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Shopaholic & Sister
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Sophie Kinsella has conquered the hearts of millions with her New York Times bestselling Shopaholic novels, which feature the irresistible one-woman shopping phenomenon Becky Bloomwood. Now Becky’s back in a hilarious, heartwarming tale of married life, best friends, and long-lost sisters (and the perils of simply having to own an Angel handbag!).

What’s a round-the-world honeymoon if you can’t buy the odd souvenir to ship back home? Like the Chinese urns and twenty silk dressing gowns Becky found in Hong Kong…the five kilim rugs from Turkey…the splendid hand-carved dining table (and ten chairs) from Sri Lanka…the, um, huge wooden giraffes from Malawi (that her husband Luke expressly forbade her to buy)…

Only now Becky and Luke have returned home to London and Luke is furious. Two truckloads of those souvenirs have cluttered up their usually immaculate loft, and the bills for them are outrageous. Becky’s even maxed out on her second secret credit card, and she doesn’t have a new job yet!

Luke insists she go on a budget. And worse: her beloved best friend Suze has found a new best friend while Becky was away. Becky’s feeling rather blue—when her parents deliver some incredible news. She has a long-lost sister! Becky is thrilled! She’s convinced her sister will be a true soulmate. They’ll go shopping together, drink cappuccinos together, have manicures together, and watch their favorite videos together.

Until she meets Jessica for the first time and gets the shock of her life. Surely Becky Bloomwood’s sister can’t…hate shopping?

From the Hardcover edition.

Customer Reviews:

  • Eh
    I was stuck without a book at the library a few days ago, and this was what I came up with. I've read "Confessions" and "Shopaholic Ties the Knot" before, but really, this is too much. Why would Luke Brandon love Becky? She is constantly immature, sneaky, and deceitful, and I don't really get what goodness overcomes this. I probably wouldn't be so frustrated except that I always have to finish a book once I start it, so I was stuck with it until the end....more info
  • Not my favorite in the series, but still good...
    I love the Shopaholic series, and although she can be annoying at times, Becky Brandon has an endearing quality and I can't help but like her. Yes, I do want to strangle her at times for being so darn naive and overenthusiastic, and I feel that in this book she is so over the top. But, even more annoying was her sister, Jess...what a b----! Of course, I knew it would work out in the end, but I couldn't stand Jess on her high horse. And, who the heck is so darn cheap?! I'm all about being thrifty and finding a good bargain, but she was acting like a homeless person! Other than those annoying points, overall, it was good and I enjoy Kinsella's style & wit. I did like the earlier books in the series better, but still a fun, easy read. ...more info
  • More Becky
    This one was okay, but not quite as interesting or as amusing as the others....more info
  • Does she ever learn?
    I am a big fan of Becky Bloomwood. I loved her first three books, Shopaholic, Manhattan, and Ties the Knot. However, this book was not as good as those. I am, sadly to say, starting to get a little annoyed at Becky. Does she ever learn her lesson? Her and I are the same age, yet she continually repeats the same offenses and covers them up with lies. Why Luke stands by her is beyond me, which only perpetuates her childish behavior. Like I said, I enjoyed her first three adventures, but with Sister, I feel that Kinsella only wrote it to continue the series without coming up with anything really fresh and new....more info
  • if you like the other ones you'll like this too
    Okay so Becks and Luke take a year off, and literally see the world. She is happy Luke is kicking back and so tanned.
    Unfortunately, when she gets back from her honeymoon,lots of things have changed, Suze has just had twins and is hanging out with this uber perfect mom, who makes Becky feel unwanted.
    She also finds out her Dad had a thing with another woman way before she was ever thought of and she has a sister named Jess. Jess is gruff and athletic and thinks Becky is a selfish liar and doesn't even give her a chance. Becky tries to be nice,but nothing seems to work.Even worse, Luke is mad when he finds out she spent 2000 bucks on a purse.
    Will Jess and Becky ever make up?
    You will have to read,because i'm sure not going to spoil it for you....more info
  • Love Becky- but the story was lacking
    I hate to say anything bad about the series I love so much, but this one was just not up there for me. I love Becky, but this could have been better. I would never not read it- and I'm glad I did. I was slightly disappointed....more info
  • Painful
    I should start by saying that I have enjoyed all of Sophie Kinsella's books that did not revolve around Becky Bloomwood (i.e. Remember Me? The Undomestic Goddess, etc.) However, I'm really surprised by how popular the Shopaholic series is. Even though I constantly reminded myself, "Remember! This is supposed to be a light and fun read," I found it impossible to think of Becky Bloomwood/Brandon as endearing, flighty or funny. Becky Brandon is irresponsible. She is immature, selfish and materialistic. She hasn't an ounce of common sense. She gets herself into terrible situations by lying (by omission) to her loved ones. Instead of facing her problems head on, she sticks her head in the sand and tries to avoid them. And then through a twist of luck she miraculously gets herself out of these messes without actually learning anything from them.

    It is difficult to enjoy a book centered around a character that is so difficult to respect. How can you relate to someone who frivolously spends thousands of dollars, hides her Visa bills, fibs to her husband, messes with his business and tries to buy her sister's love? I'm supposed to like her because she did all these things with "good intentions"? I don't think so. I really tried, but this book just didn't do it for me. My opinion is obviously in the minority, so I wish other readers the best of luck with this story....more info
  • Thoroughly enjoyable
    I have not read the first two of the series but I have read Shopaholic Ties the Knot and this one. Shopaholic Ties the Knot is superior to this one, I found, but this is still incredibly fun, an extremely easy read, totally escapist. It is true, Becky is floating in the clouds, absolutely optimistic and ridiculously out of reality and to tell the truth it never irritated me in Shopaholic Ties the Knot but in this book I found it to the extreme and I commend Luke, her husband, for putting up with her.

    All in all the story line wasn't as interesting as Shopaholic Ties the Knot, which I absolutely loooved, but Shopaholic and Sister was still cute and fun. Definitely worth the read, can't wait to read the first two and Shopaholic and Baby, I love this series!...more info
  • Too Funny
    I love Sophie Kinsella. She is a great writer that can make you laugh. I like all the wit and humor that she puts in her books. ...more info
  • A Very Good Ending
    I read it in one night... I just couldn't put it down. If you like Becky Bloomwood, this will not disapoint you. Everything you're looking for in a good chick-lit: love, suspense, guilt, silliness, sisterly-love, bickering and men who give in :-)...more info
  • Awful, just awful
    My wife gave this to me for Christmas "from" our young daughter. I'm not sure why. I'm not a big consumer of chick-lit, but then I don't think my wife even knows what chick-lit is (she's Chinese and doesn't read much English fiction). Anyway, I had to read it because my daughter got upset every time she saw me reading a book which wasn't Shopaholic and Sister.

    I took it on a longish business trip to Beijing, and having read everything else I brought (Effective C++ and Natural Atheism being amongst my favorites), I finally picked up this piece of tripe. Is it lack of imagination or just sheer laziness that makes the author put the protagonist (the infinitely dislikable "Bex") into situations that even my five-year-old could see through as contrived and avoidable if Bex exhibited the slightest degree of common sense, honesty or decency?

    Is a character so selfish, annoying and just plain dumb that you want to shake her and slap some sense into her on every page really supposed to be entertaining or endearing? And then we have the problem of a first-person present tense narrative. I guess this is supposed to be Bex's "inner monologue". If she's capable of the occasional insightful thought (and even the odd blip of humor), how the hell can she be so blissfully cloth-headed and unself-aware the rest of the time?

    The rest of the cast were mostly ciphers. Luke was about as three-dimensional as the picture of the hero on the cover of a romantic novel. Kinsella could have done something with Jess, but apparently she was too lazy to invest her with anything beyond the usual trite "right-on" clich¨¦s.

    Apparently some people liked the earlier books in the series better than the current one. I certainly won't be wasting any more of my time (or money) finding out if the earlier incarnations of Becky were any less fatuous and tiresome than this one.

    Dreadful....more info
  • Shopaholic makes me laugh
    While Shopaholic & Sister is not the best of the series it is good enough. The book is another delightful escape into a fantasy life which, despite potential or temporary despair, always concludes with a sunny ending. The characters are well drawn. For serious readers like me, it is nice to take a break from depressing themes and insert a Shopaholic book once in awhile....more info
  • Lovable and Laughable
    Having read all of the books in Kinsella's Shopaholic series, I couldn't wait to read about what embarrassing situations that the ever-lovable Becky Brandon (nee Bloomwood) would get herself into this time.

    I just love escaping into the light-hearted world of these incredibly likable characters. My only complaint with this book is that I was left wanting more!

    Kinsella certainly delivers in Shopaholic & Sister, which is an immensely entertaining afternoon read full of the familiar antics of the good-hearted (albeit hopelessly ditzy) Becky. Fans of the Shopaholic series will not be disappointed!...more info
  • Shopaholic and Sister...
    Like The Princess Diaries, I feel that this is a series that should have ended after the third installment. There is such a thing as quitting while you are ahead. The intent of this novel clearly isn't to provide fans with another hilarious adventure of the main character, but to simply ride off the success of the previous three. It was completely unnecessary. I hope Ms. Kinsella cares enough about her writing to know that she should discontinue the series after this book.
    The plot is the same as mentioned by previous reviewers. Becky shops, gets in trouble and is bailed out. As usual. Does anyone else find it completely unbelievable that someone as resourceful and smart as Luke would be interested in someone as vain and selfish as Becky? And that "twist ending" wasn't a big surprise to me. I saw that one coming a mile away.
    Overall, it was an alright novel. It felt a bit rushed though. If only authors knew when to stop a title and move on......more info
  • Great series....but this book isn't to standard
    I absolutely love the "shopaholic" series. As a shopaholic myself, I lose myself in them and I feel almost as if she is an extension of me (a far extension)

    This book, however, was not up to the standard of the rest of the books. I've read "Confessions", "Takes Manhattan", "Ties the Knot", etc and while this book was entertaining, I didn't enjoy it as much as I did the others. Worth a read though...more info
  • wow!!
    i wasn't expecting to get my book fast and in really good conditions, but my expectations were totally off the mark. i received my book in about about 8 days!!! and the book looked brand new!!!...more info
  • it's hilarious
    I enjoyed a lot reading this book and actually it was the first one I had read among all Shopaholic series. In book, the story deals with all sort of emotion and human relationship including the romance, family hood, friendship, sadness, nostalgia, sisterhood and so forth. Even though the book is often considered as chick lit or something like that, I think the themes and settings in this book are very meaningful and captivating. ...more info
  • from TX to CT
    Just love all the Shopaholic series. Easy chic-reads! Funny, if you understand the British sense of humor and love to shop!! You should read the books in order, but can pick up any and still enjoy without wondering what went on before! ...more info
  • Just like buying it at the store, but with no hassle of finding a parking spot.
    The book that I purchased was brand new and in perfect condition and it only took like three days for it to be delivered. ...more info
  • Just pure fun!
    I don't know what it is about this writer, but I bought AND read all of her books in a 4-5 month period. I NEVER do that, especially if I know that I have all of the books because I don't like to read a book over and over. I read these as slow as possible and used it as a luxurious escape. Great fun and highly recommended!! GET THEM ALL!!!!! Make sure you read the Shopaholic ones in order though... Have fun!!!...more info
    I'm not a big reader, but the shopaholic series got me hooked! Enjoyed the first 3 books and this one is not much different. Easy to read, funny, and a little boring at times. Becky is my girl! Continues to be the shopaholic that she is always been,witty and naive, getting into trouble, but always finding her way out of it with success, i wish life was that easy. This is what this series is about; transporting you to a fantasy world where no matte what you do everything turns out perfect at the end. I personally find it very entertaining. Looking forward to reading shopaholic and baby and watching the upcoming shopaholic movie!...more info
  • Another great Shopaholic book
    These Sophie Kinsella books are the best. Honestly. Probably second only to Bridget Jones in my chick-lit ratings.

    Anyway, this story carries on the Shopaholic series with Becky finding out that she has a long-lost sister. Oh fun! A shopping buddy! BFF necklaces! HooRAY!

    Only thing is, the sister hates shopping. She's more of a nature girl. Likes getting her clothes at goodwill and such.

    Madness ensues, of course. What will Becky do to be close to her sister? Will her sister hate her for being materialistic? Oh the drama!

    Funny book, worth the quick read....more info