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Savannah Blues
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Landing a catch like Talmadge Evans III got Eloise "Weezie" Foley a jewel of a town house in Savannahs historic district. Divorcing Tat got her exited to the backyard carriage house, where she has launched a spite-fest with Tal's new fiancee, the elegant Caroline DeSantos.

An antiques picker, Weezie combs Savannah's steamy back alleys and garage sales for treasures when she's not dealing with her loopy relatives or her hunky ex-boyfriend. But an unauthorized sneak preview at a sale lands Weezie smack in the middle of magnolia-scented murder, mayhem . . . and more. Dirty deals simmer all around her -- just as her relationship with the hottest chef in town heats up and she finds out how delicious love can be the second time around.

Customer Reviews:

  • Mystery and Antiques in the South
    I enjoyed this book so much! I read it for a local book club, and found it such an easy and intriguing read. The main character's love for antiquing really shines through the story and affects the reader. There are some definite twists in the book, for instance, Weezie finding the dead body of her ex-husbands new fiance while sneaking into a house to use the bathroom! :) Mary Kay Andrews writing is so smooth and fun that I'm definitely looking foward to reading more of her work....more info
  • Another great southern-fried romantic mystery
    Eloise "Weezie" Foley lost the mansion that she lovingly restored, but won the carriage house in her divorce settlement from Tal Evans. He then moved his lover Caroline (and now his fiance) in, and the sparks fly when the two ladies are together, as Weezie stands her ground.

    Weezie is one of the best "pickers" in Savannah. She hunts through garbage cans, back alleys, and garage sales to find the perfect treasure to repair and resell. When she discovers that a huge estate is up for grabs, she wants to be first in line to view the goods.

    When nature calls, she illegally previews the sale, but on the way out, manages to come across a dead body - that of Caroline. When she is caught literally red-handed with the body, all hands point to Weezie as the culprit.

    Weezie is also trying to avoid rekindling an affair with her first lust - Chef Danny Stipanek, who just returned from a stint in Florida. Her best friend BeBe is no help, as she keeps throwing them together. Danny does not make it easy though, because he is still hooked on her.

    This is another great southern-fried romantic mystery from Mary Kay Andrews. There are so many laugh out loud scenes and nuances about the southern caste system. My only complaint - I thought that the ending was abrupt, but overall, liked the plot and author's excellent attention to detail in revealing the story....more info
  • Southern Charmer
    Recently I was introduced to Mary Kay Andrew's book "Savannah Breeze". After reading with delight about the plight of Bebe's choices of men and resolving her plight with the help of "Weezie" and friends...I had to order the rest of Ms Andrew's books on Amazon. That is how much I thoroughly enjoy reading her books. I have just finished "Savannah Blues" and "Blue Christmas". They are fun, entertaining and full of Southern rituals. I love the Savannah setting and am drawn to visit the city and surrounding area like Tybee Island and the "Mermaid Motel"....more info
  • Completely entertaining brain candy
    What a fun book. Beginning with a brave (or is it brave-faced?) heroine who tarts up very effectively and wrapping up several subplots with snorting good justice all around, this book kept me turning its pages long after bedtime.

    I hope Mary Kay Andrews isn't all written out after this book, because she blew tons of great lines and a lot of knowledge about Southern antiques. She introduces some interesting ideas about artifacts in Southern furnishings and shares just enough information about how reproductions, like certain women, can be tarted up to look almost authentic. It's enough to make a girl want to clutch her pocketbook real protectively the next time an Empire table seems to call her name!

    Avoid this book, please, if you are easily offended, because you will find plenty of bait here. There's at least a couple of scarlet women, a "non-traditional" couple that is pretty much closeted, some less-than-totally-serious engagement with an older woman's alcoholism, and some send-ups of stereotypes that will send their marks whining for rebuttal.

    I don't care. And if you are looking for a thoroughly entertaining romp outside the ordinary lives of most of us, neither should you. You'll enjoy the characters, their stories (including the big mystery at the book's center), and the writer's delicious descriptions and one-liners....more info

  • Mediocre novel set in the Garden of Good and Evil
    Books set in Savannah, Georgia post-Midnight are invariably going to draw people who were into that whole phenomenon, and it only stands to reason that some authors are going to try an cash in on it. Mary Kay Andrews--who, incidently, covered the Jim Williams trial--pretty much seems to be doing that in Savannah Blues in focusing on the three elements that made Midnight so popular: Savannah, eccentric characters, and murder. Not that I mind, really, because that's kind of what I was hoping for, but I found it rather unfortunate that in this case a murder was thrown into the mix. The story was intruiging enough as it was and the story could easily have worked without it. Overall, I found the book to be readable, but not overly well written. Some of the dialogue was pretty inane, and the (few) romantic encounters more awkward than titilating. Character development wasn't all that great either, most being 2D and based on ideals or stereotypes. ...more info
  • If You're Into Southern Novels.....
    This book is so fun to read. I'm very into Southern living and lifestyles lately and this books hits it all. I love hearing about the weather, old homes and antiques and this book has it! When I first started reading it, I was a little bored and it read like the story may have taken place decades ago, not just a few years ago. It's supposed to be set recently, but the author writes in an old fashioned manner.

    Weezie is an antiques picker who was hurt by her husband and refuses to move off of her property, even when his hew fianc¨¦e moves in too. The tension between the two women comes to a head when the new woman, Caroline, is found dead - and all fingers point to Weezie. It's an excellent story of history, suspense, and love. Everyone seems to have problems of their own in this book and each somehow has to do with the next. After a while you won't be able to put it down!
    ...more info
  • Love Mary Kay Andrews!!!
    I would highly recommend all of Mary Kay Andrews books. I loved them all. I have recently ordered her newest release, the sequel to Savannah Blues.
    These are excellent summer beach reads. ...more info
  • Easy Summer Reading ...
    ... if it were not for the distracting "a historical" appearing repeatedly throughout this novel. Please! It's "an historical" and I'm amazed that not only was it not known by Ms. Andrews, but not caught in editing. ...more info
  • Excellent read!
    I grew up in the Savannah so I could relate to all of the places she talked about in this book. It is a hilarious book and a very quick read. If you are looking for lighthearted and funny - this is the book! An Excellent summer read!...more info
  • a romance that's not brain dead
    I loved this book. The most popular romances, I find, are nothing but a lot of filler between sex scenes. This book has real characters and plot, with romance seeming natural and not overly central to the story. It did not seem like the author wrote it into a fill in the blank mold, and I really liked weezie and would like to meet her again.

    very very good....more info

  • Great read!
    This was a nice light summer beach read. It was funny and entertaining and it was well written. I would recommend this to someone who is looking for a quick read that is not too heavy.

    I love the characters and the setting....more info
    Having been a Kathy Hogan Trocheck fan for years, I was thrilled to find this new novel under her pseudonym. The story line was very believable and the characters drew you into the book. Weezie was a delicious protaganist. I found myself rooting for her. I highly recommend this book and hope that "Mary Kay" will bring this character back in another novel. I want to get to know Weezie better!...more info
  • my new favorite book
    If you love southern lit, savannah culture and great witty dialog you'll love this book. I didn't realize it was considered a mystery book until read more info about the book after I was done reading it. It is an easy fast read. I can't wait for her next book to come out and may check out her other books under her real name....more info
  • Boring
    The characters in this book were made out to be nothing more than dumb broads as the old saying goes. I was disappointed to the highest....more info
  • I woke up at 4:15 AM and read
    until my alarm went off! I really enjoyed the characters in this book. Weezie, despiter her wierd name, was interesting and her life of 'picking' actually sounded kind of fun. Throw in Daniel and there was just enough romance to keep me interested.

    I never would have guessed most of the surprise in this story - and there seemed to be plenty! I highly recommend this book!...more info
  • Cliches, cheesy, hated it
    I suppose a lot of reviewers loved the book, but personally I hated it. Maybe I was expecting too much, but I felt the plot was flimsy, there were far too many silly details and very little in terms of character depth. As a Southerner far from home, I love reading books about the South. I'm actually from Beaufort, only an hour away from Savannah. However, I really don't feel the author portrayed the South in an accurate light (a 30 year old heroine who wears a yellow linen short set after 1985 is embarrassing). Also there was a silly plug for "shag" music and the romance scenes were ridiculous. I feel these examples show the author should have stuck with characters in her own age range. I guess as a beach read it's OK, but I would personally rather put my time to better use....more info
  • New Fan
    This is the 3rd book by this author that I have read. All are wonderful. The author puts you right there in the story and all are so real. I feel like that this is my other life. LOVE IT!!!...more info
  • Audio 11 cds unabridg FAST PACE EASY LISTENING
    I listened to this audio in one day. I was so involved with the characters and the story. Mary Kay Andrews is a wonderful writer, I just sat back and wrapped myself up in her words. I laughed out loud so often and said so often "Oh you silly thing". This story really moved me.
    I forgot about everything else until I finished this audio.

    When I had finished I kept on thinking about the characters. I really wanted it to continue.

    Do look at Hissy fit as well by the same author....more info
  • What a juicy read!
    This book had me hooked from page one to the last page ~~ it's witty, quick and brash and at the same time, it is bittersweet. It's a wonderful Southern lit book ~~ and it's one of my favorites. This is the first time I have ever heard of Mary Kay Andrews and I am hooked.

    Weezie Foley lands in the midst of a murder-scandal accidentally while looking for a bathroom at an estate sale ~~ and how she gets out of it is a hilarious tale in itself. Then revelations about family members, ex-husband, new boyfriend and friends spice up the entire book with their tales ~~ this book keeps you on its toes and never lets up till the last page is turned!

    If you like mystery with a good dash of romance ~~ this book is for you. Not only is it fun ~~ it is hilarious in some places ~~ these Southerners have a great sarcasm and it shows. Nothing seems to stop them except extreme humidity ~~ and an icy gin and tonic can cure that. So grab that bottle of suntan lotion and head for the lake or the nearest shade and enjoy! Don't forget your iced tea ~~ this book will leave you with a hankering for a drink!

    4-25-03...more info

  • The Picker, The Chef, and The Junior League
    Edgar Best Novel nominee, Mary Kay Andrews (aka Kathy Hogan Trocheck) delivers the goods in this lighthearted novel of tidy murder, great cooking, and the down and dirty side of the antique business. Not only is "Savannah Blues" living breathing, Savannah, it's a given this story could happen nowhere else.

    Our heroine, Weezie, wins the prize for most unusual occupation; she is a picker, a trade only known in the antique business. She "finds" items from kitsch to Empire sideboards and sells them to antique dealers. She hits the flea markets, yard and estate sales, and even does a little dumpster diving in the course of a business day. Weezie is a bad-luck divorcee. In the settlement she got the carriage house in the back yard and one-half of the closed garden while her ex got the lovingly restored (by Weezie) historic townhouse. To make her misery complete, the ex has installed the "other woman," the beauteous Susan, in the townhouse and even gave her Weezie's slot in the garage for her jazzy sports car.

    Weezie is illegally "previewing" an estate sale at a run down plantation in the dead of night, opens a closet and out falls the body of her rival Susan. Weezie is the prime suspect, and her friends rally round: Uncle James, an in-the-closet gay lawyer who was formerly a priest, best friend BeBe (pronounced Bay Bay); Daniel, master chef and incipient lover; and Merijoy, rich, social, dedicated Preservationist and jaw-droppingly efficient young mother.

    Even the smallest characters are quirky and unexpected. Weezie's highly proper mother starts her day with half-and-half (iced tea and Four Roses). Andrews' dialogue is dead-on Savannah-speak, and I kept thinking the characters from "Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil" were going to join the fun at any moment. Weezie has to be the most nonchalant murder suspect in the annals of crime. She assumes (I presume) justice will prevail and goes about her business, obtaining an unusual antique cupboard and shooting herself in the foot in the romance department.

    This is a romp and a character study; so much so that long stretches go by when no one even thinks about the murder mystery. Andrews pours on too much in the last quarter solving the murder and righting the wrongs to the point the reader is confused. I felt like I had been called in from recess to study for the final. All in all a delightful book. Andrews and Savannah can take a well-deserved curtsy.
    -sweetmolly-... Reviewer...more info

  • It's good but it's not MIDNIGHT
    As a recent newcomer to Savannah I read everything I can about the place. This novel is very entertaining. It is especially good about the subculture of Savannah Catholics, something which makes Savannah, Charleston, Mobile, and of course New Orleans different from the rest of the South: the Catholics did not go far inland, fearing being scalped by the Baptist Rednecks! They stayed in the ports and imported their priests and relatives from Ireland (except for New Orleans, of course). They are the reason Savannah is fun and Macon and Augusta are not!

    But the book is not MIDNIGHT. It is just ok. It is better than the two novels by Dr. William Harris which are about more ordinary, therefore dull, people. (Except for Francis, the Nazi-IRA spy.)

    But Savannah has enough characters and excentrics for many books. This one is worth reading....more info

  • I Love Reading for the fun of it
    and this one was just wonderful. If you are one to dissect a book, maybe this isn't for you, I like to read just for the fun of it. I found it light and even a little corny but I enjoyed it all the same, I could even picture some of my Southern neighbors in the storyline. Sit back, kick your shoes off and read for the fun of it....more info