus in a humorous way, it always tickles me when I sink into Rachel Morgan books because each one is better than the last. I have read many books in my life but this series is simply stunning and I will cry when it finally ends!

    It's extremely difficult to review this without spoiling things, but resolutions and answers are given to those who loved the previous volume. We get to meet Rachel's mother and learn about her childhood and the events of her father's death. Mysterious Trent Kalamack is back, the bad boy no one can stand to resist yet never stops to fear, there is some very exciting development between Rachel and Trent, and it seems that these two cannot stay away as witch murders, accusations, and strange things seem to tangle these two together in an eternal battle of senses and brains. Rachel's relationship with Nick picks up a whole other tone and it settles funny in the reader's stomach, I cannot wait to see what resolves with them in the next book and the demon who was sent to kill Rachel and Trent reappears several times chilling me with the drama and close calls. Ivy and Jenks are back with a few strong moments and FIB is involved as someone is murdering Ley line witches and Rachel must buckle up and help them out while dealing with her own problems.

    This is a book that cannot be missed, I loved the ending, and it was almost shocking but terrific. I was torn this weekend with household chores and the book was beckoning me greedily with its steamy action, this is something that is impossible to put down until it's finished. It is very rarely that a book can command so much of my attention and I really could not resist it, yum!

    - Kasia S.
    ...more info
  • Definitely Room for at least 1 More!
    Rachel Morgan, the white witch was introduced by Kim Harrison in Dead Witch Walking. There readers happily met the human mom-human and her pixie and vampire companions. As we read we discovered that Rachel's self-doubts and tendencies to bite off more than she could chew was part of her wide spread appeal.
    In the second entry into the series Rachel is recruited be the FIB to find out who is killing ley-line witches. Luckily at the start of the tale Ms. Morgan is a fairly apt earth witch not a ley-line witch. As the plot unfolds, circumstances lead Rachel to expand her repoitiore and her dabbling in ley-line magic whicb deals with the "ever-after", and the proximity she gains on the suspect of course lands her life in peril.
    In a burgeoning, and some may claim over crowded sub-genre of the supernatural/paranormal thriller(horror romance) field Harrison excells. Like a maestro she conducts the population of the Hollows and their mortal neighbours in a symphony of excitement, thrills and yes even a few chills. Is her writing becoming even perhaps unintentionally more erotic? Yes is the reply to that rhetorical question. But Harrison has yet to cross the boundary where sex gets in the way of plot. Instead she uses her characters simmering sensuality as harmony to the actions melody.
    Is this a perfect five star novel in actuality or am I in a generous spirit as I write this review? Perhaps Harrison's fine orchestral maneveors in a dark fantasy realm inspire a little generousity from this reviewer. I will admit it is not perfect though. Readers may have their fill of this kind of fiction with writer's like Harris, and Armstrong a mere couple stepping into Rice's void with Harrison, but I feel Harrison leads the pack. I read this novel in under 36 hours I was so enthralled by Rachel Morgan and her cohorts Harrison kept me turning the pages anxiously instead of flipping pages with a been there read that attitude. So to any would be nay-sayers I proudly declare this field may be crowded but there is always room for one more of Harrison's talent.
    ...more info
  • Somthing New
    I just want to say I love Kim Harrison books. Its a fresh new story. Keep them coming....more info
  • This has been added to my rereadable list!
    I thought the 1st one had a lot of potential but was rahter slow...personal isseue. I always have a hard time with the 1st books in a series. This one though! WOW! I finished it with in a matter of days. From the time I opened it to the time I closed and beyond I was on the edge of my seat with excitement. So much so that I al utterly pissed, having JUST finished this one, that I left the next one at work. I have to wait 2 days! GRRRRGH! The 1st one I resold on here cause I would not reread it. This one I borrowed from a friend and will be buying my own copy soon. Happy reading! : ))...more info
  • I'm a Mom & work full time & I still read it in 1 week!!!
    This book was fun & exciting!!! the characters are unique & full of attitude.I'm on her third book now & can't put it down. It was hard to find a good book after I ran out of Hamiltons Anita Blake series but these books have done the trick.
    ren1979...more info